Email Marketing Strategies to Stay Connected in 2023


29 Apr, 2024



Do you know that email marketing is the most profitable and cost-effective marketing channel with almost 4.3 billion users at present?

These statistics clearly show that email campaigns are one of the most productive digital marketing strategies to get started.

No matter how small your business is, email marketing tools have the power to reach out to people 365 days a year. The advantage of reduced time and budget that comes with email marketing, can help you structure your email marketing strategy in the best possible way to stay connected with your audience. In this guide to email marketing, we shall explore various aspects of email marketing.

Do you know that companies using digital marketing services have 2.8 times better revenue than others? Here are some effective digital marketing techniques to multiply your business growth x10 times. 

Let’s begin on this marketing journey!

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the king of marketing channels. When we send an email to a group of people for commercial purposes then this process is known as Email Marketing. Using email marketing tools, we try to educate the targeted audience about the best deals, discount offers, business-related services as well as products, and lots more. But why is email marketing important to your brand?

The main purpose of every promotional activity is to ensure a huge amount of profitability as well as ROI simply by educating them through the electronic medium best known as Email. With email marketing software, you own digital connections. You don’t have to worry about algorithm changes with the best email marketing tools.

Email marketing is critical for marketing campaigns to derive meaningful results. Here are 15 low budget email marketing practices that are a must in 2022.

What are the Types of Email Marketing?

Types of Email Marketing

There are different types of email marketing for business according to their purposes. The types of email marketing campaigns lead to different avenues for engaging with your audience. Create proven email campaigns for your company now!

1. Direct Email

This is an email marketing type for business where a promotional email is sent to a group of existing customers. For example, a catalog is sent to a group of people and it consists of product information, special deals, discount offers, and lots more. In a direct email, we have a list of email addresses of existing customers and using this list, we have sent a direct email which spreads the awareness of business and its related services.

Do you know what is the perfect time to send an email? Get to know when you should send an email so that it has a high chance of being read.

2. Transactional Email

Transaction emails are those which are sent to the customers if they perform any action over our business website. Additionally, if a customer agrees to receive emails from the company only then the communication can start between both parties. Some of the examples of transactional emails are forgetting password, and reset contact information such as email addresses, order confirmation emails, order delivery emails, notification emails, order cancellation emails, and more.

3. Welcome Emails

This type of email marketing software welcomes customers and encourages them to learn more about your products or services. This email marketing strategy is used to earn potential customers to your site. 

Learn to use the best email marketing software from this blog. 

4. Newsletter Emails

This type of email marketing campaign is very popular and often highlights new products or services. This email marketing software may include articles, blogs, and call-to-actions to generate interest in a new blog post.

Digital Marketing vs Email Marketing

 Digital Marketing vs Email Marketing

After understanding what email marketing is and its types, let’s discuss the benefits of using email marketing in the era of digital marketing. 

Today, the era is moving fast due to new inventions and discoveries in the field of web development as well as marketing. Now, marketing becomes digital due to the utilization of digital channels, mainly the Internet. Digital marketing is also known as Internet or Online marketing where our only target is to ensure a huge amount of quality web traffic for our business. Huge web traffic is the only source of higher profitability and ROI for a business. Digital marketing overwhelms the importance of email marketing where we send an email to a group of existing customers and directly interact with them.

This blog gets you the most successful digital marketing strategies vital for reaching a larger audience.

On the other hand, digital marketing is comparatively a wider term than email marketing. In digital marketing, we promote our business world wide and try to gain the attention of a large number of audiences. If we compare digital marketing with email marketing, then we realize that digital marketing has the capability to maximize business profitability and return on investment.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Every Business?

Do you know that 80% of Americans check their emails once every day?

When a customer trusts you with their email address, it’s practically like giving his house keys. There are plenty of benefits of email marketing tools for your business. Let us see some of them-

i) Gain more control- With the best email marketing tools, you own the platform to connect with your customers. Unlike other marketing platforms, you do not own the platform. What will happen if the platform ceases? All your hard work will become futile. But with email marketing templates, this possibility is almost next to impossible.

ii) Win customer loyalty- Email marketing tools drive customer loyalty at every stage of business. Email marketing strategy is a necessary tool to use alongside streamline communication. It is truly a powerful way to build community and gain their trust.

iii) Create brand awareness- How about creating a reputed brand for your business? Email marketing is the best option to reach out directly to your customers. Showing up in someone’s email inbox will help your brand to stay in the minds of your customers. Use one of the best email marketing tools to stay on top of your competitors.

Digital marketing has become a prerequisite for many. In this article, we will take a close look into the major factors that prove the need of digital marketing for your company.

How to Market with Email?

Do you know how email marketing works? You might be thinking whether you have to pay to remain on top. An effective email marketing campaign includes three basic elements-

i) An email list

ii) An email marketing services provider

iii) Well-defined goals

The first step is to segment your email list according to your customers and demographics. Next, create an email or emails which will engage your customers to do something. Finally, use an email marketing services provider to monitor your campaign effectively.

Learn how to generate leads and improve sales for your business from this blog.

