Why Does Digital Marketing Play An Important Role In E-Commerce?


3 Jun, 2024


The boom in information technology has changed the way of doing business. Digital marketing for ecommerce has revolutionized the way people purchase and sell items, as well as the way businesses operate. Consumers prefer to buy products online rather than at a physical store. This has resulted in a surge in eCommerce firms, with several eCommerce websites registered everywhere. 

It’s easy to start an eCommerce business but difficult to survive. This is mainly because many strong brands provide fast options and almost everything people need. We can’t predict the market behavior in the next minute. Thus, digital marketing for ecommerce plays a profound role in helping businesses evolve with the diverse market trends and changes.

Out of 5.18 billion internet users, around 77% of business owners use digital marketing ecommerce for their business growth.

So, how to keep up with everything? Let’s find out in detail.

Unlock Your E-Commerce Success with Digital Marketing?

  • Targeted Audience
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Cost-Effective

What is eCommerce digital marketing and why is it imperative?

Digital marketing uses promotional tactics to drive more traffic to your online store. This includes the use of social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors. Digital marketing for ecommerce helps to generate more revenue as it helps in the retention of more customers and increases the brand value. 

As customers are easily distracted, it has become essential to catch their attention. This is where digital marketing ecommerce helps enterprises to overcome such problems. To make things easier, digital marketing for e-commerce focuses on using the right marketing channels. You will realize why you need an eCommerce business strategy if you operate an eCommerce firm.

Custom Ecommerce web development services help to increase conversion rates and online visibility.

Here are a few reasons to emphasize this fact. 

1. Builds Online Visibility

 Builds Online Visibility

 Becoming visible in the crowded market is a challenge for small eCommerce owners, demonstrated by the infographic above.

It's difficult to be noticed and identified in today's digital world! As a business owner, you want more traffic to your website. This can be achieved by implementing digital marketing for e-commerce so as to increase online visibility and deliver the best results. 

Remember, Digital marketing is an investment, not an expense!

The more you are visible, the more customers will be interested in the products and services you offer. Thus, you must invest wisely to attain a high ROI.

2. Builds Brand Image

Nurture Your Customers To Become Brand Ambassadors.

 Builds Brand Image

According to research, around 80% of users use the Internet to purchase products, and the statistics highlight the importance of a strong brand. A strong brand has a high USP.  Building solid brands entails establishing a strong brand identity by creating a visual coherence that appeals to the target market. Digital marketing for ecommerce entirely helps in building a solid brand image. When social media marketing and digital marketing for ecommerce are integrated, businesses can capture more people and keep them engaged.

3. High Conversions and ROI

Conversion Rates by Industry

Return on investment (ROI) is a crucial business metric that must be carefully considered when evaluating the financial performance of an investment. It measures the profitability and efficiency of an investment by comparing the gains or benefits obtained against the costs incurred. Taking into account factors such as time, risk, and financial resources, ROI provides a comprehensive analysis that helps businesses make informed decisions and prioritize investments that yield the highest returns.

  • An exceptional marketing ROI is considered 10:1 or higher
  • Email marketing generates a 4,200% average ROI.
  • Blogging has helped individuals to get 13 times more positive ROI
  • For every $1 spent on Google Ads, companies earn 2$ ROI

ROI varies depending on the type of marketing. SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing, Google Ads, and PPC have the most substantial track records for generating a positive ROI.

4. Stay Ahead Of Competition

Digital marketing in ecommerce has enormous potential as a successful marketing approach that has been recognized by businesses. Thus, there has been a significant increase in competition. 

Having an online presence is now a need for any business.

Your direct competition is with every message and communication online. 

Being online comes up with significant challenges. You are now competing for customers’ attention.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Uplift Your Ecommerce Business And Enhance Sales

Digital Commerce Journey

The most crucial aspect of any online business is marketing. It's generally the one that gets overlooked. Most marketers assume that marketing comprises public relations, SEO, and social media. The most significant success is in building high-quality leads. This can be achieved through digital marketing e-commerce.

