How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Software for Your Business


22 Apr, 2024



Digital Media has reached an unfathomable status and is still evolving day by day. Be it on personal or professional grounds, communicating with one another over digital media is more productive these days. When you narrow down to business, be it well established or small scale business, email marketing platforms serve as one of the best for marketing. The trick here is to use the ‘best email marketing software for small business’. And when it comes to established business it is all about using the best email marketing automation software. Amidst the humongous options available, let us see how to choose the best email marketing software for your business.

Four awesome ways to choose the Best Email Marketing Software For Your Business

Email Marketing best 4 ways

Why go for ‘email marketing software for small business’?

Have you wondered why email marketing platforms are still very popular among 'marketing software for small business'? There are many reasons for its popularity. Let us take a glance at some of the top email marketing platforms.

Hassle-Free Communication

Email is one of the easiest ways to reach the target audience globally. It is a fact that people tend to check emails more often  on their smartphones than on computers or laptops. Thereby communicating with them through email is a wise move and is quite effective. Therefore it is advisable to use the best email marketing software to make the best use of this fact.

Being Relevantly Informed

When your target audience receives the appropriate information through emails, they tend to go to the next stage by taking action upon the received email’s information. Also, you can find what exactly your target audience is interested in and send relevant emails to keep them informed and make your online presence stronger. Hence you need to figure out the best marketing email software and start using that effectively. 



‘Email marketing software for small business’ is one of the most cost-effective means of marketing strategies. With minimal investment, you can reach out to the maximum target audience. Also, there are some ‘email marketing software free’. Therefore you need to fine-tune the best marketing email software and use it productively. 

How to choose email marketing software best suited for your business?

If you are implementing email marketing for the first time in your business then you must be careful while choosing the 'best email marketing software for small business' according to your needs. You need to make a note of the features that you need to look at in email marketing platforms. There is a huge number of ‘best email marketing software free’. However, here is a checklist that you may need to consider whilst you choose your best fit email marketing software.

Customizable Template Availability

Having more options to customizable the email template is very useful. A good email marketing software will be having the options enabled for customization. Given the customization option, you can customize the email template as per the target customer requirement and make your emails more personalized, interactive as well as engaging.

Email Tracking and Analysis Enabled

This feature is important because it allows you to track if the email is reaching the target audience or not. An email marketing strategy will be successful only when it is reaching the target audience. If not then, the whole effort will go to waste. Therefore your email marketing software needs to have this feature enabled. The email tracking tool should not be amiss. You can easily know the response rates through this and judge how effective your email marketing is.

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Automation Enabled

Automation tools can boost the speed of the whole marketing campaign. You can convert more target audience into leads, faster than that of the manual process. Therefore it is essential that the chosen email marketing software best fits the automation requirement. So, choose the best email marketing automation software accordingly. 

Bulk Email Sending Feature Enabled

Bulk Email Sending Feature

This is possibly one of the fastest ways to reach a maximum number of target audiences within the least possible time. It allows the marketer to segregate the target audience into different categories and then create relevant content as per the target customer. A good email marketing software needs to have this feature to increase overall productivity. 

Before finalizing your email marketing software, just make sure that you have all the above-mentioned factors on the checklist ticked. There are many email marketing platforms available. But you need to make sure the email marketing software that you choose has all of them all and is one of the best marketing email software in the market. 

Top 21 Email Marketing Software

This best picked 20 most popular email marketing software can be a great help to every organization that is willing to utilize the power of email marketing platforms to grow more like never before.


email marketing software list


1. Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot Marketing, one of the best email marketing software tools stands tall among all. You can take the trail of this basic platform because the basic platform is absolutely free and can use both on mobile devices as well as desktop. It is meant to help organizations in growing the relevant traffic and more increased conversations. Being cloud-hosted and an open API platform, it is loved by many firms for offering content creation tools, emailing options as well as the website development tools. Hence it is a pretty good email marketing automation software.

