Build for Success: 27 Exemplary eCommerce Website Design Examples

 11 Mar, 2021


Do you want your eCommerce business to be a part of a $4.2 trillion online shopping industry?

Do you know there are 2.05 billion online shoppers as of 2020 and if the trend continues by the end of 2025, the eCommerce sales could potentially reach $8 trillion per year by 2025. However, all this has been achieved because the great eCommerce websites are providing a seamless, user-friendly experience to their customers. Considering, 57% of internet shoppers say they won’t recommend a business with a poor web design on mobile, a good website design works wonders.

When you plan to build a website for your eCommerce business you do that with a hope of turning your visitors into buyers. And with dozens of eCommerce sites popping up everywhere around the web, you intend to stay ahead of the competition. 

But if you’ve not yet decided how to decide what a great eCommerce site looks like or what are the elements you should consider while building your eCommerce website for greater sales. Let us help you to create one such web experience for your customers! In this blog:

  • Steps to keep in mind when building a website for your ecommerce business
  • Samples of some good websites from different industries in eCommerce
  • List of ecommerce websites and why they are the best against the rest
  • 5 common characteristics of web design to include in an ecommerce website

Web Designs Build for Success: List of Best eCommerce Website Designs

Web design is an integral part of your eCommerce website. One has to go for a visually appealing design, highly functional and easy to navigate eCommerce website design. As that not only makes your eCommerce website look good and feel on-brand but it also drives your visitors to take action whether it’s purchasing or filling a form. Designing an eCommerce website can be an uphill task as with so many eCommerce websites around the web, you really need to build something exceptional to stand out to boost sales and conversion rates. If you need some inspiration or an idea about how to go about building a highly functional, easy to navigate and that provides greater user experience to reflect your brand in the right light. Worry not, we’ve done research over 25 best eCommerce websites and prepared a list of best eCommerce website designs:


Key takeaways:

  • Personal favourite how background of the website changes to match with the colour of the product on display on the homepage
  • Using plenty of visuals, lifestyle shots of the product makes it hard to look anywhere else but the website.
  • Plus point to the sticky add-to-cart button that makes it easier for customers to quickly make a purchase without scrolling back up.


Key takeaways

  • A classic receptive web design that uses motion to communicate their core value: they are into making handmade globes.
  • Content is quite catchy with smartly created product descriptions.
  • They’ve gone for navy blue font on the white background and it looks very inviting.


Key takeaways

  • Minimal design makes it aesthetically pleasing to navigate through the website and hooks your attention.
  • Optimizing the white space and plain background, distractions are zero as you go from one product to the next.
  • Plus points to how its product pages appear like a landing page with social proof, key features, USP of the product.


Key takeaways

  • A strikingly beautiful website design that uses less content but has its brand messaging game on-point.
  • A high-end brand with high-end product visuals that allows you to zoom in and check the item more closely in astonishingly high quality pictures.
  • Plus point to how they have used the videos to display their products and a hovering effect to click and buy the product


Key takeaways

  • Amazon uses neither beautiful web designs nor its web design is too simple but it's very informative in nature that creates cognitive ease.
  • Amplified use of personalization in its web design makes it look like you're going shopping with a friend with so many on-point and relevant recommendations.
  • Simple use of black text on the white background with user-engaging web copies.


Key takeaways:

  • The images are brilliantly put up together against a white background.
  • Catchy and engaging content
  • Easy and intuitive menu and navigation

Thing Industries

Key takeaways:

  • Best-selling and quirky products do the talking
  • The rest of the website is stripped down to simple black text on white background
  • Simplistic web design lets you focus on the excellent product description mixed with gorgeous shots of the products

Bold & Noble

Key takeaways:

  • Receptive web designs makes it easier to scroll through the products right on the landing page.
  • Their grey text on white background gives a very soothing pleasure to the eyes.
  • Plus point how smartly they’ve used customer reviews on the homepage without making it on the face of a user’s experience.

Rebecca Atwood

Key takeaways

  • Adaptive and responsive website design.
  • Engaging and compelling web copies that are quite conversational in nature.
  • Plus point to how well they offer a click to buy option right on every product on display, allowing you to immediately be transported to the product page.


Key takeaways

  • They've upped the targeting buyer persona game with using three dominant colors — Millennial pink, baby blue, and Gen Z yellow.
  • Micro Copies that projects the brand as a funky and friendly brand.
  • A totally talking to friend vibe with wording of button copy, section titles, and form descriptions


Key takeaways

  • Just like how the brand deals with sturdy bikes, its ecommerce design has used motion.
  • Every part of the block content has some dynamic effect whether its horizontally shifting text, or bike frames popping into the foreground.
  • The  product photography is not only displaying the  toughness of these bikes but the high-res photo also shows the sophistication in being equipped with electric motors.


Key takeaways

  • The website shows simple and yet colourful typography with deliciously beautiful product images.
  • Plus point to the witty, funny and expressive copies & product descriptions.
  • Aesthetically pleasing use of its signature green colour which is then accented by other greens, black and white, along with seasonal accent colors throughout the web design & copies.

