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20 Mar, 2024



Losing customers due to poor content is a modern business struggle. How many days have you felt that the content on your website or social media page is not doing justice to your services? A couple of times. To avoid such a situation, it is essential to either hire a skilled content marketing agency or use content creation tools. 

Now, the question that comes to your mind is who can guide you to choose the right content generation initiatives? As an entrepreneur, your marketing experts can shoulder this responsibility, but you can propose content marketing services to do the needful. 

The most effective way to connect with an audience and develop a presence in any industry in the modern digital age is through content. One of the most important components for any company hoping to gain a foothold online is content creation. 

Here are a few perks of good content:

  • Instant content with potential customers
  • Gain digital presence
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increased sales

For both corporations and content providers, using the appropriate tools has greatly facilitated their work. While creating quality content involves several steps, choosing the correct tools for the job streamlines and accelerates the process. Additionally, they assist content producers in collecting important insights that aid in producing better content.


Our content marketing company has segregated the best content creation tools that every online content creator must know:

  • Content Research Tools And Content Planning Tools
  • Written Content Creation Apps
  • The Best Content Creation Tools For Visuals
  • Video Content Creation Platforms
  • Podcast Content Creation Tools
  • Webinar: Best Apps For Content Creation
  • Content Generation Resources

Want to Create Content Marketing Strategy for Your Brand?

  • Enhance Visibility & Brand Reputation
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Compelling Copywriting to Drive User Engagement

Content Research Tools And Content Planning Tools

Our content marketing agency has observed that one of the most challenging, yet crucial, steps in the process is the creation of concepts and inspirations for your content.

Without a clear strategy, it can be challenging to concentrate your efforts and achieve success. Fortunately, there are a variety of content research tools available that can help you plan and study your content.

Our content marketing agency recommends the use of these:

Google Trends

Content marketing services propose the use of Google Trends to see how popular a search phrase or topic is with Google users, who make up the vast majority of internet users.

Use a content research tool that makes your task convenient. With this online content creator, you can enter a search term to discover how interest has changed over time. 


With this knowledge, you can produce content around hot topics to obtain a competitive edge as an early adopter to capitalize on a fad or, conversely, uncover topics that are probably losing traction.

Above all, this content creation software can be used free of cost. 

SEMrush Content Research Tool

One of the best ways to immediately get ideas like a content marketing agency for topics to further explore and serve as inspiration for your content plan is to conduct topic research. 

With the help of the SEMrush content research tool, you can quickly and easily generate a wide range of ideas related to your main subject in a matter of minutes.


Simply type in a subtopic to view relevant articles and questions as they are asked like content marketing agency services. However, this is a paid tool unlike other free content creation tools available online. 

But, it is recommended that this is one of the reliable content creation tools for social media that you can use. 

SEMrush Content Marketing Calendar

After deciding on the material you want to produce, you must create a strong editorial calendar and follow it.

Organizing your online content creator around a calendar can make it easier for you to be responsible and take the necessary actions to consistently promote growth. The SEMrush Marketing Calendar is an ideal tool to assist you in maintaining a regular publication schedule, and it is a terrific approach to keep you motivated to do so.

The best content marketing companies prefer this tool even if it comes at a cost.

Given that Google is frequently considered a response engine, it is important to take into account the queries that users are submitting. It is no less than free content creation tools to get ideas., a cost-effective- effective option that delivers the "People Also Asked" data, gives you knowledge into long tail searches. It crucially describes the connection between topics and questions and is one of the most effective content creation resources you can use to help you find the questions for which you need to optimize your website.

This is among the many free content creation apps that you need for your business.


A way to "Instantly uncover what your audience consumes, views, responds to, and follows" is how SparkToro markets itself. Knowing who you are addressing and what their preferences are is vitally crucial when developing your content strategy.


The more you can tailor your content to the requirements and desires of your target market, the more success you will have. This tool scours tens of thousands of social media and web accounts to provide you with the audience insights you require.

This online content creator is available for free up to certain searches. 

Answer The Public

The more knowledge you have available, the better answers you can provide to the many concerns that are being raised and this helps in content generation. Besides, you should be aiming for inquiries as an element of your SEO plan.

Answer the Public provides results from Suggest data, displaying combinations of auto-complete searches, while displays results from PAA as one of the best content creation platforms.

To boost your research and insights, combine these two best content creation tools. 

Written Content Creation Apps

Almost always, when we consider content generation, we immediately think of and discuss textual content. As per a content marketing agency, there are certainly other effective ways to use content to achieve marketing results, written material continues to be the standard format for many firms.

