Exploring SEO Content Analysis: Top Tools for Content Optimization


13 May, 2024



If you want to optimize your content to make sure that you get to the top pages of Google/other search engines, then you are simply landing in the right place as today in this four-minute resource we are going to tell you all about content optimization and how you can make it possible and improve it with the assistance of the best SEO content optimization tools. So, without any kind of delay in the introduction, let us start with the details of the best SEO tools/utilities that you can use to make content for getting recognized by Google!

What is Content Optimization?

Let us quickly go through this query first of all so that you can know what content optimization is if you are not familiar with it before. You should know that content optimization is a term that has a huge definition and refers to a group of tools and techniques that can make your content more actionable, recognizable, helpful, attractive and a favorite for Google and other search engines for that matter. People usually think that content optimization is done to impress readers, but this is a wrong concept. You should know that content optimization is done to please the search engines so that they can recognize your content and can put it in the top pages for the traffic to follow it and find it!

Best SEO tools for content optimization in 2020!

Here are the best search engine optimization tools that can help you make the best SEO content analysis for the search engines!

Best SEO tools for content optimization in 2020!

Potent Content Idea Generator Tool

The first tool in our list of recommendations is the one by Potent. This is a famous website tool that can help you know about the different topics that are in trend at that time. You should know that with this online tool, you can simply help yourself in getting the best idea for writing new content for your website. In the tool, you just have to add the keyword or the niche that you are planning to cover, and the tool will give you the best ideas for building user-relatable content. 

Plagiarism checker by Search Engine Reports

The free plagiarism checker by Search Engine Reports can help you a lot in getting a better ranking position by optimizing your content. Duplication in content can be a serious loss for your website and your business, and you can suffer long term consequences because of it. As a writer or website owner, you should always make sure that you are using the perfect plagiarism checker to authenticate your content for free. This plagiarism check tool is a free one that can help you detect all kinds of duplication and not only this, and you can also remove plagiarism and rephrase content with the help of this tool.

The use of this plagiarism detector is very easy and so if you have no experience or skills in this regard, then don’t worry, you can still do it without complications!


Grammarly is a writing platform cum assistant that can help you as a content optimization tool as well. You should know that with Grammarly you can create the most quality content for your website as the tool can easily solve all the problems related to grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, vocabulary, the structure of lines, clarity and even the delivery of the content. In this way, by creating quality content, you can easily help yourself in engaging the users on the web!

Keyword finder tools

The keyword finder tools are best for optimizing content, you should know that without a keyword, your content is just like a body without a soul. You must know that the search engines can only recognize your content and rank it on its pages based on the user’s search keywords. You can use the keyword finder tools to find the best and most relative keywords for your content, you just have to add the title or the topic of the content in these tools, and you will get the complete list of keywords that match the topic or idea you are interested in writing about!!

Keyword rank checker tools

The keyword rank checker tools are important for SEO content analysis. You can easily find a variety of keywords, but you cannot possibly use all of the words in one go and a single content as it would give out an artificial look to your content and would be rejected immediately by the search engines. With the help of keyword position checker tools, you can easily help yourself in checking the position and density of a keyword and can use it in your content based on the ranking position. The better-ranked words you would use the better would be the chances of you getting to the top shelves!

Reverse image search tool

You should know that if you want to optimize your content, then you have to make sure that you add relevant images in it. It should be crystal to you that the top-ranked contents are only the ones that have media content in them, and this is because people are interested in images more than they are in the only textual content. You can use the reverse photo lookup tools to find the right images that are unique and relative to your content. Using images that are free of plagiarism is very important for search engines and content optimization! Also, make sure that you add captions and tags with the images that you are posting on your content!

Backlinks Checker tool

Making backlinks and using link-building techniques are very important for SEO content writing services. You should know that with a backlink you can attract a lot of traffic towards your content. You must know that the search engines take the link-building technique as a vote of confidence in other websites for yours. The more quality backlinks you get for your site, the better would be the chances for you to reach a higher ranking position!


The tools mentioned above are vital for all SEO executives, as they play a crucial role in optimizing content that would be recognized and ranked well on search engine result pages. It isn’t easy to satisfy the readers as they are always in hunt of exceptional content that they haven’t gone through before. You can make sure of it with the help of a plagiarism checker that deeply analyzes a text and identifies whether the sentences inside it are used previously or not. Content is considered king in the web world; hence, it’s important to develop an outstanding content marketing strategy with content marketing services that will help you to outshine the competitors. 

Besides creating a strategy, coming up with properly optimized content is more crucial, and usage of the tools discussed in this post becomes inevitable. These tools will help you save time and effort as they have the capacity to complete the task of hours in a few seconds. For instance, if you want to proofread your content, the grammar checker tool will help you identify and rectify all grammatical errors. On the other hand, the manual proofread process might require several hours, depending on the text’s length. Therefore, don’t ever forget to use Janbask's content optimization tools to gain the best rewards.

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Really useful and very nicely explained strategies. Helped me a lot to learn as I am in the same field.

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