Decoding Email Marketing Costs: Unveiling the Price of Success


10 Apr, 2024


How much does it cost to leverage one of the most direct and personal marketing channels? In a world where billions of emails are sent daily, how much should one expect to invest in email marketing?

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method of reaching audiences directly, frequently achieving an outstanding return on investment (ROI). According to a recent study from Statista, roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020. 

No doubt that email marketing can help you with your outreach immensely. But there is a crucial question to answer before you get this service: "How much does email marketing cost?"

This article will address this burning question, revealing the average email marketing cost companies worldwide are shelling out and providing insights on choosing the best email marketing service for your business needs. 

Also, you will find the various factors that impact the email marketing package pricing, helping you plan your digital marketing budget effectively and get the most bang for your buck. So, if you're curious to unveil the price of success in email marketing and learn why email marketing is so important, keep reading!

Why Email Marketing?

3 Key Email Marketing Statistics

Though it is a straightforward concept, email marketing has much potential. It's a way for businesses to interact with their present, prospective, and leads by emailing them. To entice recipients to do a particular action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service, these can include newsletters, promotional offers, or tailored communications.

60% of consumers who made a purchase as a result of email marketing.

While there is no doubt that email marketing has revolutionized how businesses connect with clients, the reasons for adopting it should be known. From knowing the email marketing pricing To learning the things to consider when choosing the best email marketing services, you need to focus on everything for a successful outcome.

So, here are the top reasons that make email marketing an important part of your marketing strategy.

1. A Cost-Affordable Marketing Option

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of email marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional forms of marketing, which may involve substantial investments in advertising space or physical materials, email marketing operates digitally, resulting in significantly lower overhead costs. Its substantial return on investment, often outperforming other channels on this metric, makes it a go-to choice for budget-conscious businesses.

2. Allows Personalization And Segmentation

Facts About Personalization

One of the standout features of email marketing is the capacity for deep personalization. You can tailor messages to meet individual customers' unique needs and preferences. Furthermore, segmentation allows you to group your audience based on factors (like past purchases or demographic data) and target these segments with hyper-relevant content. This level of personalization can lead to enhanced customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

3. Helps To Boost Brand Awareness

Email marketing is a consistent touchpoint between your brand and its customers. Each email you send reminds clients of your business and its offerings. Customers who receive regular updates and valuable content from your brand become more familiar with your business. This increased brand awareness often translates to a preference for your brand when it's time for them to purchase.


4. Facilitates Quantifiable Results

One of the key advantages of digital marketing practices like email marketing is the ability to measure results accurately. Email marketing platforms offer extensive data, including open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversions. These metrics allow you to assess your campaigns' success objectively and adjust your strategies for improved outcomes. In fact, as per Statista, for every dollar spent on email marketing, the B2B marketers have generated a return of $36.

5. Organic Traffic Generation

Emails can significantly drive traffic to your website. Incorporating relevant links within your email content gives recipients an easy path to visit your site. Whether the call to action is to read a blog post, check out a new product, or take advantage of a promotional offer, driving traffic to your site is a crucial step in the conversion process.

6. Gives You Prompt Results

Email is a medium that allows for instant communication. As soon as you send an email, it lands in the recipient's inbox, making it possible to trigger immediate responses. An email is a powerful tool for prompt, quick action, such as flash sales, limited-time offers, or event reminders.

7. Enhanced Customer Retention

Email marketing is not just about winning new customers; it's also about retaining the current ones. Regular updates and valuable content delivered directly to customers' inboxes keep them engaged with your brand. Moreover, loyalty programs and exclusive offers for subscribers can foster a strong sense of community, promoting customer loyalty.

8. Opportunities For Scalability

The Widespred

Email marketing is incredibly scalable, allowing businesses to reach a vast audience or focus on a select group, depending on the strategy. Whether you're a small business owner targeting a local demographic or a multinational company reaching out to consumers in various markets, email marketing can be adjusted and scaled to meet your business needs. This flexibility is one of the key reasons email marketing remains essential in every marketer's toolkit.

9. Targeted Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities

Emails allow you to present your customers with additional products or services related to their previous purchases or browsing habits. This targeted approach to upselling and cross-selling can increase your business's revenue without spending extra advertising.

10. Instant Feedback and Survey Opportunities

Email marketing offers an excellent platform for gathering customer feedback. Quick surveys and questionnaires can be sent to your customers to gain valuable insights about your products, services, or overall customer experience. This direct line of communication can help you improve your offerings based on your customers' needs and preferences.

But again, the question is how much email marketing services costs. So, let us explore the same further.

What Factors Impact The Cost Of Email Marketing?

