How Web Design Company Steers Your Business Towards 10X Growth?


23 Apr, 2024



The global internet users touched a whopping 4.93 million mark in 2022. This number is not going to decline, rather the number of internet users will cross the 5 million mark next year! 

Henceforth, it is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to tap this huge potential available online. An affordable web design company offers a launchpad to businesses by designing a website that can reach the maximum audience online, develop customer lifetime value and enure consistent profits. 

However, website designing can be an expensive proposition if not well-planned and executed. 

here are the 9 ways how an affordable web design company can help your business grow by 10X times within your planned budget

9 Ways How An Affordable Web Design Company Grows Your Business

Let’s explain how an affordable web design company can impact your business positively!

9 Reasons Web Design Company Helps Grow Business


1. Aligns With Your Vision

Professional web design company uses innovative technologies. What will your website look like down the line in the next two years? A professional web design agency not only designs and develops websites but also looks out for future developments & upgrades.

With plenty of new apps and more and more web features to appeal to the social-mobile-local buyer, a professional web design agency can show you how to plan and dominate the online marketplace in the future. 

Even if you just have a vague vision about what you have in mind a professional web design company can provide a helping hand to you refine it and make sure it works in the future. 

In case you don’t have an idea, an affordable web design company can help you stand out among the masses. Besides redesigning your website, website design services keep you abreast of the latest web trends with constant upgrades that includes:

  • Optimizing for mobile devices and consumers.
  • Updating content and keeping it fresh.
  • And adapting to the latest search tactics alongside Google’s algorithm changes. 

If you are on your own, you will often miss working on the above points which will not certainly help your business scale up and grow further!

2. Professionalism & Expertise

The purpose of any business is to present the best quality products and services in a professional manner. Your website being a platform for informing the larger audience about your offerings must be professional too in its design. 

Website design services have the required expertise in building websites with a professional design that creates a positive impression about any brand. Such entities adopt a professional approach towards any project and have immense experience in building similar websites related to your industry. They can suggest the best workflows according to your business goals & objectives. 

Whether you like it or not, a large chunk of people make perceptions about a business based on its design. According to Good Firms50% of consumers believe that brands should prioritize web design. 

Common Web Design Mistakes Hampers Businesses

Your prospects may assume that if you didn’t care enough to make a decent website, you wouldn’t be able to take care of their needs as well. A website design company offers its experience and professionalism to create websites that build a positive brand image.

3. Customized Features 

When you hire an affordable web design company, you can rest assured that you will get a website that meets your business requirements. The web designer or developer of a website design services company evaluates the products & services, current business position, goals, and objectives to identify your design needs.

In addition, they will further put in intense research & competitive analysis before laying down the customization plans best suited for your website. Thus, your website will get a new face in a very structured and systematic way. 

Website customization delivers what exactly is the need of the hour from your business point of view and what your customers want. It also ensures that your website gets upgraded with the changing technology and your business size and scale. Customization definitely helps in a smooth transition from an existing design to a new one from time to time. 

Also, the scope of customization is not limited to a performance-driven web design, it helps in - 

  • Revamping your web copy that resonates with your audience.
  • Implementing trending SEO practices for better ranking in SERP.
  • Designing CTAs, and placing them strategically.
  • Modify Web Structure, and much more!

You can certainly modify your website design on your own, but the scope of change will be very limited. This will result in lagging behind your competitors!

4. Skilled Manpower

A lot of various different manpower resources are required to build an engaging online presence in the digital age! Therefore, a professional website designing company brings to the table the ability and vision of various creative professionals from different areas of expertise to offer the desired results.

Based on your project scope, you will need different experts like UI/UX designersweb designers and developerssearch engine optimization strategistse-commerce experts, and IT technicians. Through a professional web designing company, you will have all of this manpower under one umbrella on a budget.

Hiring such professionals will incur a lot of expenses. In the US on an averahe a web  designer charges $60K a year, web developers charge around $70K annually, android developers charge around $100K annually, along with additional resources like a digital marketer, copywrit etc. 

Whereas, on average the cost of website designing depends on your project requirement and can be very well customized. Also they have the best of infrastructure to suit your business needs.

And the best thing is, you get all these expert minds under one umbrella working in cohesion for you on behalf of the web design company, it promotes teamwork which makes your project a dream work!

