How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design


 14 Jul, 2017

We all know that a landing page is a stand alone web page which a visitor arrives on after clicking an advertisement or promotion. But do we really know that a high converting landing page can act as a foundation of a successful online business. So let’s see what best we can do understand and practice this concept.

Let’s discuss:

  • The importance of a good landing page.
  • Key elements of a landing page.
  • Tips to optimize a landing page for conversion.

Importance of a good landing page

  1. The landing page is one of the best marketing forms:

The landing page is generally your first opportunity to create your first impression with your customer. You absolutely need to make a landing page such that it removes all  the clutter and distractions of everything else on the website. So that it allows the visitor to find it easy to attain their purpose of obtaining an offer by completing a lead form.

Landing page adds to all other forms of marketing. You can use a landing page for almost any purpose to highlight the main features of your product or service, make an announcement, inviting people to webinars.

  1. It helps in gathering the relevant information:

How long or short a landing page should be?

Most of the landing pages tend to be simple and follow “less is more” approach in the case of content and design. Landing page aims at explaining the complete offer in a brief, yet in an explanatory manner which in turn, makes the visitor invest emotionally and take an action on your page. It plays an indispensable role in generating leads as it helps you to target your specific audience and gather information such as their name, email and phone number. This information can be used when your visitors are transitioning into becoming your customers.

  1. A key to increase conversions:

Landing page leads readers to a specific product or service and helps them to take action.This opportunity, in turn, creates conversions. So there is no more confusion as clicking on the ad takes the user directly to the right page that matches their original search query where the visitors usually don’t have to navigate. It gives you a chance to start a conversation with areader or invite discussions with him.

For instance, the below ad says “marketing automation tool”. By clicking on the ad, the visitor lands on the page which matches his query.

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

If your content is socially connected and if you run Facebook or Tweeter feeds on your landing page, it would further deepen the connection.

So now, you know why a landing page is important. It helps in addressing a specific market segment or product or service which allows you to funnel people according to their content requirements.

Essential Elements of a Landing Page

Landing pages can be referred as a lead capture workhouse.

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

Impressive headlines, videos and call to action helps in lead capture campaigns. Now let’s further elaborate on this and see what are the main elements of a landing page:

  1. Main and Supporting headline:

The first thing that a visitor will see is the headline of your landing page. So make sure that the headline of your landing page clearly describes what the user will gain from it. Crafting a persuasive and attention seeking headline can make the visitor stay on your landing page and promote understanding.

Supporting headline is an extension to the main headline. It supports the primary message and is placed underneath the main headline. It is used in order to maintain the precision of the main headline as it goes slightly more detail.

You can have a look at the below screenshots to have a clear understanding:

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

You can see in the above snapshot, how the main headline and the supporting headline conveys its inspirational message that how a visitor can enjoy the benefit of using their service.

  1. Appealing Visuals:

The majority of people don’t just like to read, they believe what they see. So it’s better to have an engaging content as much as possible to grab visitor’s attention. You can use attractive images on the landing page to highlight the main features of your product or service.

Usage of videos is even more effective than images. A short video on the landing page helps in conveying the message about your product or service in a better way. Also, a visit to a landing page with video lasts more as compared to an image.

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

In the above screenshot, you can see the company has used a video on their landing page to explain about their service.

An explanation in the video needs to be understandable and beneficial to the visitor. It should be user focus oriented.

  1. A complete understanding:

A reader needs to completely understand about your product or service or you would lose them. Clearly state what sets your product or service apart from your competition. Highlight the benefits that your product or service offers using bullet points or numbers. A good value proposition gives a clarity and detailed benefit descriptions with few words.

Now, you can clearly see in the below screenshot, how Uber lists its key benefits in points with images to recruit new drivers.

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

  1. Trustworthy Proofs:

Trustworthy proofs can be very persuasive. Visitors tend to get influenced and are likely to get converted into consumers when they see that others before them have used your offer.

You may use the following as proofs or trust indicators on your landing page:

  • Statistics that clearly indicate the key benefits of your offer.
  • Customer testimonials are a great way through which you may add social proof on your landing page to thereby increase visitor’s trust in your product or service. Testimonials should not be fake, but relevant, backed by real data. Make sure that it is more than a line and conveys the potential customer how your existing ones are happy using your service to solve their problem.

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

You can see and relate to the above screenshot of satisfied customers with their name and image explaining why the product or service is beneficial to them.

  1. Call to action:

As the name indicates, call to action encourages the visitor to take a desired action on the page. So being a critical element of conversion, it’s very important to decide where you place it and how you design it.You need to have an attention grabbing, compelling and a clickable call to action. You may use personalized text or contrasting colours to stand out. It should be such that it calls out to visitors. You may place the call to action button right beneath your testimonials or under an image.

In the below illustration, you can see how the company has used a red colour with exciting lines for their CTA buttons

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

All the above elements are essential for designing an impressive landing page. A landing page compels a visitor to click and consume. It is the place where your efforts finally give results. The above components would help you in creating a powerful landing page. A landing page should be constantly checked and modified for better results.

How to optimize a landing page for conversion

Landing pages have the ability to convert website visitors into leads. There are simple ways of optimizing your landing page.

  1. Consider all the key elements:

The landing page needs to be simple.You need to carefully combine your persuasive,  attention grabbing content with your unbeatable offer. Thus, it is important to include all the elements that we have studied in the section above:

  • Impressive Headline
  • Clear visuals
  • Description of the offer
  • Social proofs
  1. Avoid distractions on the page:

Your landing page needs to be clutter free. Once the visitor arrives on your page, try your best to make him stay there. See to it that there is nothing irrelevant on the page. Also, remove the main navigation if you have any on the page. It distracts the visitor and enables him to move about your website which may create in lead generation friction.

  1. Highlight the offer’s value:

Visitors hunt for more. So instead of just giving a list of what your offer comprises of, give your visitors enough information. Highlight the benefits and the value of the offer in a summary or bullet points which would, in turn, compel the visitor to download further.

For example: Show your visitors how your offer would increase productivity by 50%.  You may emphasize on the problem and how your offer addresses it.

  1. Make the form look shorter and ask only relevant questions:

Many times people don’t fill a particular form as it looks too long and consumes a lot of time. So the best balance is to collect only the information that you really need to qualify leads. With each and every field you add to your form, you increase work for the visitor which results in fewer conversions. Adjust the spacing in between the fields so that the form appears shorter and covers less space.

The ideal form should appear like this without any extra or irrelevant question:



  1. A/B Testing:

A/B testing helps in continually improving your landing page. It helps you in testing, which variation of the message or style would help in improving conversion rates. It is an easy way to test changes to your landing page and determine which design works best for you. The goal of this test is to maximize the conversion rates with the optimized version.

How To Make High Conversion Landing Page Design

Practicing A/B testing is important for your site.You can make your customer engagement better, reduce bounce rates, thereby increasing your sales volume.

So let’s quickly see what have you learned:

  • Landing pages are the actual hub of your lead generation efforts.
  • It’s like maximizing your return on investment for each customer. The user will act promptly if your landing page is specific and well streamlined.
  • Stating its importance, it helps you in your conversion goal.
  • Elements of an effective landing page that would assist you in generating leads in the lesser span of time.
  • Optimizing your landing page that would help you to set on your journey to convert your leads into sales.


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