17 Terrific Ways To Get More Facebook Leads for Your Business


27 Mar, 2024



Does your business depend on leads from Facebook

If you aren't already trying to get leads from Facebook, you should start immediately because it has one of the largest user bases (1.9 billion) and provides numerous options (both free and paid) for doing so.

Most marketers understand that Facebook is much more than simply another social media site. It's a crucial business tool for firms of each and every size and industry.


With Facebook's assistance, you may improve your search engine rankings, build an engaged customer base, spread the word about your products and services, and solidify your brand's identity.

The question is, though, how to generate leads from Facebook?

One of the most exciting aspects of Facebook marketing is the possibility of attracting new leads who may one day become paying customers. Yet many businesses still don't do lead generation on Facebook. If you're a marketer and missing out on this opportunity, you may be missing out on thousands, if not millions, of prospective clients.

No matter how successful you've been so far at producing leads on Facebook, we are sure you could use some help. That's why we posted this guide. This guide will examine 17 free and paid techniques for using Facebook for leads and nurturing these leads into paying clients. 

To get the Facebook leads they need, some companies use digital marketing services, while others take on the challenge on their own.

If the latter describes you, keep reading because this blog will come in handy.

Ok, so let's get going!

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What is Facebook Lead Generation?

A potential customer is considered a lead if they have provided their contact information to your business in order to learn more about the goods and services you offer. A potential customer can demonstrate their interest in a number of methods, including by completing a form to receive an ebook, asking for a demonstration, or answering a questionnaire.

Unfortunately, someone does not become a Facebook lead merely by liking a status post, photo, or video on your page. This behavior doesn't show any interest in your business or its offerings; therefore, it will not qualify for Facebook lead generation.

Interest in your product or service can be cultivated using a variety of paid and unpaid Facebook marketing strategies, resulting in high-quality leads. Facebook provides you with numerous tools to help you find and connect with your ideal customers, making it one of the most popular lead generation channels.

Several methods on how to get leads from Facebook and extracting essential data, such as a person's name, email address, and phone number. Keep reading!

Types of Leads You Can Capture on Facebook

You can get two different kinds of leads from Facebook: direct and indirect.

Direct Leads

A lead is considered "direct" if it was produced straight from Facebook and followed through to a website's lead form. The next step is for visitors to exchange their data for something of value, such as an ebook, discount, infographic, or video. Such a form can be found on a landing page created especially for promotion.

Indirect Leads

Utilizing Facebook as part of the path to conversion can result in the generation of indirect leads. If you initially share a blog post on Facebook that includes a link to a landing page at the end of the post, readers will be directed to the landing page.

While directing traffic to landing pages can create leads immediately, making your Facebook page a welcoming place with useful information that people can access without filling out a form will encourage repeat visits.

Why Facebook Lead Generation Matters

We've covered Facebook's massive user base; with so many potential customers, even the most specialized of businesses will find an audience.


For those who still need convincing, consider that Facebook's cost per lead is significantly lower than that of Google AdWords, particularly for consumer services and products.

We've covered the reasons why Facebook lead generation matters for marketers, and now we'll dive into how to get Facebook leads.

We will also talk about ways to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook lead generation efforts.

How To Generate Leads On Facebook

The following section will discuss how to get leads on Facebook with a few indirect and direct lead generation strategies.


1. Lead Ads

Lead generation ads on Facebook are by far the most widely used method. These are paid promotions that show up in the News Feeds, Stories, Marketplace, and other places frequented by your target demographic. Facebook users whose online and offline habits best match your advertising criteria will be shown these adverts. 

When someone is interested in what your business has to offer and clicks on one of your lead ads, they will be asked to provide their contact details so that you can get in touch with them.

The top three advantages of these lead ads are as follows:

Easy-To-Build and Use

These ads are not only simple for marketers to make but also for consumers to interact with. Users can avoid repeatedly entering their phone numbers and email addresses by selecting the appropriate options from their smartphones. There will be much less of a chance of them abandoning your form as a result of this.


Targeting is crucial due to Facebook's enormous user base. Fortunately, you may narrow your focus and reach your specific demographic with these advertisements.



CRM Integration

Connecting your Facebook Lead Ads campaign with your CRM is also an option. That way, you won't have to switch between several programs to follow up on leads and monitor development.