An effective digital marketing e-commerce plan includes both on-site and off-site marketing methods. A well-thought-out marketing plan can help you raise brand awareness, develop client loyalty, and boost online sales. To redesign your eCommerce website, you must follow efficient digital marketing strategies.

Here are some ways you can try implementing.

1. Shopping Campaigns


Smart Shopping campaigns

You're definitely missing out something, if your eCommerce doesn't have shopping campaigns!!

About 60% of the Google Search Ad Clicks come from Shopping Campaigns.

There is a common question asked by many retailers.

“How Can I Raise The CTR On My Google Shopping Campaigns?"

Google search engine marketing is a successful digital marketing ecommerce strategy that is crucial for e-commerce stores. Google has algorithms that present only relevant businesses in the form of product advertisements based on the brand's product listing and the search query. Google Shopping Campaigns is mostly responsible for this.

  • You will be able to boost the overall quality of your leads as a business owner. 
  • Online buyers would be able to make a lot more selections.
  • The likelihood of a shopper completing a purchase on your website will rise.
  • Google Shopping Campaigns can help you build a stronger online presence.
  • It improves the overall success of your brand online by influencing the ROAS.
  • Shopping Campaigns come with unique features to optimize your ads effectively.
  • Assists in the collection of competitive data.

2. Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing is important for B2B

Content marketing delivers 54% more leads than other outbound marketing strategies.

“Content always remains the King”. This is especially true when it comes to attracting potential customers to make them interested in something you sell. Determine which content types appeal to your target market in order to create content that aligns with your business's objectives and what your customers want.

Blogging remains an effective Content Marketing Strategy. Around 85% of business owners use blogging to drive more sales.

How Would Content Marketing Help You Generate More Sales?

  • Attracts The Targeted Audience - You increase your chances of appearing in search results by creating content for your audience and optimizing it for the keywords they use. Not only this will boost traffic, but it will also increase qualified traffic.
  • Helps In Establishing Authority - In a competitive marketplace, content that demonstrates your brand's thoughts benefits the buyers in deciding who to partner with.
  • Building Audience Engagement - B2B sales can take months to end, and you don't want to lose your leads' attention in the process. Interesting content encourages engagement and keeps the conversation going. Around 37% of B2B Sales marketers and 60% of marketers effectively implement Content Marketing Strategy.

    3. Social Media For Successful eCommerce Marketing

    Social Media marketing platfrom

    An average user spends 40 minutes each day on social media platforms.

    Social networking is a valuable tool for digital marketing for e-commerce websites. It's quite important to be able to not just drive them to a new product, but also to communicate with them and build a sense of connectedness. E-commerce businesses can utilize social media to raise brand exposure, get online followers, and increase sales. Social media can also be used by businesses to advertise their brand, profile, and products. Here are a few ways how social media can help you to be successful in digital marketing for e-commerce.

    • Helps To Expand Your Reach - 

    About 70% of adults use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Businesses can utilize these platforms to promote their services. 

    • Reach The Targeted Audience - 

    You can contact consumers when they're actively searching for certain items by optimizing your site for search engines and also reach them on their favorite sites online by using social media.

    • Helps To Share Your Brand Online - 

    Allows your current customers to share your brand with friends and family. 

    • Helps To Engage Your Potential Customers - 

    Unlike any other advertising channel, social media platforms allow you to participate in two-way conversations with consumers who are interested in learning more about your products.

    4. Affiliate Programs

    Benefits of affiliate marketing for brands

    Affiliate Marketing is going to be an $8.2 Billion Industry by 2022. 

    E-commerce affiliate marketing is becoming more popular to increase sales and earn online money for both companies and affiliate marketers. Thus, an increasing number of firms are joining affiliate programs.

