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6 May, 2024



Every organization, whether a business or an institution, depends on generating high-quality leads. Universities are no different from other firms in that they all strive to generate quality leads. Leading institutions must prioritize having a big and varied applicant pool since it can produce more student leads with college marketing ideas.

Universities can be more choosy when admitting students thanks to a large application pool. They can narrow down the pool of candidates based on factors such as academic standing, extracurricular activities, work or research experience relating to the subject, critical soft skills, etc. 

Right college marketing ideas raise the caliber of applicants a university accepts, which benefits graduation rates, financial aid packages, and employment rates—all of which affect the university's overall rating.

You must entice the target student base to your university and hook them so thoroughly that they click "apply" to establish this pipeline of capable students. Given the fierce competition present, doing this is not a simple task as you need a good college marketing idea. 

However, an appealing marketing idea for your college website is right in front of you—you only need to give your potential pupils what they want.

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Reasons You Need Marketing Strategies For Colleges

The majority of college students in the US are between the ages of 18 and 24. The 15M group spends over $200B yearly, demonstrating the purchasing power of these young individuals. They are not only age-stable, but they also stay in the same place geographically for 4-5 years. 

This gives you plenty of time to create marketing strategies for colleges and materials tailored specifically to this group to determine what would be most effective.

Although you probably already know this, Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up with technology. They are continuously online, consuming content, making purchases, and interacting with peers (particularly while under quarantine). Marketing-Strategies-For-CollegesAdditionally, Gen Zers are savvier than prior generations when it comes to advertising as approximately 70% of them use ad blockers. Don't give up though, because 94 percent of these college students indicated an exclusive deal would encourage them to visit a brand. Here are our top recommendations for marketing strategy for colleges:

Email Marketing

85 percent of the 315 students polled by researchers check their email daily. Additionally, 58 percent of Gen Zers check their email more than once each day, according to a report. Since the eldest members of the Gen Z group were born in 1995, they currently make up the majority of students attending colleges.

Get ready to start an email campaign once you've determined what your message will be to attract students' attention. While making email marketing strategies for your college, your subject line should be attractive and clearer to convey the ideal message.

You are saying too much if the subject line can't fit it.

Take the Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola as an illustration. Its slogan was "Celebrate your grad with a Detroit-built watch."

email marketing

Send an email to upcoming graduates in early May if you have a product that would be ideal for gift-giving or new employment, such as a watch or leather goods.

Optimize Targeted Discounts

Discounts tailored to your target market are a terrific way to engage people, much like targeted marketing, which is one of the effective marketing ideas for colleges. The slogan "For a short time, Villanova students get free fries with every cheeseburger" is a great method to promote the idea that your institution is the best, as everyone wants to believe it.

Offer discounts if a student presents their student ID at the time of purchase if you want a simpler, more direct way to obtain customers (or online orders). These kinds of marketing ideas for colleges are frequently mentioned in coupon books distributed at student unions or in packages distributed on move-in day. Free publicity for all!

Use Interesting Copies

Have you recently socialized with students in college? The opportunity and ideas to promote your college are lost if you haven't. Every time I'm around kids, I pick up new words as it is one of the best ideas to promote your college website. Since the advent of colleges, youth have developed their slang for both learning and socializing (and I'm working to bring "groovy" back into vogue), seeing that’s a useful marketing strategy for college students.

Use Interesting Copies

Although I wouldn't advise making an excessive effort to speak the students' language, it is imperative to grab their attention with innovative strategies to promote your college website. Keep it elegant in all you do.

Maintain Your Social Accounts

If you've used social media advertising in the past, you undoubtedly already know that it's a terrific marketing plan idea for college students to connect with students. Even if you don't have the money for advertising campaigns, you should still use these venues to sell to college students.

Engaging strategies to promote your college on different social media platforms is simple to do, here’s how:

Utilize user-generated material, and ask your clients to tag your products in their postings so you can simply repost them.

maintain social accounts

Spend some time liking and commenting on relevant topics to aid the algorithms in displaying your account to more potential consumers.

Announce new releases or items on your social media accounts; if you represent a major national company, consider creating a college-focused account.

Mobile Marketing

It comes as no surprise that students use their smartphones a lot, and a digital marketing agency can help you utilize them wisely in strategies to promote your college website. College students use their phones for five to nine hours a day, according to a 2017 University of Buffalo research. 

Furthermore, according to a 2016 University of Nebraska research, college students use their phones 20% of the time in class. You have a fantastic opportunity to build mobile ads that students will view as they browse the internet with the help of an education marketing agency.

google chrome browser market share

As per higher education marketing firms, making an invisible digital fence around a certain region on campus is a typical technique to start with mobile marketing. 

You serve up your mobile ad to students who pass by that region and use the internet. Education marketing companies recommend sending kids offers they can use in-store if you are a brick-and-mortar retailer should be on your list of things to do.

Approach Student Ambassadors

One of the effective college marketing strategies is to pay close attention to the customers that support your company with their business. Higher education marketing firms make sure you reward their loyalty by interacting with them, whether that's in-person at your restaurant or shop or online by keeping track of recurring orders. Consider the student ambassadors in your college marketing plans as higher education marketing companies state that they act as nano-influencers.

Education marketing services prefer to create some ambassador kits containing straightforward swag items like a bottle opener, t-shirt, water bottle, etc., and equip them with supplies to distribute to their peers. If they receive discounts for their referrals, this may work best for college marketing ideas!

Ask Your Marketing Company To Differentiate Your University

It could be a certain field of study, a degree that is only available via your university, a particular course that has a stellar reputation in the higher education industry, or a well-acclaimed department. Education marketing agency believes the secret is identifying your university's real competitive advantage.

An enriched education marketing agency concentrates on its college marketing campaigns:

Recognize what will entice students to apply to your university and mention it. Understanding what your students want is a lot of work, but it will set the groundwork for effectively promoting your university.

Universities can improve their social media presence by enticing students by participating in various conferences, activities, and competitions through education website design.

Universities can benefit from alumni, brand ambassadors, and faculties who have their own compelling stories to share in luring new students.

Content and interactions with students will be seen as being far more real because they give students and prospective students a true sense of what campus life is like.

When there are fewer applicants than seats available, universities face a serious problem. Understanding the reason why students choose not to apply can improve the university's branding strategy and help the university raise both its applications and brand recognition.

The cost of marketing by colleges has increased significantly. Students will not be able to identify programs that best suit their needs, interests, ambitions, abilities, etc. if they do not have adequate applications, despite the current advertising wars.

When it comes to advertising, don't worry about sticking to tradition. Students are still clipping coupons and sticking them on their refrigerators or pulling them out when it's time to order food. Consider supporting on-campus activities or setting up a pop-up store right in the center of the main thoroughfare to take advantage of the students' foot traffic.

Final Test

Just like any other business, educational institutions require leads. However, the service they provide is far more costly and comprehensive than others. Unmatched infrastructure, a wide range of academic offerings, and qualified faculty might make up your outstanding campus. 

However, relying solely on these qualities without highlighting them online can be harmful to your lead-generating approach. Make the most of your online presence by utilizing these excellent recommendations and college branding. Keep A/B testing your procedures until you have the necessary student leads, too. 

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