2. Facebook Posts

The Facebook posts you've been sharing are likely what originally drew people to your page. These can be single posts or an ongoing lead generation campaign Facebook designed to drive traffic to your digital properties. You can either embed a form into the content itself or send readers to a dedicated landing page.

3. Facebook Messenger

Similar to a built-in live chat option, Facebook Messenger is accessible directly from your page. Consumers can have an intimate, one-on-one dialogue with you about your company and its products. If you're too busy to monitor a live chat channel, you can put a bot on your website to handle your customers' questions.

Your team can use Facebook Messenger, whether it's a bot or a human, to guide prospective users to your site and landing pages, where they can be converted into leads. These bots cut down on the need for human assistance, which in turn saves money.

Those aren't even all the advantages. Furthermore, they can aid in the production of leads. Here is how:

Raise Awareness Among Potential Customers

Introduce yourself and your page's goals to visitors by writing a compelling welcome message.

Sharing more information about your organization and its beliefs with customers through this channel raises brand recognition and fosters a two-way conversation that can lead to additional leads.

Promote Your Product Page to Get Views

After establishing rapport with potential buyers, you may direct them to your product pages to browse your selection. Make an effort to come across as really useful as you write your message for this target audience; doing so will help to strengthen their connection to your company. Do your best to avoid coming off as pushy.

Enhance Your Service to Customers

High-quality customer service boosts your brand's credibility, which in turn raises the number of leads you receive and the percentage of them that end up becoming customers. You may rest assured that each and every inquiry will be handled by a chatbot. If you want your chatbot to have natural conversations with users, you should consider their most frequently asked questions (FAQs) while you develop your pre-selected queries and responses.

Qualify Leads

You need not only more leads but also higher-quality ones. You can use the chatbot to qualify leads by asking them questions. You could inquire as to their product preferences, business sector, or service requirements. Then, you can utilize this information to offer leads customized email campaigns, introduce them to the appropriate sales team, or just give them additional relevant material.

4. Facebook Events

Do you have a yearly business networking event? Maybe it supports a good cause or hosts a fundraiser. Send it around Facebook!

The events tool allows you to make event-specific web pages easily. Attendees can sign up, submit forms, or become leads in one convenient location.

5. Facebook Live Video

In order to generate leads in a more organic way, you can experiment with Facebook Live Video. With Live Video, you can produce a live, publicly accessible stream that viewers can access via their News Feed. While your video is playing, viewers can provide feedback and insights through comments, and you can leverage this to draw potential customers to your marketing materials.

The video will remain on your Facebook page after the live broadcast has ended. So, those who couldn't make it to the live show can watch the recording at their convenience.

6. Photo Albums

As an example, your company successfully hosted a blood donation camp. Your advertising crew was around the whole time, snapping pictures of the action. The marketing staff, though, wasn't taking photographs for no reason. They want to use such pictures as material for generating leads on your Facebook profile.

How? They can start by sharing a photo album on the business's timeline. In addition to encouraging people to join up for your next donation camp, this album will also show viewers how much fun was had during the previous one. Adding a remark with a link to your website is all that's left to do now to start attracting new customers.

These are only a few suggestions on how to get more business leads. Keep reading to learn about other methods for expanding your company's reach using this medium.

17 Ways To Generate Facebook Business Leads

Let's get into some lead capture strategies that our social media marketing experts have carefully curated.

1. Change up your Facebook look and feel

Spend some time on the aesthetics of your Facebook profile before you get into the essentials of advertising or selling on the platform. It's essential for Facebook marketing.

This is due to the fact that your page serves as the virtual shopfront and public face of your business. Similar to how a store's exterior affects how many people enter and exit the store, the way your website looks may have a significant impact on how consumers perceive and engage with your brand.

Creating a Facebook profile and dabbling in its administration doesn't have to be a daunting task. 

Facebook marketing

But remember, this is just a checklist and a very broad one at that. If you want to make your Facebook page more relevant to the products or services you're offering, you might want to hire a digital marketing firm. A full-service digital marketing agency is a terrific choice if you feel like you need a comprehensive overhaul.

2. Make Ads With a Call to Action on Facebook

You can advertise your page's call to action by using a call-to-action ad. Whether you want people to "Shop Now," "Enroll Today," or "Request a Demo," a call-to-action ad can get them to do the desired action.

