Effective Techniques to Design Landing Page for your Startup Business

 24 Aug, 2018

Starting up your own new venture is definitely exciting and filled with adventures. You get all the freedom to convert your ideas into action and most important of all, you will be filled with eagerness to see the results of the efforts that you have put in.

But, one of the biggest challenges faced by the startups is to get their business established in the market and make it up and running.

Seo friendly landing page

Once you are laden with the required finances, you are ready to take off with a bunch of employees under you. Post this, kicks in the difficult phase of spreading the word about the products and services that you have got to offer.

And for this to happen, you implement various marketing strategies. It’s a well-known fact that in today’s digital era of cutting-edge technology, the inclusion of SEO, E-mail marketing and social media management into your marketing mix has become a mandatory task.  However, before commencing the digital marketing activities, you should make sure that you have the necessary elements to lure the potential clients and customers to your website.

Techniques to Design Landing Page for Startup

Even though the momentousness of a highly attractive website for a startup business is clear, it must be noted that structuring the website in a well-planned way is also equally important. A generic website for startups should include the following attributes:

  • It should be highly responsive
  • Completely branded and highlighted with your logo and colors related to it.
  • Creative and engaging at the same time.
  • Always up to date with the latest promotions and offers.
  • Capable of providing accurate information

But more than all these above-mentioned features, there is a key factor that decides the fate of your website, which is the landing page. A landing page in simple terms is an online tool which is primarily used to attract the new visitors to a product or service.

In other words, a landing page is a separate section of a website where the users end up as a result of clicking on a particular hyperlink that is hosted on a different page. It is basically a single page built with a specific purpose such as promoting a sales pitch, providing a brief product overview etc.

The main function of a landing page is to engage the website visitor in an intended way in order to make them complete some kind of action. But while creating a landing page, you should always ensure that they are not replacing the home page content of your website.

Techniques to Design Landing Page

So we will be taking you through the following professional tips as the one mentioned above, that will help you create jim-dandy landing pages for your website:

  • Clean, Organized Design
  • Make Your Page Mobile Friendly
  • Keep Your Forms Short
  • Use Header to Broadcast Offer Value
  • Provide alluring imagery

1). Clean, Organized Design

There are the three preeminent factors that have a huge impact on the conversion rate and effectiveness of your landing page:

  • How neat, organized and elegant does your landing page look
  • How smooth does it feel to interact with
  • How user-friendly is the overall structure of the landing page

The foremost goal of your landing page should always be, to make things easier as much as possible so that the chances for a visitor to become a potential customer increase by every second that they spend on the page. It should also incorporate all the elements that contribute to the conversion objective.

2). Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

Now that the whole world is at the top of mobile phone frenzy, it’s highly imperative for your landing page to be compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Research data shows that almost 72% of the overall web activity comes from mobile and an effective mobile-friendly website has the potential to double up your conversions.

The best way to achieve this is by following the mobile-first policy while designing the landing page. This will help your design concept incline more towards improving the responsiveness of the page.

3). Keep Your Forms Short

When it comes to websites, the takeaway expectations of a visitor will be always more. As an online marketer, you would always look forward to collecting as much as information possible form the visitors, when they visit your website. But it’s a completely different story when the landing page is in the picture.

The functionality principles of a landing page work in a completely different way: the lesser the forms, the better it would function. So, it’s extremely important for you to ensure that the people visiting a landing page are made to fill the least number of forms. The greater number of fields you ask them to fill, the lesser are the chances of conversion.

4). Use Header To Broadcast Offer Value

Whenever a visitor visits a website, the only intention that they carry is, to seek the answer to: “what is in it for me?”

And this is the prime reason behind the online marketers opting for “offer headlines” to be highlighted on a landing page. A good landing page should always display a strong offer. It should also be capable of sending out the message in clear and concise terms: “how much value is this offer and how is it beneficial to the visitor “.

Heading format to Broadcast

It becomes even more effective when you make use of bold headings to confirm the offer and sub-headings to explain the details of the same offer.

5). Provide Fascinating Images

Photos always enhance the way customers engage with your offer. In certain aspects, the use of photos to highlight an offer outperforms the use of attractive and charismatic wordings. This is because of the sole reason that the visual reasoning ability in a human being will always allow them to process and interpret better than what they can while reading a text. It’s always better to hire a photographer who possesses the knowledge of visual techniques, to help you out with the photos that are going to be posted on your landing page.


Landing pages definitely vary from your website’s homepages. They are indeed a phenomenal opportunity for you to create a customer-oriented marketing strategy on a separate page. The secret of a landing page’s success lies in its design: How professionally is your landing page built. You should always keep in mind that your landing page should not only be elegantly crafted; but it should also contain a fascinating content that is well structured and to the point.

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