Local SEO: The Ultimate Strategy For Your Brand To Attract Attention On Google



18 Apr, 2024



76% of consumers that run a local online search are likely to make a store visit the same day.  

Local SEO will assist you in streamlining your web presence to attract local customers to your shop and increase sales and profitability.

Were you aware that 50% of people who conduct a local search visit a store the day after? Local SEO is essential if you want people to enter your establishment.

Local SEO services on a high level like "regular" Google search.


Google searches its index when someone searches to deliver the most relevant results.

Google ranks the local search results using a unique set of ranking variables, which makes local SEO distinctive.

In actuality, local SEO has a variety of distinctive ranking signals, such as:

  • The location from which the search is being conducted
  • NAP references
  • Google My Business listing is present.
  • In the Google My Business profile's keywords
  • Mood of online comments
  • Search terms in online reviews
  • The quantity of "check-ins" at that place
  • Online social media shares
  • The company's star rating on Google Maps

The next question on top of your mind is how to do local SEO and how much does local SEO cost?

In this article, we will share all you need and how local SEO can help your brand to rank higher on Google:

  • Understanding Local SEO
  • What To Include In Your Local SEO Strategy?

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Understanding Local SEO

By reaching more prospective consumers on SERPs, local SEO is a digital marketing technique that enables you to increase your customer base. This method uses SEO tactics to improve a brand's rating (or position) on SERPs, such as NAP citations, mobile-friendly web design, and schema markup, among others.


Businesses with better rankings could experience more visitors at their physical locations. 59% of consumers use Google to see a purchase before making one in-store or online, according to a Google study. Therefore, local SEO for small businesses depends on in-person sales. 

What To Include In Your Local SEO Strategy?

Local 3 Pack

Here's how Google's local search functions: In a box referred to as the "Google Snack Pack," "Google 3 Pack," or "Local 3 Pack," Google will present the top three local business results when users perform a local search.


Appearing in this Local Pack is crucial since it increases the visibility of your company by placing it ahead of all other conventional search results.

More than 30% of all clicks go to a SERP's top ranking. Because of this, it's critical to position yourself in the snack pack; you want to be as high as possible.

For business owners to appear in this box, you must have a strong web presence and strategize a local SEO plan. Having complete contact details, menus or product offerings, reviews, and industry-relevant keywords and content on your website will help you stand out.

How to rank local SEO using these tactics? Here are the best local SEO strategies you may utilize to dominate Google, in no particular order (and other search engines, too).

Google My Business Page

The "Google My Business" (GMB) page, a company profile that is jam-packed with useful data for users, was introduced by Google in 2014. Customers can visualize pertinent GMB listings of businesses in the neighborhood when they search for a good or service.

The most significant local SEO ranking element overall, Google My Business listings now make for more than 30% of the final score.

How To Leverage Google My Business Profile

Look for an existing listing for your company on Google before making one. If so, you can complete the listing by simply clicking the "Own this business?" link. You can employ local SEO for small businesses to create your profile and page if you don't already have one.

This is a great initiative in your process of how to boost local SEO and gaining visibility. 

Sign Up For Places

The process for creating a GMB page's Bing equivalent, Bing Places, is comparable. Bing streamlines your local SEO plan by collaborating with Google.

By conducting an instant search for your company, you should first confirm whether you are currently listed. If you already see your name displayed, you should claim it and complete it completely to seek local SEO benefits organically.

Simply click the "New User" button, and the website will guide you through filling out the required information step-by-step. If not this, then you can hire experts that facilitate local SEO services for small business to ease your process. 

Don't forget to be as specific as you can in this local SEO strategy. This is a simple approach to beat rivals who may not have considered optimizing for Bing, even though Bing has a considerably lesser market share than Google.

Create NAP Citations

For customers to contact a business, they must have their name, address, and phone number (NAP) available online. A "NAP citation" is what is used to describe when this company's information is cited on other websites, blogs, social media accounts, and other places.

Citations are an essential component of effective local SEO since they inform Google of the standing of your company in your sector. The more citations you have, particularly those on directories recognized as being at the top in your field, the more Google will appreciate you. According to Google, if more people are discussing you, you must be significant.

Increasing your number of citations can help you stand out in search engine results, which will raise your overall ranking score and enable you to advance on the SERPs.


Additionally, many consumers start their search for a particular company on directories like Yelp. You can capture a portion of the market share of customers who choose a directory to a more general search engine by obtaining citations on these well-known business directories.

You should examine your current NAP citations before creating any new ones. Local SEO firms are skilled in auditing your citations and updating them as necessary.

