Instagram Advertising Cost: How Much To Invest In It?


1 Feb, 2024



Did you realize that there are more than a billion monthly active users on Instagram? Your company has a fantastic opportunity to interact with leads engaged in your products or services on this Facebook-owned social media site. You may attract far more leads and expand your business with Instagram ads.

A skilled digital marketing company knows Instagram advertising is similar to Facebook advertising in many ways. Considering that Instagram is a component of the Facebook network, this shouldn't be a surprise. How much is Instagram advertising and the ideal spent required for your brand?

Remember, Instagram is the highly visual and quickly gaining popularity of the younger sibling of Facebook. 

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

Similar to Facebook, there aren’t predetermined Instagram ad prices. Your digital marketing company can make a bid for where your ad will appear. Theoretically, Instagram will display the advertisement of the business that offers the greatest price for a specific ad space. 

In practice, things are far more difficult than this, and you can't assume that Instagram will approve your ads and deliver them to the Instagram profile you bid for but your digital marketing services expert can be helpful here. Making the highest offer alone won't guarantee you a slot for your advertisement, you need an experienced digital marketing agency for successful execution.


Simultaneously, their experience allows them to consider different elements involved in the cost of Instagram ads which you may be unaware of. 

As a digital marketing company, we have shared our comprehensive insight on Instagram advertising cost:

  • Digital Marketing Agency: Guide To Why Invest In Instagram Ads
  • How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?
  • Prominent Factors That Influence Instagram Advertising Cost
  • Initiatives To Reduce Price For Instagram Ads
  • Best Practices To Optimize Instagram Ad Prices
  • The Dilemma Of Instagram VS Facebook Ads

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Digital Marketing Agency: Guide To Why Invest In Instagram Ads

There are numerous benefits to using Instagram ads for your company as per online marketing services. Here are some compelling figures from current research:

  • Every month, over a billion individuals use Instagram for business.
  • Instagram has more than 140 million subscribers in the US alone.
  • The daily average time spent on Instagram is 30 minutes.
  • Instagram is used by more than 80% of users to find products, businesses, or services.
  • A brand or company is followed by 90% of Instagram users.
  • Every month, four million companies use Instagram Story ads.

From a digital marketing firm’s vision, Instagram advertisements may help you achieve any objective you have, from increasing your follower count to generating new leads.

Your success can be accelerated by working with a skilled Instagram advertising specialist. In just six months, an Instagram ad price and campaign can produce significant growth.

Despite the numerous obstacles, a good digital marketing service can deliver results on business growth. 

Your digital marketing firm will inform you about how much does it cost to run an Instagram ad and the advantages offered to your company. This way, you aren’t overly concerned about how much to advertise on Instagram and its cost.

You can enjoy the advantages of executing Instagram ads whether or not they employ Instagram marketing specialists.


Investing in Instagram advertisements may be quite rewarding and seamless for your business when you hire a digital marketing agency. 

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

Instagram ad prices typically vary between $0.60 and $2.00 per click, however, this might vary. The price for Instagram ads is the most crucial of the numerous variables that affect brand cost.

Instagram advertising cost has two pricing options for advertisers: Cost per click (CPC), any moment a user clicks on your ad on Instagram, or CPC, costs money. Second, cost per thousand impressions (CPM), each time 1,000 users view your ad, or CPM, costs money.

Instagram advertising cost per click (CPC) can reach $3.00, while their cost per thousand impressions (CPM) can reach $7.00. 

If you want to only pay when customers click on your advertisement, choose Instagram advertising cost per click. If you choose CPM, the cost of Instagram ads will be higher because you'll be charged each time someone looks at or sees your ad, which is probably more often than they click on it.

You can allocate prices for Instagram ads based on your budget after you know the answer to the question, "How much do Instagram ads cost?"

You have the ability to specify a daily budget when configuring the price of Instagram ads, which guarantees that you stay within your budget and don't pay extra. You may always establish your budget with a preset amount, regardless of how much do Instagram ads cost.

Your digital marketing company will quote estimated numbers like the ones represented above to provide you with the estimated cost of Instagram ads which may differ from the cost of your specific Instagram ads.


Before you launch a campaign, your digital marketing agency will inform you of a plan of action to know how much to advertise on Instagram and its cost to your company.

Prominent Factors That Influence Instagram Advertising Cost

Because a variety of factors influence the price of Instagram ads, there is no definitive answer to the question, "How much do Instagram ads cost?" In addition to the ad pricing, a lot of other factors can affect how much Instagram advertising cost for your specific company. 

Let's view a few of the most essential ones:

Instagram-Based Ad Value

The price of Instagram ads is directly affected by Instagram. When you purchase Instagram advertisements, you participate in a bidding auction that compares your ad quality to those of your rivals. 

The following factors are used to determine the winning bid: 

  • The bid amount-how it compares to other bids
  • Probable action rates-the likelihood that the ad will convert
  • Ad quality and the relevancy-the probability that users will interact with the ad

All of these elements aid Instagram in selecting a winning advertisement and running it in accordance with the advertiser's bid. Lower bids may indicate less effectiveness, while higher bids may indicate that your ads will produce the best outcomes.