By encouraging target audiences to take the desired action, these ads aid in generating high-quality leads. Facebook provides categories you can browse to select the best ad format for your desired business purpose.

3. Add a CTA Button to Your Facebook Business Page

Given the importance of a strong call to action (CTA), Facebook has made it possible to include CTAs on your Facebook company profile. You shouldn't add a call to action (CTA) to your website as an afterthought.

Make sure that the button fits in with the goals of your present marketing strategy. Keeping your CTA up-to-date as your needs and objectives shift is essential for making sure you're measuring the appropriate things.

4. Add some interactivity to your Facebook page

Look for alternative ways to build interactive features on your page, such as a chatbot.

Communicate with site guests through private messages and submit comments. By connecting with site visitors on an emotional level, you may win their trust and earn their friendship.


Users are more inclined to engage with your content if they feel welcome to do so, and this is achieved by making your page interactive. A steady stream of communication like this has the potential to bring in new, highly-qualified leads from interested site visitors.

5. Put Facebook to use by promoting lead magnets

One of the most efficient ways to bring in new leads is with the use of a lead magnet. Put them up on Facebook as well as your website. If you are doing a webinar, for instance, you should let your Facebook fans know about it. Explain any relevant case studies you conducted.

The time spent here could prove invaluable to your sales and marketing efforts. Just make sure you're using UTMs to keep tabs on which leads are coming from Facebook.

6. Directly share landing pages for offers on Facebook

Directing Facebook users to a landing page with your offer is a great way to get leads. Make sure the featured image for the offer that will be pulled into the Facebook post is enticing. The correct image from your blog article will be pulled into your Facebook postings if you optimize the image size and apply the appropriate open graph tags to your website.

Make sure the reader knows exactly where you want them to go. They can feel confused or upset if they click on what they think is a blog article but instead land on a page where they have to fill out a form.

Saying something like "Get your cheat sheet" or "Download your ebook" will let them know exactly where you want them to go and what they need to do next.

7. Publish the Most Successful Blog Entries

Selecting and highlighting the most successful blog posts is yet another method of maximizing content lead generation. If you've done your job right, your blog post's topic and title will entice readers to click through and read, and once they're there, they'll find a call to action (CTA), ideally near the post's introduction that leads them to a solution to an issue they're having or more information about a topic about which they're curious.

Our digital marketing company has found that introducing their blog posts with anchor text calls to action (CTAs) increases the number of Facebook leads they receive. Anchor text call-to-actions are effective, and you should start employing them.

Publish the most successful blog entries

8. Caption images and link them to landing pages

The majority of marketers already know that photos and videos are crucial to their Facebook marketing approach. A good example is the increased interaction with image-containing Facebook postings compared to those without.

In order to convert these increased views into actual leads, you might think about including links to your website in the image descriptions, particularly for your profile picture and cover photo.

You may help your readers learn more about your business by including links to relevant information on your site, such as blog posts, lead generation content, or even an "About Us" page. As such, the text that appears under your profile picture and cover photo is a fantastic place to promote your business. That way, whenever someone clicks on your cover photo, it will take them right to the download page.

Link shortening and the use of UTM codes will allow you to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns.

9. Promoting lead-generation offers with videos

Almost no one will see your material unless you pay Facebook to promote it. Marketers are increasingly using videos in an effort to generate as much interest as possible.

Promoting lead-generation

Facebook video introductions and promotions of content (deals, events, courses, etc.) are a great way to boost your lead generation efforts on the platform. A call to action (CTA) can be added in text form in the video's description, but a verbal CTA to "register" or "download" can be added at the beginning of the video as well as at the end.

10. Pin posts that contain links to lead generation offers

You can draw attention to an otherwise ordinary post by "pinning" it to the top of your page's Timeline. After seven days, it will go back to the original date it was posted on your Page's Timeline.

A pinned post will have a clear "pinned post" indicator at the very top of the post. You should only pin content that is helpful to your followers and advances your overall online goals.

Text, images, videos, and even live videos can all be pinned. When you "pin" a Facebook Live video, the whole recording of that video will appear at the top of your profile, signifying that your Page "was live" at that time.

11. Use Facebook to solicit product feedback

To get people's opinions on your offerings, you can share a status update that directs them to a landing page where they can test out your product or service for free and leave comments. By providing a direct link to the landing page, you may boost sign-ups, and your audience will appreciate the chance to have their voices heard.

