7 Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies


13 May, 2024


Creating a successful lead-generating strategy is easier said than done. You need a thorough understanding of tried-and-tested channels to execute it correctly. 

In this blog, we will discuss more about generating B2B leads, including social media, PPC, blogging, and email. Let's get started with effective strategies and how different businesses executed these strategies to inspire growth.

Let's get started. 

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What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is a process for attracting potential clients to your business. These leads need to be prospective customers who would benefit from the products or services that your business offers.

The type of leads that comes from different marketing platform vary in numbers. B2B marketers are aware of the various dynamics, budgets, and expectations that are typical of each lead-generating channel. 

1. Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media is an essential element of B2B marketing.  In fact, 36% of B2B marketers choose their social media channels based on their ability to generate leads.

Most Popular social media channels: 

Top Social Media Channels for B2B Marketers

What is the conversion rate of Social media?

While there isn't a single explanation for B2B social media conversion rates, some calculated assumptions by some marketing analytics companies suggest that the social media conversion rates for B2B businesses fall around 1.55%.

Average conversion, call and form rate for social media

While social media is a significant source of leads, its conversion rate is lower than that of other B2B digital channels. Ruler Analytics observed that social media had the lowest average conversion rate for B2B enterprises, when compared to paid marketing, organic search, email marketing, and referrals.

Social media is a crucial channel for top-of-the-funnel awareness. Even if other channels have higher conversion rates, social media help customers to bring that top-of-the-mind brand recall. You can increase the conversion rate by focusing on promoting helpful and relevant content behind lead capture forms. For example, you may promote a downloaded eBook to get quality leads with an initial offer.

There are two main channels you should concentrate on: 

  • LinkedIn Ads  
  • Facebook Lead Ad

There is no surprise to know that LinkedIn, the preferred B2B social network, has outstanding numbers for social media conversion.

 38% of B2B marketers

Though it doesn't always guarantee success, putting your effort into a channel with high interaction rates might be beneficial. On LinkedIn, you must:   

  • Target your audience based on their buyer persona
  • Make sure your advertisements have a newsworthy angle 
  • Repeatedly test CTA's, copy, and images

LinkedIn is a useful tool for displaying social proof. You can also consider sharing testimonials or case studies. That way potential customers can discover which brand your company has helped, with its offering.

2. Facebook Lead ads

More than half (58%) of B2B marketers use Facebook.  Facebook lead ads in your marketing plan can help you navigate the shift to mobile. Your potential customers can sign up for offers via a mobile interface with the help of Facebook lead ads. 

These ads also let you generate leads from the world's largest social media platform. This service was introduced by Meta in 2015 with the goals of being extremely customizable and audience-targeted. With just two taps and without leaving the social network, customers can now sign up for your offer.Facebook Lead ads

Facebook lead ads are not designed to replace your landing pages. Your landing pages are still required for capturing leads from organic search and PPC, even though Facebook Lead Ad assists you in capturing leads inside Facebook.

3. PPC lead Generation Strategies

Pay-per-click (PPC) lead generation efforts concentrate on a variety of paid advertising platforms, with Google AdWords and Display Network being the most common ones. However, there are several PPC lead generation methods outside Google, such as:   

What is the conversion in PPC lead generation?

According to Word Stream data from 2021, AdWords conversion rates for B2B organizations fall around 2.41%. Display conversion, meanwhile, averages 0.77%. Rates, however, rates vary based on your industry. 

It's critical to understand your sector's benchmarks. Asking each PPC vendor for their average conversion ratio across every platform is a smart place to start. This makes it easier for you to assess the success of your campaign. 

Should organic marketing be replaced by PPC? No, they work best together. and compliment each other. For instance, many high-value keyword searches have only PPC ads above the fold.

In other words, even if you have a strong organic ranking,  it might get buried under your PPC ads.

B2B review and comparison websites can offer a particularly new source of leads. Other PPC channels are probably already occupied by well-funded, major companies in your space.

For instance, AdWords bidding is extremely competitive in SaaS, a highly competitive business across verticals. You must focus on lots of pertinent keywords if you want to succeed.

