Top Tips To Design Optimized Landing Pages For Start-Ups In 2023


16 Apr, 2024


So, we see, you’ve finally started your business. Now that the early jitters have subsided, let’s talk about how you can give your page brand awareness and visibility. You must have heard about landing pages and must be wondering about these pages. Well, landing pages for startups like yours can help to ensure that your brand gains awareness and attracts potential customers. 

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product”

Time and again; landing pages have proven to be the ultimate website design service for having high conversion rates. They are one of the most valued marketing tools to take your business to the next level. Learning landing pages can be best practices; implementing them into your strategy can help improve sales and strengthen customer relationships. 

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Turn Your Startup Landing Page into a Lead Magnet

A landing page startup edition is a singular web page that is designed to achieve a specific goal. It is different from the rest of your website, usually focusing on one type of action that you want your prospects to take. Your audience lands on these pages by clicking on different sources such as emails, social media posts, search, and display ads. Landing page for startups lead generation is one of the primary goals of any business. Especially for startups, landing pages help in faster lead generation.

What is the most appealing element that pulls traffic to your startup landing page? ‘What’s in it for me’. Audiences always look for the benefits and offers that eventually make them click, turning them into prospects. These are the most critical website design tips that drive action and benefit startup businesses in the long run.  

Did You Know? The More Landing Pages, The MerrierIt is found that companies with 30 or more landing pages attract seven times more leads than those with less than 10.Source: TechJury

Why Should a Startup Business Value Landing Page Best Practices?

The average conversion rate for landing pages across all the industries is 9.7%, and publishing relevant landing pages consistently over some time will help generate 12X more leads. Most startups leverage the online market to create and establish their brand. The average customer has multiple options to choose from online. Your business needs to make the right first impression to stay in the minds of your customers. Hence, to build good landing pages for startups, you need a strategy for a transparent conversion boost. These landing pages' best practices are the fundamental guidelines as they are tried and tested, bringing effective results for brands over time. 

So, if you are wondering where to begin, start your startup landing page for startups with these handy tips. Chances are that you will be able to create relevant and high-performing landing pages in due course of your journey.  

How to Design Landing Pages: 10 Tips for Better Conversion

Here are ten crucial landing page for startups best practices with startup landing page examples that will make your start-up business design ready to engage with online audiences: 

1. Go For a Compelling Headline

Go For a Compelling Headline

Have a great offer? Showcase it in the best possible manner on the headline to grab the customer’s attention. At the end of the day, landing page for startups should give visitors something valuable in return for completing the action. Keep it short and crisp, clearly stating the benefits of the offer. 

For example, if your customers are looking to shop online, they will most likely convert for a discount. Brevity is the soul when it comes to offers. Multiple offers can confuse users and reduce conversion rates by 266%.

2. Enhance UX through Simple Navigation

Make it simple for users to move around. The flow between the source from where the user has landed on the page should be seamless and consistent. Following website navigation best practices and eliminating distractions like sidebars, menus, and irrelevant texts, keep browsing to a minimum to avoid disturbing the conversion funnel. Keep the attention on the offer, use relevant graphics, and add videos where and when possible.

Did You Know? Including videos on the landing pages shows an 86% improvement in conversions. Source: TechJury

3. Highlight Benefit and Support, Not just the Features

As already touched upon by the above quote, potential customers always focus on the benefits and lesser on the features. People will not make a purchase just because a product has some unique features. It will only make sense to them if they see that these features are adding value to their life. A focus on benefits will make it more relatable to your audience. A good way to go about it is to list down your customer pain points and build up the knowledge from them. 

4. Follow Above-the-Fold Practice

Follow Above-the-Fold Practice

The concept of ‘above the fold’ isn’t new when designing a business landing page for startups. Newspaper ads have been following this practice to optimize conversion, which has now been extended to web pages. 

Usually, anything above the fold gets the maximum attention, and that’s where the critical headlines are placed. Regarding landing page lead generation best practices, value propositions, headlines, and calls to action should be placed in the first visible screen space without the users having to scroll below. 

5. Deliver the Landing Page Offer Immediately

Deliver the Landing Page Offer Immediately

Building a landing page for a startup is designed with a certain goal in mind. Ideally, potential customers who are visiting the page should go for immediate sign up. For example, just like CodeAcademy did, if you are offering a free masterclass or interactive sessions then use a lead generation form to help users immediately access the landing offer. This gives a boost to your lead generation strategy by driving desired results. 

