Difference Between Content Marketing and Advertising?

 23 Apr, 2018

Gone are those days when traditional ads like TV ads, Radio ads, print ads, etc. were the only popular marketing modes that helped businesses to reach more population. All of these traditional advertisement modes were not every time pocket-friendly for small-scale or average businesses and only big brands use to invest more in them. Thanks to digitization that has given us many revolutionary modes of advertisements that can be used by every business. Content Marketing and Advertising are two most important essentials for making every business successful, but marketers usually get confused about which one is best for business. So, this blog will help you decide the same and therefore we will discuss following points;

  1. What is Advertising?
  2. What is Content Marketing?
  3. How Content Marketing is different and a good choice?

Content marketing can get confusing advertising and vice versa. It is totally possible because both of them share a kind of the same purpose but they have a fine line of difference with respect to goals and it is essential to understand this difference before experimenting with them.

Difference Between Content Marketing and Advertising

What is Advertising?

Advertising can be said as the special activity for producing necessary information for promoting commercial products or related services. Usually, advertisements follow simple base and also work for an informational purpose or for awareness. Through advertisements, your brand gets a good visibility across various platforms and demographics. An effective advertising will make a positive impression about your product and the brand, change their general perception and drive them to generate sales.

When We talk about traditional advertising modes, we mean following forms of advertisements;

Content Marketing Vs Advertising

But primarily, advertising is more about awareness. All above modes of advertisements have been used by marketers of every business for years and they achieved a different level of results depending upon efforts, investments and other factors.

Since last decade, a huge ratio of marketers has been trying different forms of marketing and investment. Many of them have succeeded to a great extent in attracting relevant customers and turning them into potential leads and ultimately in increasing sales. The content marketing shares a similar goal as that of traditional marketing but holds a different weight for which it is preferred.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is considered a great way to boost your bottom line and even boost the number of loyal customers. It is a specific type of marketing that includes content creation about your product/ services and then shares it in different forms like blogs, articles, videos, etc. The content across different social media channels not only promote the brand but also attract the interest of potential customers towards the brand.

Content Marketing Vs Advertising

Benefits Of Choosing Content Marketing For Your Business;

It can be definitely considered as the best option for your bottom line.

Content Marketing Vs Advertising

Businesses and consumers both tend to find new effective ways to grow more and for this, they always try new technologies and other modes. Despite the popularity of all the traditional advertising modes, marketing experts have a strong belief that the content marketing has better return possibilities for every investment and that is why content marketing is considered as the King.

How Content Marketing Is Different And A Good Choice?

No doubt that the content marketing is one of the most widely used modes of marketing. It is very practical and lets people relate to the product or service in a better way. It is a powerful inbound marketing tactic that can help transform the way your organization reaches and engages your target audience.

What Do We Do In Content Marketing

We create effective blogs, articles, social media posts, web pages, white papers, etc. and post them in different social media channels to reach the relevant audience. So, whenever people search about any product or service in a search engine like Google, these content flash in front of them through SERP (search engine results page, where they can read our blogs or other content. It actually becomes visible to every person who is looking for related product or services. Therefore, the content marketing attracts more of the potential customers.

Let’s Take A Glance At Some Advantages Of Content Marketing That Makes It Better Than Advertising

  1. Drives better conversions- This is definitely one of the best advantages of content marketing because better is the conversation rate, the better will be growth rate. Consistent quality content creation and posting them over right medium and in a right way can do wonders. Many recent pieces of research have revealed that companies can create a great level of conversion rates, far higher than other brands of the industry with help of content marketing.
  2. Better brand awareness- There are many consumers who can be really happy with your service or product and can become a loyal customer. But if you don’t create quality content and follow traditional advertising only, they can turn towards other similar products in the market. Therefore, try to create a content that serves your target customer’s purpose and should ultimately lead to brand awareness.
  3. If you write to educate your customers, you can do wonders with content marketing- Writing with not just an aim to promote sales, but to write for educating the target customers about your products and services can do wonders. This is because, once customer will know in and out about your brand offerings, he/she will genuinely come and become a loyal customer. Just make sure you address customer’s pain points and write an informational content.
  4. Cost effective mode of marketing- More and more businesses have been towards opting content marketing because it suits every pocket. Be it a small-scale business or a large-scale business, everyone can invest in content marketing and get good returns.
  5. Long-term returns and a higher level of trust- Content marketing never fails to increase the level of trust between the brand and target audience. If it is done strategically and content is placed over right medium to reach the right audience, long-term results will never be amiss.

It has become next to impossible to achieve desired business goals through traditional advertising modes only. You must think out-of-the-box and utilize content marketing in an effective way to see a revolutionary increase in the growth rate.

Wrapping it up

Content Marketing should never be amiss and should be preferred for better marketing results. Benefits of content marketing discussed under this blog will make you realize why content marketing is preferred over advertising.

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