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15 May, 2024


Brief Overview

The digital Arena has a lot of business coming in from all industries. Everyone wants to achieve a strong digital presence out there. The competition seems to be getting tougher. One has to constantly make efforts to grow the visibility on Google search engine result page so that it can benefit their businesses. 

A Google my business profile can do a lot for your digital presence. Having complete control over the editing and profile management can help you optimize the profile and get the best results out of it.

A Google my business app is the only way you can claim ownership over your business in the digital medium and attend all the management rights to optimize its profile. You can also leverage a few additional free features to increase the visibility on the Google search engine result page.

Now, let us know what is Google My Business App?

What is Google My Business App?

Google My Business App is a tool that enables business owners to manage their business profiles on Google. The business profiles on Google my business appear on the local listing and Google Maps. 

Creating a Google My Business profile is similar to adding a place to Google Maps. You will just need the name of your business, physical location, and category. Once Google confirms your business for not been duplicated, the profile will be created for the location.

Above all, it is open for the customers to add photos, ask questions and leave their views of the business.

Wondering how to create acoount on Google My Business App?
  • Free download on both Android and iOS devices
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • managing multiple locations

Google My Business App offers

---->> A single dashboard for managing multiple locations for the business owner.

---->> Business owners can anytime update relevant information such as business name, address as well as hours whenever required using this app.

---->> It also helps give an accurate response to the customer reviews and thereby manage the customer reviews efficiently.

---->>Another key feature of this app is the ability it provides for businesses to post updates and photos to Google+ directly from the app.

Businesses can also identify the way in which customers are searching for information within their online eCommerce store using this app. This can be done by monitoring the high-level analytics on visibility, engagement, and audiences. Instant notifications will be received by business owners whenever customers begin talking about their business.

The latest version of the Google My Business app is comprised of a lot more new features such as the ability to manage locations throughout the day for 24 hours.

If the business is focused on a limited area, then the app administrator can enable city, postal codes, or radius zones for the specific area. Better insight regarding how the business is represented in Google Search, Maps, and Google+ can also be viewed using this app. The analytics about the post being published on Google+ regarding business products or services can be monitored using this app. This app further enables business owners to get more detailed feedback about the location information.

Google My Business app is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices. The redesigned version of Google My Business app integrates well with the Google Analytics app and YouTube app which helps in interlinking the data required for performance monitoring, managing the location information updates, posting new updates, and responding to updates, etc.

The location preferences can be individually entered one by one or can be uploaded together using a spreadsheet for businesses in which more than ten locations can be included. A business account will have to be created especially if more than one person is responsible for managing the locations. The business account thus can be shared with other responsible individuals and thereby avoiding the need to share your personal Google Password.

Benefits of Google My Business App

With a wide range of features, Google My Business App can benefit the business incredibly. It pulls in local customers for the business and establishes it locally. Here are a few undeniable benefits of the Google My Business App-

1. Show up in Google Maps

A quick Google search can effectively narrow down a few valuable options especially when the search is made from the consumer's mobile device. Most people always take to Google Maps to find a business nearby. Google my business App helps you show up in Google Map searches. It becomes more convenient for customers to come to your business and have an idea about the authenticity of your existence.

2. Become a part of Google’s 3-pack

If you are a dedicated Google dependent, you might have noticed that the organic local listings are always Limited in 3-pack format. By creating a free Google my business App, you can boost the ranking of a business and become a part of the Google 3-pack format. These listings show the user’s exact location of your business and offer an enormous impression on your website.

3. Building customer’s trust

One of the difficult hurdles that consumers face today is finding the right business that deserves to be trusted. There are many business owners having a digital presence out there. But consumers find it difficult to establish a relationship of trust to make a purchase. Brands that show up on Google Maps are three times more likely to be considered trustworthy by consumers. The legitimacy of the Google my business app verification process has restored the fate of consumers on the Google Map listings. Google is an immensely trustworthy environment that users can blindly rely on.  Google my business App helps to make your business trustworthy on the digital platform.