The apparent concern here is that you'll unleash a swarm of naysayers, so choose your tools and goods for feedback with care. Be sure to only share work you're satisfied with and open to criticism. Also, make sure you have at least two individuals ready to reply to both positive and negative feedback as it is posted on Facebook.

Respond promptly to criticism to show that you value the opinion of your customers and to head off potential problems. When responding to product concerns, remember that the client is always right and provide an apology.

12. Organize a contest or a freebie distribution

Giveaways and contests are always popular. Along with being entertaining, they serve a number of useful purposes, including but not limited to: increasing brand awareness, expanding your customer base, attracting new website visitors, and generating new leads.

Since the aim of the contest is to collect contact information from potential customers, each post must have an enticing image or video, clear and concise text, and a link to the giveaway page.

Here are some strategies to try to make lead creation on Facebook enjoyable:

Organize a contest or a freebie distribution

  • Like and Share Contest: Request that users merely like and share the post in order to enter. The news about your giveaway and company can spread rapidly with the help of this method.
  • Caption Contest: Rally your audience to come up with a caption for a picture you pick; the best one will win.
  • Photo or Video Contest: Inspire users to respond to a prompt with an image or video submission. User-generated content can be collected in this way.
  • Sign Up for a Newsletter: Make newsletter signup the only requirement for entering the giveaway.

However, you should check Facebook's Page Guidelines to make sure you may legally have a giveaway or contest before announcing it. Consult with your Facebook marketing expert for guidance when working out the details to ensure compliance with all rules and guidelines.

13. Promote your Upcoming Webinar by Making a Page on Facebook

Webinars are an excellent medium for lead generation, as are shared landing sites that feature exclusive content offers. If you have a webinar coming up, you can get more people to sign up for it by sharing the signup link on your company's Facebook Timeline. Create a Facebook Event and a sign-up page on your website to spread the news further.

When someone accepts your invitation to a Facebook Event, you have the option of directing them to a separate registration page where they will be converted into a lead. When compared to regular postings on the News Feed, Facebook Events have a higher chance of being seen by a wider audience.

In addition, Facebook revamped its event promotion tools so that companies can track attendance and gain insights into how well their events are doing. With Facebook's Events tab, you can show your fans all of your upcoming events and webinars at once. If you do this, site visitors can easily view all of the forthcoming webinars and events that you will be hosting.

14. Promote your content with tailored advertisements and watch its reach grow

Running a targeted ad campaign on Facebook to generate leads is a great way to reach out to people who might be interested in your business but haven't heard of it before.

Facebook's advanced targeting tools allow you to tailor your advertising to users based on demographic information such as their location, age, gender, hobbies, and even the websites they visit outside of the social media platform.

There are three main types of Facebook ads, and we will go over each one here. Ad placement, word count, and image dimensions are the primary differentiating factors.

  • Boosted Post: By "boosting" their content, businesses can convert ordinary Facebook posts into advertisements. Some users will see the message in their feeds automatically, but the admin can choose "boost" to make it visible to more people, including predetermined groups of fans and followers.
  • Ads in the right-hand column: To generate leads on Facebook, this is the most conventional location for advertisements. Typically, the advertisement will be located on the right side of the user's News Feed. Using these advertisements typically results in cheaper clicks and conversions, in addition to providing more sophisticated testing options.
  • Right-Hand Column Ads: These look more like native advertising since they are integrated into the user's News Feed, and you can even add a little CTA button. Dark postings are an advertising strategy that mimics Facebook's News Feed yet bypasses the feed entirely. These ads tend to cost more but receive more clicks than those in the right column, making your Page look more vibrant.

Here is a rundown of all the many ad types that can be used for lead generation:


  • Photo: Incorporate eye-catching visuals that effectively demonstrate the benefits of your offering and a call to action button.
  • Video: Integrate audio and movement into your offering to make it more engaging. The ability to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service to a potential customer in action makes these kinds of commercials highly effective at generating leads.
  • Stories: Ads like these show up in Facebook stories and provide you with a lot of room to get creative with how you promote your product or service.
  • Messenger Ads: Ads served out in messenger apps prompt users to start a conversation.
  • Carousels: Carousel advertising can have up to ten different pictures or videos, each with its own call-to-action button. It can be used to draw attention to particular aspects or to weave together a narrative in order to motivate a response.
  • Slideshows: Ads that use a slideshow format to showcase your information mimic the dynamic transition effect of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Collection: Various items can be showcased in a gallery manner, from which consumers can select and read more about the one that piques their interest.
  • Playables: People can get a feel for playable experiences by interacting with them in real-time before committing to them. By giving potential customers a taste of your product or service in real-time, these adverts are a great way to increase interaction.

