How To Increase My Domain Authority?


17 May, 2024


What Is Domain Authority?

To understand how to increase my domain authority, let's first clear up the concept that Domain Authority(DA) is a metric that indicates the authority of your website. Higher the DA, the higher are your chances of better ranking on search result pages, and finally getting more organic traffic.

The DA of a website is its score between 0 to 100, which reflects how the site will look on search result pages. Most online businesses wondering how to increase domain authority, here we want to clear that, it does not work like Google page rank, as DA depends on data that its creator Moz has for your website which may differ from how Google is reading your website. DA takes into account 40 factors to reflect the authority of your website. DA can also be summed up as the number of backlinks that link to your website, how relevant these backlines are affecting your score.

Domain Authority was created by Moz with the sole purpose of businesses to check whether they will rank on SERP or not.

Why should you consider increasing domain authority?

However Google does not use domain authority as a factor for ranking, still certain studies by Ahrefs suggest relation between DA and SERP ranking which means measuring DA is important to understand how much organic traffic will float towards your website on Google.

What is a good domain authority score?

Domain authority score ranges from one to 100. The way DA score works is it is easy to go from 1 to 20 as this is the lower side of the scale. But when you reach 40 aiming for 60 is a challenge, and it becomes more tough growing from 70 to 100. When DA score is high you tend to see increased traffic and SERP ranking.

You measure it against similar or competition sites. Look at the DA score of your competition site and ranking on SERP and try reaching above them.  Sites like wikipedia or with a huge number of external links have high DA.

How to check your domain authority?

Before working on building domain authority, try checking up your current domain authority. To check your domain authority visit Moz’s link explorer, the MozBar, or in the SERP section of keyword explorer.

Enter the URL of the site you want to check. If you have an account on Moz the score will then show up, or else create an account first.

You can also use Ahrefs to check.

How is domain authority calculated?

Let me explain with an example: For instance has to acquire a billion new links, in such case DA for other sites would drop relative as compared to Facebook’s. Reason being Facebook enjoys authoritative, credible and established domains with increasingly larger link profiles, adding to more DA slots,and so domains with less robust link profiles are left with no space. This is the reason why growing from 20 to 30 is easier, but it is difficult to grow from 70 to 80. Use domain authority as a comparative figure rather than an absolute one.

Factors affecting my domain authority

If your DA score has seen some fluctuations there may be certain factors affecting it like:

  • Your link profile growth has not been captured in our web index.
  • High-authority sites have seen exponential growth, affecting the scaling process. 
  • You fetched links from places that Google does not factor into while ranking
  • Your Domain Authority is on the lower side of the score and any flotation in scaling impacts you the more.

How to increase my domain authority?

The best way for increasing domain authority is through healthy SEO practice. Let's dive into multiple factors that influence your domain authority. 

1. Increase your site speed

As per data by Kissmetrics, 40% of people leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Which means all your efforts to make a user-friendly stunning website goes in vain if the site speed is not in check. 

Tips to make your site faster:

  • Check your developer work that codes are not shoddy, this affects your domain authority.
  • Use content delivery system (CDA), herein the system identifies the visitor's location, and your site is served from the nearest location
  • Trim your images and video, quality is important rather than quantity.

2. Make your site responsive

Your site should be compatible across devices, especially mobile devices. Google’s mobile first index prefers sites that are mobile friendly and this enhances their ranking on search result pages. 

Tips to make your website mobile friendly

  • Keep you web design simple
  • Be alert about videos and image size
  • Ensure good visibility on mobile device like keep click button size large
  • Use large font size
  • Ditch pop-up ads
  • Website should load fast
  • Website should support all browsers
  • Use viewport meta tags to control how your website looks on mobile
  • Regular perform testing and implement changes fast

3. Content is the king, be it for domain authority

Yes, good content affects your domain authority. Wondering how to increase my domain authority with great content. A content that the audience connects with will reduce your bounce rate and increase engagement time thereby enhancing organic traffic which ultimately will shoot up your DA score. 

Tips for a great content

  • Never make your content complicated with strange language.
  • Write in a way that you are solving a challenge for your audience
  • Use keywords efficiently, but don't stuff keyword
  • Use good infographics, and images
  • Support your content with facts and figures

4. Improve all aspects of SEO 

Seo plays a critical role in domain authority, this answers how to increase my domain authority. 

Here’s some tips to improve upon SEO:

  • Publish relevant and quality content created specifically for a particular set of audience
  • Do keyword research for each page of your website.
  • Place your keywords properly, use high-volume keywords in the heading, subheading, introduction, Meta description.
  • Update your content regularly
  • Review and update Metadata, like Title Metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata
  • Don't forget to use Alt tag

5. Get quality backlinks

Source- Moz

Backlinks are the foundation to your domain authority. When planning to do SEO for your website and generate relevant traffic, building backlinks is necessary. 

Here are some tips to generate quality backlinks:

  • You can easily get your competitors backlinks and replicate the best ones.This helps you find new link building opportunities and enhances your SEO. 
  • You can use Monitor Backlinks for the task. 
  • Don't try to replicate all the competitors' backlinks, only go for the ones with higher authority.
  • To check authority use Moz or Ahrefs domain rank. 

6. Use Infographics

     Infographics are great to generate backlinks, and building domain authority. As infographics are highly shareable they tend to fetch a  lot of share and traffic from social media. 

    7. Guest blogging

    Guest blogging is an awesome way to tap established audiences who fall under your niche. You get more quality traffic which ultimately leads to better search result page ranking.

    8. Share great content

    Make noise on social media for your great content. You need to make sure that you reach out to people who are interested in linking to your content and share it on social media.Use influencer research tools like Buzzstream, NinjaOutreach, Awario to find people willing to share your content. 

    9. Broken link 

    Find a site with 404 error or any such similar problem on a blogger website, inform them about the issue,and they may reward you with linking out to your website. You can easily find such broken links using the Google Chrome Extension called Check My Links.

    10. Internal Links

    Internal linking is a great way to boost up your DA. It basically means linking from one page to another inside your website, the only thing to be careful about is that you link pages that are relevant to the theme.


    Undeniably domain authority is not the only factor affecting your search page ranking. You need to pay attention to external links as they matter when you are planning to increase domain authority. Small businesses and websites without a good number of inbound links, score lower.  If you don't want to be pushed away from search engine pages, consider a high-quality website, and quality content.

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