Essential Elements For Taking A Website Design To The Next Level

 14 Feb, 2018

Website Design is like a magic. If you are a website designer, trying to make a highly responsive and eye-catchy website design then you must be aware of this fact. Not every designer can come up with a perfect website design that can stop every user at one particular website for a longer time and turn them into the customer.

Your business may have great services and products, but it is necessary to know how we can take a website design to the next level. We will discuss following factors to understand this fact.

  • What should be the look and feel of an ideal website design?
  • Essential elements for taking a website design to a new height or the next level.

Having an attractive website is not sufficient to run a successful business online. You need to have many elements in it for gaining potential consumers. Let’s begin with understanding what kind of website design is considered best to attract the right audience for your business.

1). What should be the look and feel of an ideal website design?

There are many factors which a website designer should look forward to, but we are listing few important points for you.look and feel of an ideal website design

  • Simple and user-friendly website layout
  • Color themes are something that can convey the purpose of your website. It can convey the purpose, mood, etc. So choose them wisely
  • Everything should be according to the target audience
  • Express the purpose or goal clearly.
  • Clear and appropriate typography. The title, subtitles, etc. should be clearly visible.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox is one of the best examples one can view. All these points are must-haves in any new generation website design. A website is a perfect medium to express your goals and display your services and it has great potential to give your business one of the biggest boost in sales. So, never hesitate to spend some extra time to make your website better than ever.

2). Essential elements for taking a website design to a new height or the next level

If you are trying to make your website design sufficient enough for attracting more users or want increased lead generation, brand awareness, etc., then you should be really focused on how to make the website look.

Website Design essential elements

The visitor should find it compelling enough to stay on your website and ultimately become a customer. Have a look at the essential elements you should focus on for fulfilling this purpose.

  1. Best-in-class User Experience(UX Design)
  2. Effective User Interface(UI Design)
  3. Using animations can be beneficial too.
  4. Highly responsive website

Considering these 5 points while website designing process, will definitely give you more than satisfactory results. Let’s dive into details of each of them.

a). Best-in-class User Experience/ UX Design-

It will not be wrong if we call them the backbone of every website. It should be given prime importance because any user will stay on one particular website for a longer period only if he/she finds it attractive, engaging and user-friendly. Hence, in order to create a visually appealing website. The prime key responsibility of a UX web designer is to make a web design that is easy to understand, explains the purpose of the website clearly, allow customers to see all services and use every feature with an ease. Many companies are now hiring specific UX web designers to achieve the right traffic towards their website.

Note- You should design a website that gives equal and satisfactory experience to users while using multiple devices. Yes, whether the user is viewing your website on the smartphone, laptop or a tablet; user-experience should be same.

Have a look at how ‘David Bastian’ has designed its website.

David Bastian

b). Effective User Interface(UI Design)

It is about interaction, i.e. the interaction between the human and the website on any kind of device. Have a look an example of Airbnb.

Airbnb Homepage

Any website with good UI Design will have a good aesthetic appearance, quick response time, quality and effective content. So for a good UI design, your website should allow the users to use all features appropriately and everything on your website should be easy to understand.

Hence, make sure your UX, as well as UI design, are good enough to provide a good experience no matter which device is in use.

c). Use Animations

This is an effective way to keep users engaged in a good and entertaining way. Many types of animations are available that can create an everlasting effect on customers. They can be a great help in gaining the attention of people and bring them to your website by leaving behind other competitors. Companies that are using animations experience more traffic now. It can be used to narrate your success story, how your services can benefit you, in what ways using your product will be beneficial, etc.

‘’ has done this wonderfully.

Apple products dashboard

According to many research, it has been revealed that human brains never forget visually attractive things easily. So if you show a data by just using effective content, that will not last long in human brains. And if you show the same fact through pictures and animations, they will last longer. So, to make an everlasting impact don’t forget to use animated pictures, video, etc.


Throughout this blog, we discussed the look and feel of an ideal website design that can take a website to the new height. The essential points that we discussed for achieving the same result are tested by many companies and they have succeeded I making a best-in-class website design with an everlasting impact.

Keep trying to create an ideal website design by considering our suggestions. You will definitely succeed.

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