4. Blogging Lead Generation Strategies

The foundation of content marketing is blogging. This approach focuses on creating content that will be valuable and appealing to your target audience. The objective is to draw and maintain online interaction for future leads. 

Concerning the advantages of corporate blogging, much has been said. Let's  understand the major benefits:

  • Creating content: that will be valuable and appealing to your target audience. The objective is to draw and maintain online interaction for future leads. 
  • You can drive traffic to your website: Your blog gives you a search presence and links to the keywords that are relevant to potential customers with the appropriate SEO planning. Each new indexed page you create for your blog will help Google find your content.
  • You can turn visitors into leads: A strategically placed call to action in an engaging blog post might direct visitors to your landing page for leads. 
  • You might get repeat Business: An engaging blog might encourage repeat business or referrals from current readers.  

Blogging also creates authority in a specific niche and brings potential customers into your sphere of influence.

5. Content driven strategies: Which content types drives lead generation ?

If all you want to do is write blogs or deal with videos then chances are that you might get unlucky. Diverse formats are used by effective content marketing strategies to engage their audiences. Among the most popular media used by marketers are videos, blogs, and images.

Top Media Formats Marketers Use

Think about incorporating the following content while developing your content marketing strategy.   

  • Authoritative posts: are blog posts for the subjects you are adept in. The topic at hand should be better understood by readers after finishing the article.  
  • Well-written opinion pieces: can aid in raising brand recognition. It shouldn't be just your ideas and thoughts, but rather convincing option pieces supported by facts and research.  
  • Original research: is commissioned for industry use. Consider concentrating on unanswered queries or refreshed data sets. 
  • How-toss: provide advice and instructions to solve the issues of potential customers. By the time you're done, they'll have their problem resolved and you get the credit.
  • Trending content: helps you capitalize on popular topics. If your company hasn't produced any trends or headlines in your business then you might consider a blog post connecting the dots. 
  • Infographics: break up information into easily absorbed visual pieces. Spread these images on the right social media platforms where your audience is available.
  • Videos: 72% of potential customers would rather watch a video than reading a blog about a product. If your organization lacks in-house video skills, consider hiring a team to assist you in creating high-quality video content.

These content categories work best when they complement your marketing objectives. In other words, you still have to put in a lot of effort to create content that will attract leads from your audience.

6. Email Marketing Lead generation strategies

Email frequently serves as a link between marketing automation and CRM, the two cloud services that are currently most popular with marketers. Lead generation still starts with an email opt-in,  and email marketing is the core of lead nurturing.

With its laser-focused, personalized touches and real-time delivery, email marketing has been further bolstered with the development of automated lead scoring, predictive analytics, and AI algorithms. 

For example, users of email automation can automate their email campaigns to move their prospects along the sales funnel and produce more leads. It's as easy as setting up a few triggers to send your emails to the correct leads at the right time; no prior coding experience is required. 

Which factors influence email marketing conversion?

Content often takes creativity or imagination to get into the shoes of your audience and write as if they read your content from top to bottom.  Email marketing is more of a science as it is measurable, analyzable, and may be improved. The following are the main variables influencing your email marketing conversion rates:   

  • Value offers:  You must have a lead magnet to encourage email sign-ups, which might be valuable content, freebies discounts, or anything else that would interest your audience.  
  • Landing pages: Ensure that these pages are optimized with a clear offer of your lead magnet, an irresistible CTA, permission, and eye-catching images.  
  • Email Subject lines: Keep your topics succinct, intriguing, and with obvious benefits for the reader.
  • Segmentation:  Boost your open and click-through rates, and divide your list into subsists to send more focused communications.
  • Analytics:  Run analytics to regularly update and clear up your lists based on previous recipient behaviors. 

7. Live Videos

A live video is an efficient approach to creating leads, according to digital marketing experts.

Webinars, product launches, Q&As, teasers, how-tos, events, and special guests are examples of topics for live video marketing. LinkedIn, YouTube, and/or Facebook are some of the platforms available, while marketers can simultaneously stream to numerous channels.

