How Google Evaluates High-Quality Backlinks For SEO



5 Apr, 2024


Earning high-quality backlinks is the ultimate goal of every SEO campaign. A website's search engine rankings can be considerably influenced by inbound links, commonly known as backlinks.

Google’s first aim is to give valuable, comprehensive information to users online. A higher probability of achieving a high search engine ranking is through acquiring high-quality backlinks. 

92% of SEO services believe that links will be a prominent Google algorithm criterion. Link building can help your search engine rankings, but it's not easy.

Google's ranking algorithm takes into account a wide variety of variables beyond only the number and quality of backlinks to your site. Search engine rankings, relevance, and page authority are all factors for Google backlinking. The editorial value of your hyperlinks is also something Google considers in backlink quality.

The value of high-quality backlinks to your site can't be overstated, especially if you want to rank well in search results. However, your company's internet performance may suffer if you're exposed to harmful links. 

But how do you get good-quality backlinks in the first place?

Want To Get High-Quality Google Backlinks?

  • Improves Organic Ranking
  • Improves Site Authority
  • Increase in Site Traffic

Understanding The Concept Of Backlinks

SEO services state that links on one website that lead to a page on some other website are called backlinks. Backlinks are simply "votes" for a website on Google as well as other major search engines. Pages with lots of incoming backlink quality typically do well in natural search results.

Your site's popularity is measured by the number of incoming Google backlinking as per the SEO agency. Search engine optimization (SEO) relies heavily on creating, maintaining, and evaluating backlinks on Google.

A Glimpse Of Backlink Audit

Your SEO consultant will put time and effort into both on-page and off-page SEO if you want to improve organic traffic. This way, you can grab the attention of search engines. SEO services need to perform on-page SEO to improve your website's visibility in search results. 

Using off-site optimization, your SEO specialist may show search engines that your material is helpful to people who aren't already familiar with your brand. A backlink is the single most essential expression of worth.

Here’s why it is important for your brand’s website.

The Significance Of Backlinks On Google

The following are a few ways in which Google backlinks can propel your website to the very top of SERPs:

1. Increased Web Traffic

Site traffic can be considerably increased by gaining backlinks from media organizations, third-party reviews, and other internet sources. This occurs when a person while reading a post on some other website, decides to visit your website by clicking on a link in the post.

Bear in mind that people reading online will only click on links if they want to. This suggests that visitors who came to your site from links on other pages tend to be highly engaged.

They were interested in the information and would prefer to know more about your brand and its services. It is important to lead them to your website and provide insights on your services to draw conversions. 

2. Improved Organic Ranking

Your site's organic ranks will improve significantly if you invest in building high quality backlinks. Your website's search engine rankings will improve as more and more other websites link to it. 

The more relevant and useful your material is, the more likely it is to rank highly in Google's search results.

3. Improved Site Authority

Your internet reputation can benefit from Google backlinks from reputable sources. When other websites and individual users connect to yours, SEO services relate it to a huge vote of confidence.

Quality & Quantity of Backlinks affect Ranking and Authority

4. Quicker Indexing

Having high-quality backlinks will hasten your website's indexing and exposure. Your SEO company knows that Google's bots are programmed to follow and analyze the links between websites. 

When Google finally comes upon your site and indexes it, it will be useful to both you and your visitors. Your SEO agency should expect a delay in search engine traffic if you don't have any link building strategies. In the case of brand-new websites, this is extremely important to remember.

5. Robust Network

Constructing backlinks on Google is a powerful strategy for reaching out to new people and solidifying ties with those you already have. The greater the number of webmasters who stumble into your site and find it to be both interesting and useful. 

SEO services consider the greater your chances of attracting a dedicated fanbase. Building backlinks on Google also provides access to a large online community that can help spread the word about your business and the information you produce.

6. High Quality Backlink

Hyperlinks are how link juice is acquired as per an SEO company. For Google, these high-quality backlinks are like testimonials from satisfied customers vouching for your page's quality and usefulness.

In other words, if site A obtains no new links but site B receives one, all other ranking indicators remain the same. In this instance, site A will rise in the search engine rankings while site B would fall. 

But suppose site B only gets one link. How much "juice" each link carries determines the outcome. Increasing the number of incoming links to your website improves its search engine rankings.

Acquiring high-quality backlinks is crucial to improving your site's rankings in search engines. Here are some prominent differences between good and bad Google backlinks.People spend more time on Internal link or External link

Difference Between Good VS Bad Google Backlinks

High quality backlinks originate from other sites that are respected authorities in your field. These are authoritative websites that publish material that is similar to that on your site. High quality backlinks help your search engine optimization efforts.

An example of a high quality backlink would be a link from an "authentic" publication. These are links from external websites that come with no further effort on your part. To earn editorial links organically, your SEO consultant will generate material that is both informative and highly relevant.

