Top 9 Web Designing Mistakes To Avoid In 2016


16 Feb, 2024

Top 9 Web Designing Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

The design aspects of the websites can have a significant impact on turning the site visitors in to loyal customers. Some businesses think of creating a website of their own in the beginning without focusing much on the design aspects and wait for the company to achieve profit for further development of their website by outsourcing the web designing and web development for a third-party web development company.

However it can adversely impact the businesses especially if they are running an online business. Since there a huge number of competitors in the website with some reputed brands in the top position, site visitors should find something unique and interesting in your website within the first few minutes they view it. If it is simply a website that does not make any difference for them, then they will leave your website instantly and turn towards some of the popular websites. Even the smallest of errors or distraction in the design of a website can result in the dissatisfaction of site visitors who might have turned out to be your potential customers.

In this article, we will explain in detail some of the most common errors that web designers especially beginners make which can reduce the reputation of the website.


Templates can be an important requirement in websites especially for start-up companies. However more customization is needed for making the website look professional. A web designer will be responsible in creating a visual connection with the logo that signifies the company brand with the rest of the web pages within the website. More focus should be given on the colour as well as fonts which have to be used similarly in all the web pages within the website.

Bootstrap design

By making use of the default bootstrap design for the company website, you are limiting the uniqueness of your website since it is very difficult to distinguish among the websites that make use of the default bootstrap design. It is desirable to use a more detailed icon list for explaining the main selling points using tools such as Illustrator.

Problems relating to Typography Contrast

Fonts have a significant role in enhancing the overall design of your website and it is not desirable to ignore the relevance of fonts considering it as just letters. Ensure the headlines are made bold and the following sub-headings and descriptions are given the proper typography as required so as to provide readers with the best reading experience in your website.

Avoid using backgrounds that are darker

Background colours in a website can attract or distract site visitors. Unless and until your website is professionally designed, making use of black as the background colour can hamper site visitors from making the text readable. Using white backgrounds or lighter colour backgrounds in a website is more desirable compared to darker backgrounds.

Avoid more than one call-to-action button in a single web page

It is desirable to include only one call-to-action button as a means to provide the site visitors with utmost convenience while performing a call-to-action and thereby avoiding confusion among them. Using too many call-to-action buttons can result in creating confusion among the site visitors and they might leave your website because of the enhanced efforts required for performing a call-to-action within the website.

Alignment and spacing

All the requirements should be put in place in a proper manner and then ensure enough white space is left around those requirements which will make the website look good and attractive. Beginners in web designing might find this challenging, but with some creative skills the alignment and spacing issues can be avoided within the website.


The website content should be free of any grammatical errors and should be easily readable and understandable for the site visitors. It is good to have a proof reader access the website content before including them within the website so as to prevent future copy corrections.


Avoid tiny unreadable font that can cause difficulties for site visitors to read and understand. The line height should not be too smaller and the background as well as text also should not consist of too little contrast. All these can affect the way site visitors perceive your website.


Inconsistency is yet another mistake that has to be avoided during the designing of a website. The website should be designed in such a way that it should be easily recognizable by the users while searching online, offline and in social media etc. Web designers will have to ensure they use the same colours and shade while designing the company page in social media and in their own website.

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