7 Ecommerce Web Design Hacks To 10X Your Conversion Rate


8 May, 2024



Are you a product-driven business, but you have no idea how to attract customers to purchase from your site? 

As of Jan 2022, The average Conversion rate for eCommerce businesses is 1.74 %.

Still, with such a heartening number only 28% of small businesses in the US sell their products online, and even fewer optimize their sites to attract the right target audience. Having said that, a simple tweak in web design optimization can reach a larger target audience & can increase sales by 50%. 

But caution! changing the wrong things in eCommerce web design might be a waste of time – or even have the opposite effect and interfere with your conversions.

That's why in this blog we will guide you with several top-level approaches to “optimize” your e-commerce site & “Boost Conversions”. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights on Why Your Ecommerce Visitors aren't Converting!
  • 7 Proven Ways to Optimize your eCommerce website to Boost Your Conversion Rates

So let's get a head start by telling you the biggest reasons why your visitors aren't turning into buyers!

5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Visitors are not Converting!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you looking to boost your online profit using eCommerce optimization?

But what's stopping you! In this highly competitive digital marketplace, we have identified the top 5 reasons that may be halting your digital progress! 

1. Your Site Makes a Bad First Impression!

A website has 50 milliseconds for making a first impression! In this small amount of time a user will decide if they will remain and commit themselves with your website or walk away. 

So, do you think your current website is living up to your expectations? 

The era of fantasy animations and elaborate designs has come to an end. Users want sites that load up quickly, are eye-catching, and are smoothly navigable. 

So, the Bottom line: Visual Appeal Matters! 

2. Your Site isn’t SEO Friendly 

One of the major issues in search engine optimization for ecommerce websites is to avoid duplicate content, which is sometimes difficult when you list similar types of products. 

Another underlying SEO problem appears when you are currently missing product descriptions, reviews on your product pages. Which leads to unsatisfied search intent.  

3. Your Site Seems Untrustworthy

data privacy

(Source: Norton Lifelock)

According to research by TechRepublic, 40% of eCommerce users were worried that their personal information would be sold to third parties and used without their consent.

Consumers are skeptical. They don't trust the claims and If your website appears amateur, it is unlikely that consumers trust it.

Plus if your website has a lack of Social proof, Social media links, Certifications/accreditations & security proof. It's worth asking “Will I risk entering such a website?”

4. Your Site Fails To Guide Them

Broken links, or static elements make for a bad user experience, causing visitors to bounce. 

Plus, If you don't have a live chat or chat bot feature to your website. It's most likely that your visitors will feel lost.

In fact, according to ProProfs Chat, if you don't have a chat feature it's likely to cause a 20% decrease in conversions.

5. Your Page is Confusing Users

Your Page is Confusing Users

(Source: Awesome shop)

Let's take a look at the above image! 

Okay, so where do I even begin? Should I register for rewards? Click the free shipping button? Start purchasing? 

Confused, distracted & frustrated right!  

The same happens, when your page is overloaded with pop-ups, videos, unnecessary features & Ads. Your customer gets distracted easily & this leads to a high bounce rate. 

These are some of the major reasons & consequences for not paying attention to the eCommerce website design. Check out the next section which speaks at length about the Ways to Optimize your eCommerce website design to scale up your web traffic and the conversion rate. 

7 Proven Ways to Optimize your eCommerce website to Boost Your Conversion Rates!

Here are the winning ways to optimize your eCommerce website for better revenues.

1. Provide Persuasive Content

Provide Persuasive Content

(Source: Petsmart)

Take a look at this example above! This looks like a message penned down by a pet lover for pet lovers. Which echoes its brand voice and says we love our products, so will you!

Ecommerce Website Optimization is important! Why! 

Because the purpose of persuasive content is pretty simple: "Keep your visitors engaged and go ahead with a deal."

A good eCommerce development company can help you achieve this.

Your content strategy should focus on purposeful content, here’s what you should be doing:

  • Build content that generates a FOMO emotion (fear of missing out)
  • Disrupt how people normally perceive a message, and then rephrase it(DTR).
  • Keep it simple, concise & conversational.

One of the most popular examples is Encyclopedia Britannica which got a huge 103% increase in conversion on their landing page using these techniques. And at JanBask Digital Design Agency we believe so can you!

2. Deliver Compelling Design

Deliver Compelling Design

Okay! So which eCommerce web design grabbed your attention! 

If your answer is an image (a), then let's tell you the reasons why it's working well.

 The two critical aspects of e-commerce web design for beginners are:

  • It should be Visually Attractive.
  • It should be Visually Persuasive.

The above example does provide clickable options, & it’s clear what new visitors are "supposed" to do from the start. And that's what a visually persuasive and attractive eCommerce web design can do!

            Here's how you will achieve a visually compelling and engaging design! 

  • The main image, inlaid text & the Call to Action button beneath the inlaid text.
  • The F- based pattern will work with a reader’s natural pattern of reading the page.
  • A responsive eCommerce web development company can help you by arranging visual elements focused on colors, typography & imagery.