Pro Tip: If you are a startup then you can check here for more info regarding website design for small businesses. 

5. Agile Methodology

The Agile Methodology is the future of Project Management in any field! Agile methodology breaks up a project into several phases. It involves constant collaboration with the clients and the website designing company leading to continuous improvement at every stage. Once the work begins, various teams cycle through the process of planning, executing, and evaluating.

Modern-day website designing companies follow Agile methodology while designing or developing websites, apps, or software. Agile methodology lays emphasis on these core values:

  1. Team & individual interactions over processes & tools
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Collaboration with customers over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to feedback and making changes by following a plan

Agile Project Management Steps

Some of the direct benefits that agile methodology offers to a website designing project, are:

  • Transparency
  • Faster launch
  • Improved quality
  • Focus on core business values
  • Reduced risk
  • Saving cost
  • Easy adaptation to change
  • Great communication

Agile website design is iterative which is why its features are incremental, so the corresponding benefits are realized at the beginning of the design process.

As a result as a customer, you can make further changes to the product in the course of the design process which delivers far more effective results at the same budget fixed at the start of the project. 

Thus, an affordable web design company can offer tremendous flexibility with better ROI to design a website that expands your business further.

6. Scalability

A professional web design company caters to businesses of all sizes as it offers scalability. Most businesses start small at the initial phase with a few pages and limited social presence. But as businesses grow with time, newer requirements prop up. Also, with the continuous advancement of the latest website designing trends, your business website needs continuous upgrades. 

As your business grows, you may need to integrate AI-enabled chatbots, community forums, animations, videos, easy payment options, better UI features for better UX, and various other interactive elements on your website. You may also need digital marketing services to enhance your reach on the web. Here, comes the role of a scalable and affordable web design service.

A professional & affordable web design company helps you with future enhancement by providing scalability. By keeping a close eye on current web development trends in the industry, a professional website designing agency can help you plan further enhancements based on your current business size and its needs.

Pro Tip: Choosing an affordable web design company can be a challenge. Check our guide on selecting the best web designer for your business. 

7. Helps Integrating Latest Web Design Trends

If you are not hiring a professional team of web designers, you are missing plenty of opportunities to enhance your web design as per current trends. Your internal teams may have a fair bit of idea of what’s going on in the web designing market, but that knowledge is fairly limited. 

Professional web design companies have vast experience and technical understanding of the trends and technologies. And guess what! They know what to do and how to do it while upgrading a website!

Some of the modern website designing and development trends that a web design agency can help with are:

  • Improves Page Experience: Professional and affordable web design service agencies can help create fast, lean, and device-friendly websites that offer excellent UX. Even Google’s Page experience Update 2021 states that fast loading and mobile-responsive websites will have an advantage over others when it comes to ranking in SERP!
  • Micro Animations: Along with ensuring better UX, an affordable website design company also works on integrating visually compelling elements like micro animations. Micro animations are small & subtle movements on a website that reflects your business purpose and bring your website to life. Such animations help to capture your audience's attention easily and faster as our brain can transmit any visual information 60,000 times faster than text!
  • Typographic Hero Image:  When visitors visit your website, they come across the hero image first which conveys a certain message to them. The web design services firms are taking that idea to heart with typography-led hero images these days. 

    Such hero sections with bolder, creative & larger fonts reduce the need for images. They command attention in a way a captivating news headline does!

    Likewise, a professional and affordable web design services company can help you by integrating with such an endless number of design elements which prepares your business to leap towards the Next!

    8. Enhances Searchability

    75% of website traffic never scrolls past the first page of any search engine. If your search engines cannot find your website easily, you lose potential clients. Especially startups and small businesses lack both manpower & SEO strategy that can deliver remarkable results. You can certainly possess brilliant ideas, but it requires expertise to implement them. 

    Here, comes the role of a web design services company that can guide businesses of any size to enhance their SEO & Digital Marketing strategy and dominate the online marketplace for better reach and conversions! Therefore, you must optimize your site for higher search visibility.

    Such professional agencies help you out in the following ways - 

    • Choosing the right keywords as per your niche and blog topic.
    • Strategic use of the keywords across the blogs and copies.
    • Using long-tailed & LSI keywords for the target audience.
    • Optimize your meta tags & descriptions.
    • Using ALT-text in images.
    • Increasing backlinks that improve your DA
    • Local SEO to improve SERP ranking and traffic flow
    • Suggesting the right SEO & Social Listening Tools to keep track of traffic flow, their behaviors, engagement levels, etc.