Its key features include:

  • Salesforce integration
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Automation

    2. Exponea

    Exponea is a cloud-hosted email marketing software option that is helpful in simplifying the customer experience. Due to its AI capabilities, you can actually customize your emails and make them customer-centric. One can change the focus whenever needed using this best marketing email software.

    Its key features include:

    • Optimization of your email campaigns
    • Scenario designer
    • Omni-channel communication is a great advantage

      3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

      This Salesforce Marketing Cloud email marketing software enables marketers to maintain the social landscape efficiently. You can analyze predictive intelligence, journey builders, content management, email marketing tools, web personalization and many more.

      Key features include:

      • Message Automation options
      • Strong Email Building Tools
      • Trustworthy Reporting capabilities

        4. Omnisend 

        For those who need email marketing to go further, Omnisend is the email marketing software for you. Bring your most important channels under one roof: Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, and more with omnichannel marketing automation

        Features include:

        • An easy visual drag-and-drop builder
        • Automation templates for eCommerce needs (cart abandonment, welcome, birthday, etc)
        • Smart segmentation for hyper-targeting
        • Split automation for better personalization

          5. Marketo

          Be it a small enterprise or a large organization, Marketo is one of the most preferred platforms that helps in streamlining the strong relationships with the customers, that too with help of marketing automation tools, budgeting, scheduling, customer engagement options, Business to Business lead management, real-time personalization, etc. Therefore it serves as a good email marketing automation software

          Key Features are:

          • Easy conversations with customer
          • Detailed ROI Reporting
          • Efficient Marketing Database

            6. Wix ShoutOut

            Wix ShoutOut is one of the 'best email marketing software for small business'. It helps marketers work efficiently and more strongly. Filled with factors like custom sign-up forms, campaign editors, mailing management, sharing and reporting social media content, etc.

            Important features include:

            • Easy contact integration
            • Email editor (intuitive)
            • Strong social media tools

              7. ActiveCampaign

              Easily the best email marketing software for small business as it is efficiently designed for small-scale businesses filled with email management capabilities, contact tracking ability, lead screening tools, targeting as well as segmenting options. ActiveCampaign is Highly integrated, API enabled, and the user-friendly application is used by a large number of businesses throughout the world.

              3 important features are:

              • More than 150 integration options
              • It’s a tool that is intelligence-driven
              • Efficient split testing

              Likewise, all other mentioned email marketing platforms are good to use. It all depends on your business type, what your goals are, who are your target audience, how efficient are your email marketing strategy and many other factors.

              8. AWeber

              This is again used by many leading firms and its link with WordPress, PayPal, Facebook, etc. is kind of sure that it is beneficial for every industry and this makes it more appreciable. Being the best marketing email software, AWeber allows you to design and write a customized email to make them more engaging for every single customer. You can either use HTML editors and plain text for doing this to reach maximum customers with equal perfection.

              Key features include:

              • Automated emailing
              • Scheduling the emails
              • Autoresponder
              • Précised customer support
              • Subscriber segmentation

                9. Mailgun

                Mailgun can be a great help for boosting your firm’s marketing outcome and overall performance because it helps in following all the possible industry standards with perfection. It’s smart inbound routing, best in class sending tools, and special analytic specialties never fail to benefit organizations. It will make sure that your emails are not going as spam. Therefore it is one of the top email marketing software platforms.

                Take a glance at its unique features

                • Easy to validate your emails
                • Simplified Email sending options

                  10. iContact

                  When you are looking for cost-effective marketing campaigns, iContact is your thing because this will help you with landing page creation, engagement tracking, email marketing, automation and lot more. It is uniquely designed to serve different-sized campaigns and serves as the best email marketing automation software

                  Features of iContact Pro:

                  • Smart target
                  • High-end Email segmentation
                  • CRM integration capability

                    11. Mailjet

                    If you are looking for a solution that can help marketers, developers as well as other teams for overall preparation of your campaign, then Mailjet is the one. For any type of precise business and transactional email distribution, Mailjet will give you a special IP address throughout which you can handle all the contact management operations. The best feature of this email marketing software is that a marketing expert is always there to help you.