UX/UI Elements that You Must Have in Your eCommerce Website

Now you’ve seen some of the most wonderfully eCommerce websites to take inspiration from. You should also be aware about some of the important elements that you need to consider before building a website. Let’s see some of the important aspects before you intend to create a eCommerce website:

Go for adaptive and responsive design

Both are important elements of a great web design but you should go for responsive website design rather than adaptive while building your eCommerce website. Adaptive designs allow your site to move using fixed multiple layouts, while responsive web designs however do it dynamically to fit the screens or devices of the targeted user.

Ensure right structuring of blocks

You shouldn’t try to fit everything at once on your website. You have to be very particular in what your visitors are looking for in your website, what you want to show to them and what you are really showing them. Arrangement of content is the key to increase results from marketing efforts.

Must be integrated with social media

Social selling is a new trend in the online market via social media platforms considering there are 4.20 billion social media users around the world at the start of 2021. Simply integrate your e-commerce site with channels like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to capture more sales from mobile app users. Allowing users to complete their purchase immediately if they like your product, rather than having them visit a separate web page to check out.

Streamline the checkout process

Brands lose 23% of customers when they ask them to proceed through additional steps during the checkout process. Accept guest checkout and avoid asking customers for additional personal information as it leads to friction in the process and can discourage them from completing their purchase. Make sure customers have a streamlined and smooth checkout to complete the transaction.

Make it easy to get back to the home page

Lots of users enter websites through an interior page and bypass the homepage entirely. Easy access to the homepage is must since it provides a new starting point for those who are on the wrong page or want to explore other parts of the site. So make sure, users can go back to the homepage without having to go through other unwanted pages, because they become frustrated when they can’t access it quickly and might leave your site without completing the purchase.

Deliver an omnichannel shopping experience

Sometimes users want to continue browsing in another device or find a discount code and place items in their shopping cart while using their PC at work but wish to complete the checkout process on their smartphone or tablet when they get home. Support these customer journeys by enabling users to share items on social networks, or by letting users email themselves links from directly within the site.

Add clear calls to action

On a mobile device, your e-commerce site is competing with many distractions: other apps, texts, games and phone calls can all divert a user’s attention from completing a purchase. So, keep calls to action (CTAs) short and sweet without it hindering your user’s buying experience.

Some Examples of eCommerce Websites with Exemplary Web Designs for Your Industry Type

It’s not like every eCommerce website is blessed with a great dynamic design. There are some ecommerce web designs that are worth following and there are some better to avoid. Here we are presenting 15 examples of great ecommerce websites based on two major eCommerce business models Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C)

Business-to-Business (B2B)

According to a survey by Salesforce, “80% of B2B buyers now expect a similar buying experience to their Amazon shopping experience.” But actually it’s more than that: if you don’t offer a good personalized service, your B2B customer will go to another supplier without a second thought which is made clear by Salesforce as this applies to at least 2/3 of the respondents.

Below are some fine examples of B2B eCommerce with exemplary websites:

Business-to-Business B2B

Business-to-Customer B2C

According to a report, “The global B2C e-commerce market size was valued at USD 3.67 trillion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.” Considering, 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned every year and most of the times the reasons behind it has been eCommerce’s sites failure to meet the user's expectations. Worry not. We’ll show you some stellar examples of B2C eCommerce websites that do a good job of retaining a user’s attention till he has completed the transaction process.


Designing an eCommerce website can be tricky with so many elements and factors to take in consideration for. We hope this blog has given you some effective tips or ideas for an exemplary eCommerce website design. So that you can not only design a site that looks amazing but does amazing work for your conversion rate and sales. 

And if this seems a too tedious task for you or the various web elements overwhelm you and you still don’t know how to build a brilliant eCommerce website. Relax, you can always seek out an eCommerce website design and development agency for consultation and help. These professionals know how to build a custom eCommerce website design that gives you strong online presence and also how to generate leads and retain customers.

Do you know a brilliant eCommerce website with a great design that we forgot to include in the list? Drop its name in the comment section below. Is there any eCommerce site that you like to visit for its sleek design or engaging content? Share with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Shefali Srivastava
Shefali Srivastava

Really inspiring eCommerce designs. Good and worth sharing blog!


It’s a really very informative blog for my new start-up. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog.


I like amazon’s website as well, it’s quite responsive and white space helps boost the look of the product, very nice.

Kayson Powell
Kayson Powell

Thank you for this very inspiring list! Though they all aesthetically represent their brands well. I wonder about how they convert in terms of sales.

Divya Vishwakarma
Divya Vishwakarma

Amazing Designs. Appreciate your post.

Tanner Patterson
Tanner Patterson

Can you tell me how much these websites would cost? I’m an owner of a small pharma start up looking for professional guidance.

Shruti Sharma
Shruti Sharma

Thank you I found it helpful for my web design,
I can’t tell you how much I love these website designs. Please do a blog on different website design platforms.

Dana Mantilia
Dana Mantilia

These are all good designs. I wonder how much they each cost?

Liz Jonas
Liz Jonas

It’s a great blog with so much informative tips but I believe you can have the best looking website in the world but it won’t generate much sales without great products or services.

Shubham Verma
Shubham Verma

Insightful blog. Really loved how you covered both business models with some great examples of various ecommerce web designs! Kudos!!

SEO Company Lakewood, CO

Found your post interesting to read. I can’t wait to see your post soon. Good Luck with the upcoming update. This article is really very interesting and effective.

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