How to Get to the Top Page on Google Search Results?



 11 Feb, 2020

How to Get to the Top Page on Google Search Results?

Answering a hot burning question, creating a connection between customers to a product and providing a smooth link- What is the most thing between all? They all provide an advantage of Google’s first search engine results page (SERP).

To acknowledge searchers, if your site is at the top page on Google search results, you get lots of traffic and loads of visibility. It’s every company’s main aim to have a very strong online existence and always intended to have one. Now, things have changed when we talk about Google, and a web page also gets judged through sophisticated algorithms. Getting your  Google pages ranked and bang the competition; then you are the prime choice in SERPs. 

But the question to be taken into consideration is as to how to get to the top page on Google search results? Answer to all is Search engine optimization (SEO); to get your page ranked and to have maximum returns for your site. 

1. How many ways can Google Search results be seen?

Mainly there are three main ways through which you can demonstrate Google search results:

ways can Google Search results be seen

1.1 Google AdWords

This form of advertising is done through paid advertising through Google; also called “Pay Per Click”. Google AdWords let you show an ad to people who might get interested in your business. The ad is shown in the following way:

 1.2 Organic Search Results

These forms of ads are websites Google and are most relevant to your inquiry. These forms of ads are known as Organic Search Results.

 1.3 Google Local or Google Shopper

Google also features your business or product with the help of applications, e.g. Google Local or Google Shopper. This ad is a combination of both paid as well as organic results; results are based on searcher’s location, review, and significance. 

2. How to get to the  Top Google Search Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an approach to conquer and manage a page one ranking and to bring in profits for your site. Let’s now discuss the needs that are required to be considered in your SEO strategy to get over to the top of Google search.

How to get to the Top Google Search Results

2.1 User-Friendly Experience

If anyone has to wait for such a long time for your site to get loaded, unable to read the text on the site page or even unable to navigate the information you want; resulting in jumping to another website. So, Google places sites with easy web design at the top of its search result. A website that works wonders will help in getting to the top of Google search results, and also keeping people on your website once they are on the link when clicked. 

Most important user-friendly experiments for a website:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Straight-forward navigation
  • Clear, legible text
  • The contrast between visuals/text and background
  • Quick load time 

2.2 Concentrate on long-tail keywords

Practically, it’s not possible to rank any keywords. By the term keyword, we mean the words that are entered in the bar at the time of the search. Keywords should be targeted to attract and create interest qualified people who have the most prospective to find your site constructive and helpful. An ideal opportunity to be a magnet for the right group of people is the “Long-tail keywords”. It includes three or more words, distinctive short-tail keywords that have only one or two. 

Long-tail keyword phrases are important and helpful because people defined intention is to search for them. 

For example, if a person is searching for “pad thai”; you are not sure what exactly the person is looking for. He might be searching for recipes, restaurants around or want to get calorie information. But, if they search with correct usage of long-tail keywords e.g. “quick pad thai recipes,” you have full context and approach as what they are looking out as a result. 

By adopting a long-tail strategy, you have to go through with less competition that provides you with great possibilities to get on the top of Google search results. 

2.3 Produce good quality content regularly

It’s always been stated repeatedly by everyone that SEO wise saying “content is king,” but without content, you have got nothing to get ranked. It goes without a say that you need it to ascend through rankings. 

The next question you must think over is as to how frequently you should post content got sky-high SEO results? If you prefer publishing your SEO content on your site constantly that would result in more pages available to get on the top list of Google search results for different keywords. But don’t forget to make your content to be accurate and helpful to outrank your competition. Prefer setting up a detailed content calendar to put up your readership and keep them complete with appealing content. It’s your choice to publish it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Your audience can get nurtured and will recognize you as a reliable source that would generate traffic

2.4 Optimize for ‘near me’ search queries

Google states “micro-moments” as the “critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.”

This normally points to mobile as a key driver for doing the local search and how important it is to optimize it. One of the posts by Chris Lake on optimizing the micro-moments, on mobile searchers is:

  1. Very active
  2. Not Brand loyal

So, there is a big opportunity, when we talk about businesses that are not running successfully because of poor mobile user experiences.

2.5 Optimize your local presence

Continuing from the very last point, it is not taken to be as a good optimizing for ‘near me’ search queries if you are available ‘there and then’. So, you require sorting out your local SEO. This is only possible when you optimize your Google My Business page. Along with many other things, you have to make a check on the following features:

optimize your local presence

  • The Explanation of your business should be long and exceptional.
  • Tick the right category.
  • Required information at the opening times. 
  • Apply lots of imagination.
  • Keep informed.
  • Providing phone numbers and business address

One of the most important SEO factors is to make sure that you have maximum customer reviews that as Graham Charlton states “vital for local businesses, whether or not they sell online, thanks to their sheer prominence in local search results.”