You should, at the very least, have local citations on directories like Google My Business, Facebook, Bing Places, and Yelp. With local SEO, you can use business directories to locate places that are relevant to your sector and to create citations.

You may increase your internet presence and locate locations to produce citations with the aid of local SEO services. Search engines employ citation relevance as a key criterion to assess the value and significance of your citations.

Apple Map Listing

Today, about a billion people use iPhones, and Apple Maps is the device's standard navigation tool. Even though Google Maps dominates the market, Apple Maps has more than 23 million monthly users. That's a far too sizable prospective market to ignore, especially considering that Apple keeps adding new features to the app.


To get started, local SEO services recommend you first log into the Maps Connect platform and build a new business page. To help customers locate you, be sure to fill out the page and include as much information as you can.

In case your team does not have the time and knowledge to fill in the information, local SEO services for small businesses can do it on your behalf and more efficiently. 

Shortlist Local Keywords

Thinking like your target audience can help you find your local keywords the quickest. How would you search for coats online if you were a potential customer?

To find local results, many users use the "Service in Location" (SiL) search formula:

Location +in + service plus = search terms


You now have a basic structure for coming up with search phrases. This method may lead to phrases like "donuts in Denver" or "tree trimming in Miami."

If you want to do more in-depth keyword research, you may also check Google's complete suggestions for relevant search phrases or use a tool like the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Ubersuggest, or Google Keyword Planner.

Link Content With Keywords

Once you've identified your focus keywords, check the top-ranking posts in the local search engine results to determine which posts to use. This will help you understand the kind of material you'll need to produce to compete in your sector.

One of the most crucial SEO best practices to follow is satisfying user intent. Your article has completely resolved the user's search query when it satisfies user intent.

There are four different categories of search intent to think about:

  • Navigational: Customers in search of a specific brand, website, or tool
  • Advertisement: Prospective buyers conducting research
  • Informational: Customers attempting to learn more about a subject
  • Transactional: Customers buying things

Consider the user's search purpose when selecting a keyword. How to rank local SEO so that customers can find you from the search? Knowing this will help you to better understand the kind of material you should create.

Intentional information search? Make a blog entry or a guide on the issue, that's great. Commercial? Create a product review or buying guide. Making your content as user-friendly as you can help you further optimize it once you've determined what kind of material you need to produce.

There are various components of valuable content, such as:

  • Section organization using headers
  • Included throughout are keywords
  • Images that amplify the meaning of the text
  • Simple grammatical structure
  • A complete examination of a subject

These strategies are centered on potential clients. By only producing material that benefits consumers or advances the state of the art in the field, you may streamline your content development strategy.

Design A Contact Page

Another local SEO strategy to strengthen your company's online visibility is to include a contact page on your website. Leaving your contact information removed will give the impression that you are difficult to reach or cooperate with.

You should at the very least mention the NAP information. You can post all of your social media links here as well. Using an email address is also beneficial because some clients can feel uneasy making phone calls. Additionally, it improves accessibility for users who are hard of hearing and want to contact your company through writing communication.

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Introduce Location-Specific Pages

When your company has many locations, you can increase website traffic through ranking for local search terms in each area. Additionally, you won't have to create whole separate websites for each.

You should create a unique landing page for each of your company's physical locations if you want to rank for numerous locations. This implies that users will be able to find their addresses and (maybe) contact information.


Would include the location name in the URL when creating these pages. Make sure that every URL has the same structure and only differs in the location name. A couple of examples are businessname.com/location1 and location2.

Your website will look cleaner and be simpler for crawlers to index as a result. Additionally, pages will be easier to find.

Optimize Homepage With Primary Keyword

It can be tempting to make your site as general as possible to draw in as much business from your sector as possible, but local firms should avoid this tactic. When you purposefully don't optimize for your main local term, Google will automatically orient search results to reflect a device's GPS or IP location, which is counterproductive.


To improve your homepage SEO, you should concentrate your targeting on a single term and use other SEO techniques like schema markup, providing NAP information, and presenting bespoke feedback. Theoretically, if your homepage ranks well, it will increase traffic to your website's other pages as well.

Schema Markup

A labeling language called schema markup is employed to provide search engines with more precise definitions. It is a technical SEO tactic that provides the context crawlers require to more accurately classify and index content. Crawlers may find reviews, ratings, photos, and more thanks to the schema.

Because rich snippets produced by schema markup increase the click-through rates of search result listings, using schema markup for local SEO is very crucial. A rich snippet is a search engine listing for a web page that offers details outside the page's title and description.

These rich snippets may contain information such as customer reviews, pictures, event dates, etc. This increases the actual size of your SERP listing in addition to making it more interesting and informative.

