9 Automated Bidding Google Ads Strategies for 10X Online Sales

 30 Jan, 2024



Automated Bidding Google Ads when done right can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.

Are your bids high enough to compete as a qualified buyer? Is your bidding strategy aligned with your business goals? Are you aware of the smart bidding practices? In case you are still searching for your Google Ads first breakthrough, this blog will identify the best-automated bidding strategies that can help you increase clicks, target search page locations, get you effective cost-pet-acquisition, enhance visibility, and ultimately conversions. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Insight into Automated Bidding & when should you use Automated Bidding?
  • Top Automated Bidding strategies to improve your ROI & Brand Awareness.

Let's get you a head start by answering, what is automated bidding!

What is Automated Bidding & Smart Bidding?

Automated Bidding & Smart Bidding

When you implement a Google Ads campaign, you need to tell Google how much you are willing to pay for your ad to be displayed. That’s “Bid.” 

Automated Bidding is a feature available in Google Ads for pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns where Google executes your bids instead of you doing it manually. 

Smart Bidding refers only to Google's automated bidding strategies that use "Auction Time-Bidding" which means it will optimize for conversion or conversion value in each and every auction.

The difference: All Smart Bidding strategies are automated, but not all automated bidding strategies are Smart Bidding strategies.

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When Should You Use Automated Bidding?

It depends! If you have just started with Google Ads and you don't see the results you expected, or have a small team, then adapting to Automated Bidding Google Ads can improve your campaign’s results. To simplify this, here are a few cases where Automated Bidding makes sense:

You don’t Understand Digital Ad Analytics

Proper implementation and utilization of Digital Analytics puts you ahead of 71% of the competition.

As a Brand, your focus involves growing your business. This usually means that you don't have time to get a Google Ads specialist overnight. 

Hence, without having a proper understanding of digital analytics you will not be able to calculate your ROI, LTV( lifetime value), or CPA(cost per acquisition). Which, further will impact your SEM campaign. 

So, If you don't have time to develop a strategy for the best bids, Automated Bidding Google Ads could be your best option.

You’re Not Able To Calculate Bids Daily

61% of Ad spend is wasted!

If you don't have a dedicated SEO specialist, you're probably not going to spend enough time looking at your offers. Finding keywords and calculating bids can take hours of work, but automated Bidding can help you adjust your spending accordingly. 

Automated bidding makes use of Google's real-time algorithm data to monitor keyword bidding for your campaigns. Thus, helping you and your team to spend less time on bidding & more time on business. 

You can’t figure out why your campaigns succeed or fail

42.3% of Google Ads account managers have zero ideas if their campaigns are working or not.

Many tend to hold onto feelings and instincts when broadcasting new ads. It's not a sustainable strategy, and worst of all, it is not science-based. This poor monitoring implementation weighs heavily on the conversion rate estimates towards 0%.

However, automated bidding Google Ads is completely data-driven which makes Ad campaigns even more effective & target-oriented. 

Google will focus more attention on how much traffic a search gets than on how relevant it is! Check out the next section which speaks at length about the Top Automated bidding strategies of 2022 to increase your website’s online presence & boost revenue!

Automated Bidding Strategies To Increase Conversions

Are you Prioritizing Engagement? Profits? Visibility? This response determines the bidding strategy you wish to use for a particular campaign. 


1. Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC) 

80% of marketers spend their time optimizing their accounts through low-value, manual bidding tasks. This is where we think the Automated Bidding Google Ads strategy can pay dividends.


With Enhanced CPC, Google Ads will increase or decrease a bid for a keyword with an individual bid depending on how likely the click will lead to engage customers. The most common result of successful use of the enhanced CPC is the increase in click through rate (CTR) and the conversion rate (CVR).

ECPC is Best for your Business Success because:

  • You don't need a huge budget. The average cost per acquisition is less considering your daily budget.
  • Improved Conversion Tracking & campaign goals are achieved 
  • Digital Marketing Service can use ECPC better by using the historical data of Google's AI to target users and generate visibility. 

2. Maximize Clicks

Using the Maximize Clicks Automated Bidding Google Ads strategy, Google will define your bidding in a way that is designed to generate as many clicks as possible. This means Google will try to match the ads with searches where people are most likely to click on them.

The benefit of this strategy is that it can dramatically increase your ad traffic.

Maximize Clicks Strategy can be used to fuel business growth as

  • Digital Marketing Services can assist you to control the CPC keywords by setting their maximum limit.
  • There is no conversion tracking necessary to start this strategy. You can start right away with zero data.
  • Tends to reduce CPCs and increase the search impression share (SIS)

3. Maximize Conversions Value

Maximize Conversions Value is like Maximize Clicks, but as its name indicates, it focuses on conversions rather than clicks. 

If your main objective is to make as many purchases as possible, this is the right strategy for you. This is also a great way to spend your entire budget in one day.

Here’s How Maximum Conversion Strategy can drive your business:

  • It Automatically finds more individuals who are more likely to convert and intrigues them to click on it.
  • With professional digital marketing company services, you can strengthen your ROI as they can integrate many factors along with this strategy. 

4. Target Impression Share

Target Impression Share allows you to maximize impressions, in other words, the number of searches where your ad appears. 

Target Impression bidding

There are three options for the target print sharing strategy, depending on where you want your ads to appear:

  • At the absolute top of the page
  • At the top of the page
  • Anywhere on the Google search findings page.

This is the strategy to use if your top priority is brand recognition.

