Comparison of Popular WordPress and Bootstrap Frameworks


1 May, 2024



Are you looking for a framework that can help you in developing your website without deep diving into coding? Well, Bootstrap and WordPress both can solve your purpose. These frameworks can be used to develop web pages of the beautiful website. Well, sometime you may find it difficult to choose any one right platform to develop your website either Bootstrap or WordPress?

Today we have brought this blog to provide you with a detailed comparison of WordPress and Bootstrap along with their brief introduction. This will help you in choosing the right platform for your website need and requirement. 

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What is WordPress?

Since the evolution of internet, websites are in existence. Today almost every business owner wants to have his own website and those who do not are in the process of marking their online presence through their own website. People are looking to have a responsive or mobile-friendly website that can be developed in short time duration. Platforms like WordPress and Bootstrap have made it possible. If you want to know how then read the next section of this part.

WordPress is a well-known and most used content management open-source system that combines backend and frontend concepts. It allows users to use lots of features just through drag and drop features. It has lots of pre-existing themes that can be used to create a dynamic and functional website. It has below listed functionalities:

In short, WordPress is a large platform that is being used by users to develop dynamic and fully-functional websites through less or no coding.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap was initially known as Twitter Blueprint and was introduced initially to ensure consistency performance of Twitter tools. Later the developers of Bootstrap realized its potential and ability to be a more capable platform. Twitter employees and other developers of Bootstrap then developed it as a development platform and released its first version in 2011. Since then many new versions have been issued and its beta version was released in August 2017.

Bootstrap is a front-end framework, So most of its features are focused on designing and user-interface of the websites. It provides the following functionalities:

  • Bootstrap templates are designed by using HTML and CSS and optional JavaScript code
  • It supports almost every latest version of popular browsers
  • The bootstrap interface is dynamic so just get adjusted as per device
  • Being a modular framework it can use a number of stylesheets that can be used for implementation of various components
  • In Bootstrap stylesheet language “Less” and SaaS for Bootstrap is used

As Bootstrap is a front-end tool so to develop a fully-functional website one has to either integrate it with a backend CMS like WordPress or will have to take the help of any backend developer to ensure its complete functionality.

Difference between WordPress and Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS and JavaScript-based framework that helps is developing mobile-friendly websites. Bootstrap is used to develop mobile-friendly websites in an easier and faster manner. WordPress is a content management system that allows users to develop dynamic blogs and websites.

  • For a Bootstrap website developer must be knowledgeable and experienced. It is not a single step process to develop a Bootstrap website, instead, the developers must have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • WordPress websites can be developed easily within some hours. Less bandwidth is required for a WordPress site development.
  • In Bootstrap you need to do lots of coding even to perform a small task, so deep coding knowledge is required.
  • WordPress themes are customizable and just through drag and drop feature you can develop your site
  • Bootstrap websites are based on a Grid system to divide a web page into various sections. While WordPress website’s web pages are designed through drag and drop system.
  • Bootstrap is a front-end framework that is a collection of JavaScript and CSS that can control the website presentation including its text, colours, view and many other features.
  • WordPress is purely a content management system that can be used to create new web pages, upload images and to perform lots of other content management steps
  • Bootstrap is a free-to-use framework and does not depend on Wordpress
  • WordPress is dependent on Bootstrap that is being used to manage and handle websites on various devices.
  • User management, SEO and themes are not provided in Bootstrap
  • WordPress provides a complete administrative panel that is used to manage users, create or delete users, change passwords and authentication.

When & Why to Use Bootstrap & WordPress?

The bootstrap platform is the best framework for any hand-held device and smartphone. The webpages of a Bootstrap website can adjust their style, design and view as per screen orientation and size. Bootstrap sites use less memory to load in comparison to WordPress sites. Bootstrap websites are suitable for mobile devices.

For big screens of computers, tablets or laptops WordPress websites are more suitable. WordPress themes are visually more attractive and abstract as compared to Bootstrap. The WordPress theme’s pages take longer and need more space when they get loaded on any phone or gadget.

Advantages & Disadvantages of using Bootstrap & WordPress

In Bootstrap, there are many pre-defined classes that can be used to develop a front-end of the website. They are usually compatible with all browsers and small device screens and can save lots of time as well. Advantages of Bootstrap are:

  • High Flexibility
  • Responsive Grid
  • Easy to Use
  • Frequent Release Updates as Compared to other Frameworks
  • Uniform and Consistent Across Various Platforms

However, there are below-listed disadvantages as well of Bootstrap like listed below:

  • Due to the availability of lots of classes, the developers have to spend lots of time in streamlining the functioning of web pages by using these classes
  • Developers cannot use creative designs as Bootstrap can only use some limited pre-defined classes. The user cannot define the functionalities in their own manner.

On the other WordPress also has some advantages and disadvantages like WordPress has a number of themes and plug-ins that can be used without any technical knowledge and enhance the website’s functionalities.

As far as the disadvantages of WordPress are concerned, then users have to pay the extra amount to increase their website’s features and it takes lots of time in loading a page of the WordPress site.


A WordPress theme has almost all of the Bootstrap features, while Bootstrap has only some pre-defined classes that are used to design the front-end of any website. Bootstrap sites are based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while WordPress sites are designed through HTML, CSS and PHP.

A WordPress user can easily update the site without any technical knowledge, so the users or developers of Bootstrap sites must have the technical expertise to customize their site. So, for your site, you can choose any platform depending on your requirement and available resources.

Looking to Create a Custom Website?
  • Well-optimized landing pages
  • Strong & visible CTA
  • An intuitive website layout

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