    About 80% of the brands leverage the power of affiliate marketing to promote their business.

    About 15% and 30% of all sales are generated from affiliate programs.

    Here are some of the ways Affiliate Programming can help your business grow.

    • The no-sale, no-commission strategy is one of the key reasons why affiliate marketing is so appealing to companies. Affiliate marketing contributes to your ROAS and customer acquisition expenses in a good way.
    • It has the ability to scale and distribute your sales force.
    • With affiliate marketing, you have complete control over the scope and distribution of your message and the amount of money you spend on it.
    • Get featured where you never had visibility before.

    5. Personalized Emails To Re-engage Shoppers

    The Appeal of personalization

    The importance of email marketing in attaining business success cannot be ignored. There are various benefits to implementing a good email strategy. Email marketing helps in promoting brand awareness, reputation building, and building trustworthy relationships with customers. It's also an excellent approach to creating leads, increasing revenue, and increasing website traffic.

    The most recent email marketing statistics are listed below.

    • About 90% of consumers check their emails every day.
    • Around 80% of eCommerce retailers consider email marketing as the most effective way to retain customers.
    • Around 60% of customers have the influence to make buying decisions using personalized emails.
    • Around 42% of people subscribe to emails and discount offers.
    • Email Marketing has a high ROI of 4400%.

    Here are some of the top digital marketing for e-commerce strategies to help your company flourish.

      Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce

      1. User onboarding

      User onboarding is the process of dramatically boosting the chances of new users adopting your product successfully.DIGITAL CUSTOMER ONBOARDING (1)

       Your user onboarding should solely be concerned with assisting new users in experiencing what your product allows them to accomplish.

       Customers' lives are made more accessible through onboarding. They have easy access to the information and knowledge they need to use your goods. It enables customers to navigate the process easily and contributes to a sense of trust in your company.

      2. Lead Nurturing

      B2B Marketers Lead Nurturing

      Around 80% of the leads never make a transaction.

      A strong lead nurturing program focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to prospects' needs and providing the information and answers they need to build trust, improve brand awareness, and keep the connection going until the prospects are ready to buy. That's why a targeted lead scoring system is critical for nurturing buyer connections, necessitating the use of well-designed lead nurturing programs.

      3. Re-engaging passive users

      “Limited Offer!” 

      “Last Chance!”

      These are the concepts of scarcity.  You might be wondering how to activate a passive user. Thus, digital marketing for ecommerce and customer engagement can help turn passive customers into active customers. 

      “If you Incentivize, They Will Come.”

      Activating a passive customer will enhance your sales.

      4. Cross-Selling

      Cross-selling is an excellent strategy to boost each customer's value.

      Cross-selling can enhance revenue by up to 43% by improving customer retention.

      Automated Business Process For Cross-Selling and Upselling

      Customers enjoy cross-selling when done correctly because it allows them to discover new products and services that will improve their lives. Cross-selling helps to increase your brand loyalty. If cross-selling improves customer satisfaction, you'll save money by spending less time and resources on client acquisition. 

      5. Upselling

      Upselling Accelerates Saas Profitability

      Upselling is an effective digital marketing ecommerce strategy to boost the amount of money your consumers spend throughout the transaction.

      Acquiring a new customer is 25 times more difficult than a current one, and Upselling will be a more profitable way to grow your business.

      Upselling will help build deeper customer relationships, thus increasing the Customer Lifetime Value(CLV). When you upsell, you give the customers the flexibility to choose what they need!

      How Can JanBask Digital Design Help?

      We are a full-service digital marketing agency that serves customers across a wide range of industries. Our digital marketing services specialize in creating high-converting marketing strategies that help you meet your target clients, increase conversion rates and outrank the competition. 

      By utilizing the best Tips to choose the correct digital marketing agency, you can make your business stand ahead of competition!

      Here are a few reasons why you should partner with JanBask Digital Design.