On the other hand, low-quality backlinks tend to originate from websites that are neither relevant nor reputable. 

 Good VS Bad Backlinks

Sites that disobeyed Google's Website Guidelines received a penalty. When you acquire backlinks from these sites, it can hurt your SEO efforts. Therefore, ensure that you evaluate good vs bad backlinks.

Some examples of poor backlinks are links that the author developed themselves and was not included in the editorial process. As per your SEO company article directory signature links, user profile page links, and heavily moderated blog comment links all fall within this category. 

Black-hat SEO practices include generating one's links. Thus, these are strongly advised against backlinking practices.

We have described an easy way how Google evaluates backlink quality.

How Does Google Evaluate Backlink Quality?

You now know how to do backlinking and should now be able to distinguish between good backlinks and bad ones

Let's move on to the more serious question of "How does Google run a backlink quality check?"

It's not possible to earn high-quality backlinks with a cookie-cutter strategy. It's not uncommon for Google to release new versions of its algorithms. 

This means that you need to keep up with the current SEO changes to maintain the highest possible efficiency in your link-building and revenue initiatives.

Google's essential criteria for assessing the quality of backlinks are as follows:

1. Relevant Topics

Your SEO company will mention the presence of app or development-related terms in the domain name of a website. This is a good indicator that it is relevant to the app developer niche. Finally, we conclude that high quality backlinks are those that are relevant to your niche.

You may be thinking, "But wait, don't news and magazine websites cover a wide range of subjects?" 

Here is where you should check to see if the page is appropriate for your target audience. Media outlets like CNBC, Forbes, and the New York Times all cross-post articles on a variety of subjects. 

Links from their site are not necessarily useless because of the breadth of their subject matter covered. Indeed, the contrary is sometimes true in reality. 

However, a website dedicated to mobile app development would be remiss to contact a website dealing with economics and politics in an attempt to secure a high quality backlink, since the two sites are unrelated.

2. Context Relevance

As a first step, your SEO services consider whether or not the website's content is pertinent to your area. An illustration will help clarify this point. Consider this: you've asked two close pals to suggest the best local spot for tomato soup. 

Two of your pals are in the food industry; one cooks at a decent diner, and the other is a football coach with a tomato allergy. Whose viewpoint do you think is more trustworthy? Perhaps the opinion of the cook? Because you know they have dined at a variety of restaurants and have a better grasp on what makes good food great. 

Context Relevance is most important for linking

Likewise, links from a website that is focused on Italian cuisine, Italy, or recipes will have more weight than connections from a page that is focused on cosmetics or jewelry.

Even though the page you're on now has a high Google ranking for the phrase "mobile app development and marketing," when you click through to that page, you'll find what looks like a personal blog on unrelated topics rather than anything related to app development or marketing. 

In other words, it's not an ideal situation from a website's point of view of relevancy.

3. Location

Ranking in Dallas and the area surrounding is likely to be of interest to a mobile app developer headquartered there. The concentration of your ideal customers is highest there. 

Accordingly, it appears that backlinks on Google from Dallas-based websites are worthwhile. High quality backlinks, then, include coming from the same region as your home base. Aim to gain high quality backlinks from Dallas-based news, tech, and lifestyle websites.

4. Traffic

Acquiring more organic Google traffic is another sign of a high-quality backlink. Consider whether or not the site is receiving regular Google traffic before deciding to contact its owners. Your SEO specialist has zeroed in on a respectable website that is both authoritative and pertinent to your own, but you've noticed a steady decline in organic traffic over time. 

If your SEO company can avoid linking to such a site, you should. This is mostly due to the possibility that Google has penalized the site for engaging in questionable practices, such as selling links. 

Google Backlink Search results

Having your website linked to a blacklisted one isn't something you want to happen. Simply said, your SEO company should make sure the backlink site hasn't been penalized and is seeing a steady, organic traffic increase.

5. Authority

Is there anything else you should be on the lookout for in a high quality backlink? Top-notch Google backlinks also feature other indicators of quality such as authority in the field of website management. 

From zero to one hundred, a website's domain ranking indicates how authoritative the site is. However, contacting one authoritative website is not recommended. Your SEO company should only use this as a baseline for link prospecting; otherwise, you risk missing out on a large number of relationships that are now weak but have the potential to become strong. 

Your link will carry more weight on a page that has 20 domain rankings because that page will gain authority over time.

6. Diversity

High quality backlinks that have grown organically over time are favored by search engines. These websites have been linked to reputable sources such as blogs, websites, journals, directories, press releases, and conferences.

Reputable sources like Google backlinks discuss only your website and not any of your rivals are invaluable. The online conference and forum platforms are two such rare examples. It's possible that some of your rivals won't be able to send speakers to those conferences. This is a fantastic chance to increase the backlink quality of your profile.

Listed here are a few strategies to earn quality Google backlinks.

