Step-by-Step Guide On How To Design A Website Layout From Scratch


24 May, 2024


Designing your website can become pretty challenging, doesn’t it? Navigating all the right tools and expertly guiding the layout and positioning of your website. But here’s some good news!

Thanks to the evolution of website builders & professional web design services, you can design a website and craft an exceptional online presence of your own. Using skilled web design features, you can further generate revenue, promote a community, and elevate your brand presence online. 

 Web design is all about creative freedom; in this blog, we will cover the following:

  • What is the website layout?
  • What is the importance of a layout on a website?
  • 8 valuable tips for a successful web design:

Every project is different, and we need to decide how to design a website based on projects. Sometimes we can end up with a great layout within minutes, and sometimes may take a long time for even a simple website layout plan. It all depends on the approach.

Let’s begin with understanding valuable tips on how to design a website.

Before commencing, you ought to know about the key differences between web design and website development, as many people should get confused.

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What is a Website Design Layout?

Before understanding how to design a website layout, knowing what a web design layout is essential. A website layout is a pattern or framework to define the structure of a website. It provides easy navigation by determining the most critical elements in front of the users. These website layout design tools allow developers to work with various web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and others.

Are you looking for a dynamic healthcare website design? We can get you on the right track with these practical tips on healthcare website layout design in 2024 to increase the patient enrollment ratio.

Why is a Layout of a Website Essential?

Do you know that website layout design is vital in determining credibility for 48% of visitors? 

If you are a new business fighting for recognition in the industry, you need to know how to design a website effectively. Get to know how to design a website for your small business by reading this blog. But why are we stressing on web design layout so much? Let us see why website layout design matters to every brand-

  1. It improves user experience- A web design layout influences many things about your brand. It enhances user experience by creating exciting content that keeps users on your web page. Without a practical layout, users can become frustrated when too much content is on the web page. 
  2. It makes the content more legible- Do you know that 7 out of 10 customers find a company from a blog? When you make your content in a layout format, it makes your content more readable. Content that is accompanied by visuals and images ought to be more impressive. Make your website mobile-responsive to boost your sales by reading this blog.
  3. It creates smoother web pages- With a good layout, the content of your web pages flows more smoothly, creating a better reading experience for the user. This encourages users to read your content and visit your website more frequently.
  4. It is easier to use- A good web design layout makes websites easier to navigate. It leads to a better user experience, making the content more readable with smooth flowing pages creating opportunities for the users to return to your website.

Before moving ahead, read the best web design practices to gear your sales in 2024.

Tips For Making a Perfect & Successful Website Layout

Tips For Making a Perfect Website Layout

The importance of these nine tips on how to design a website will be more precise to you when we discuss the steps for designing a website in detail. Do you feel that your website design is outdated? Learn when and how to redesign your website and scale up your ROI. 

    Keep it Simple & User-Friendly

    Simple designs are easy to understand for every type of user hopping into your website. Try to be innovative and creative as much as you can to make it visually and logically attractive. The layout should be simple enough for customers to know your website's purpose at the very first look.

    3 factors that are helpful in this case are;


    • Proper alignment of details.
    • White space should be properly structured.
    • Important elements should be highlighted using a different color, font, etc.

    Make sure you make it look professional, clean, and valuable.

    Build your custom law firm website design from JanBask Digital Design agency and witness the change.

      Determine the Purpose/Aim of Your Website

      Before starting with anything, identify the main purpose of making this website. What are you trying to achieve with the new website design? What will be the website’s primary purpose? Remember that a website serves as an interface and isn’t just a piece of art. Whatever the function is, your website should be able to fulfill the goal. A clear view of purpose will help you remain focused throughout the project. Talking to your clients and knowing their concerns can be beneficial in this case.

      Are you aware of the best e-commerce website designs of 2024? Here we provide you with e-commerce website tips to create a positive first impression.

        Identify How Customers Can Use Your Website

        Who will be your audience will play a deciding factor in how your website looks. Many demographics can influence how to design web layouts, like age, gender, profession, and technical competency. Knowing the details about how customers will use your website is very helpful in making a layout from the customer’s point of view. Try to empathize with customers’ situations and thoughts before deciding on all the other elements of your website layout. Try it; it's beneficial.

        Effective educational website design strategies are the best way to showcase your educational brand. 

        Start with Top-Level Framework/Top of Your Home Page

        The top-level framework is believed to be one of the most crucial steps towards a perfect website layout creation. We are saying this because the home page is the one that makes the 1st impression on customers as soon as they come to your website. The homepage should be attractive and informative enough to stop the user to your page and look for details.

        One of the simplest layouts can be using 3 boxes, i.e. one main graphics area/ box and 2 box small areas/boxes.

        Want to design a perfect website layout

        Have a look at the difference between a simple 3-box and a slightly difficult 5-box layout.

        In the main graphics area, one can use company names, logos, navigation and search bars, graphics, content and other essentials to provide as many details as they want. This is possibly the main area to show your specialty.

        However, the smaller area can be filled with logos and small texts.

        Tip: Government websites can now be accessed easily. See how they function better with these top website design tips for Government websites in 2024.

          Decide best suitable template, grid, typography, theme, etc.

          A consistent temple, not so bright color, a meaningful theme, and descent typography play a huge role in giving the user a good experience.

          Theme- a consistent theme will give a website a professional look.

          Want to design a perfect website layout


          Color- Try a limited palette of colors and keep it attractive but not tacky.


          Typography- Choose a font that is easy to understand for texts of different lengths.

