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15 Mar, 2024



Any company today needs a targeted Google presence. While most businesses are aware that they must optimize their websites and Google Ads, few are aware that a third entity—their Google business listing—also has to be improved.

This effective listing, formally known as your Business Profile, is a dynamic snapshot of your company that displays your greatest qualities and helps potential consumers identify, learn about, and interact with you right from the SERP. What's best? It is free.

It is free, but your potential user is likely to visit your business account either through desktop or mobile device. Mobile devices account for 65% of the sponsored clicks on Google search results. This combination of Google and mobile devices makes it imperative to not just create a Google My Business account, but instead optimize it regularly.

Not nearly enough firms are utilizing all of Google My Business's outstanding capabilities, which is the real issue.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to optimize Google My Business:

  • Reasons For Google Business Optimization
  • Prominent Steps In How To Optimize Google My Business

Want to Optimize Google My Business Profile?

  • Increase Engagement with your Brand
  • Build Trust with Customers
  • Appear in Maps and Google Local Pack Listings
  • Increase your Traffic

Reasons For Google Business Optimization

The aforementioned comparison shows that a well-optimized Google Business Profile encourages customers to choose your company over rivals, but there are more advantages to Google Business Profile optimization for successful local SEO marketing.

1. Accelerate Your Local Ranking

In addition to proximity and relevance, Google's algorithm for ranking business profiles also takes activity and information quality into account.

local search ranking factors

By Google Business Profile optimization, you can convince Google to give you a higher local search ranking. And as you are aware, a better rank translates into greater visibility and interaction with your company.

2. Better Engagement

More and more users are entering Google and leaving it without visiting any other websites. Why? Due to Google My Business optimization services.

As a result, they perform "zero-click searches" because the material on the search results pages alone fully answers their questions. 

You need Google My Business optimization service for better design, engagement, and conversions since it may see more consumer interaction than your website.

3. Attract More Customers

A standard Google Business Profile by itself doesn't provide anything in the way of customer acquisition. If they know to look for your business name in the first place, they can learn where you are located and read your reviews. 

Google My Business Profile

However, if you have Google My Business optimization services they monitor your business profile, customers can find you in keyword searches, get in touch with you, visit your website, learn more about your goods and services, view/contribute FAQs, request quotes, schedule appointments, make reservations, and more. 

Additionally, the Google My Business service can assist you to use UTMs and Google Analytics to measure clicks to your website, appointment, or menu link.

Prominent Steps To Optimize Google My Business

It's time to start working on Google My Business optimization since you now know that doing so can help you rank higher in local search results, stand out from the crowd, and attract more clients online.

How to optimize Google My Business is a common question and effective strategies will help you make your Google Business Profile a constant lead-generation and marketing tool for your business.

If you are looking for how to optimize your Google My Business, follow these steps:

1. Create A Separate Google My Business Account For Your Brand

Before anything else, it's crucial to stress that a Google Business Profile is distinct from a Google My Business account. The latter is employed to access and enhance the former. 

Create  Google My Business Account

This implies that to carry out the optimizations described in this article, you must first set up a Google My Business account and then request that it is linked to your Google Business Profile

To register, visit and sign in with the standard Google/Gmail account you use for business.

2. Fill All Sections

As Google optimization services we believe, the more thorough your Google Business Profile is, the more actions people are likely to take after finding your profile. This helps Google rank you higher in local search results. Here are some rules for setting priorities because there is a lot of information to present.

  • Website
  • Brand Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Working Hours

Additional Information

  • Products and services
  • Attributes and categories
  • FAQs (From Business Perspective)

Constant Updates In These Sections

  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • FAQs (From Consumer Perspective)

3. Mention Contact Information Precisely

Make sure the name of your company and the name that appears on retail signs are the same. Or, to put it another way, exactly as it appears in reality. Google may punish you for adding location names (unless they are part of your brand name) or keywords.

Ensure that your company name and address completely match all of your online postings. To do this, regularly use "st" instead of "street" or "co" instead of "company." These contradictions are taken into account by Google's algorithm when determining your credibility.

contact us

Give both your normal business hours and any holidays. This promotes client traffic while also preventing the possibility of a bad review from a customer who traveled to your store only to discover it was closed.

