LinkedIn Advertising – Types, Running Ad Campaigns & Its Benefits

 19 Apr, 2023


No doubt social media has become one of the best platforms for digital marketing.

These platforms carry ads that reach the audience effortlessly and help your online, as well as an offline business, grow.

But LinkedIn helps you to another level. In contrast to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn is a business-oriented website made to support the development and maintenance of business relationships. You can do a lot with LinkedIn, including connecting with people and creating relationships, generating leads and increasing brand awareness, hiring employees, expanding business, and so on. 

Looking to Promote Your Brand On LinkedIn Platform?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Create goal-driven Social-Media messaging

What are LinkedIn Ads?

It is a paid marketing platform that gives users access to social networks through numerous sponsored posts. These posts are just like any social media post but with the aim of business growth. LinkedIn Ads are successful for B2B campaigns and for reaching a professional target demographic. You can also prefer LinkedIn as the premier worldwide professional social network. Despite having a much smaller user base than other social media handles like Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn only has professional accounts, making it practically hard to distinguish these from other profiles on other social media sites.

LinkedIn advertisements provide businesses with several advantages, including the chance to boost sales, find top talent, and participate in an industry's social media presence.

With the help of LinkedIn advertisements,  businesses had a chance to stand out over time by increasing their reach and recognition.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Ads?

Benefits Of LinkedIn Ads

Here are some benefits of LinkedIn campaigns:

  • Targeting Industry Professionals: Targeting people in the same industry is not always simple. However, LinkedIn being the social hub of professionals and leaders has made the procedure easier.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: As we mentioned, LinkedIn can show your ads to decision-makers in your industry, so it can increase the lead-to-conversion rate for you. 
  • Customizable cost: The ability to adjust the ad budget based on the effectiveness of the campaign is one of the key advantages of using LinkedIn ads.
  • Reach out to Individuals: LinkedIn allows the business reach to individuals via their profiles.
  • Attracts traffic: LinkedIn is known for its networking strengths. Once you build a proper network on LinkedIn, you can easily attract people to visit your personal blog sites.
  • Create different ads: LinkedIn allows you to create a variety of ads, including text ads, dynamic ads, carousel ads, and video ads.
  • Better platform of promotion: LinkedIn is the best place to find people who are interested in attending a specific training course or event. So, never forget to advertise your ads there.

What are the different types of LinkedIn ads?

Here are some different types of linkedIn ads that will help your business grow:

Sponsor Content Ads

Sponsored content advertisements have a platform-native appearance and feel. You can advertise a piece of material on your LinkedIn company page just like a simple Facebook post. These ads typically result in higher interaction because they are displayed right in a user's newsfeed. Sponsored Content is a successful strategy if you have a particular type of content that you want to direct readers to an external source, like a website. When you want to spread the word about particular business events or projects, sponsored content works best. 

Sponsor InMail

Sponsor InMails are like accessing the inbox of a person to send them personalized messages. The content can be customized, and you can include a unique welcome, body text, a link, and a call to action button. It is a very individualized method of marketing. This can do wonders for your lead generation because you were directly communicating with a member of your target market. Additionally, it is 100% deliverable, so, it is guaranteed that a customer reads your messages.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are customized according to the information in each LinkedIn member's profile. Each user receives a highly individualized campaign as a result of information like their company name, job title, or even profile photo. It operates on the right side of the display. It excels as an interactive advertisement model. This is definitely worth utilizing as it is a really engaging method of bringing traffic to a website. There are only two types of dynamic ads: Followers ads and sponsor ads.

Text Ads

LinkedIn text ads are similar to google text ads. The ability to generate several variations of the same ad every campaign is one of the key advantages of employing text ads. Text ads help to generate leads with professional demographics. If you want to build up an advertising campaign quickly and need to make a number of changes during it, text ads are one of the best ways to promote on LinkedIn

What is the objective of Linkedin Ads?

Now, we know the major four LinkedIn ads types. But what are its objectives of it? There are only 3 objectives for any LinkedIn ad.

  • Awareness- Like any other ads on social media, the first objective of posting ads on LinkedIn is to spread awareness about the brand. You can also refer it as impression-based campaigns with a single goal - to expand brand awareness. These ads help to increase followers and interaction of people with a certain brand. This is the best marketing objective to raise awareness of your brand.
  • Consideration- LinkedIn advertisements might help you get leads from consumers who are already familiar with your brand. These work wonders to boost website visitors. Bring in more visitors to your landing page, for instance. We also use these to increase engagement at the same time on our blogs, like comments, shares, or likes. Apart from that consideration ads can help to increase video views.
  • Conversion - At the bottom of the funnel, we utilize conversational types of ads on LinkedIn for a variety of objectives like lead generation, e-commerce sales, and job applications. It helps to attract people and convert them into potential customers.