15. Use Facebook to Distribute your Content

One of the most popular strategies for increasing website traffic, informing visitors, and encouraging them to take action (such as subscribing to a newsletter) is disseminating relevant content.

Facebook is a great platform for disseminating content like articles, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, etc.

Furthermore, you can increase your trust among your target audience by publicizing your award and acknowledgment. If you want more people to see your shared content, you should interact with your audience as you share it.

16. If you want to meet more people, join a Facebook group

The purpose of a Facebook group is to promote persistent group conversation. Through these, people with similar interests can connect with one another.

If you run a business, you may use groups to start conversations with your demographic and learn more about them. Moreover, you can use these areas to generate leads through Facebook.

If you're going to use Facebook groups for advertising purposes, here are some things to bear in mind:

  • If you want this technique to work for you, you should join groups that are relevant to you and your company.
  • Meeting the people that make up the group will provide you valuable insight into who you're trying to reach.
  • Have genuine dialogues and be the first to share helpful information.
  • Avoid bombarding the group with links and waiting to make a sale.

17. Facebook Stories are a great way to get instant feedback from your audience

Facebook Stories are a collection of photos and videos that are shared with your followers for a limited time only. The web version and mobile app both prioritize these stories by placing them at the top of the News Feed.

Although they are most often used to highlight lighthearted and genuine moments from one's day, they may also be an effective part of a Facebook marketing strategy for a business. A story's visibility at the top of every timeline ensures that it will be read by many people. Because of their transient character, they make your company seem more personable and approachable to customers and encourage them to take action immediately.

Follow these steps to increase your Facebook lead generation with the Stories feature:

  • Take a picture or record a clip or select one from your library. Do not skimp on the multimedia quality regardless of the method you choose to employ.
  • Boost your lead generation efforts by including compelling call-to-action buttons. The company page can be customized in a number of ways, including the use of buttons like "Book Now," "Call Now," and "Shop Now," among others.
  • You need to make your Stories as engaging as possible if you want people to take action based on what they read. Include polls and push limited-time incentives.

Lead Generation Through Facebook: A Recap

It's not hard to come up with leads, but it can be tricky to come up with leads that end up converting. Among the many social media channels that marketers are using to attract quality leads, Facebook stands out as one of the most fruitful.

Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to advertising on Facebook. You can experiment with preexisting strategies, combine elements of several strategies, or come up with an altogether new strategy.

Increasing your company's success is as simple as learning how to use Facebook for business promotion. It will help you get more customers interested in what you have to offer and generate the leads you need to grow. Social media marketing on Facebook may be quite effective if you know how to engage your target audience and turn them into paying customers.

Although these methods may serve as a jumping-off point, ultimately, your success will depend on you. Your Facebook lead generation can go through the roof if you adopt the right approach to management, but it can also go down the drain if you don't pay attention to the details while designing your advertising and coordinating all of your other strategies. 

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Q1. Can Facebook generate high-quality leads?

Ans. Yes! Because of Facebook's enormous user base, its lead generating features can introduce you to people who would otherwise remain unreachable. Additional leads can be generated through the use of either the in-built lead gen advertisements or through the use of alternative tactics, such as the integration of a call-to-action button or Facebook messaging.

Q2. What are Facebook lead ads?

Ans. Advertising that is unique to Facebook and invites users to fill out a short form in order to collect their contact information is called "lead ads." In-feed advertisements can take many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same purpose: to get users to fill out a form.

Q3. How to get more leads for my business for free?

Ans. Yes. There are many ways to create leads on Facebook, including paid ads, the call-to-action button on your Facebook Business page, engaging content, and Facebook Messenger.

Q4. Is it worth it to install a messenger bot to my Facebook page?

Ans. Yes, especially as AI develops even further. Thanks to their assistance, you can save time on routine activities and increase your response time while interacting with potential clients.

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