                    Out-of-the-box features:

                    • It guarantees you for no-spam emails
                    • Customer-centric message options.
                    • Special template for newsletters
                    • Responsive Email Builder for passport and MJLM

                      12. ConvertKit

                      If you are a Blogger, Professional Course writers, podcasters, YouTubers, or any other professional that deals with online content creation, then ConvertKit is the right choice. This email marketing software will help you in automating the process of tracking campaign progress, rules, blueprints, and other content creations.

                      Take a glance at other features:

                      • It is a text-based emailing tool
                      • Dashboard to show opt-in conversions as well as the subscriber data.
                      • Allow you to configure the marketing automation

                        13. Constant Contact

                        Constant Contact simplifies every step of the marketing campaign because it has email tracking, contact management, social media sharing, email marketing automation and a lot more. Thereby it is one of the top email marketing platforms.

                        Features of Constant Contact includes:

                        • Real-time marketing analytics
                        • Customer engagement enhancement tools
                        • Contact management options

                          14. FreshMail

                          FreshMail is an effective email marketing software that has one or the other beneficial offerings for every marketer out there because it allows you to personalize emails and other marketing campaigns according to your target customers. It has unhindered data access options, collaboration widgets, great template editor and many more.

                          What is unique in FreshMail:

                          • Auto-responders
                          • Code-free template editor
                          • Inbox inspection
                          • Downloading and distributing option for HTML newsletters

                            15. ToutApp

                            ToutApp is a specially designed secured platform for people handling email management and smooth working with CRMs. Completely integrated into the Salesforce, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and other CRM platforms. It makes sure that you are effectively reaching your target audience and therefore it is one of the top email marketing platforms.

                            Key Features Includes:

                            • You can track Customer Engagement
                            • Scheduling option
                            • High-end deliverability

                              16. Campaign Monitor

                              Campaign Monitor is a globally used email marketing automation software for marketing professionals because it provides customized automation solutions through template designing, content creation, social sharing, A/B testing and many more.

                              Key Features:

                              • Easy email creation
                              • Marketing Automation
                              • Tracking system for mobile campaigns

                                17. ActiveTrail

                                ActiveTrail is an email marketing software all for SMS and email, performance tracking tools, making landing pages responsive, customized surveys and many more.

                                Unique Features:

                                • Customized Journey personalization
                                • Online SMS support system

                                  18. Rejoiner

                                  Rejoiner is the best marketing email software for serving eCommerce business and helps them with email analytics, funnel tracking, frequency capping, lead scoring and many more that increases the overall company’s productivity.


                                  • Easy Management of many Sites
                                  • Abandonment Tools (Cart and Browse)
                                  • Algorithm Recommendation

                                    19. ZeroBounce

                                    ZeroBounce email marketing software best focuses on email verification and the overall optimization of marketing campaigns. You can clean the mailing list, speed-up the entire process, watch on incomplete addresses.

                                    ZeroBouce unique features:

                                    • Spam tracker
                                    • Email bounce tracker

                                      20. Zoho Campaigns

                                      If you are looking for a platform that helps you in streamlining and optimizing the social media campaigns, along with the emails, the Zoho Campaigns can solve your problem as it is one of the best marketing email software

                                      Key Features of Zoho Campaigns:

                                      • Automated responders
                                      • email newsletters personalization
                                      • Social Media Monitoring
                                      • Email tracking and reporting ease

                                        21. MailChimp

                                        MailChimp is one of the 'best email marketing software for small business' mainly built to help small-scale businesses as well as the newly emerging ventures. You have features like mail segmentation, email designing, social sharing, campaign archives and many more options to make your marketing campaign more effective.

                                        Some of the key features are:

                                        • eCommerce Integrations
                                        • Feasible and Flexible API Documentation
                                        • Out of the box Email designing options.


                                        Making effective Email Marketing practice is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires effective planning skills and the need to choose a good email marketing platform that can serve your purpose well. All the above-mentioned details will definitely help in Effective Email Marketing Strategy and you need to choose the best marketing email software accordingly.

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