What are the different LinkedIn Ad Formats?

After knowing all the basics, let's look at the ad formats. Ten distinct ad styles are available on LinkedIn. Each of them can be utilized in various ad kinds.

  • Carousel ads - The user can swipe across a row of cards to view various photos or movies. It draws the eye immediately. The catch is that in order to grab and hold the reader's attention, you need incredibly powerful imagery. Carousels are most effective at achieving conversion goals and raising brand recognition.
  • Conversation ads-  Conversation ads are a type of interactive ad. It helps you to interact with the viewer through a line of communication. Then they include the audience, giving them the opportunity to select the responses and offerings. It works flawlessly for all goals.
  • Followers ads- All the social media marketing pages require the user to follow them right? These ads are moving advertisement that persuades people to follow your brand page. As the number of followers keeps increasing, it helps boost website visitors and engagement.
  • Spotlight ads- One of the most well-liked varieties of LinkedIn advertisment is spotlight ads. These linkedIn ads promote your greatest goods and services. The best way to improve website traffic and lead creation is with spotlight advertisements. The user is redirected to the landing page for a conversion when they click on the advertisement.
  • Job Ads- LinkedIn is the hub of recruiters and for them, LinkedIn has a specialized ad format. In contrast to standard recruitment ads, these ads have a click-through rate that is 50 times greater. They also possess a special quality that your rivals cannot display in their advertisements on your employee page. Thus, poaching is reduced. The best recruiting and website traffic-boosting tools are job advertising.
  • Lead Gen Ads- Among the several Linkedin ad formats, this is an effective one. Users are encouraged to fill out a form related to their marketing goal via lead generation ads. These are excellent for generating high-quality leads. Lead gen helps in registrations and collecting user data for future contact.
  • Messaging Ads- Messaging ads are just like messaging your potential audience with a certain detail of your campaign. You can just send a customized message with your CTA to the inbox of your target audience. Messaging ads increases the chances of the audience viewing your ads or maybe the business profile. Message advertisements can are quite flexible.
  • Single image ads- These ads fall under the category of sponsored content. These are highly successful, just like the single Image advertising on Facebook. Additionally, these ads are probably the simplest to put up. Single-picture advertising is just as adaptable as message ads.
  • Ad Text- Another very powerful LinkedIn ad strategy for generating B2B leads is text ads. Their benefit is that you can regulate ad spending using either CPC or CPM. With CPC, you are charged by LinkedIn for each click on your advertisement. When using CPM, you pay for every 1000 views an advertisement receives. For advertisements aimed at raising brand awareness, you can select CPM or CPC. 
  • Videos ads- When have we scrolled through the feed and not stopped to watch an interesting video? Always. The inclusion of video advertisements in the various Linkedin ad categories is fantastic. These ads increase video views and are most successful in raising public knowledge of brands. Brands can use video ads to convey impactful stories to attract users.

How to create an AD Campaign from scratch?

How much knowledge do we gain about the types, formats, and marketing, the most important thing is to learn exactly How to advertise on LinkedIn?’ So, here is the step that you can follow to create one.Steps To Create LinkedIn ads

Step 1: Create an Account

If your LinkedIn Ad Account has already been created, you can move on to the next step. In order to organize and analyze all of your ads on LinkedIn without changing the information on the corporate page, you must first set up an ad account, just as on other social media marketing platforms.

Step 2: Define your Objective

Next, you must choose what you want your audience to do, when the advertisement shows in their news feed.  The choice of an objective "helps them adapt your campaign creation, give the best ROI for your stated goal, and show you relevant reporting. Based on the buyer's journey, LinkedIn's campaign objectives are divided into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion as we discussed. 

Step 3: Choose Your Audience

You must identify the audience you wish to draw attention to with your advertisement in this step. LinkedIn helps you to target your potential clients on the basis of several factors like Education, Campany, Profession, Skills, and many more. Additionally, LinkedIn has a tonne of audiences identified based on various audience characteristics. If this is your first campaign, you can pick one of the pertinent audiences.

Step 4: Select the AD Format

LinkedIn provides more than 10 types of ads to choose from. You can click on each available ad type to view the "Forecasted results" on the right sidebar before deciding which ad format to use. On the basis of your campaign budget and your desired results, analyzing this data might assist you in selecting the most pertinent ad format. 

