7 Reasons Why Are Online Reviews Important For Customers And Businesses


18 Apr, 2024


93% of people claim that online customer reviews influence their shopping decisions. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to suggest that online reviews' importance impacts your business's success.

For instance, consider the last time you purchased on Amazon. Most likely, one of the initial research involves looking at how many stars the item received overall. And the outcome of those online customer reviews on website is their rating.

People continue to believe in star ratings to make their purchases. To put it another way, an essential component that your online reputation management agency should focus on would be gathering, tracking, and managing client feedback.

It's uncommon to purchase without first reading several customer reviews on website, from smartphones to dentistry services. 90% of customers read at least one online review before visiting a store.

More significantly, 94% of online customers said that a bad review had made them decide not to go into a store. 

This means that having a great online presence offers you several major benefits regardless of your organization, which is why it's becoming an essential part of branding. It is time to stop questioning why reviews are important and search for reputation management services that can guide you to gain a digital presence with reviews.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

You may improve your client experience and leave a good online impression by being aware of why are online reviews important. 

Let's go over these seven factors that make online consumer reviews of your brand important.

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Why Are Online Reviews Important?

1. Better Visibility

When determining what to buy, the majority of consumers will check on search engines like Bing and Google or even Facebook. Company reviews by customers can undoubtedly assist in feeding the content engine, keeping your brand liked by algorithms, even though each of these websites has distinct methods for indexing and surfacing information.

Online customer reviews on websites provide you with a consistent flow of information that search engines highly value when determining which brings returns. This can be a prominent factor when considering why online reviews are important.

Customer reviews

Businesses that understand the digital space know the importance of company reviews by customers and that higher rankings make your website appear more authoritative. The benefits of online reviews are apparent to both search engines and users, which increases brand awareness and visibility.

2. Digital Proof Draws Conversions

We are tempted to make a purchase if individuals nearby, even strangers, agree that it is a smart move. The main source of social validation today is an online website review, which also directly affects sales as per online reputation services.

For instance, an eCommerce Socks firm has increased the average order value on its website by 60% compared to varied sales channels. The 3000 five-star ratings on the eCommerce site's various product pages may have greatly contributed to this success. 

According to an expert, we encourage online customer reviews by emailing them after purchase and providing a discount code in exchange for a completed evaluation. Online reputation management services believe that this shows you understand the importance of customer reviews.

From the beginning of our path to selling directly from the store, customer reviews on websites' importance have made a difference and have lessened our dependency on shopping channels. 

Online customer reviews are important to foster the "social-proof" trust that motivates other store visitors to make purchases as per review management services.

3. Builds Accountability

A constant stream of favorable evaluations can help you improve brand awareness and gain a lot of reputation and confidence based on online review management services.

Among the most intriguing results of a recent study is why online reviews are important and effective at creating the online presence of your business.

Google reviews

Customers frequently harbor mistrust for companies with ratings below (or above) four stars. Although there is a slight error margin at the very top as per an online reputation management agency for businesses with higher average ratings. They are likelier to have views that translate into traffic and revenue.

The manner in which customers discuss your brand is just as significant as the fact that they are doing so. Reputation management services know eventually, having a positive footprint will assist you in generating more sales.

4. Improves Your Decision Making

The objective of actively developing your brand is to increase your online visibility, and in the modern world, that entails providing a variety of channels for people to talk about you. Reputation management services agree that social media and content marketing are fantastic tools to increase your visibility for customers to communicate about you on other platforms. Go through these top tips to drive more traffic using content marketing

Nearly two-thirds of consumers believe online customer reviews on websites are crucial for making decisions. They're more likely to consult Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor than a tabloid or even their family and friends when looking for the finest places to visit.

Your brand will be more visible to customers when they are considering their next purchasing decision if you concentrate on producing a consistent supply of evaluations.

5. Extended Conversations About Your Brand

You can easily raise brand recognition by encouraging clients to leave reviews for your business. People are more inclined to share positive online reviews on additional websites, including third-party websites like FourSquare, Yelp, and TripAdvisor

Online reputation services note that customers prefer to share a positive online customer review if they have something good to say about a business.

These hubs are essential to your digital presence because Google uses the information from its websites to determine how to rank its search results. Positivity can encourage more online customer reviews, especially on an individual level.