Factors Impact Cost Of Email Marketing

Understanding the components that factor into the overall email marketing cost can help you make informed decisions when planning your digital marketing budget. While costs can range widely based on your specific needs and strategies, several key factors universally impact email marketing pricing:

  • The Quality Of Your Current Email List

The size and quality of your email list play a significant role in your email marketing costs. A larger list means more emails, which can increase costs on platforms that charge based on the number of emails sent. Additionally, the calibre of your list is important. Comparatively to a list requiring cleaning up or low involvement, a list with engaged subscribers may convert with less time and expense.

  • The Complexity Of Your Email Design

Simpler email designs with text and images are less expensive than complex designs that involve custom coding, interactive elements, or personalization. If you require complex designs, you might need to hire a professional designer, which will add to your email marketing pricing packages.

  • The Frequency Of Your Campaigns

You'll wind up spending more money the more emails you send out. More frequent campaigns require more design work, more maintenance, and sometimes more expensive email service from your provider.

  • The Platform You Use

There are several pricing models for various platforms. Others might charge you based on how many emails you send, while some might base their fees on how many subscribers you have. For a certain fee, some people might provide limitless email. It's critical to comprehend these pricing structures before selecting a platform.

  • Email Marketing Software (ESP)  

Your Email Service Provider (ESP) cost will also factor into your overall email marketing campaign cost. ESPs come with various prices, with some basic packages being free or low-cost, while more comprehensive packages with advanced features can be more expensive. The right ESP for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

By understanding these factors, you can create a perfect email marketing budget to help you manage your costs.

When working with the best email marketing services provider, you can get curated strategies and customized packages to meet your needs better. But at the same time, it's essential to understand the email marketing costs based on the two prime aspects. One is the industry, and the other is your marketing model type.

So, let us explore them here.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

The question of "how much does it cost for email marketing?" is not straightforward. The costs associated with email marketing can vary significantly depending on the size of your business, the extent of your campaigns, and the number of subscribers you have.

Let's start with a basic, do-it-yourself approach. If you're a small business with limited subscribers using a free or inexpensive platform, you could be looking at a minimal monthly expense. For businesses or those employing an agency to manage their email marketing, the email marketing packages & pricing can range between $100 and $1500 per month, based on the firm's size and plan. But multiple factors define the cost of email marketing. But why is that?

Investment in email marketing isn't just about sending information; it's a customer retention tool and a relationship builder. Well-executed email marketing keeps your business at the forefront of your customer's minds, increasing the likelihood that they'll choose you over your competitors when it's time to make a purchase.

In this light, defining an appropriate email marketing budget isn't an expense but rather a strategic investment in your business's future growth and success. And this is possible when you know the factors that impact the average email marketing cost.

Email Marketing Costs By Industry

Different industries have unique considerations that can affect the overall cost of their email marketing campaigns. These can range from the complexity of the email design and the frequency of campaigns to the regulations around email communication within the industry.

Open Rates By Industry

To understand this better, let us briefly describe the two industry sectors here:

1. B2B Sector

B2B industries often use email marketing for lead generation, nurturing leads down the sales funnel, sharing industry insights, and maintaining relationships with existing clients. Due to the complex nature of B2B sales, these emails can involve significant personalization and segmentation efforts, with content that often needs to be highly informative and value-adding.


The email marketing pricing package is based on various aspects. Right from the number of emails to send to the size of the email, there are multiple aspects that you need to consider. When collaborating with the best email marketing service provider, you can expect a range starting from $50-$200 or even more based on your need as well as the agency packages with which you are considering to get the service.

2. B2C Sector

When we consider the B2C sector, the majority of the email marketing is used for connect, promoting, and sharing information while building a high level of trust among the exiting and potential customers. The email campaigns in B2C tend to be more frequent and visually appealing than in B2B, often segmented based on the customers' purchase history, preferences, or behavior.

For B2C industries, the email marketing services prices might also be based on the contact list size, but with the higher sending frequency and the increased need for design and segmentation, costs might be slightly higher than B2B. B2C companies might expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $300 or more per month on email marketing, depending on the best email marketing service provider they choose.

However, irrespective of the industry, it's important to remember that the true measure of how much does email marketing costs is not just the direct price. The return on investment, measured in terms of customer engagement, lead generation, and ultimately, sales and revenue growth, is the real cost determinant. Monitoring these metrics closely is always a good practice to ensure you get the most value from your email marketing investment.

Email Marketing Costs By Model Type

The cost of email marketing can also vary depending on the model you choose for your campaigns.

