The Importance of Having a Mobile Version of the Website


22 Apr, 2024



Comfort and convenience. We humans are always craving for these two feelings while engaging in any activity. And we are constantly working towards achieving this using new and evolving technologies and it’s endless limits. Technology is something that keeps growing and there is always something new to learn about. Using this, we are constantly inventing new and exciting concepts and things to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. One such evolution was that of mobile phones. And it has so beautifully made all our lives revolve around it.

Since 1973, when mobile phones were first invented, they have gone through a lot of changes and improvements. From brick phones to clamshells, to elites to satellite phones to Nokia 6000 series to finally, smartphones - mobile phones have had quite a journey. With the latest smartphones and touchscreen features, mobile phones are finding their roots expanding to influence and conquer various fields. From shopping to banking to website designing. It is ruling every industry and changing the way we look at things. The way mobile phones and its features and capabilities are incorporated can make or break your business. Properly using mobiles phones and taking full advantage of its capabilities and features can bring in more profit than any other strategy.

How many times have you visited a website through your phone and encountered a situation where you couldn’t read any of the information or it took too long to load or you had to zoom in and still ended up clicking on the wrong link? And we all know it ends up with an irritated mind and our fingers rushing to the back button to go to another website and never ever visiting that site again. Ever wondered why this happens?

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Importance Of Mobile Version Website

The simple reason is that the site is not optimized for mobile phones. Which is why the user experience is not good and we end up landing on another page. The layout for a mobile phone is different from that for other devices. Mobile phones have a limited resolution as compared to other devices. And this is why the site appears to be unprofessional or difficult to navigate through. So developing a mobile-optimized site is basically just creating a version of your site that can be accessed through mobile phones without any issues. Now you might be wondering, “ it really that important? What impact does this small change bring when you consider the bigger picture?” To answer your question, yes. It is really that important and here are the reasons why:

Increased Traffic

Traffic is a term which is used to measure the number of people who visited your website. For an organization/company to be successful and get more profit gain, increasing its traffic is the most basic step. Various concepts and tools like SEO, digital marketing, google analytics, etc is used to achieve this. Now take a look at the traffic through mobile phones and desktop traffic:

Increased traffic

It is clearly understood that over the years, the number of people using mobile phones to access any website is increasing at an alarming rate. Mobile phones and tablets are used and preferred by majority of the individuals as compared to other devices. And it is expected that, by the end of the next few years, traffic due to mobile phones will approximately reach 79%! This means that if your site is not mobile optimized, you are losing out on almost 80% of the traffic.

And according to statistics, 62% of the people don’t come back to a site they had trouble accessing. And 38% of the people will move to a competitor’s site. Thus, not only are you looking at poor traffic for your website but also increase traffic for your competitor’s site.

Despite the game of numbers being so strong, some of the fields still show larger traffic from desktop devices. Even though these fields are quite a few, it's possible that you are associated with one of them. Thus, understanding your audience and their preference is important. Use data analytics and google analytics to find out your audience's preference. And accordingly, decide the need for optimizing your site.

Conversion Rate

Apart from traffic, having a properly optimized mobile site also leads to a better conversion rate. Traffic is important. But what matters more is the conversion rate. But only by increasing traffic can you increase the conversion rate. Thus, they are linked but are separate concepts. Conversion means the number of people who actually use or buy your service. And creating a mobile-optimized site will increase the conversion rate and hence, the profit. Take a look at the numbers:


We can see that the conversion rates are increasing drastically and this is definitely more than those sites which don't maintain an optimized version of their website. This is simply because of the popularity of mobile phones. Everyone prefers to surf using mobile phones. Especially when it comes to shopping. Thus, if you wish to increase profits and attract more customers, don't wait to get a mobile responsive website.

Ranking of Your Website and SEO

Well, these 3 letters have become the mantra for all digital marketing experts. When you search for something on any search engine, you see a number of sites in order. Have you ever wondered why that order? And how some of these sites are at number 1 while some are on the 35th page? The answer is ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It's a strategy that you use to make Google believe that your site is worthy of that first rank.