    So, there are many ways a web design agency can help to improve your search on the web. And all of these services come at a very reasonable cost. SEO is also a cost-effective method compared to PPC or paid marketing services. As a result, 70% of online marketers recommend SEO as a better & cost-effective method of generating leads than PPC for generating sales!

    9. Customer Support

    Contrary to popular belief, a website is never complete! Websites need continuous maintenance to ensure their relevance in the market. With more frequent changes in technology, websites need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and also must function smoothly. 

    An affordable web design agency keeps your website updated, fresh, and bug-free all the time. Such agencies monitor and track website performance 24/7 and take corrective measures whenever there are any issues. Through robust customer support businesses also keep cyberattacks at bay as your web design service provider constantly monitors them!

    Finally, a professional web design company amplifies your brand voice which helps your business grow. A web designer company loads your website with exciting features that keep your visitors hooked. 

    The end result is an increase in visitors to the website, greater conversions & sales, and you can edge out your competition!

    Yet to be Convinced? 

    How the Right Web Design Company can Amplify your Online Business Growth?

    Nowadays people consider themselves a jack of all trades and often tend to build or redesign their websites themselves, which is completely fine. But in the long run, it will be difficult to pace up as per business needs and technological innovations. And eventually, such businesses might fail. 

    US Small Business Administration states, "98% of business owners who attempt to build their own website fail at the task and never launch a website at all." Also, hiring an internal team is an extremely costly affair as to design a website you need professionals of various expertise. 

    A professional and affordable website designing company saves time & cost and offers better ROI through unmatched design & development services to help your business move in the right direction. They will transform your business into a unique brand and gain an edge over the others. 

    Pro Tip: For more clarity, we suggest you check the complete guide on the Importance of web design. 

    So, here are the 9 ways how professional website design services can help!

    Here’s What To Expect If You Solely Depend on Internal Teams!

    Here’s what you can face by designing your website on your own or through your internal teams.

    • Can be more expensive - Website designing involves a lot of manpower. You will need designers, developers, digital marketers, copywriters, IT specialists, and many more such professionals. If you hire each one of such professionals you need to have a lot of budget at your disposal. Also, there is always a threat of attrition in your internal team. Attrition adds the cost burden of hiring and training a person again. Such a threat doesn't exist with professional website designing agencies. Plus, without a professional hand, you may end up spending more on stuff that is not necessary!
    • Time-consuming - Internal teams or an individual web designer or developer will not have the same vision, manpower, and expertise in dealing with complex website designing projects. This may lead to consuming more time than usual. Hence, you miss the deadline!
    • Outdated tech stacks: If you are designing your website yourself or through internal teams, you will definitely fall short on the technology front. Your internal team may not possess the expertise in a range of technologies or tools. However, the professional and affordable company will offer the latest technology stacks like - HTML, React, Bootstrap, Java, PHP, WordPress, AWS, Shopify, etc.

      You will spend double time, money, and effort without yielding much result!

      How JanBask Digital Design Can Help?

      As a website design company, we create digital experiences that matter!!! 

      Your customer’s first impression is their last impression. At JanBask Digital Design, we offer professional website design services for businesses of any scale. 

      Our professional web design services are tailor-made for every industry as we aim to:

      • Boost your brand value and identity.
      • Create a visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
      • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
      • Enable you to get qualified leads that convert.

      What Next?

      Investing in modifying your company website’s design will definitely increase your business reach. More reach means more traffic leading to better conversions. But, if you do it by hiring an experienced and affordable website design company, you can achieve 10X more results in terms of traffic and conversions!

      When it comes to business, time is money. A professional web design & development company like JanBask Digital Design can ease off the pressure from your shoulders and translate your thoughts and ideas into stunning websites for business growth. So we suggest not to waste any precious time further and book a call for a free consultation at JanBask Digital Design now! 

      We are sure that this blog is an eye-opener for those who are unable to decide whether to hire a professional website designing company or not. Connect with us to learn more about our web design services and how we can together create websites to grow your business!


      Interested in our Web Design & Development Services?
      • Achieve Your Brand Vision
      • Drive Customer Engagement
      • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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