Experts say that at the end of the live video campaigns, people generally show more interest in the product rather than through blogs or content. When your audience has reached the end of your audience then chances are that your audience would end up buying your product or services. 

Essential Steps To Follow While Craeting Your Lead Generation Strategies

We just learned the best practices for several lead-generation methods in this article. Best practices that apply to all channels are listed below. Use these best practices to your advantage to increase lead generation.

1. Choose the appropriate audience

Understand the buyer personas. Your target market in B2B may consist of many individuals from various departments. You often don't have a single audience, but rather a variety of micro-audiences with unique interests and problems. 

2. Create lead magnets

Create offerings or content that will interest your target market. The most effective lead magnets employ NLP marketing strategies including clear, tangible benefit, urgency, exclusivity, social proof, authority, and instant fulfillment.

3. Explore fresh lead sources

Unsurprisingly, there are many high-value sponsorships on search, social networking, and prominent media websites. However, you can find particular PPC channels and related third-party marketplaces for your industry. These websites are designed with your clients in mind, which results in improved conversion rates and dominance for valuable general organic search terms. 

4. Capture the right information

 As a general rule, only get the most basic consumer information at the beginning (such as name and email address), and as the lead moves through the pipeline, request a little more information. 

5. Assess, categorize, and segment leads

Not all leads are worthwhile, and not all leads are worth the same value. Run a lead scoring tool based on your KPIs to group leads into the appropriate segments. You can use this to target your micro-audiences with unique messaging and deals. Today's strong marketing automation tools are available that can automate this crucial process. 

6. Blog consistently

 Your SEO, authority, brand awareness, industry stickiness, and overall web presence all improve with consistent content posting. 

7. Combine organic and PPC efforts

These two channels of marketing work best together. Together, they can close any gaps when executed together. For example, you can run paid search ads for any keyword for which you're not ranking highly.

8. Benchmark your conversion rates

Don't settle for your conversion rate improvement from month to month or year to year. Compare them up against the competitor. That accurately depicts how competitive your company is. 

9. Automate

The best marketing automation, put your lead generation integrated into a workflow. After that, the program can gather leads from your campaign, score them, nurture them via the lead pipeline, and qualify them. Then your sales team can utilize those leads to improve business sales.

10. Go mobile

The next most important revolution for B2B leads is mobile marketing. More corporate buyers are using smartphones in their purchase journey. Make sure all of your forms, emails, websites, and advertisements are mobile-friendly. You have access to some of the top B2B lead-generating strategies and campaigns at your fingertips. Apply or reapply these tried-and-true methods, then share how much your lead volume has increased over time.


1. What is the new marketing trend for 2023?

Increasing video and live streaming:  Similar to 2022 marketing trends, brands will keep spending a lot of money on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and will leverage the potential of video content to communicate and engage with customers in 2023. Video continues to be a preferred and increasingly popular medium for storytelling in 2023.

2. What is the marketing automation trend for 2023?

The use of AI, ML, and data analytics to improve internal workflows, campaign performance, customer engagement, repeat business, and revenue are the most significant marketing automation trends for 2023.

3. What is B2B lead generation strategy?

The process of finding the best potential buyers for your product or service and persuading them to buy it is known as B2B lead generation. To generate interest from this target market and move prospects into the sales funnel, sales and marketing teams employ a range of lead-generation techniques.

4. What are the social media trends for B2B in 2023?

Predictive analytics and virtual influencers are two of the most significant social media trends for marketers in 2023, along with social search and the rise of niche creators. B2B businesses will also effectively utilize social media, particularly by humanizing their messaging and leveraging influencers.


B2B lead generation is challenging since you can't simply copy and paste a tactic that has been successful for another company. Things that work incredibly well for one firm may entirely fail in another.

Finding a strategy that works for you is crucial, and content is typically the cornerstone of successful lead generation. Knowing your audience and how they connect with your business is crucial.

Do you employ any other successful B2B lead creation techniques that have worked well for you? Please let us know in the comment section.

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