          Want to design a perfect website layout

          Grid- It’s helpful for screen size, responsive template, designing, etc.


            It is the best way to see what you have done and the outcome. You can test everything using any of the prototyping tools available on the market.

            Explore website design from this blog on how to design a website that leaves a lasting impression in 2024.

              Rethink About The Outcome

              Think about the overall outcome once again and see that you have addressed all the essential demands of clients and users. After you have designed your website, it’s time to measure your results. If your goal is to increase the number of registrations to your department, measure them and see if your changes have a positive impact.

              If you want to increase user engagement, see if you get more comments, posts on the forum, or anything relevant to your context. Ask for feedback from people to know whether you are going on the right track or not. 

              Boost your online traffic x10 times with these 9 ways of building great website designs.

              Engage more Visitors with Visual Effects.

              The inclusion of images and videos is a great way to showcase the services/ products that your brand is offering. It can bring a potential difference in the lives of prospects. Sometimes written content is not enough to capture the attention of the users. Creating something visually appealing makes a difference in web design services.

              See how effective web design impacts content engagement rates in this blog.

                See Every Detailing Minutely

                Make sure you crosscheck every detail and create an everlasting website layout with a fantastic look and feel. The main motive behind a successful web design layout is to turn customers into prospective buyers. The time, energy, and money invested is not for just a beautiful face. Offer eye-catching website designs and easy-to-follow instructions for your customers.

                Tip: Avoid these critical website mistakes whenever you want to design a website layout that provides an excellent experience for users. .

                critical website mistakes

                • Slow loading time
                • Cluttered look and hassled feel
                • Inappropriate call to action
                • Non-responsive design
                • Complex Navigation

                Use Design Elements for Boost SEO

                Keeping up with Google, and other search engine standards are essential to direct relevant users to your website. Google utilizes various technical methods to measure the effectiveness of a website and ranks them better on SERPs. 

                Hiring a professional web design agency would be a wise investment instead of doing it alone. Remember that your website design layout is the ticket to generating more significant leads and conversion rates. 

                Learn about the undeniable role of SEO in formulating marketing strategies from this blog.

                Why Choose JanBask Digital Design for Web Design Services?

                A good web design layout means more visitors to your website. But website layout designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to hire a reputable website design agency to assist you in making your website easier to navigate. Check out how a web design company can steer your business growth

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                • Serving all industries- As the most experienced website design company, we boost the online growth of businesses from multifaceted industries like I.T industry, Healthcare industry, Finance industry, Law & Order industry, Education industry, Manufacturing industry, Real estate industry, and Non-profit industry. 

                Are you worried about the cost of hiring a web designer? Learn the cost of hiring a web designer and the factors influencing it.


                Having a website is essential in 2024, but having a website that is up-to-date is what really makes the difference.

                We hope you will now be able to make a perfect website design layout with the help of the suggested tips that we discussed above in detail. Make sure you are not making these website design mistakes like slow loading time, complex navigation, etc.

                Stay a step ahead by keeping up with web design trends, and use that knowledge to update your site’s design over time. Also, if you are looking for professional web designing services, team up with JanBask Digital Design  to create a highly structured web design layout for greater visibility on the digital forefront.

                Feel the Joy of making a perfect website layout!

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                Web Design & Development


                Q1. What are the 4 main parts of any website layout?
                Ans- The 4 main parts of any website layout are-
                i) Header and menu
                ii) Images
                iii) Website content
                iv) Footer

                Q2. What are the key components of a website?
                Ans- The 7 key components of a website are-
                i) Purpose
                ii) Usability
                iii) User experience
                iv) Navigation
                v) Appearance
                vi) Content management
                vii) SEO

                Q3. What are the types of web page layouts?
                Ans- Here are the types of web page layouts-
                i) The Zig-Zag layout
                ii) Grid layout
                iii) The F layout
                iv) Split-Screen layout
                v) Asymmetrical layout

                Q4. What are the three main parts of a webpage?
                Ans- A web page consists of three main parts. They are- the protocol, the domain name and the path leading to a specific web page.

                Q5. What are the 4 stages of a website design?
                Ans- An effective web design includes the following stages-
                Stage 1- Architecture
                Stage 2- Content
                Stage 3- Graphics
                Stage 4- Launching

                Q6. How much does it cost to build a website?
                Ans- JanBask Digital Design is a leader in website development. We offer custom best educational website design plans that suit your business’s cost expectations & your end objectives. We have quite affordable yet best websites layout templates, all suiting to your business size, custom requirements & budget. 

                Q7. How long does it take to build a website in the USA?
                Ans- Completion of a website development consulting totally depends on the size of a project. It takes 12 weeks to 16 weeks for a small & mid size business to get from the discovery phase to the launching phase. A more complex project with a larger scope may take 6 months to a year to complete with a professional website development company.

                Q8. What are the essential elements of the landing page of a web design?

                Ans- Here are the five essential elements of a landing page-

                • Clear USP
                • Easy to use
                • Powerful CTA
                • Compelling benefits
                • Social proof or testimonials

                Q9. What tips should I remember before hiring a website design company?

                Ans- These are some of the tips before you hire a professional web design company-

                1. It should have experience.
                2. Usage of responsive web design
                3. Have a proven track record
                4. Should bring up their own ideas.

                Q10. Name some types of websites.

                Ans-The 8 types of websites are as follows-

                1. Blog
                2. E-commerce
                3. Landing Page
                4. Social media
                5. Home page
                6. Database
                7. Directories
                8. Portfolio websites

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