WooCommerce – Is WordPress Good for Ecommerce? [Pros and Cons]


4 Apr, 2024


WordPress has evolved from a simple publishing platform to a powerful content management system in the last few years. When it comes to websites, WordPress is responsible for 44.2% of them. This means WordPress powers 2 out of every 5 websites.

But if you are still in doubt, continue reading to get answers to questions such as: 

  • Can WordPress be used for ecommerce?
  • Is WordPress a good platform for selling products online?
  • What are the advantages of building an e-commerce website with WordPress?
  • Building a WordPress e-commerce site has its drawbacks. What are they?
  • Can you sell products on WordPress?

Website designing with WordPress is cool but you might be thinking, is WordPress good for ecommerce. So let's start by answering that? 

Your business and your needs will determine whether or not WordPress is the right platform for your e-commerce site. However, when it comes to selling products online, WordPress is a great option for some businesses.

WordPress, on the other hand, does not meet the needs and expectations of some businesses, making it a less desirable option. You can use this information to help you decide whether or not a WordPress-based website is best for your business.


Let's go through the pros & cons of WordPress ecommerce to give you more clarity.

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Pros of eCommerce in WordPress

WordPress for ecommerce is a great option because of its many advantages. A few of the benefits of using WordPress for your business include the following:

1. Plugins for e-commerce are available for this platform

When it comes to building a WordPress website, plugins are the foundation. Plugins allow you to build a website with all the features you need to run your company. Many e-commerce-focused plugins are available for WordPress to help you sell products on your website.

In WordPress, WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins. Using WooCommerce, you can:

  • Make your storefronts stand out
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Make product pages your own
  • Select from a variety of payment options
  • Choose how you want your package delivered
  • Sales tax can be calculated with ease

Using this e-commerce plugin, you can turn your WordPress site into an e-commerce store with a wide range of features.

The official plugin directory maintained by WordPress is home to nearly 60,000 different free plugins.

Plugins give you the freedom to pick and choose which features you want to include on your site. As a result, your business can benefit from it because it simplifies the process of creating a website.

2. It has a wide variety of themes to choose from

There are so many templates to choose from when it comes to building a website with WordPress. WordPress provides templates for an ecommerce site that captures the distinct style of your company. 

Here are some interesting facts about WordPress themes:

  • Within the official WordPress theme library, there are more than 9,000 free themes to choose from.
  • There are roughly 31,000 themes available with WordPress,  including the premium options.
  • The cost of a premium WordPress theme is approximately $77.57 on average.
  • The two WordPress themes with the most active installations among the top one million websites are called Divi and Astra.

With so many options to choose from, you can design a WordPress website tailored to your business's needs. If you're looking for a theme that's easy to use, look no further.

3. It\'s search engine-friendly, too

SEO-friendly WordPress e-commerce sites are one of the best benefits of building a WordPress site. A website that is optimized for search engines like Google is necessary if you want people to find your products when they do a Google search. Plugins for WordPress can help your site rank higher in search engine results.

Within the WordPress plugin directory, Yoast SEO has the highest number of active installations and a rating of five stars.

The Yoast SEO plugin can help you create an SEO-friendly website for your e-commerce store. Optimizing pages on your site for search engines and driving traffic is made easier with the help of this plugin. In addition, because your pages are SEO-friendly, you have a better chance of ranking in relevant product searches and attracting qualified visitors.

4. Open-source software

Because WordPress is an open-source platform, it is free to use. It gives you the freedom to tailor the software to your specific eCommerce requirements. The commercial limitations and restrictions imposed by standard eCommerce solution providers are also not a concern with this method.

Another perk is that you can rely on the extensive support network if you encounter any problems. With WordPress, all you have to do is buy a domain name and a hosting plan, and you'll be up and running in no time.

5. Installing and maintaining it is easy peasy

Those who have used WordPress for blogging know how easy it is to learn and use the application. The best part is that this platform doesn't require any coding knowledge on your part. You only need some basic training before you can start working on your online store.

Adding new products, tracking sales, managing orders, and more are all made simple with WordPress for commerce

6. Product Personalization is a breeze

To keep your inventory up to date, online stores must constantly add and remove products. And this can be a challenging task. WordPress, on the other hand, makes this process a cinch for you. Using the dashboard, you can customize complex products as easily as you publish a blog post.

7. Supports multiple payment gateways

eCommerce stores need to provide their customers with a variety of payment gateways. WordPress makes this possible because it supports a wide variety of secure payment methods, such as 2Checkout, CCAvenue, ChronoPay,  PayPal, Worldpay, Google Checkout, and more. This gives your clients the option of paying with their preferred method. 

Pre-installed payment methods like Simplify Commerce, PayPal, direct bank transfer, cash on delivery, and check payment are all supported by the WooCommerce plug-in.

WooCommerce is utilized by 20.4% of all WordPress-powered websites.

Cons of WordPress eCommerce Website

Choosing WordPress as your ecommerce site builder has both advantages and disadvantages. Now you must be wondering, what are the possible drawbacks of using WordPress for eCommerce? Let’s look into it.

1. It\'s not specifically designed for e-commerce

Despite the fact that WordPress has ecommerce-friendly plugins, it is not an ecommerce website builder. WordPress can be used to build a plethora of different types of websites. However, because WordPress isn't specifically designed for e-commerce, you may be missing out on some essential features. Check out our blog on eCommerce website design examples for inspiration.

2. The compatibility of some plugins can be a problem

Getting all the plugins to work is one of the most difficult aspects of using ecommerce WordPress. When building your site, you may run into issues because some plugins are incompatible with one another. In the absence of prior site-building experience, you may be unable to find a solution to these issues. In order to get the most out of your website, you may have to give up some features or use lower-quality plugins.

3. Security can be an issue

Hackers frequently target e-commerce for WordPress websites in search of sensitive customer and financial data. However, protecting your WordPress online store from sophisticated cyber attacks is easy with security systems like Wordfence.

In the first six months of 2021, Wordfence prevented 18.5 billion password attack requests from being made on WordPress websites.

A well-known firewall service known as Wordfence thwarted over 86 billion password assault requests in the first half of the year 2021. However, it is anticipated that the number of password-hacking attempts will continue to rise.


After reading the above, you must be wondering, is WordPress up to the task of running a successful online business? There's a good solution here, too. If your eCommerce store on WordPress receives a large number of visitors on a regular basis, consider using a hosting platform like Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Pagely, or WP Engine. 

The Final Call

Over the course of the past twenty years, WordPress has seen significant development. WordPress has expanded in terms of users, plugins, themes, and potential security flaws as it has transitioned from a blogging platform to a highly flexible content management system. The information shown in this blog can assist to keep you up to date on the current state of WordPress as well as provide insight into how it may develop in the near and distant future.

We sincerely hope this article has helped you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress for eCommerce

WordPress ecommerce web design gives you complete control over the look and feel of your site while still providing all the ecommerce features you require. As a result, you'll have complete control over your ecommerce site's design and functionality without having to stress about whether or not you've included everything you'll need.

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