Conversion Rate Optimization –Is It An Art Or A Method Statement


 27 Nov, 2017

Conversion Rate Optimization –Is It An Art Or A Method Statement

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a technique often used in internet marketing which involves careful analysis and aims at increasing the percentage of visitors on your website that has potential to get converted into customers. CRO aims at figuring out the expectation of users when they visit your site using a feedback mechanism. Every company, especially startups and e-commerce websites should be concerned with CRO as a matter of fact that higher conversion rate means the better return on investment (ROI). Also, it helps to identify the areas of your investment for absolutely no return.

This is an article whose focus is to guide you about Conversion rate optimization, its benefits for online businesses. What are the benefits of that conversion rate, etc. if you are looking forward to reading some really valuable stuff on Conversion rate Optimization, Online Business, Benefits of Conversion rate; then you have landed on the right place?

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization means, converting the visitors of your online promotions and marketing to customers and clients. There is no meaning of having a lot of people visiting your online campaigns and pages unless they convert. It is like window shopping of the virtual world. If they are a good amount of traffic on your site yet no significant increase in customers, then trust me you are indeed doing something very wrong with your online promotion strategies or techniques.

Benefits of conversion rate optimization for your online business

If you are thinking that your business is still thinking about how it can better enhance its online presence to create more and more customers on the virtual web, one extraordinary alternative is to look into the advantages of conversion rate optimization.

  1. You are able to Understand Your Customers: Understanding your customer is the most important task when it comes to online business. You must know who they are and what they need in order to be able to better do your business and hence increase your profits.
  2. More Customers means more profit and more revenue: When you continuously optimize your online business, you tend to understand your customers better which allows you to get a maximum possibility of business. The more the customers align with your product, the more likely it is to generate maximum profit from him. Increased customer conversion means direct revenue and business growth. With a little research, you can get maximum customers to your business.
  3. Increase Profit of your website increases: One of the major advantages of conversion optimization is the direct increase in profit. A slight improvement in your conversion rate results in a considerable increase in your profits. It also reduces advertising efforts and provides immediate and tangible profits, improves your profits without having to pay your advertisers. For instance, if you get 50 visitors to your product page and only 5% (5) purchase it at $10 and your cost of a product is $2.5, so just imagine the difference it makes.
  4. It Acts as Your Secret Weapon: Just like you, your competitors are also doing a conversion rate optimization. Even if they are not doing it now, they will start soon. In order to get the first advantage, start doing it as soon as possible. The first gets the best in any field.
  5. Allows You to Beat Your Competition: If you are doing CRO, your business automatically gets an edge over others in the fiercely competitive market. And mostly all that’s required to win a customer. A bit a day and you are the leaders in the business environment.

Tactics to increase customer rate optimization for your online business

The key idea behind CRO is to gather data or feedback to understand customer expectations and the areas which need to be improved

Tactics to increase customer rate optimization 

Collect the Data: Collect the figures of how the visitors of your site behave on your site. You will have to collect the qualitative as well the quantitative data of your online marketing, campaigns or promotions. Collect data on the types of people who are visiting your site, collect the frequency of traffic at your site, collect the timing of the maximum and minimum traffic on your site.

Data Analysis Dashboard

Create a Hypothesis: do all sorts of analysis on the data that you have gathered. Formulate a base-line for your further research. Be specific in what you want to focus on. Fuddled approach never really works well. You can also use various analytics programs that are available in the market, one such program is Google Analytics.

Create a Hypothesis

Formulate a design: Make a layout plan as to what you want to do to tackle the problems or the baselines that you have selected in the previous step. Make a strategy to tackle these points. Hire people if need be, taking professional help can be very beneficial.

Test the implementation of your design: Once you have formulated a plan of action for the implementation of your design, give it some time to function. After a while assesses the results that you get. See if it has been successful or not. There is a big problem if there is still no change in your data. You need to change either the design or focus again on a hypothesis.

Implement the most successful result: in your design, you will be attacking a lot of areas. Finally, in order to be more streamlined in your approach, you will have to narrow down your approach. See which sector had yielded the maximum results and then slowly withdraw from other factors and put all your efforts in the winner.


Be careful not to ignore CRO for your online business. It can turn out to be the biggest mistake of your professional life. The Internet is something where everyone is. It actually has got the potential to make or break your online business.  All the money, efforts and the resources are absolutely useless if they are not giving you conversions.

Also, keep in mind that conversions do not happen overnight. You have to give it time. You have to update your campaigns, upgrade your promotions, level up your sites and landing pages. Process the things and then proceed. A baseline conversion of 1-2% is also considered ok for the beginners.

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