Step 5: Decide the Budget

Setting up a campaign budget is essential to ensuring that you have control over spending and that it stays within the pre-established campaign budget. The next step is to choose whether to plan the start and finish dates for the campaign or to run it continuously from that point forward. If you decide to run the campaign continually, you will need to manually end it.

Step 6: Select the Bidding Option

After setting up the budget, you have to decide on the bidding. LinkedIn gives you these bidding options;

  • Automated Bid - This feature enables LinkedIn to automatically establish the bid for your campaign based on previous campaign data and member information. When you're uncertain of your bid amount, you might select this option. Also, this is billed based on impressions rather than clicks.
  • Enhanced CPC Bid - With this option, you have complete control over the bid and will only be charged when someone clicks on your advertising. You can choose the maximum bid amount you wish to spend per click, and anything above that won't be added to your bill.
  • Maximum CPM Bid - You will be charged in this bidding every time your ad shows on a LinkedIn feed 1000 times. Similar to CPC bidding, you must select a bid amount for this as well. Additionally, if you chose the LinkedIn Audience Network option in the placement section, this option won't be available.

We typically advise using the automated bid option when bidding because it will use your budget the most effective and doesn't require close supervision. We suggest placing an offer at the recommended level or higher for the greatest results.

Step 7: Launch Your Campaign

It's time to launch your LinkedIn campaign now that the objective, audience, format, and budget have all been determined. Your ad is now online, but do not anticipate it to begin delivering right away. LinkedIn may need some time to review it, and once authorized, the ad will begin showing up in the feed of your intended audience. You'll start gathering data and insights once the ad is live on the platform, which can aid in optimization and better results.

Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn provides a variety of ways for you to promote your expertise and expand your business. Are you interested in how LinkedIn could help you grow your company? Check out these effective LinkedIn marketing strategies:

Create Marketing Campaigns

Natural leads are excellent for any business. Develop ad campaigns with filters to access a pool of potential customers who can provide you with faster leads, which would result in faster conversions, 

Get on the Appropriate Network

Connecting with the correct network is a crucial tactic because conversions are obtained through this method. It won't get you anywhere if you just blindly post and send messages to the incorrect audience. Publish sponsored content.

Establish your Content Strategy

Start with your content strategy once you've determined who your primary audience is. What would interest your target audience, consider these questions? Do you improve the sector in any way? Is your writing compelling enough?

Always Stay Current

Make careful you capitalize on trends. You should only publish high-quality content. Use rich media whenever you can.

Hire the Best Candidates

Using LinkedIn, you may even find new talent for your company. On the portal are almost 95% of the professionals. Around 77 job applications are made every second on LinkedIn, which is used by 49 million people to search for employment prospects. Consequently, it is one of the most successful LinkedIn marketing strategies.

Establish Credibility

Discuss subjects pertaining to the industry to increase your credibility. You can therefore show off your company's or business's competence. To widen your network, you can also join new groups.

Monthly Data Tracking

You may identify and evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of your plan by routinely tracking data.

Apply CRM

To keep track of your inbound and outbound leads, use a CRM system. CRM is one of the LinkedIn marketing techniques that will boost your reputation.

Make contact with opinion Leaders & Business titans

This LinkedIn Marketing strategy is advantageous because you can enlist their support for your enterprise. Interact with them and seek their advice. LinkedIn is perfect for networking as well.

Spread Brand Messaging

Regularly promoting your brand's voice and message on the website can work wonders. This will boost visibility and interaction, which is what LinkedIn marketing techniques are supposed to achieve.

Encourage your Staff to Participate in the Group

Since other businesses and potential employees may search for you on LinkedIn, your organization must appear comprehensive on this network. Encourage your staff to join the group if you want the LinkedIn marketing methods you've implemented to be successful.

Interact with Clients & Solicit their Feedback 

This will provide you with a wealth of information about how your brand is viewed and how you may improve your brand image.


LinkedIn is a professional networking channel that offers numerous alternatives for boosting reach and promoting discovery, from organic posts and articles to newsletters, LinkedIn Live, and sponsored content. The primary main of LinkedIn is to help you reach more of your target market, regardless of whether your goal is to grow your LinkedIn business page, create your personal profile, or construct both. So, use LinkedIn ads as a tool that will help your business grow like never before.

Looking for Your LinkedIn Marketing?

  • Optimized LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
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