Top 4 Email Marketing Tools for Every Business Owner


To make an email marketing campaign successful, optimize your process with the best email marketing tools. Here are the top email marketing tools that every business owner should know-

i) Email Service Provider- One of the critical email marketing tools that you need in an ESP. These include- Constant Contact which is best for e-commerce email marketing, SedinBlue for small businesses and Pardot for B2B email campaigns.

ii) Email Deliverability Testing Tools- This refers to the ability to place emails in your receiver’s inbox successfully. MailGenius inspects for spam while GlockApps shows delivery results in real time.

iii) Email Tracking Tools- Litmus is one of the best email marketing tools for testing and tracking different types of email marketing campaigns. 

iv) Email Customization Tools- When it comes to personalization, no email marketing tool does better than Hyperise. It helps you to add dynamic and personalized images to each of your emails.

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is not easy as it seems. Multiple factors need to be considered before you trust the one to shape your vision.  Here are some tips to consider before choosing a digital marketing agency.

Proven Email Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2022

Have you incorporated the right email marketing strategies for your business? If not, here are some result-driven strategies that work the best for your business-

i) Build a healthy email list- The first step towards creating a successful email marketing campaign is to build a strong and healthy email list. Emailing people randomly without their consent will do more harm than good. This will not only damage your brand reputation but also create a way for marking future emails as spam. Build a healthy email list with attractive offers to entice your audience and invite them to share their email addresses with you.

ii) Keep your emails simple- Do you know that on average people receive 120 emails per day? With so many emails seeking attention, you might get lost in the crowd. The only way to stand out in this crowd is to keep your emails simple and contextual. Make them relevant to your users for grabbing their attention.

iii) Get your emails personalized- One of the unique email marketing ideas is to create personalized emails through segmentation. Create segments to capture the audience’s preferences and behavior and use this information to create personalized emails. You can create segmentation according to age, sex, location, customer purchase history, usage frequency and checking customer behavior.

Checkout this blog to know more about effective email marketing strategies with examples.


It’s time to incorporate email marketing strategies into your business. If you have been ignoring email marketing till now, it’s time to do it now! Email marketing delivers huge results for marketers. Provide people with what they have asked for and email them regularly to cater to their needs. You can also hire JanBask Digital Marketing agency for the best and most assured email marketing services that will drive ROI for your business.


Q1. What are email marketing templates?

Ans- Email marketing templates are pre-made templates or layouts that might include content like images or text. Email templates are one of the key email marketing tools used by marketers to scale their marketing efforts. These email templates make it easier to create emails.

Q2. What are some of the benefits of using email templates?

Ans- Here are some of the benefits of using email templates-

i) Saves time

ii) Document management

iii) Ensures brand consistency

iv) Improves customer satisfaction

Q3. How should I start with email marketing?
Ans- To begin with email marketing, you need to choose an email marketing service provider, gather contacts for your email marketing list, add the contacts, set up your welcome email, create email templates and practice writing convincing content.

Q4. What is a B2B email?
Ans- B2B email marketing is a type of marketing in which you send email campaigns to businesses rather than individuals. This includes engaging buyers through their work email, educating them about your products or services and converting them into qualified leads.

Q5. Is email marketing still relevant?
Ans- Email marketing is one of the most traditional forms of a digital marketing strategy but the most popular one. Research shows that email marketing is the best channel to reach out to customers even in the era of social media platforms. 

Q6. When will I start seeing results?
Ans- When you partner with a professional email marketing services provider like us, expect that inbound marketing is a long-haul investment that takes time to yield the expected results. It takes time for marketing to show impactful returns on what you invest. Generally within:

First 6-8 months -You will start seeing positive results, continuously growing each month.

In the next 12-24 months -You will start seeing tangible results you desire such as ranking, traffic increase, lead generation, and customer acquisition. 

Q7. How much does email marketing cost?
Ans- Our digital marketing agency understands that not all businesses are of equal competence and structure, and this is why we have affordable and best email marketing services packages for businesses of all scales & types. We are mindful of your budget and would only suggest effective digital marketing solutions that work best for your business.

Q8. What are the five elements of an email?
Ans- Your email should include these 5 essential elements-

i) A direct subject line

ii) A proper greeting

iii) Proper grammar and correct spelling

iv) Essential information

v) Clear closing

Q9. What are the qualities of a good email?
Ans- Here are some of the qualities of a good email-

i) Concise

ii) Intention-based

iii) Well-organized

iv) Easy to scan

v) Polite tone

Q10. How do you measure email marketing campaigns?
Ans- We have certain metrics or parameters that define the effectiveness of the results in tangible numerics. Here are the certain metrics we gauge to measure your online marketing performance:

  • First visit metric - To know how first-time users are finding your web & engaging with it
  • Brand awareness metric -To know how people are reacting to your brand name over social media & search engines
  • Returning visitor metric - To know how many real visitors are forming as potential audiences & then lifetime customers
  • Web traffic sources -To know what traffic sources are doing well in bringing your prospects
  • Return on marketing investment - To ensure that your campaigns are always generating more than what’s invested 

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