6. Make the Design Responsive

Make the Design Responsive

Most of the time, your landing page for startups fail to perform because it is not device friendly. Today people are more on their smartphones and tabs than on their desktops. Hence, for an optimized user experience, startups must, from the beginning, consider device functionality while developing their landing pages for landing page lead generation . For business relevance, startup owners must connect with their customers in all possible ways. Ignoring the smartphone population is a big no-no in this context. Hence, mobile responsive design best practices can help to adapt to different screen sizes, providing the best user experiences while retaining valuable leads.

7. Ensure Search Engine Optimization

Ensure Search Engine Optimization

Some of the best startup landing pages are also optimized for search engines. Your traffic will come from ads, email alerts, social posts, and other marketing funnels. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the power of search engines. Landing page optimization gives you more opportunities to convert and makes it visible to more people online. Hence, as a landing page for startups, the best practice includes relevant keywords and backlinks wherever you deem fit within your text. 

8. Leverage Social Buzz

Leverage Social Buzz

No matter whether your offerings are lucrative, humans are best attracted through word-of-mouth. Include customer reviews and testimonials in your website landing page design to build trust with prospects. At the nascent stage, it is essential to gain confidence through credibility. Customers who have never heard of your business can only rely on you if you get the trust factor right. Humans best trust the word of another human. Therefore, using testimonials from actual customers helps you build a trusted connection, leading to faster conversions. Also, don’t forget the social plugins! This gives a quick overview of your presence online, helping in cross-platform marketing. Confused how to go about them?  Consult landing page designing services. 

9. Cut down on the load time

Cut down on the load time

With the entire world connected today and higher internet speed, users expect instant web page loading right after they click on it. Slower loading leads to a higher bounce rate, negatively impacting your conversions. Sometimes marketers overdo it by adding too many heavy files like gifs and animations, which often backfires. Additionally, too many scripts running in the background and different elements make the page longer to load, leading to poor user experiences and lower conversions. 

Media files usually increase page load times. So, when you use gifs and images on your startup landing page, compress them before adding them.

10. Testing and More Testing

A_B Testing

Even if you have implemented and adhered to all landing page best practices, you may still get average results because every business is different. First and foremost, it is essential to understand the needs of your audience. As a thumb rule, A/B tests every aspect of your startup landing page, from design elements, headline, and words to refine and enhance it before you publish. A/B Testing helps you understand the best for your audience and help make data-based informed decisions. This, in turn, reflects on the numbers. With the help of a test and trial method, you will see surefire improvement in your conversion rates. 


1. What is a landing page?

A landing page is another extension of a webpage with its own identity clearly built with the intention of showcasing your offers and value propositions. Landing pages for startups and full-blown businesses may make or break their conversion rates. Landing page designs should always be device sensitive and take precedence in your overall lead-generation strategy. They have a single call to action and when developed using the right elements become an effective lead magnet.

2. What are the different types of landing pages?

There are different types of landing pages delivered by landing pages services that customers land on after clicking on emails, social media posts, and search and display ads. However, the following two types are most popular: 

  1. Click-through landing pages for startups: A click-through landing page gives your traffic the information they need about the offer on display and the steps they need to take to move forward in the journey, finally leading them to the point of purchase. 
  2. Lead generation landing pages for startups: A lead-generation landing page helps startups to gather information from the traffic through a form fill. These pages have a brand asset or offer in exchange for customer’s information. 

3. How to build a good landing page for startups?

Landing pages for startups are important tools created by web design companies to generate leads and increase conversion rates. It’s an effective and informative way to connect with your audience. However, landing page design and development is not as easy as it seems. You need to learn some best practices on the go. Some of the best ways to develop a landing page for your startups are as follows: 

  1. Strategize and talk about your great offer for your audience
  2. Have a responsive design within simple navigation for a better user experience
  3. Keep your landing page updated with the latest information 
  4. Publish as many landing pages as possible for your business with relevant content.

    How to Design A Landing Page for Startups

    Landing pages for startups allow customers to focus on one action. It is imperative, and when there is zero distraction, like unnecessary navigation, links, and visuals, your prospects are more likely to go through your entire content and convert. 

    Of course, there are numerous landing page design services helping you to come up with the best design templates by understanding what works for you. Janbask is one of the top trusted web design services that do it from scratch, helping you quickly update your landing page. 

    Not just that, we extend our expertise to develop your entire website, whether you are just putting a plan of action to market your startup business or looking for rebranding. Learn more about our website design agency - JanBask-industry’s best web design agency for startups to take your startup business to newer heights. 

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