4. Add Business Description

The first thing to keep in mind is that you do not have control over the brief description that displays in your business profile immediately below your company name. In your Google My Business account dashboard's "from the business" area, you do have control over the description. This area usually comes below the reviews section of your profile, lower down.

5. Mention A Category

Discovered through discovery searches. Only 16% of views of business profiles on Google come from direct searches, while a staggering 84% of views come from discovery searches (i.e., the consumer searched for a good, service, or category and the business' profile appeared). This is especially true for companies like Fresh Express or Amelia's Catering whose names don't identify the services they provide.

mention a category

Highlight features unique to each category. Once you select a category, Google gives you access to category-specific features that enhance the effectiveness and appeal of your profile. 

For instance, restaurants may include a menu or a reservation button; hotel profiles may contain star ratings, and hair salons may attest to their familiarity with thin or curly hair. These details may persuade customers to choose you over rivals.

6. Add Attributes

As we just discussed, Google will provide you with a list of criteria you can tick off to further characterize your business when you select a category. A particular feature that potential buyers look for is an attribute, such as "on-site gift shop" or "free wi-fi."

7. Include Photos

Three reasons make it crucial that you add photos to your Google My Business account dashboard for your Business Profile:

  • Maintain quality: Since anyone can post images to your business profile, the photos' quality will vary. Your profile will appear its finest if you add your fantastic images.
  • Get moving: Regularly adding photographs shows Google that you are updating and maintaining your profile, which benefits your ranking.
  • Show results in images: Google is getting better at recognizing images and has begun to include photographs in local results.
  • Boost engagement: Customers are 35% more likely to click on a business's website and 42% more likely to ask for driving directions if it includes photos in its Business Profile, according to Google. Additionally, the analysis revealed that companies with more than 100 photographs receive 525 percent more calls, 2,717 percent more requests for directions, and 1,065% more website clicks than the typical company. Whoah.

8. Earn Positive Google Reviews

Which company would you pick if you were given a selection of options similar to the one below in search results? Which of the two listings below with no reviews, or the one with four lovely yellow stars?

Online Reviews are the top determinant in customer purchasing, and Google is aware of this, making them a crucial ranking element in their algorithm. Additionally, you can verify for yourself how reviews affect ranking. 

The "Local 3-Pack" refers to the top three local results that appear for the majority of searches made on Google. These results typically have high star ratings and can get positive Google reviews.

9. Share Your Google Business Profile

Similar to social media sites, you can post information about promotions, events, and items on your Google Business Profile. The "Updates" portion of your Business Profile, near the bottom, displays posts that you create in your Google My Business dashboard. But depending on the search term, they can become more noticeable.

10. Be Interactive

Have you ever noticed that there is a section on Amazon that includes questions and answers in addition to the product description and user reviews? In Google Business Profiles, Google provides a similar option.

response to google questions

These responses might influence a customer's decision to choose your company. However, this component needs to be optimized in particular because anybody can answer questions posted on a company's Google page in addition to asking them. This can result in false information about you on your profile, or worse.

The Question and Answer part can be constantly maintained with the help of Google optimization services, and the keywords can be taken into account.

11. Include Your Products And Services

If your business name does not make it clear what you offer, adding products and services might be extremely useful. By filling out this part, you give your profile more content that may boost its ranking for even more pertinent queries.

Add products & services

Include the description, name, and cost of any products or services you add (if applicable). Once a searcher clicks on the item, the complete description will appear. Additionally, Google can include links to your products in its category section.

Wrapping Up

As with any Google SEO strategy, the core of your Google My Business strategy should be to provide as much high-quality information about your company as you can, not only in your Business Profile but also in the sources that Google uses to fill it—your review site profiles, website, and even your social media accounts.

To enhance your Google My Business, get in touch with the specialists at JanBask Digital Design.

Want to Create Google My Business Profile for your Business?

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  • Lets People Leave Reviews
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