Target Audience

Depending on your intended market, the typical cost of Instagram ads can also change. 

Your digital marketing company asks you to expect that these characteristics will affect the price of Instagram ads if you're using the platform for business purposes to target a certain demographic or a highly competitive sector. 


For instance, fitness is a highly competitive niche industry, thus advertising there will be more expensive. The price of Instagram ads rises as more businesses target a given market.

Ad Placements

According to digital marketing services, the location of your advertisement on Instagram may impact how much it costs. 

For example, it is well known that Instagram Story ads are less expensive than those that display in a user's regular Instagram feed. These elements also have a significant impact on the price of Instagram-sponsored advertising.

Your digital marketing company will request you to select the type of Instagram ad when generating one, which are:

  • Stories
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Carousels
  • Collections
  • Exploration
  • IGTV
  • Purchases on Instagram

These advertisements can affect the price of Instagram ads and have specific locations. Some places would cost more since they are visited more frequently than others.

Not sure which kind of advertisement to run? Think about seeking professional assistance from a digital marketing agency that has years of expertise in creating and managing profitable Instagram campaigns for companies and brands.

Advertising Objectives

The average Instagram advertising cost can also be impacted by the advertising objectives. To increase your Instagram following, do you use ads? This objective is known as engagement in digital marketing services terminologies.

 Conversion is your advertising goal if you want to increase the number of things you sell through your adverts. 

 Instagram advertising Objectives

In general, your digital marketing service will charge less for an engagement than a conversion target. This is so because engagement leads to fewer actual purchases than conversions. For instance, the cost per click for Instagram advertisements may be higher because a user is moving toward conversion.

Finally, instead of asking "How much does Instagram advertising cost, "you should ask" How much does Instagram advertising cost for my company goals?"

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Click-Through Rates For Your Company

As per your digital marketing agency, if CTR is poor, expenses could increase because the system suspects there may be a mismatch between your intended audience and the message you're sending through your adverts. 

Digital marketing services believe that CTR is a good indicator of whether your ads are hitting home with your target market. A healthy CTR of 2% is what you should aim for. Your expenditures ought to go down if your CTR is strong.

Initiatives To Reduce Price For Instagram Ads

You can optimize your cost on Instagram ads with the evaluation of objectives that are appropriate for your campaign and funnel. Analyze less expensive campaigns to implement your brand to audiences if you are targeting colder, wider, prospecting audiences. 

Your digital marketing firm can divert campaign focus on brand awareness, engagement, or, even better, website traffic

By doing this, Instagram users will leave the app and visit your website, where they will be tagged with the Pixel, allowing you to retarget them if they don't convert on the first visit.

If you're using Instagram Ads for the first time, you may be able to generate sales from the first engagement and click. 

However, your digital marketing company will bring to your notice that users will need to interact with your brands repeatedly in order to build trust, possibly shop around and compare, and then return to you via retargeting or other channels to part with their money. 

Impulsive purchases from Instagram can be profitable if your product is inexpensive and doesn't require much study.

Utilizing automatic placements at the ad stable point and serving across Facebook and Instagram is another strategy to reduce the price of Instagram ads. The system leverages its algorithm to better display your advertising when there is greater placement liquidity. 

This gives you more alternatives across both platforms and far more ad placements, which reduces competition on Instagram's three present ad placements and lowers your expenses.

Additionally, your Instagram advertising expert can test different sections of ad copy as well as creatives like photos and videos on distinct target groups.

Your digital marketing agency conducts these tests to discover what appeals to your target audiences. This will help you increase CTR and engagement rates, which will help you cut costs and stretch your budget further.

Best Practices To Optimize Instagram Ad Prices

You now know the response to the query, "How much do Instagram advertising cost?" It's time to optimize Instagram advertising revenue while achieving excellent outcomes.

Instagram advertising costs might occasionally be prohibitive and your digital marketing company may notify you about it. Small firms could be reluctant to invest out of concern that they won't see a return on their money (ROI). These measures are advised by Instagram advertising professionals to aid with this and guarantee the effectiveness of your Instagram campaigns.

Use Catchy Hashtags

Yes, your digital marketing firm can think of a number of original hashtags that can seem to sum up your brand perfectly. Uncommon hashtags may, regrettably, not receive a lot more engagement.

Use Catchy Hashtags

A better approach to reaching more potential clients who could be curious about your company is to use popular hashtags. Your online marketing services provider will propose the hashtags that are often used in your industry and use those.

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Instagram is a visual-based social media site. The advantage is that you may utilize appealing graphics or videos to draw viewers in within the initial few seconds of seeing your advertisement. 

While your digital marketing services will put more time and attention into making sure your images stand out and immediately compel your audience to click through your CTA because captions and other aspects are not as crucial as the main image.

You can increase the cost of Instagram advertising and increase your chances of a strong return on investment by spending time creating high-quality ads and approaching a reliable digital marketing company.