      1. Enhance Your User Experience With Our Digital Marketing Services

      To boost your online sales within your given budget, our digital marketing for e-commerce works on every key area such as optimizing the leads form, actionable CTAs, strong content strategy, boosting social media presence, and more. Our digital marketing e-commerce specialists improve digital experiences that drive customer interest in your core products or services. 

      2. Highlight Your Brand’s Product Identity

      We understand what kind of personalized methods can showcase the individuality, personality, and value of your company's products and brand in the eyes of your target customers.

       Our Ecommerce web development solutions help to make your online store more reliable, secure, and scalable.

      3. We Have Proven Results

      Why would you associate with a digital marketing agency that doesn't get the results you're searching for? Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on a non-converting strategy. JanBask Digital Design takes the time to learn about your company's objectives and requirements, then creates a customized digital marketing e-commerce plan to help you achieve them.

      4. Give Customers The First Priority

      Many marketing organizations make it a point to maintain a customer-centric emphasis, but only a handful truly do so. JanBask Digital stands out as a digital marketing agency. By being diligent, fulfilling our commitments, and being kind, honest, and respectful to our clients, we demonstrate our dedication and commitment to them.

      5. Honest And Ethical

      At JanBask Digital, we value honesty, ethics, and treating our clients respectfully. We don't believe in "selling" a service you don't need or treating each client as a one-size-fits-all situation. Our digital marketing services help our clients achieve higher rankings, more traffic, conversions, and a higher return on investment.

      “Don't just partner with any digital marketing agency; work with a company you can trust.”

      Rev-Up Your ECommerce Website to enhance your website traffic!!

      If you are looking forward to learning more about our digital marketing services, contact us at tel:+1 434 879 4367 or at info@janbaskdigitaldesign.com.

      Schedule a no-cost free consultation now!


      1.  How can digital marketing help e-commerce businesses stand out in a crowded market?

      Digital marketing offers e-commerce businesses a diverse range of tools to stand out in the competitive landscape. These include targeted advertising, tailor-made content, and active social media engagement. By leveraging these strategies, businesses can effectively differentiate themselves and drive success in the online marketplace.

      2. Is it necessary for e-commerce businesses to have a strong online presence to succeed?

      Answer: Indeed, establishing a robust online presence remains paramount for the success of e-commerce enterprises in the digital era. A well-crafted digital marketing strategy serves as a catalyst to enhance visibility, fortify brand presence, and expand the customer base.

      3. What are some common mistakes e-commerce businesses make when implementing digital marketing strategies?

      Answer: A prevalent error is the lack of a lucid comprehension of the target audience, resulting in ineffective marketing campaigns. Additionally, neglecting to track and analyze data to gauge strategy effectiveness and make essential refinements is another misstep to avoid.

      4. How can e-commerce businesses effectively leverage social media for their digital marketing strategies?

      Answer: E-commerce enterprises can maximize their social media impact through the creation of compelling content, implementation of targeted advertisements, and active engagement with their audience via comments and direct messaging. Additionally, they have the opportunity to expand their reach by harnessing the potential of influencer marketing.

      5. Are there any legal considerations e-commerce businesses should be aware of when implementing digital marketing strategies?

      Answer: Certainly E-commerce businesses must remain cognizant of crucial legal aspects encompassing privacy laws, advertising regulations, and intellectual property rights. It is imperative for businesses to stay current with these regulations in order to sidestep any potential legal entanglements.


      Digital marketing for e-commerce can be the ultimate rescue for both small and large organizations. Going online not only cuts down on paperwork, but also allows you to save costs, expand your client base, enhance sales, and improve your return on investment. You won't regret checking out the JanBask Digital Design website. We've found a way to save you even more money! JanBask now allows you to develop and manage an eCommerce store for your business at affordable pricing. Our digital marketing experts will offer you a customized digital marketing e-commerce plan to assist you in your online selling adventure. Why wait when you can get started immediately?

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