Email Marketing Costs By Model Type

  • Cost per thousand (CPM)

This model charges you based on the number of people you're sending your emails to. For instance, a rate of $10 CPM means you'd pay $10 for every 1,000 emails sent. Larger companies with extensive email lists often utilize this model and regularly send out mass campaigns.

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)

This model charges you each time a recipient completes a specific action, such as purchasing, signing up for a trial, or filling out a form. While typically more expensive per action, CPA can be more cost-effective if your emails have a high conversion rate.

  • Flat fee

Depending on the quantity of subscribers or emails sent each month, some email service providers impose a flat monthly fee. For companies who require monthly email marketing, this can be a smart alternative.

According to data from Email Tool Tester, in 2021, the best email marketing services like Mail Chimp, Send in Blue, and Get Response offered plans ranging from as low as $10/month for small businesses to over $300/month for larger businesses with more extensive needs.

Choosing the best email marketing service for your business is based on the following factors:

  • Your budget
  • Nature of service you need
  • Your goal with the service
  • Your target market
  • Frequency of requirement

Now, we again come back to how much email marketing costs for your business: Well, this will be influenced by various factors, including industry norms, the chosen pricing model, and your specific business requirements. Considering these aspects, you can make a more informed decision and make the most of your email marketing budget.

Why Do Marketers Invest In Email Marketing?

Marketers Invest In Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to prove its efficiency as a marketing strategy, boasting a remarkable return on investment and the ability to build meaningful relationships with customers. Despite the rapid evolution of digital marketing tools, email marketing remains a staple in every marketer's toolkit. But why do marketers invest in email marketing? Here are the key reasons:

1. Personalized Approach

Email marketing allows for a highly individualized conversation with potential customers. The capability to include custom fields and personalized offers means that each recipient feels specifically catered to. This element of personal touch, inherent in email marketing, fosters a sense of connection, encouraging customers to engage with the brand and its offerings.

2. Cost-Effective Strategy

Unlike certain high-expense marketing strategies, email marketing proves to be a budget-friendly alternative. It avoids extraneous costs like print or distribution, making it a prudent choice for small to medium businesses and start-ups looking to maximize their marketing investments.

3. Data-driven Insights

The true strength of email marketing lies in the actionable insights it provides. It allows you to monitor vital metrics, including click-through and conversion rates, empowering businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns. Such measurable feedback guides future strategies, optimizing for enhanced customer engagement and higher returns.

4. Precision Targeting

The tools and capabilities of email marketing enable marketers to finely segment their audiences. By delivering targeted messages to specific customer profiles based on demographics, geographical location, or purchase history, marketers can ensure they deliver the right message to the right segment at the perfect time.

5. Remarkable ROI

Email marketing stands out for its impressive ROI. Businesses can reach a broad audience for a modest investment, driving substantial conversions. This cost-effectiveness amplifies the impact of every marketing dollar spent on email campaigns.

Given these compelling reasons, it's easy to see why marketers invest heavily in email marketing. The blend of personalization, cost-efficiency, measurable impact, precision targeting, and high ROI makes it an invaluable tool in any marketer's arsenal.


1] How should you budget and plan for email marketing?

Determine your business goals, your target market, and the frequency of your advertisements before creating an email marketing budget. Assess the email marketing campaign cost considering the email list size, design complexity, and the email marketing pricing packages of various platforms before you finalize one.

2] What should be included in an email marketing plan?

Clear objectives, audience segmentation, content strategy, email design, and a system for measuring campaign effectiveness should all be included in an efficient email marketing plan. The best email marketing services include comprehensive analytics for campaign optimization.

3] What are the 3 main steps in email marketing?

The three essential processes are developing a reliable email list, producing interesting content, and tracking results. Use email marketing services to gather a potential customer list, tailor content to resonate with recipients, and track key metrics to measure effectiveness. The best email marketing service should provide essential analytics.


In a digital era defined by the race for customer attention, businesses consistently explore marketing strategies that offer personalization, measurability, and high return on investment. The undeniable answer to these needs is email marketing. 

While the email marketing cost may vary, depending on factors like your contact list's quality or the complexity of your email design, the investment is worth every penny. Like those offered by JanBask Digital Design Agency, the best email marketing services enable businesses to seamlessly navigate this marketing landscape, turning potential prospects into loyal customers.

Effective email marketing is a powerful instrument in today's marketing landscape since it can help businesses achieve tremendous growth. Remember that your email marketing campaign's success is based on both the scope of your goal and your budget.

Every email you send has the potential to make one of your subscribers into a success story if you take the appropriate approach.

Discover Email Marketing Costs?

  • Cost Optimization Strategies
  • Cost-Effective Tactics
  • In-Depth Analysis

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