And with this in mind, we've put up a list of the content creation apps you should be aware of.


Although it might seem easy, producing error-free material is more difficult than it seems.

Grammarly is one of the rare content creation tools that may assist you in writing by letting you focus on the tone of your work, check for plagiarism, and check for grammatical and spelling problems. 

Additionally, the browser add-on ensures that social media shares are free of errors.

Consider it your helping hand in ensuring that your text reads smoothly and is error-free. This content generation tool is available for free but the premium version is paid.

SEMrush SEO Content Template

You shouldn't write in the dark if you want your content to rank well on search engine results pages. For the content generation of your company, you should be aware of the factors that the top results use to rank.

You may use the SEMrush content template to study the content that is currently dominating search results for your specific keywords. A content marketing agency can help you learn what you need to include on your pages to stay competitive with these content creation apps.

Journalists, podcasters, transcribers, and others use Izitext, a transcription service. The best content marketing companies can optimize a tool like this for brands like you and share error-free content. 

Content creation apps like these can make content generation easier than it used to be and at your fingertips. Content creation software like this can be helpful for a diverse audience as you can share personalized content with them. 

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a content generation tool that makes your communication bold and clear. It aids in improving the readability of your work and also shortens phrases.

This one is the most effective content creation tools with which you may quickly identify ways to improve your written content for users by running it through the web app. Among many free content creation apps, the Hemingway app is one of them. 

These content creation tools ensure that you provide audience-specific content that can grab their attention and engage with your brand. This way, you save a lot of time and optimize resources. 

The Best Content Creation Tools For Visuals

Content marketing services insist on incorporating graphics as you may make your information simpler to read and, therefore, more interesting for your audience.

But one of the largest difficulties that many content marketing agency services encounter is producing visual content, particularly if they lack access to a qualified designer.


Without a question, one of the most widely used content creation platforms for designs is Canva, a tool that even the least artistic individuals may use to produce beautiful pictures in a variety of formats.

A content marketing agency recommends Canva if you need to make straightforward and impactful visuals without the need for a designer for social graphics, blog photos, infographics, and more.


GIFs have been a staple of almost every online content marketer over the past few years, but the truth is that you do not always need to make yourself for them to be great.

Whether you're searching for one to go with your most recent content creation tools for social media posts or to utilize in a post, GIPHY's enormous selection of GIFS is sure to have something appropriate.


As long as the data you are presenting tells a compelling story, infographics continue to be a popular method of data visualization and link building. However, without the expertise of a graphic designer, it can be challenging to create a visually appealing infographic, and hence you need content creation apps.

And Piktochart can help with that according to a professional content marketing agency.

Without any design experience, anyone can use the tool to make stunning infographics that seem polished and help enhance the content of their company.

As long as the data you are presenting tells a compelling story, infographics continue to be a popular method of data visualization and link building. However, without the expertise of a graphic designer, it can be challenging to create a visually appealing infographic, and hence you need content creation apps.

And Piktochart can help with that according to a professional content marketing agency.

Without any design experience, anyone can use the tool to make stunning infographics that seem polished and help enhance the content of their company.

Looking to Grow Your Brand Through Creative Visual Content?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize Visuals for Intuitive Digital Interactions

Video Content Creation Platforms


The truth is that not every content marketing agency has exposure to a crew that can shoot creative photos, even though images and pictures can make your post material more engaging. While a few content marketing services enjoy the convenience of having access to a stock photo collection, not everyone does.

We can confirm that Unsplash's collection does indeed feature photographs for everyone if you're looking for a permitted image to utilize in your content generation strategy.


In "how-to manuals" and the like, screen recordings and screenshots are the ideal technique and content creation tools to ensure that your audience understands what you are attempting to demonstrate.

But recording them isn't always the simplest thing to accomplish, particularly if you do not wish to alter them before using them in your material.

Several content marketing agency services adore the Nimbus Chrome extension for its hassle-free screenshot and recording capture, and we have a good feeling you will, too.

Podcast Content Creation Tools

Especially among content marketing services, podcasting has undoubtedly grown in popularity during the last several years, and it has never been simpler to start DIY podcasts and gain listeners.

However, the correct content creation software can allow you to get the most out of this channel.


Without a doubt, a content marketing agency proposes you focus on producing and advertising podcast content rather than editing it.

However, it was obvious that your podcast needed to be of the highest caliber and expertly edited with content creation tools. In the end, your viewers will be accustomed to flawless quality "casts," and for good reason.

