5 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics to 7x Your Sales


25 Apr, 2024



The most critical moment for you being a part of the sales team is when you realize that the website is receiving large amounts of traffic, but it fails to achieve your business objectives. Undoubtedly, yielding quality traffic to your website and converting them into sales is the most daunting task that any business faces. Is this the challenge you too are facing? We have got answers for you.

If you have got all your fundamentals right from tweaking your fonts or headings, optimizing your images or forms, introducing more urgency to your messaging, or making good landing pages correct, then you are good to go to the second step that is Conversion rate optimization (CRO). The tactics discussed here are not only going to help your business focus on improving your conversion rate but also drive 10x sales. But primarily businesses need to focus on the following checklist while optimizing conversion rate.

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  • Turning Your Traffic into Loyal Buyers

1. Is your Structure to Support CRO undefined?

Enterprises do lack a well-defined structure that supports CRO. Businesses struggle to decide on whether they should have a dedicated team for conversion rate optimization or would it add up to their additional expenditure.

Proposed Solution:

CRO Solution

Follow Conversion rate optimization best practices that include laying down a clear process for conversion optimization that needs to be followed throughout the organization. You need to create a dashboard or platform to plan, update and report all the conversion rate optimization activities. Share this platform with everyone in the organization. If your conversion rate optimization strategy is driven by real time data, there are likely chances of not getting optimum results.

2. Do you lack Resources?

Resource allocation is again a major hurdle that businesses face in their conversion rate optimization strategy. As per a study around 56% of respondents do not have a well-defined CRO budget. Enterprises often allocate budget for conversion rate optimization albeit for wrong goals. Does your business also fall into this category? If yes, then you need to check out the solution below.

Proposed Solution:

It’s high time for your business to lay the groundwork for optimizing your CRO budget, analyzing goals, ROI, and the actual outcome while engaging in accurate resource allocation. You need to check your pages for credibility, relevance, and motivation. Test your pages with A/B testing or heatmap testing the variables. And last but not the least is to keep collecting information from customer surveys, interviews, live chat logs and more.

3. Do you have required CRO knowledge?

In the digitally driven world where every business is going online, if enterprises still fail to understand the benefits of conversion rate optimization, then there could be only possible reason behind this, lack of required CRO knowledge.

Proposed Solution:

AB Testing

Businesses need to allocate time and resources for qualitative and quantitative research on conversion and prioritize opportunities. Drive A/B testing if you can observe your website garners adequate traffic to get more productive results.

Now, the question comes about how you can leverage the 360-degree benefits of conversion rate optimization. So, we have got you covered by explaining the five best conversion rate optimization tactics that will not only cater to the roadblocks you are facing in your website conversion rate optimization but also will help you shoot your sales by 7x. Here you go:

CRO Tactic 1# Analyze Your Website Performance  

If your site loads slowly, no matter how well planned conversion rate optimization strategy you have in place, that won’t make any difference. Website conversion rate drops by nearly 4.5% for each extra second your website takes to load. You can take help of tools that offer insightful testing and troubleshooting. Also, you can check some common issues blocking the speed of your website like poorly optimized CSS, bulky code and large media files.

Improve your customer journey by improving your website user experience (UX) which will consequently boost your brand perception & conversion rates.

CRO Tactic 2# Eliminate Unnecessary Fields in Forms

Are you wondering why 80% of your website visitors are abandoning your checkout, registration or subscription form after beginning to fill it out?  Answer to this is unnecessary fields in your form which becomes struggling for your users. Approach each field in the form from your user’s perspective and make some fields optional if not mandatorily required (eg: contact number)

To strike a balance between collecting information and delivering a great user experience can be daunting. Leveraging form analytics to review your form fields will smoothen digital journey and maximize conversion rates.

CRO Tactic 3# Create User Needs Anticipating CTAs

Your CTAs can make or break your conversion rate. Several conversion rate optimization case studies have proved with time that first person CTAs work better (eg: Let us try or I want to try it). Also, adding urgency to CTAs can get more of your visitors to whip out their wallets.(eg: Offer is valid for just 2 hrs). 

Apart from this, today we can see many businesses use countdown timers in case of time-sensitive products or services to dial up scarcity of time. You need to do A/B testing with different CTAs to analyze the response of your customers.

By experimenting and testing the CTA on your pages, you may witness how much impact just three words can have on your bottom line.

CRO Tactic 4# Map your Customer’s Journey

Since customers are the lifeblood of your business, therefore, customer journey mapping is the key to drive the best outcome of your marketing efforts. Customer journey mapping not only helps in understanding your customer needs and wants but also facilitates your business to build a truly customer-centric digital experience. Addressing customers' pain points and converting prospects effectively becomes a cake walk.

Customer journey mapping will help you make value-driven decisions that would enhance the overall customer experience and boost conversion rate.

CRO Tactic 5# Optimize your Website for Mobile

For enterprises to drive sales, optimizing their website for mobile has become the key as mobile traffic contributes the highest percentage of web traffic globally. It is very important for you to monitor all the features and navigation on mobile. Also, A/B testing things on mobile vs desktop can help in enhancing efficiency. 

With increasing web traffic through mobile exponentially, it is the need of the hour for you to offer your users the best version of your website for desktop as well as mobile which will consequently boost your bottom line and conversion rate.  

How can JanBask be a one stop solution to all your CRO challenges?


JanBask as a CRO agency can add meaning to your website engagement, conversions, as well as sales. All it takes is identifying high-quality leads and channeling them into a conversion funnel. We can help you do so through our team of experts that perform explicit research and behavioral analysis of your customers. With our CRO consultants and conversion rate optimization services, you can generate remarkable revenues from your existing website traffic. 

Additionally, you can improve the quality of the traffic thus adding to the overall conversion rate. JanBask will not only help you improve the overall process of customer acquisition but also significantly decrease the cost incurred on each of the acquisitions. We get this done with robust data architecture that we have created over the years such as data-driven user analysis, heat map tracking, Statistical A/B testing, and many more. We focus on crafting contextual experience throughout your online platform such that it drives overall user engagement.

Are you ready to build a Conversion Funnel Optimization plan that can transform your business?

Looking to Conversion Rate Optimization Services?

  • Lead generation to conversion journey
  • More User-Engagement
  • Turning Your Traffic into Loyal Buyers

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Zane Brown

articles that are nice and very interesting I like to read the articles you make


Amari Jones

We can do this by emailing them to let them know that their shopping is incomplete and to offer a list of the items they added to their basket. We may also add a promotion or discount code to entice them to visit our website again. Even if we are only able to recover 30% of all abandoned carts, we can still considerably enhance our conversion rate.


Jax Williams

Thankyou for this article, it’s very helpful for me, Thanks


Rylan Parez

Always check, evaluate, test, and keep your focus on simplicity. Your conversion rates will be exactly what you desire if you keep this in mind.


Corbin Stewart

Conversion rate and optimization are buzzwords that are simple to find but difficult to put into practice without a strategy and specific goals. To be clear, optimization refers to the process of improving, increasing visibility, and improving the usability of your website for users. Conversion rate optimization focuses on adjustments you may make to your website that will motivate users to carry out a desired activity, such as completing a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, or interacting with your site through comments or social media sharing.


Kash Sanchez

Nice Article. Thank you for sharing.


Reid Morris

Finally i came to know JanBask Be A One Stop Solution To All Your CRO Challenges


Kameron Rogers

Every action you take in your organization must be based on knowing the correct and most recent procedures. You grow in your comprehension of your success rate by putting into practise a granular conversion tracking strategy. Make sure to study the data and verify the conversion rates frequently.

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