2.6 Answer a question

Optimizing the natural language directly answers all the questions regarding your content. 

Google scratches the third party websites to show searchers with a comprehensible search engine results page answers to the queries based on knowledge-based. Even though Wikipedia was taken to be a leading site in the box of answers; you know why? Because Google has recognized that better quality expert content is provided by other publishers.

 So, watch-out what all questions can be answered and create content that exactly does the same. It will help if you are as short and snappy as possible, you phrase it in the headline and you answer it as soon as possible. 

2.7 Pay for it

Some things are and will always be as a saying now as they were a few years back. What you can do is that you can just ignore all of these tips only by paying your way to the top with the help of PPC ads. With a fact, you still require quality ad copy, appropriate landing pages and the products that are highly recommended; especially when we talk about entering into the Product Listing Ads space. But yes, don’t forget when in a problem you can throw money and get it done. 

Moreover, we will be discussing why your ads don’t necessarily need to come first in the new-look search engine results pages anymore. 

2.8 Get in Top Stories, implement AMP

Letting your site go into Google News has always been a sure shot way to make short-term traffic to your respective content. It doesn’t work wonders; if you can be hot off the presses with a great news story, then it is great for other sites relating to you as a starting place. 

All the top stories are mobile as compared to the desktop. Presently, this section is filling up fast with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is taken to be an open-source program that provides possible webmasters to come up with the fastest and quick loading versions of all the web pages of mobile users. To improve your user experience, AMP pages will play a great role if you are present in top stories. 

2.9 Be mobile-optimized

You must have nailed it by now. In fact, for three years many of you didn’t even give a thought, and back then it was not even a ranking signal. But now, it is! Many sites are presently published and many comprehensive guides are available for testing the mobile optimization and usability of your site. 

2.10 Speed up your website

As discussed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the one that helps to speed up the usage of the mobile website. However, it is somehow getting controversial, and it is not taken to be the most excellent solution for improving the speed of the websites. It is taken for emergency cases known to be ‘quick fix’. 

Do priorities the speed for your authentic site, but don’t patch up Google-owned to fix it up. The main factor is ranking that is the site speed. But, do keep a check as there are many different ways you can improve your performance. Different tools are available to check the speed of your site and then accessing your report, where betterment can be made. One other thing is to reduce down the page load with the help of image optimization SEO tips. 

2.11 Don’t forget to optimize your Twitter Presence

Last but not the least, it’s always more and merrier; but now let’s discuss the last point to optimize to get on to the top of Google. Conversely, one most important change to the SERP from the last few years is the introduction of tweets. 

Last year, Twitter and Google signed a deal where it stated that tweets will be indexed on SERPs. So, if you are searching for a respective brand, publisher or personality; you will now be presented with a live timeline for all the hot and latest tweets. So, don’t miss your tweet, make a significant following and don’t say any words that would be regretting on later stages it will most likely remain cached for a couple of hours.

 2.12 Tracking essential metrics

To get on to the top of Google search results, you must know your current rankings and how the users are going to connect with your respective site. Getting on to your metrics that would matter for a better Google search placement is a major input for your current year SEO. 

If the page is ranked for Google keywords, you would notice that there is a higher traffic volume than the result on page one. Even so, many metrics would imitate more than your current one and tell you where you need attention. You must track your efforts with the help of Google Analytics to locate on-page elements that need changes to increase higher ranking in the SERPs.

3. How Social Media Can Help You Get to the Top of Google Search Results?

Been a tip most lead generator, social media also plays a very important role to assist you with searching the marketing engine or with SEO. 

Social media helps to:

  • Increase in the number of backlinks by building up relations with the people who would be interested in reading and sharing your content. 
  • Coming up or getting exposed to the most reputed articles and keywords with the help of others in your industry.
  • It also helps to authenticate and validate your location, hours and respective contact information for Google Local and other business listings.
  • Providing you to evaluate all commitments, so you can get updated as to what all your customers want and need from your website.

Getting on to the top of Google search results or to get a rank in Google doesn’t need an extremely skilled SEO master. The most important thing is to have little knowledge, some essential tools, and talent to do it over some time. Providing proper attention to your user experience, superiority content and backlinks; helps in creating a big difference in your respective website’s search engine traffic. 

4. Conclusion

Getting over one spot for the page on Google search results is a main aim and goal that requires a long time and effort. You just can’t spontaneously snap your fingers on and get on page one. But if you put in your efforts in the work, you would definitely get to the top on Google search results and get a kick for a balanced flow of traffic. 


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