Exclusive Read: 12 Effective Ecommerce Homepage Designs For Best Outcomes

3. Deliver Winning Exit Intent Designs

Deliver Winning Exit Intent Designs

(Source: J.crew)

On average, 70 to 96% of visitors who leave your site will never come back.

A solution for a low conversion rate is to make the right offer immediately before people leave your site. And that is where exit-intent popups come into action!

It's your one last attempt to convert a prospect before they leave your site. 

This is why it becomes even more critical to choose an innovative eCommerce web design services that can help you design Exit-intent popups that will:

  • Create a compelling offer to prevent visitors from abandoning their shopping cart.
  • Collect your prospects' e-mail addresses by offering a subscription incentive. 
  • Create winning Pop-ups using A/B testing.

As they say, a customer is lost only if you let them go without trying. 

4. Make User Navigation Simple

According to a survey by Clutch, 94% of consumers agree that a website should be easy to navigate.  

If it's not, here are the consequences: Without seamless navigation on your site, the visitors will not be able to figure out where they can look for products, how to add them to the cart, or even how to move ahead to respective landing pages. In 0.05 seconds the visitors will navigate your competitors websites, which is a business loss.

Looking to change this outcome!

There are a few ecommerce web development services that can ensure you achieve your goal by:

  • Understanding the relationship between site navigation and user experience. (i.e  Availability of contact information, Page load time, Form design, etc)
  • Using sidebars, breadcrumbs, hamburger menus among others to make a user's life simple.

In short, the navigation structure in your ecommerce website design should make it possible for someone to land on any page of your website and find what they need in just 3 simple clicks. 

5. Enable purchases via social media platforms

Enable purchases via social media platforms

(Source: Kate spade)

Your brand must have some social media presence right! 

The Sprout Social Index in 2021 reported that when consumers start following a brand, 91% of them are likely to visit the brand’s website or app, 89% are likely to buy from the brand and 85% are likely to recommend the brand.

But this is only possible if your eCommerce website is designed to allow shopping via social media platforms

And choosing an expert eCommerce web development service can help your cause. 

As they can:

  • Identify and reach your target audience
  • Measure your ROI and support your overall business goals.
  • Remove irrelevant content and make your social media shoppable
  • Add proper website landing pages to your social media content 

So, if you are an eCommerce company that relies heavily on visual presentation. Then, it's time you make it shoppable.

6. Build Trust by Displaying Social Proof

A survey by Consumerist found that 70% of online shoppers verify product reviews before making a purchase.

Build Trust by Displaying Social Proof

(Source: Walmart)

It is also interesting to mention that positive social evidence usually leads to not only an increase in the conversion rate but also the average order value and retention as well. 

But social proof isn't just limited to testimonials! 

  • Build confidence simply by incorporating a message like “secure checkout options” in the payment section & designing similar concise buttons.
  • Frame your products with the best possible light as: "number 1", "bestseller", "popular choice"
  • Post expert reviews of your product endorsements.
  • Highlight positive customer reviews
  • Utilize positive customer sentiments in your brand message 

Pro tip: Your choice of an expert eCommerce web development company can truly help your cause. 

7. Re-Engage Your Cart Abandoners

69% of online carts are abandoned before checkout.

And this is a headache for every eCommerce business, which is why remarketing & reducing it has become so important.

Every company wants to make more money, doesn't it? That's where choosing a quality eCommerce web design service makes a difference! 

Reduce & re-engage your Cart abandoners by:

  • Providing incentives through exit pop-ups, remarketing campaigns, and email content.
  • Cutting out unnecessary surprises(i.e shipping charges) & providing customer-friendly policy sections.
  • Providing multiple payment options & also a popular pay-later option. 

Protip: Keep a persistent shopping cart, which buyers can view from each page on your site. It's a gentle reminder that they have a product to purchase.

However, with the right strategy & coordination with a genuine eCommerce web design company, your visitor could end up becoming a loyal buyer of your brand. 

How JanBask Digital Design Critical Can Help?

Do you want your competitors to eat away your share of the eCommerce business! 

That's why it's critical to have your own personalized eCommerce web design that can get you more customers & make your business stand apart.

We know ‘your customer’s first impression is the last ‘ & our goal is to make it an everlasting one by:

  • Highlighting your corporate identity with eye-catching web designs.
  • Convey your products, services & messaging seamlessly to your target audience.
  • Develop highly responsive & mobile-friendly websites.
  • Strategies for better conversion rate optimization.

Let's turn your “Just curious visitors” into “Long-term buying customers”. Reach Out To Us!

Bottom line

71% of buyers feel they will get a better deal online than in stores.

Lucrative offers, convenience of shopping, user-friendly payment and return policies and many such factors drive consumers to purchase online and so your ecommerce web design can be nothing less than perfect.

You need to ensure that your services, products, prices, catalogs, policies, offers rather every element that shapes up a website is relatable to the visitor.

While we have expressed every critical mistake that your website should avoid, it is equally crucial to choose a good ecommerce web design company that can bring your vision alive.

So, what are you waiting for! Enhance your digital footprint with the right ecommerce web design, connect with us now!

Looking to Create a Custom Ecommerce Website?
  • Well-optimized landing pages
  • Strong & visible CTA
  • An intuitive website layout

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