Analyze Post Timings

Your digital marketing services will study the data after running your adverts for at least a week. Look at the time of day when most people are engaged with your adverts. Then, try posting your adverts solely during these times in an experiment. 

This tactic achieves the best results while lowering the cost of Instagram ads. 

If you are managing it single-handedly, you can simplify this procedure for yourself by seeking assistance from an Instagram advertising specialist.

Instagram ad optimization takes effort and extensive testing. To ensure the successful execution of your Instagram ad campaigns, take into account hiring a digital marketing agency if you want faster results.

The Dilemma Of Instagram VS Facebook Ads

There are other platforms as well that have revolutionized social media marketing. Advertising professionals frequently compare Facebook ads and Instagram ads. How do they differ and resemble one another? In comparison to Facebook, how much do Instagram ads cost? There is no obvious solution.

Research and case studies have produced contradictory findings; one study claims that Instagram advertising prices are lower than those of Facebook, while other studies contend that Facebook advertising expenses are lower than those of Instagram.

Whichever the case may be, each platform has some advantages and disadvantages.

When comparing these two social media advertising platforms, keep the following in mind:

Diverse Target Market

There's a good possibility you can locate your niche audience on Facebook if you're targeting them. Your digital marketing firm may access a broad range of demographics on Facebook using the Audiences function, including those based on gender, age, occupation, interests, and even marital status.

Your digital marketing firm will inform you that compared to Instagram, Facebook's targeting options are more comprehensive, making it the perfect platform for sophisticated advertisers. Instagram, on the contrary hand, provides a shorter, clearer range of alternatives, which is excellent for novices.


Information Format

It is not sufficient to simply know how much Instagram advertisements cost before creating your first ad. You should also determine whether Instagram is the best platform for your brand.

Your digital marketing services would consider Instagram a better option for placing ads if your niche is in the fashion, cuisine, or tourism industries. 

However, Facebook could be the best option if you manage a consulting business or work in any other sector that engages with customers through written material.


Which network is more cost-effective, despite the many variables influencing the cost of Instagram ads versus Facebook ads? is a topic that marketers frequently ask.

There is no clear-cut response to this, however, the majority of research has indicated that Your digital marketing agency would highlight that Instagram has a greater engagement rate than Facebook. This means that even while the cost of running advertising on Instagram is higher, a higher click-through rate (CTR) than on Facebook is also anticipated.


This is based on general experience; nevertheless, it might not apply to your particular firm. The simplest approach to learning is to build a test campaign and monitor your ad's effectiveness, including your reach, engagement, and click-through rates. 

You won't really understand how much more expensive Instagram advertising is than Facebook advertising unless you execute your own campaigns.

Is The Instagram Advertising Cost Worth The Spend?

If your company sells aesthetically pleasing physical goods, Instagram ads are undoubtedly worthwhile. In this regard, Instagram is mostly used by users to purchase fashion items. It now serves as a marketplace for creative ideas.

Because of this, we do not suggest Instagram ads for every firm; nevertheless, as a general guideline, if you are selling to customers, Instagram advertising is a good idea. At JanBask Digital Design we believe Instagram is the advertising platform to be if you want to increase awareness and revenue, connect with our professionals for more information.

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Q1. How much to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the social networks with the transforming growth. Few users ranked Instagram among their top social networks a few years ago. Today, it is counted among the most used networks across the globe.

Ans. The majority of businesses that use online advertising or influencer marketing should give Instagram considerable attention as part of their overall marketing strategy. Expect to pay from 20 cents to $2 per click (CPC) for Instagram promotion while running a campaign. The industry and the level of competition will affect the price. However, there are other factors that must be taken into account when calculating Instagram ad expenses.

Q2. Is it worth paying for Instagram Ads?

Ans. Yes, we genuinely think so. We've witnessed Instagram's potential after assisting hundreds of firms with their growth through Instagram marketing. The market is fiercely competitive. It might not be very profitable for you to do it yourself. You should promote on Instagram if you sell to consumers. Instagram is the advertising platform to increase awareness and revenue for anything from online marketing services to camping gear.

Statistics show that it is worthwhile to pay for Instagram advertising. By 2021, Instagram's ad revenues could exceed $18 billion, and many major firms would shell out a lot of money to promote there. Instagram advertisements are a potent means of expanding your customer base, regardless of the size of your company.

Q3. What is the cost difference between Facebook and Instagram ads?

Ans. Similar to Facebook, Instagram offers sophisticated targeting options for its adverts. You can narrow down your target market and stop wasting money on ineffective advertising. Along with letting Instagram and Facebook target automatically, you may target your advertising based on location, demographics, hobbies, behavior, and lookalike audiences. 

Additionally, you can build customized audiences and retarget customers who have already engaged with your company. You should prepare to spend a lot of money advertising on Facebook and the social media sites Instagram. On Facebook, you may expect to pay $7.19 per 1000 impressions, and on Instagram, $7.91.

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