Google gets to decide which site should be ranked first and last, and thus, is the deciding factor when it comes to your company's success. But with the constant algorithm updates, it’s getting harder to keep up. And Google has now ranked ‘mobile usability’ as the third most important factor in deciding the rank of your website. And it has decided to consider the ranking signals from the mobile version of the website and not the desktop version. This means that it will consider the mobile version of your website to decide on which rank your website should be ranked for particular keywords. It has also clarified that it will crawl the mobile version first, before the desktop version of the website.

This huge shift shows the importance of having your website optimized for mobile phones. If it is not, your website definitely won't be ranked on the first page and this will reduce the traffic and the conversion to a drastic level. Having a properly optimized mobile site will ensure that Google considers the site properly and this might earn you a perfect rank in the results of any search engine. A lot of your income depends solely on SEO and rankings. So, don't lose out on all the potential customers and traffic by this one mistake.

User Experience and Negative Reviews

Apart from just creating a mobile version of your website, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, the content. When it comes to mobile-friendly websites, you have to limit the content on your site. And this should be done without compromising the information and the appeal. Thus, all the information should be displayed in a precise, concise and to the point manner.

You need to realize how much this step is for you, as mentioned earlier. And based on that, you can just resize the website for different resolutions or you can create a whole new application. If mobile-friendly websites are a huge part of your turnover and your website is quite heavy, then you can adopt a whole new application. Similar to many of the e-commerce companies. This will have a huge impact on your profit. Then again, if your business is not affected greatly by this, you can just go for optimizing and resizing of your website. Use google analytics to understand the behavior and the impact it has on your business.

Apart from this, also keep in mind that if your website is not optimized, then it can create a huge negative impact through bad reviews. Nowadays a lot of customers rely majorly on reviews. If you don't maintain a good mobile-optimized site, you will be creating a negative impression and losing potential customers because of negative reviews too.

In the last decade, mobile phones have impacted the world vigorously and intensely. It's come to a point where we can't even imagine our lives without those little boxes. The mobile phone is basically an all-in-one technical marvel with it being a wallet, superstore catalog, television, etc. which does justice to its popularity and widespread usage.

With such a massive consumer base, it currently draws the most traffic than any other device. The demand generated by mobile compatibility has grown so much that almost every major digital product or service provider has developed a mobile compatible version of their product or service. The field of web development has also changed for good, with numerous platforms and formats available for developing applications and web pages, particularly for mobile devices. In this day and age, having a mobile-friendly version of your website is a no-brainer, as most of the people use their phone for anything and everything, be it watching videos, listening to songs, reading the news, blogging, social media, cooking tutorials, education, or online shopping, amongst others, thus it's safe to say that your site will definitely have mobile users.

You want maximum internet traffic on your website, that is people who view your page, and creating a mobile-friendly version of your site will not only add to your traffic, along with people visiting from their laptops or desktops but will also give you more traffic as compared to the latter. Also, if you're providing a service or a product, you want to gather as many prospective customers as you can get, and get them to procure it, and convert them to your customer. With that goal in mind, it's another reason to lean towards mobile compatibility, as according to statistics, mobile compatible websites offer a very high conversion rate, which is very valuable for any business, as it leads to a larger turnover. Another major reason for embracing mobile compatibility is Google ranking, which ranks you higher if your website is mobile compatible, thus furthering your profit by increasing traffic.


Furthermore, backlinking is greater as all the backlinks will point to a unanimous domain rather than mobile and desktop being separate. And if these don't change your mind, then there's a more basic advantage, it being the fact that a mobile-friendly website has low maintenance costs! Its development is sort of a one-time investment as any changes to be made in the future can be performed without too much hassle. Speaking of the future, making your website mobile-friendly also ensures that you're prepared for everything that might occur in the near future, as mobile phones as a platform is what everything new and upcoming is going to revolve around. We hope that this has provided you with adequate insight into the advantages that mobile compatibility offers, technical as well as from a business point of view. We urge you to take a leap of faith, as this leap of faith is basically a leap of surety, and wish you the best of wishes for your endeavors, hoping to have made a small contribution to your success.

Looking to Create Mobile Web Design that Boosts Your Mobile Traffic?

  • Well-optimized landing pages
  • Your Users Can Enjoy on Any Device
  • An intuitive website layout

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