For instance, a brand and an agency recently collaborated to reach out to the patients of an orthopedic physician in Houston, leading to the creation of his initial 100 five-star ratings in just five months. You can use online reputation management tools for your business. 


The website's organic search traffic increased by 23% due to company reviews by customers. The publication of those reviews also sparked more online customer reviews on websites like Facebook, Google+, and Healthgrades—the latter of which is particularly crucial to his vertical.

While positive consumer feedback on your website is always helpful as per online reputation services, it is also likely to spread to other platforms, expanding your multi-channel presence.

6. Drive Sales

Both research papers and theory have their limitations as per online reputation management services. Real life doesn't always make sense, and there are a few exceptions to the norm. So how to increase your sales online? A growing corpus of benchmark data shows that online customer reviews result in higher sales.

Product pages with customer reviews experience bring 3.5 times more conversions than those without.

Online customer reviews can affect your bottom line, according to Harvard Business School research. Positively perceived brands generate more sales, but even raising your star review can increase your revenue.

The study found that a one-star increase on Yelp.com results in a short-term increase in sales of 5% to 9%. Your reputation management services understand that a little change can make a big difference.

In a study, a business discovered that positive online customer reviews result in an average 18% boost in sales, as well as higher conversion rates, order sizes, and repeat purchase rates. 

A 2011 study discovered that a restaurant's chances of filling up during peak hours increased by 30% to 49% for every half-star upgrade.

7. Your Customers Like You Know Them

Reputation management services know consumers today want businesses to reply to their comments rather than just posting evaluations.

These reviews also provide a venue for being open and honest with customers and for praising or promoting positive customer reviews on the website. More significantly, they also provide a means for you to respond to a negative review and demonstrate your concern swiftly.

By speeding up its responses to both good and negative feedback, a healthcare company, for example, was able to increase the volume and rating of its reviews noticeably. The company's Facebook review volume increased by 163%, while Google reviews increased by 23%.

According to one expert, monitoring and reacting to online customer reviews, especially any unfavorable ones, is in sync with our new emphasis on the patient experience.

Reputation management services recommend these reviews are immediate, and the individual responses help to humanize your brand. A warm and receptive demeanor may do wonders for your brand, which means you can leverage online reputation management for business growth.

97% of shoppers who read online reviews from other consumers also read responses from businesses.

Online customer reviews to support your subject matter competence in the sights of potential clients. They demonstrate that you have been successful in assisting others in overcoming a certain obstacle or achieving a particular objective.

Anybody can boast about how incredible their product or solution is via social media marketing, but it doesn't guarantee that the assertions are accurate. By providing online reviews as testimonials of your work, you demonstrate your expertise and authority. Ask your online reputation management services, and they’ll tell you about it.

What Are Positive Reviews?

Naturally, you want to receive as many favorable online reviews as possible. If you have a good quality product or service, you will inevitably receive favorable feedback from satisfied clients. However, other actions boost the result.

Positive Reviews

Ideas To Earn Positive Reviews

You may increase the number of online customer reviews you get by employing various tactics. Asking for online customer reviews directly is the simplest and most obvious method. 

If you offer things, create a simple email that, after a certain period of time, it will be automatically sent to consumers. It should be as simple as possible for them to leave a review using this email, whether that means including direct links to Yelp, Google, or another review site or embedding a form within the email itself.

Additionally, there are strategies for encouraging clients to provide customer reviews on the website. A discount on future orders or a coupon for free shipping may be all that's required to generate a review. 

Online reputation services frequently grant access to extra materials in return for a review on a platform like Capterra.

Another strategy to get more online customer reviews is to do a post-purchase survey that inquires about the customer's happiness with aspects like checkout, delivery, and product quality. In the survey's comments section, you can collect positive feedback and present it in various ways.

Smart Tip:

When you receive positive reviews, responding to them is imperative. The response does not have to be extensive or detailed. It only needs to demonstrate your appreciation for and commitment to maintaining a relationship with your customers. This strengthens your relationship with your audience and motivates other consumers to post evaluations. Or you can also take the help of customer relationship management

What Are Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews show first-hand poor experience of the customer with your product and it could either be a “good negative review” or a “bad negative review.” A business receives negative feedback from customers because of different reasons. 