Without any prior knowledge or experience in audio editing, you can utilize Alitu, a content generation software to create podcasts that sound better. You only need to add your raw recordings; the tool will assist you with the rest.


Are you prepared to create your first podcast, but are unsure of the content creation tools needed to record and manage your audio?

Audacity is a user-friendly content generation platform for multitrack audio editing and recording that is much simpler to use than it first appears.

You'll have your first podcast session ready to record in no time, and with the correct content creation software at your fingertips, you can remove any blips or backdrop noises before exporting the episode directly in the format you need under the guidance of the best content marketing agency.


Even though the popularity of content generation through podcasts is on the rise, not everyone finds them appealing. If you solely provide an audiobook of your information, you risk losing your audience's attention.

A content marketing agency advised that you provide a text alternative for your podcast episodes and get them transcribed just for that reason. However, doing this yourself takes time and you need efficient content creation tools for the same.

Spend your time with an online content creator and outsource the transcription to the experts by using Scribie to rapidly and affordably transcribe your podcasts.


Content marketing services recommend uploading your podcast once it has been recorded. Additionally, Buzzsprout is a good choice for assisting you in managing and disseminating your program to your listeners.

Additionally, you will learn how each episode is performing as well as the platforms that viewers are now using and where in the globe they are located. With this information, you can adapt and work on the content generation of your show and your promotion plan to ensure that it grows over time.

Your content marketing agency can help you in this process, not in the creation but also the promotion. 

Webinar: Best Apps For Content Creation

More people are using webinars than ever, particularly in an age when attending live events is prohibited. Webinars have become one of the common content creation platforms. They are a successful technique to involve your audience, invite involvement, and connect with potential customers.

While a good streaming session can't hurt, you'll need to discover straightforward, affordable content creation software on which to conduct your webinar.

Content marketing services acknowledge that it is one of the more appealing content formats that can be shared on social media, let's not ignore the various video applications. The cost associated with creating video materials of a professional caliber, however, is the issue for many.

Once more, there are content creation tools that can be useful. These are some of our favorites:

Zoom Webinars

Find us a brand that hasn't used Zoom at this point. There is no doubt that it is the most well-liked content generation method for holding a webinar, even if many of us have invested a substantial portion of the past several months communicating with acquaintances, family, and coworkers over the platform.

This is due in part to its quick familiarity with almost everyone's audience, as well as the reality that it has a strong offering and competitive pricing.

Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja has grown in popularity because of its ease of use as one of the efficient content creation platforms.

Want to host a webinar of your own? The platform already supports thousands of webinars from leading businesses so you are in great company. You may be prepared to go live in as little as a few minutes.

The large template library it has is its USP for an online content creator, however, is one of the primary reasons it is advised because it enables you to establish sign-up sites with a professional appearance without the assistance of a designer or developer.


The one issue that the majority of content marketing services have with video content is the number of resources required to create something that stands out and looks professional. More and more of us wish to use this format, but we are unable to do so because there aren't enough resources.

Consequently, we are losing out on the interaction that it may have brought.

However, Biteable is a reliable option for content generation that may assist you in overcoming this issue by giving you access to a large number of templates to be used to produce effective movies. In actuality, it has been utilized by over 7 million users as their content creation tools.


While webinars have recently gained a lot of popularity as content creation software, live streams have also seen a significant increase in popularity. Streamyard is arguably the best solution available for assisting you in going live across Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other sites.

Benefit from a clear and easy-to-implement solution among many content creation tools that don't require a complicated tech setup for you to stream to keep your audience interested across all of the platforms they follow you on.


Animoto is a significantly better option than any other drag-and-drop movie editor if you're searching for something simple to use.

You can start using content creation tools with the many templates offered or upload your images and movies to quickly create a fantastic video asset without hiring a filmmaker or editor.

Content Generation Resources

Sharing our preferred software and tools is one thing, but one of the most crucial things a content marketing agency can do is make time to keep learning new things and hone their talents to produce effective content.

And while there are plenty of wonderful resources available to aid with your content marketing skill development.

Take Away

While content creation tools won't ever completely replace your ability to generate content, they can help you advance your work and learn the knowledge you need to write better articles, produce better graphics, or experiment with new forms.

The key to gaining a competitive edge is to be aware of the appropriate tools and resources you can utilize to produce user-focused content to attract success. The best plans strike a balance between various types of content and a variety of distribution and promotion approaches.

You can connect with JanBask Digital Design as they can guide you in the entire content generation process at every stage of the consumer journey. 

Looking for Content Marketing Services?

  • Reach Potential Audience
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Increase in Conversion Rate

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