Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Business

 24 Feb, 2020

You might be wondering – how to get more Google reviews? Where to start from?

It’s not at all surprising to know that online reviews play a very important role, but what role do they play in the customer’s buying process? 

Google is the first place where every customer goes before buying any product. This makes a good Google review, a very important factor to expand your customer outreach. The better reviews you have, the more leads you can get and subsequently more conversions you will have. 

This blog is all about an overview of Google Reviews and how you can get Google Reviews for your business.

get-an amazing Google Review

 Let’s discuss some of the facts of Google Review:

  • Statistics bring to light that 90% of the consumers go through online reviews before making any form of decision.
  • Review sites play a very important role and Google Reviews are the most preferred ones and 88% of those consumers trust them. 
  • Google Reviews resulted in a 50% increase in business sales.
  • Nearly 58% of the overall reviews that were written in the year 2019 were Google Reviews. 
  • 95% of consumers suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don’t see bad scores.

50% increase in business sales

Consumers also take Google Reviews as a guarantee for personal recommendations to get an amazing Google Review. Google Reviews for business play a very important role as it comprises for Google SEO ranking, making easy decisions, expanding online business and perform marketing process, which means-

More and Better reviews

1. What is the Google Review?

Way back in the year 2007, Jonathan Goldman, Software Engineer for Google Maps distributed a blog entry reporting that shoppers would have the option to start composing reviews using Google Maps. Goldman noticed that the internet searcher had since a long time ago showed reviews on Maps; however, this data had been amalgamated from different sources around the web. 

In his post, made in June, Goldman introduced the absolute original of Google My Business reviews by urging search clients to, 

“Educate the world about your top choice (or least top choice) specialists and dental specialists, inns, bread kitchens, tool shops, salons, pet spas, auto mechanics, handymen, and the sky’s the limit from there. Or on the other hand maybe even your preferred eatery in Tokyo. Check it out to make your feelings known and find new top picks.”

Over 10 years after this, Google is currently the quickest developing review site that is around. Our examination into the main online review stages has affirmed this, with an investigation of 50,000 US-based organizations affirming that Google has developed its volume of reviews far more rapidly than its opponents, for example, Facebook and Yelp. 

The data that has been collected shows a 278% bounce in the volume of Google reviews in the period 2015-16. This returns off of a 114% expansion in the past year’s time frame.

To place that development in setting, Google’s nearest rival, TripAdvisor supervised simply 82% development 2015-16, with Facebook recording a 51% expansion and Yelp 59%.

 2. Getting a Google Review for Business is the Key!

It goes without any doubt that the point of contact is the center between the consumers and companies. At a click, you can get a list of relevant information and nearby businesses just by typing a word or phrase into Google. That is called the ease at its finest. 

When the search is done on Google, the result page comprise of three components:

  • Paid results
  • Local/maps results
  • Organic results

Local/Map results are those results that you see are those of businesses that have a Google My Business listing. With the help of listing that businesses you will be able to access their personal or contact information, get to know their exposure and gather reviews from customers. 

3. Use of Google Review Link

One of the successful ways to have a better search ranking on Google is to have high-quality reviews online with the help of Google Review link. Business online reputation is increased with the help to link for Google Reviews and also to attract more customers. Enthusiastic reviews from satisfied customers help to boost a listing overall search ranking. 

With just a few clicks in Google My Business (GMB) account, you can come up with an easy link for Google Review that helps to draw more attention to customers and also have high revenues. 

4. Advantages of More Google Business Reviews

It’s a very straightforward and speedy process, but you will have ongoing benefits for now and forever. As many people put down Google reviews on your business, the more you will attain goals for your business. If you are not focusing as to how to get Google reviews, don’t be late this is the right time you do it!

4.1. The more reviews you get, the more leads you’ll be able to generate!

Do you know 92% of consumers trust online reviews to make their decisions before making any purchase? Structuring up of reviews helps to put together all the best possibilities. Google searchers always prefer to connect with your business before they start searching or deciding. 

4.2. More Positive Reviews results in more purchases!

Customers always do research and go through reviews before making any purchase decisions. Now, this is the ongoing trend among customers these days that can’t be ignored. The more and positive reviews you have, the more the amount of purchase is done. 

4.3. High reviews mean high ranking!

Google gives rewards to all the businesses that have frequent and positive reviews. It’s a very significant part of Google’s ranking algorithmsThis means more high great reviews can help you move up in local search results

4.4. More reviews mean no cost!

There is no cost involved in the process of giving reviews or to respond to them. Positive support for your business on Google provides free advertising on the platform for your business that is trusted the most. 

5. How to Create a Business Link to Google Review?

Before we think of any planned or strategic methods of creating Google customer reviews, it is an essential step that you must take for generating a shortcut to evaluate your business on Google. 