Few customers take their complaints online as they anticipate an apology after undergoing poor service or product. Whereas other customers want a refund. Few customer feedbacks are intended to warn other customers regarding your poor offerings. 

Hence, it's critical to have a strategy in place for both reducing the volume of negative online reviews you obtain and handling them.

Effective Initiatives To Reduce Negative Online Customer Reviews

To decrease the number of negative evaluations you get, you might employ a few straightforward tactics.

The most straightforward is to design a fantastic customer experience from beginning to end. This encompasses far more than just the product or service's actual quality. Additionally, it entails giving goods like:

  • A method for quickly locating particular goods or services
  • A simple checkout procedure
  • A responsive web design
  • Necessary knowledge to guide the best purchase decision
  • This an easy way to get in touch with you if you need further information

Another useful strategy for preventing poor ratings is to give thorough solutions to frequently requested questions. This ensures that new consumers are fully informed and won't be surprised.

86% of users will think twice about buying from a company with negative reviews.

Finally, think about providing a robust warranty for your goods or service. Customers are considerably more likely to get in touch with you before writing a bad review if they understand that you are dedicated to offering them the greatest experience possible. Now is your chance to address the situation.

Smart Tip: 

Finally, consider providing a robust warranty for your goods or service. Customers are considerably more likely to get in touch with you before writing a bad review if they understand that you are dedicated to offering them the greatest experience possible. Now is your chance to address the situation.

How to Reply to Negative Online Reviews?

You might receive negative online reviews when running an e-store with hundreds of impressions daily. It is similar to websites that receive ample online traffic. But in relation to physical stores, most complaints are associated with employee behavior and unsatisfactory customer service. 

Whereas you can devise alternative methods like real-time texting, phone calls, or a devoted counter for shoppers to share their resentments. It's crucial to address the customers' worries before they transform into negative reviews. 

Also, remember that a negative review doesn’t mean the end of the world, and it won’t affect your company skeptically. But having said that, a major concern related to a negative review is that it outranks the positive ones. 

In this situation, as a business owner, you’ve to look into the issues experienced by the client and fix them so that all the prospective clients are happy. If any customer has genuinely faced any injustice, it's necessary to apologize since prospective consumers might read the negative review and develop a partial impression regarding your business. 

At the same time, not replying to a negative review is extremely bad; it might confuse other consumers, who may choose not to visit your store again.

So, to help you, here are some do’s and don'ts

Regularly check your review profiles and act quickly whenever there’s negative feedback. Make customer review strategy an important part of your brand development strategy. It should be done with extreme caution as you’ve to develop a customer review strategy that should encourage clients to write reviews and make sure that they’re sharing reviews on different social media platforms. 

To get good reviews for business, you can run customer review campaigns. The benefit of replying to a negative review using a compelling message is double more important than replying to positive feedback. 

Taking this into account, here are a few easy ways do’s and don’ts when replying to negative reviews


  • Don’t hold customers accountable 
  • Don’t blame your staff members
  • Don’t criticize customers for lying or overstating
  • Don’t put off apologizing for mistake
  • Don’t deny to be accountable for
  • Don’t make use of informal language


  • Sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience
  • empathize with the customer
  • As a business owner take complete responsibility
  • Do come up with some solution that you think could resolve the problem

How To Invest In Reputation Management?

Online customer reviews can be used in a variety of ways to manage your brand.

Post your positive reviews prominently on your website to provide visitors with social evidence. Your online customer reviews might be incorporated into your marketing materials. Share online customer reviews from time to time on social media or in marketing messages.

Additionally, you can earn badges if you place high in your sector or category on several online review websites. These badges can be displayed on your website and added to email signatures.

Also, don't overlook the advantages of internet reviews for SEO. 

Determine the terminology that members of your target market use during the deliberation phase of the purchasing process.

data of Bad reputation company offer job

People only purchase from companies they believe in, and they warn others away from them.

The significance of online customer reviews on your brand's reputation is increasingly more obvious. They impact your ranking in search results, how people perceive your authority, customer behavior while shopping online, and finally, how much money you make.

Investing in your online reputation will only benefit you whether you operate a local or global firm. Neglecting your online presence can have negative consequences on your brand. Another option is to hire professional branding services.

