How to Write an Engaging Article Like A Pro


13 May, 2024



Don’t you think compelling readers to actually read the full article is an art? So now the point is, are we doing enough to convert our readers in to potential subscribers or even customers? Many a time readers interest is not stimulated and they never scroll down to read the full article.

So let’s see what best we can do to win readers. In this post we will discuss:

  • The steps to generate enough ideas to make your article work.
  • Planning and following best practices that can help achieving maximum efficiency.

Steps to Generate Clickable Ideas for Your Article

Step 1: Select Your Topic

Firstly, choose a topic that interests you enough to focus on. Then look at the topic, its objective and keywords. The objective of the topic and keywords should be such that can engage the readers. Browse a library, read books and do preliminary research to head start with the topic.

How to Write an Engaging Article

Step 2: How to Carry Out Research

Research grounds your article in facts. You always need to have relevant details for your ideas. Major decisions in content marketing require in-depth research.

Research provides you with certain answers to questions such as:

  • Where does my audience go online?
  • How does my audience engage with brands?
  • With what specific topics will my audience best connect?

In addition to the preferences of the audiences, research also helps in finding out how your competition is doing and what content is your competition using.

Readers don’t want to read the content that is created out of speculation. Thorough research gives accurate sources of information, and provides with relevant content.

Type of Research You Need

Step 3: Organize your Ideas

Once you have decided upon your topic and have done enough research and also have brainstormed some ideas, it’s the best time to organize your thoughts into a structure. Your challenge is to fit in your ideas and research into this structure effectively. This would help you in matching the purpose of writing, which would in turn help the audience to connect in a better way. You need to clearly state what you are trying to say so that the reader easily figures out the same. While organising your thoughts in the structure, see if you offer a fresh perspective to the topic of content. Also check if the supporting statements relate to the topic. Once you are done with giving a shape to your content, you can move to the next step and make a rough draft.

Step 4: Writing the Rough Draft

The phase of writing the rough draft is a transition. We can call it as prewriting to the act of writing. By this time, you have the clear idea of your topic with the supporting focus of research done. The rough draft is where you incorporate all the work completed till a particular point of time. It is a rough copy which needs to be shaped, edited and strengthened once it is written. Rough draft usually comprises of introduction, paragraphs, conclusion and a call to action. For CTA, you may suggest things like asking readers to click on the link below or follow us on our webpage or even ask them to write or share their comments if any.

While formulating the rough draft emphasis should be given on content and the flow of information and not on other minute details which can be taken care of before the final version is prepared.

Step 5: Edit and Revise

When it is the time to edit your content, firstly read your article as if you are the ultimate reader. Another most important thing you should make sure is that content is in a logical sequence. Ensure that the content is not too descriptive and if it requires any alterations. Ask yourself if the content is well organized and user friendly. Avoid using jargons and slang which the reader may not understand. Content should be rational with a proper connection between sentences and paragraphs. Follow the format and keep an eye on the word limit if specified.

So these were the five steps which would help you in writing an effective article that would engage your ideal readers.

How to Plan Your Article for Maximum Productivity

After understanding the steps to write an effective article, we need to plan our content in such a way that it increases our efficiency. I am talking about the content which is written from the user’s perspective. It should be engaging and which the reader actually reads. It’s important to grab the reader’s attention right away before you lose them. So let’s have a look at the best practices which would help you in writing such content:

1) Heading/Opening Line

The opening line or the first sentence of the article sets the tone of the rest of the article. It helps the readers to skim the article to single out the relevant sections.

How to Write an Engaging Article

The first line should be self explanatory, but concise. It should be eye catching and give a clear idea of the write-up. It helps in preventing the readers from losing interest and hold their attention for the rest content.An attention grabbing quote can also help in a great way in  introducing the complete article to readers.

2) Use Effective Language & Remember Cognitive Abilities Matter

A reader derives benefits the most from content which is well crafted in a simple language. The formula is to connect with the reader directly by giving him some unique piece of information. As we say “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Write in a different way for different audiences. Readers have their own perspective and have their own idea of ‘Simple’. Colloquial expressions and casual language help in making  your writing sound more human.

3) Hold Reader’s Interest

Make your article interesting by giving examples so that the reader can be motivated to read the full article.

How to Write an Engaging Article

Facts, figures and  illustrations help in explaining and validating the article. Discuss the overview of the article stating specific examples to justify the same. Always remember showing pictures or visuals is better than telling someone.

Also state clearly  the causes of the problem and the benefits reader can derive through the information. This can help him stay glued throughout the article.

4) Highlighting the Importance of the Article

Readers always hunts for the answer that how would the information benefit his life. So you should be a master in explaining him the importance of your facts. Otherwise, you are not helping them solve their problems and you won’t be able to keep the visitors on your site for long. Promptly understanding and efficiently answering these questions can make it all.

So always remember the type of content you share is closely related to what you sell.


To conclude, I must say, no matter what, you are a creative professional and content production must be taken seriously. So to summarize now you are aware of:

  • How to create content
  • What steps Professionals use to generate their high volume content
  • Where to get ideas from and
  • How to plan a content strategy

Always keep in mind few things can make or break your article.If you master the art of writing, you will be able to engage your reader, thereby further increasing the conversion rates. So it’s very important to think and plan your writing strategy. This would allow you to directly communicate with the readers. If you measure your efforts and tweak your content strategy, it would definitely help in delivering results.

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