Optimize Page URLs

Standard on-page SEO strategies that focus on smaller components of your website are equally important for ranking well in Google local search results.

Making short, comprehensive URLs that are straightforward to read and type is known as URL optimization. It is straightforward to use a hyphenated structure that contains the focus keywords for the article. This can be seen at granwehr.com/seo-URL-optimization, for instance.

Making your meta titles, title tags, and meta descriptions clear enough to help users and crawlers comprehend the content itself is the key to producing effective title tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions must: 

  • Up to 160 characters
  • Give the user a detailed description of the content on the website
  • Utilize your desired keyword
  • Specify your company name

Meta descriptions must:

  • Up to 60 characters
  • Utilize your desired keyword
  • Draw the customer’s attention

In general, you should start phrases and sentences with the most crucial words when composing meta titles and descriptions. For every page on your website, you should create original names and descriptions. Duplicate content can hurt your rating since it confuses search engine crawlers.

Build Links On Your Website

Link-building is an effective local SEO technique because Google still considers backlinks to be an important ranking factor. Additionally, there are times when local enterprises find it simpler than international ones. Businesses can create backlinks using a variety of region-specific resources, such as:

  • Creating regional resources or guides
  • Construction of NAP citations
  • For those in your business sector, guest blog
  • Collaborating with regional influencers
  • Utilizing social media to include the community
  • Distributing regional and sectoral news on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Backlinks demonstrate to crawlers that your brand is reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, local links broaden your audience and assist you to attract more clients.

Get More Reviews

Reviews are crucial for local SEO since they establish credibility and show that you care about your clients. Both favorable and negative reviews should be addressed. By doing this, you might be able to win back former consumers and convince prospective clients that you care deeply about their experiences.


Relevant reviews are current, have a highlighted rating, contain keywords, and display communication from the company. By requesting client feedback, you can expand your outreach campaign. Be noticeable in local search results as the company is open to both praise and criticism.

Prioritize Voice Search

It's no secret that voice searches are different from web searches. As a result, 41% of voice searchers spoke to their devices as if they were close friends or relatives.

Due to local SEO benefits, organizations should produce websites and material that enables AI software to swiftly identify solutions to queries.


Concentrate on long-tail keywords that consumers might use as questions to enhance the voice search. Additionally, give straightforward forms for crucial information like location, contact details, business hours, and product offerings. With appropriate information and strategy, you will never have to ask again how to do local SEO?

As more individuals use AI software to do online searches, optimizing for voice search—a relatively new local SEO plan—will gain popularity in the future.

Opt For Mobile-Friendly Solutions

According to a Google case study in 2019, 59% of shoppers think that being able to make purchases on a mobile device is crucial when determining where to shop. Thus, the capacity of a company to convert internet consumers into actual customers is closely correlated with the frequency of mobile searches.

The data and content on your mobile website are crawled, classified, and indexed before the desktop version by Google since it uses a mobile-first indexing strategy. Making your website mobile-friendly will therefore enhance your overall SEO performance. You have a better idea about how much does local SEO cost and the performance. 

Making your mobile site simple can help it perform better. Some design strategies include limiting animations, removing pop-ups, and just using valuable images. Use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test to identify your website's shortcomings and learn how to strengthen them.

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Use Appropriate SEO Tools

There is normally never enough time for devoted marketing work in small enterprises because they are primarily focused on producing and selling things. 

SEO Tools

Utilize local SEO tools to reduce the amount of time spent reading, coding, and revising. With these tools, you know how to boost local SEO and its impact on your brand. 

Following are just a handful of the most well-known local SEO tools:

  • Semrush: Semrush is a content marketing SaaS platform that offers information, suggestions, and integrated optimization tools to make the process of creating a website easier and more efficient.
  • Marketing Expert: Marketing platform utilized by companies like Hilton and Ikea that specializes in local SEO tactics.
  • Connectivity: A program that facilitates connections between you and other regional businesses to generate backlink opportunities.
  • Reliable eCommerce Platform: An eCommerce platform that offers cloud services, applications, and more to enhance consumer satisfaction and online sales performance.

These tools can help you operate more efficiently and free up more time to manage your business, even while they won't do the job for you.

Seek SEO Audit

Businesses must increase their online footprint to stay competitive locally as consumer shopping patterns change toward search engine research.

Local SEO strategies improve written content, NAP citations, GMB listings, and code information to make businesses easier for local customers to find. In this emerging business model, which combines conventional and e-commerce ways to meet client demand, putting these tactics into practice is essential.

Would you like to know how local SEO is going for you? Seek a free SEO audit from JanBask Digital Design. Alternatively, arrange a consultation to learn how SEO with intent can increase search traffic revenue by over 700%.

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