Popular Online Customer Review Platforms You Should Know

There are many locations for clients to provide feedback, but which channels should you prioritize for your business.

1. Google Reviews

Google reviews must be given priority because they frequently appear in the search results from itself and affect your SEO.

A sizable amount of information in your Google My Business profile is helpful to prospective clients. This contains your contact information, testimonials, website, operating hours, etc. 

Prospective clients may go to your profile and read your reviews. It's critical to obtain favorable Google reviews, given the potential influence this may have on your company.

Reviews On Yelp And Google

2. Yelp

Yelp reviews matter for all kinds of businesses, but they matter even more for those located in a particular area.

Searchers frequently use Yelp to locate nearby establishments like coffee shops, auto repair shops, etc. Users scan the overall ratings as they browse through the search results. The likelihood that someone will select a firm increases with the average rating.

3. Facebook

Additionally important is getting favorable evaluations on Facebook, which has billions of individuals that log on every month. There should be a lot of favorable feedback on the Facebook page for your company. They are more likely to click over to your website and join you on social media if you do this.

Positivity on Facebook also allows you to incorporate your comprehensive rating in the paid ads you run on the site. You'll thus raise the likelihood that an individual will click on an advertisement.

4. Better Business Bureau

Another independent website where it is beneficial to display business feedback is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It displays client testimonials and says whether your company is BBB-certified. This grade is determined by several variables, such as the number of years the company has been in operation, the number of complaints it has received, how the company has handled those complaints, and more.

A consumer's faith in your brand can greatly increase by having positive online customer reviews and a high BBB rating.

5. Angi

Angi specializes in local services like house cleaning, duct inspection, remodeling, and more. If your business offers any of the aforementioned services, Angi should be rather high on your list of priorities regarding online customer reviews.

So, how to generate quality leads and increase B2B sales? One further advantage of Angi is that you generate quality leads, offer quotations to prospective clients, and present customer feedback.

6. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor's online customer reviews play a significant role in the travel and tourism industry. Just consider all the inquiries travelers might have. Where ought they to lodge? Which dining establishments merit a visit? Do any enjoyable local activities?Total number of reviews on TripAdvisor

Reviews on TripAdvisor can have a significant influence on consumer choices. Customers will prefer a better-rated brand if your product has a low number of customer online reviews or too many one-star evaluations.

7. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a well-known online review site where customers may post reviews for everything, including mortgage brokers, airlines, car dealerships, and shoe shops.

When a searcher enters phrases like "best X" or "top-rated X," their pages frequently appear in the search results. The top-rated brands are displayed when a user clicks through to a page. Your Trust Score increases as your brand receives more favorable reviews. 

A higher Trust Score enhances brand reputation and typically generates more sales.

8. Capterra

Online reviews are essential to the customer lifecycle since people have many questions when researching software solutions. What are the advantages, disadvantages, and features? Is the software difficult to use, and can the business provide excellent customer service? What do people like me have to say about it?

Capterra is the top software review and selection platform in the world, with more than 1.5+ Million verified online customer reviews. It aids software buyers in their decision-making process by assisting them in finding the best software for their organization.


Hope this blog on why customer reviews are important must have helped you. As discussed earlier, most customers place more faith in peer reviews posted online than in a company's statements. Consumers are less likely to believe a claim if it lacks independent support. Positive feedback is a terrific approach to support your assertions.

Connect with online reputation management services specialists at JanBask Digital Design if you are still unsure of the significance of online customer reviews or their advantages for your business. We can help you understand what’s to be done for your firm. 

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Why Are Customer Reviews Important For Businesses?

Online customer reviews seem to be a fantastic way to attract customers and boost revenue. Customer evaluations are crucial since most customers find them to be quite helpful and because they ensure your digital presence in search results.

What Are Perks Of Online Reviews?

Reviews improve click-through rates and act as social proof to encourage purchases.

You have the chance to win back customers. Reviews can assist you in optimizing your business operations. Positive reviews foster trust with potential clients.

How Do Online Reviews Matter To Your Firm?

Your online store needs reviews from customers. A lot concerning your online store may be learned from internet reviews. A profusion of uplifting words can impact your business's revenue by encouraging purchases and building a base of loyal customers.

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