4. It can enhance the aesthetics

You have to optimize the appeal of your business on the digital platform to boost your sales. They say the business is as appealing as its online reputation is. And that stands true in today's scenario because 90% of the people first read the reviews before taking the service from a particular business online. If you have collected good reviews over a period of time, it can be of great help to boost your business.

5. It can boost traffic for your business

Google my business App helps you stand on a competitive edge and get more traffic to your website. Fetching online visits to your website is a common challenge for almost all the businesses out there. Google my business App establishes your business locally and levels the quality of website traffic.

6. Can get an overview of your customer

The better you will appeal to customers, the more you will get to decide about them. Google my business App allows you to navigate through the inside section that gives valuable analytical information on how to make your brand more visible to your target customers. You can leverage a lot from this tool and make your business attractive to your prospects. You can modify and improve your marketing strategy to level up the performance of your business. 

7. Can rank the website higher

All of us have a job to do and Google is no different. It ranks the website in terms of its relevance to various kinds of searches. Sometimes it might feel that it is working against you. But Google always wants to give authentic results to customers with valuable information. Hence, the more details you give about your business the better it ranks you on the search engine results page. Keep on providing quality, accurate and consistent information to Google My Business App and it can help you rank higher. 

8. Leads to brand engagement

It leads to brand engagement and provides ample opportunities to make prospects your customers. Such is the importance of Google My Business App.

9. Free advertising of services

Google My Business App Android is nothing but free advertising. You can get to the top of Google by running a Google Ad campaign. But how about an alternative method that can be cost-effective and give you authority in your domain? Yes, it helps you pull in organic traffic and it is the most trusted search engine in the world. Hence, a Google My Business profile can help you make your marketing strategy cheaper but result-oriented. 

10. Beat the rat-race competition

The description of Google my business can help you stand out amongst all your competitors. An initial scan of search engine bots in rank your website on the top of the Google search engine results page. Keep something unique and authentic on the table with relevant keywords and you are there.

7 Tips to optimize Google My Business profile

Using Google My Business involved no rocket science. Here are quick tips that can help you optimize your Google My Business.

1. Complete all the elements of the profile

Google my business profile can only work in your favor if you give every intricate detail about your business. Complete all the fields and make a powerful profile. Indicate your regular working hours and match all your details with your website.

2. Verify the location:

You must give the authentic location of your business to let Google verify the physical existence of your business. Be meticulous with the location information.

3. Add real business images

The real business image always helps in gaining the trust of the prospects. Keeping in mind the aesthetics, click beautiful pictures of the office area or the physical Store of your business and add that photo in a Google my business profile.

4. Include keywords in the profile

Use keywords in Google my business description area to target your prospects and be relevant for the popular searches related to your business. The editorial summary can help you rank higher and beat your competitors in a Google search engine result page.

5. Encourage people to post reviews

The reviews on Google my business works miraculously in converting prospects to customers. Ensure to give the best services to your customers and ask them to post their honest reviews.

6. Keep information about your business up to date

If you have a change in the physical location of your business or if the contact details of a business are changed, update your Google my business profile. 

7. Use special features and attributes

You can gain an insight into people's interests and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly with the help of Google My Business profile. Use the special features of the free My Business profile and use it to boost your business.


Google My Business App is ideal for businesses who want to localize their searches for customers within Google Searches and Maps.

The app arrives with a lot of user-friendly features including the ability to verify business information, manage the reviews of customers, getting detailed insight regarding how your customers are interacting with your online business. All these features help you build your brand in an effective manner than ever before. Here is hoping that you could realize the importance of the Google My Business App. However taking care of it all requires a lot of attention and time, we suggest you work with a professional digital marketing company that gets you the desired results.

Are you up to localizing your business with a Google My Business profile?

Looking to localize your business with a Google My Business profile?
  • Building Customer’s Trust
  • Boost Traffic For Your Business
  • Brand Engagement
  • Show Up In Google Maps

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