Here’s how Target Impression Share can boost your business sales:

  • Ideal for ‘brand keywords’ that you want your customers to engage  (target 95% impression share).
  • Further partnering with a Digital marketing agency will ensure that your Impression Share (IS)  is exactly where you want it.

5. Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Do you have a certain ROI you want to invest when it comes to your PPC spend?

If so, using Target return on ad spend (ROAS) might be for you.

With this strategy, Google Ads will predict future conversion performance and conversion value based on your historical data when bidding; and adjust bids in real-time to maximize the conversion value while attempting to meet the ROAS target.

Benefits of automated bidding google ads Using ROS strategy in your business:

  • Focused on ecommerce platforms with multiple products, it will help determine the right balance between volume sellers and high margin winners.
  • Further, a partnership with a digital marketing company can also help to place your ads in front of the "ready to buy" audiences. 

6. Cost Per View Automated Strategy (CPV)

Bids on individual views are only available for video commercials. With Cost Per View, you set a campaign-level bid limit that involves as much as possible & you are prepared to pay for each view or interaction with your video (whichever is earlier).

If so, you will only be charged for a view if someone has watched your video for more than 30 seconds.

The good thing about this automated bidding strategy for google ads is that it also allows you to "bid" when you display alongside popular YouTube videos that are more likely to bring you an audience.

Here’s How CPV strategy can turn your business profitable:

  • Tends to be relatively inexpensive – CPV is generally less than $1 (though this varies by industry)
  • Puts you in contact with a more interested public and increases brand awareness.
  • Excellent for conducting real views on your ads because you don't pay for anyone who jumps. Plus you can also engage with a professional digital marketing service that can use this strategy to take your brand a notch higher 

7. Target Cost Per Action (CPA)

With Target CPA, you set a target cost per share (conversion) and then Google adjusts the offers to generate as many conversions as possible to this Cost per action. It is preferable to use it if your goal is to reach targets and increase leads.

In Target CPA It is possible to adjust devices as part of bidding campaigns, allowing campaign managers to specifically target desktop or mobile devices & set specific goals.

Here’s How Target CPA strategy can assist in your business growth:

  • It uses your conversion tracking data to prevent unprofitable clicks and get more conversions at less cost.
  • It is more efficient for B2B Lead Generation for accounts because it optimizes to a CPA or CPL that is deemed profitable for the company.
  • Partnering with a Digital Marketing agency can provide favorable results as they can use Target CPA to capitalize on the tremendous power of Google's machine learning to their advantage.

8. Automated Viewable CPM Strategy (VCPM)

According to Google, the ad is seen as visible when 50% of your ad appears on the screen for a second or longer for Display ads & two seconds or longer for video ads. Viewable CPM refers to the cost per thousands of visible prints.

The vCPM auction is great if you're working to broaden your brand coverage and just want to get your message across to a large group of people.

Here’s How a Viewable CPM strategy can help your business online:

  • It's a great way to raise brand awareness & with a predictable pricing model it becomes easy to reach target users faster leading to better business. 
  • With help of a professional digital marketing company you can maximize the number of viewable impressions reaching larger audiences. 
Best Digital Marketing Techniques For Higher Traffic
  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Per Click For Higher Traffic
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

9. Portfolio Bid Strategy

A portfolio offer strategy is when you create an offer strategy that is applied to multiple campaigns, as opposed to applying different strategies on a campaign-by-campaign level. 

Target CPA, maximize conversion value, maximize conversions, Target ROAS and Target impression share are few automated bidding strategies where portfolio bid strategies can be used. 

Here’s How a Portfolio Bid Strategy can boost your business to the next level:

  • The learning speed of the strategy is quicker as it references data from multiple campaigns and teaming up with a digital marketing agency can further increase its effectiveness.
  • Certain strategies that would otherwise not allow you to set a maximum CPC, allow you to set one when used as a portfolio bidding strategy. (i.e Target CPA)

2022 will see significant progress in the use of Automated Bidding For Google Ads. Hence, with the right strategy & coordination with a genuine digital marketing agency, your visitor could end up becoming a loyal buyer of your brand. 

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How JanBask Digital Design can Help!

Do you want your competitors to eat away your share of the Online Presence! 

Definitely Not!

That's why it's critical to have a professional Digital Marketing Agency that can get you more customers & make your business stand apart.

We know ‘your customer’s first impression is the last ‘ & our goal is to make it an everlasting one by:

  • Improve your online Presence with PPC services.
  • Convey your products, services & messaging seamlessly to your target audience.
  • Develop highly responsive & mobile-friendly websites.
  • Strategies for better conversion rate optimization.

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Google Ads results get 65% of clicks that started by buying keywords, while organic results only get 35% (Source: Craigmcconnel)

Automated bidding in Google Ads presents a fantastic opportunity to save time spent on manual bidding while maximizing conversions.

So far you've learned everything about how bidding works on Google Ads & you have been familiarized with the different types of bidding strategies you can try.

Looking for support to figure out how to manage your Automated bidding in Google Ads? JanBask Digital Design is here to help! With over a decade of digital marketing experience, we know all about automated bidding in Google. 

Through our PPC services, you'll get help optimizing your paid ads for each of Google Ads' automated bidding strategies listed above. If you're interested in seeing how we can help you build a web designing plan that makes a difference, get in touch with us!

Best Digital Marketing Techniques For Higher Traffic
  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Per Click For Higher Traffic
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

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