This is how you can create a link to Google Review that will allow your customers to get to your review form in one single step:

  • Go to the Google Maps Place ID Finder and Search for your respective business
  • Copy the place ID that is visible with your result. 
  • Finally, place your ID into this link:

https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=[paste your place ID here]

6. How to get more business Google Reviews?

Once you are through with a shortcut link to get Google review, next is the time to look through different ways to provide this link to customers as to how to get more Google reviews from customers for your business.

6.1. Come up with a card stating “Leave us a Review”

Provide physical cards that are made up through a shortened version of your Google review link. Here is an example:

Help us serve better!

Your review is precious to us!

Your Google review would help others who need our services to find our business.

Most importantly, your feedback would let us provide you with the best.

Take out few seconds and review us at (Provide Link)

Thank you!

6.2. Don’t forget to send a follow-up Email for Google Reviews

Once the job is successfully finished, don’t forget to send your customers a follow-up email and ask them to please provide you with a Google review. 

Provide the following in your email:

  • Be personal
  • Thank your customers for picking you
  • Let them know that their reviews are highly appreciated and you read all feedbacks
  • Make them understand why their feedback is important for you.
  • Make it easy for them, so provide them a direct link for visitors to leave a Google review

6.3. Leave Behind a Google Review Card

You can leave-behind a section of marketing guarantee that you would drop the customer’s place e.g. a Google review card. This is one of the most popular ways with the service provider or local service companies. 

For example, if you are a contractor of flooring who just installed new flooring at the customer’s place, don’t forget to leave a folder to comprise of the following:

  • State the maintenance tips for the new floor been installed
  • A phone number, if a customer has a query or any follow-up questions
  • A business card- A must!
  • A Google review card- Don’t forget it!
  • Most importantly state all the instructions as to how the review card is to be filled
  • If you want to cut down the cost of paying print Google review cards; create a digital one!
  • One of the most successful online tools is “Canva”, this is used as a well-branded brochure for your company for getting the maximum number of reviews. 

6.4. Emphasize on to Customers as how simple it is

One of the best methods that help to put together more Google business reviews is to put more emphasis on customers as to how easy it is to put down one review. Don’t forget:

  • They might cut short and would like rate by a star without writing anything. 
  • If they even write, the review might be of small sentences. 
  • Using expressions such as “leave a review” or “drop a quick review” as a substitute for writing directly “write a review” gives a cumbersome feeling to customers and would result in the high number of reviews. 

6.5. Build up a Google Business Review Email Campaign

You can opt to use individual, personalized emails or a larger blanket campaign; this is the most valuable way to get more Google business reviews. Always be clear and precise in your ask. Don’t try to put your efforts as to how to sugar coat it, force them to do or beat around the bush. 

There is no harm in asking your customers for the betterment of future customers. Satisfied customers always willingly provide their time with positive reviews. The process should be crystal clear and try to make short, this would result in getting some reviews that are out of the email campaign. 

6.6. Review Business on Google Listing

Don’t forget to have your review My Business on Google page and do make a check that it is verified. It is very essential that you don’t forget to do so because then only people would review your business online. With the help to review My Business on Google page, the process goes very simple and easy. 

Google My Business comprises a dashboard where you will be able to keep a check on reviews that are provided by the customers for your business. This is a well-organized way to get more reviews on Google

and building more reviews on Google.

6.7. Automation

Asking and reminding customers to write reviews can be an extended process, but don’t worry there is an easy way around! With the help of the customer’s contact details, you can easily automate the process. When the entire process gets automated, you get added benefit of generating more reviews and also monitor them at the same time. The entire process gets automated on your own or you can also hire a digital marketing agency for small businesses. 

6.8. Responding to Reviews

The last part is about giving replies and react to all reviews and also making sure that they will continue to get them in the future. In the process of responding, you build up recognition in the mind of customers and potential reviews that would be appreciated by their opinions for the product or service you offered. Positive reviews are always appreciative and judicious in your responses. By patient and punctual, if you get negative reviews. 

6.9. Incentive

Incentive schemes work wonders and positively when used effectively in getting reviews. Offer with some coupons and discounts in the exchange of a review and you would see great results, to see such kinds of reviews that would play an important role for your successful business. These forms of reviews are mostly positive. If you play smart and turn it into a contest of some kind, then the success rate is even higher! 

7. Final Thoughts

This is the only moment you must watch out as to how you want to get Google Reviews for your Google business listing. Go, watch-out your business and see. Online businesses are successful only when you have more reviews on Google. Hence, it is very important to utilize all resources at your clearance process continuously. If your team is not having enough time to spend on these reviews, you can hire a digital market service provider. 

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