Effective Strategies For Getting Quality Google Backlinks

Similar to citations, high quality backlinks are references that are used by others. If you want to generate trust in your brand and rise in the search engine rankings, you need to employ proper link building strategies.

Use these strategies to attract more links and audience to your site:

1. Information-Rich Content

Everyone enjoys visiting a helpful online resource. One tried-and-true strategy for attracting inbound links is to provide original, in-depth information supported with eye-catching pictures. Some advice is as follows:

  • Use infographics
  • Make content that's both detailed and easy to skim
  • Publish blogs that are tailored to specific industries
  • Include original research and data
  • Provide links to other credible sources

2. Building Broken Links

This method is effective because it allows users to report broken links directly to webmasters. If any of the links on their resource pages are broken, this is a great chance to suggest links to your related web pages.

example of Broken Links

You improve your chances of receiving high-quality backlinks by assisting webmasters in reporting and fixing broken links. To find websites that are related to your subject and have resource pages, try entering the following phrases into Google:

  • Keywords + URls
  • Resources + Keywords

3. Build Relationships

Make contact with influential people in your sector as well as webmasters. This way, you won’t have to wonder how to get backlink from Google. The expansion of your network and the promotion of your website can both benefit from this strategy. 

4. Links From Affiliated Sites

Reach out to companies with which you have established a relationship. Try getting in touch with your distributors and the customers you already have. 

Make sure to ask them if they would be willing to provide a link to your website on their page in the form of testimonials or other formats. If you have developed strong relationships with the people in your network, they will probably assist you when you need them.

5. Competitor Backlinks

Maintain a close eye on the Google sandbox in SEO, and methods used by your competition. Determine the link-building strategies that they use, then work to improve your processes by optimizing these practices. 

For instance, you might discover links to the resource pages of your competitors. Analyze these links and identify the site owners with whom you may establish communication to add your company to their webpage.

6. Transform Mentions Into Links

On some websites, the mention of your company or product does not result in the addition of a hyperlink. Your SEO services will make contact with the proprietors of these sites and ask them to backlink to your website. 

These individuals are most likely some of the numerous people who follow your business. This indicates that it is simple to communicate with them and ask for Google backlinks to their website.

7. Share Your Content

Even if you do everything perfectly to optimize and promote your content, it won't earn high-quality backlinks on its own.

long form Content generates more backlinks

To place your business in front of a large audience, you should leverage network services and social media marketing.

8. Guest Blogging

Explore the web in search of the top blogs covering your field of interest. Social media and image search engines like Google may potentially yield guest blogging chances. The secret is picking the right websites to offer a guest post to. 

Don't forget to: 

  • Do your homework 
  • Find out what kind of content strategy they already have 
  • Analyze who their target audience is 
  • See how well other guest articles on their site are doing 
  • Look at the social shares for their top blog pieces
  • However, shifts may be on the horizon

Using branded anchor text rather than keyword-optimized anchor text in paid guest posts may result in a Google penalty, based on a recent article.

Your SEO company can keep tabs on your guest blogging techniques, even though Google hasn't confirmed these changes just yet. 

60% of companies write one to five guest posts per month.

Make sure your listing sites follow the guidelines set forth by the various search engines. Find out if the sponsored links have the nofollow attribute added to them. If not, you should probably look elsewhere for guest writing gigs.

9. Connect With Niche Forums

SEO services can contact authority figures, industry influencers, and other websites at conferences and forums, which are both wonderful opportunities. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase the visibility and authority of your site.

10. Knowledgeable Interviews

Websites that publish original research and statistics have a greater possibility of being interviewed by multiple other web publications. Don't pass up this opportunity to give yourself an edge over the competition. 

Make effective use of the marketing resources at your disposal to offer original and helpful material to your readers and subscribers.

Be aware, though, that not all backlinks should be equally weighted. Before doing anything else, you must determine the quality of the backlinks you are receiving.

Have a quick glance at quality backlinks. 

Prominent Instances Of Quality Backlinks

Always keep in mind that the best backlinks are those that appear naturally and are pertinent on reputable websites. It's easy to see the difference between healthy and harmful connections.

The following are examples of high-quality backlinks:

  • A news article has a link to one of your blog posts.
  • Your company’s link where your CEO is mentioned.
  • Link your social presence with your website.
  • A reliable review site such as Yelp can drive a lot of traffic to your site.
  • Having a prominent blogger includes a link to your site within an evaluation of your product or service.

There will be times when a reputable website automatically links to yours. They will have a sincere interest in what you have to offer and will link to your business or blog as a resource for their own readers.

Ideal Ways To Avoid Google’s Penalty For Bad Links

Inclusion is important to Google. If your business isn't on Google's good side, Google could penalize you severely, regardless of how big or well-known you are.

 A direct example of Google's punishment is the removal of Bing Discover-related sites from Google Search.

Following these guidelines can save you from Google penalties:

Keyword Stuffing: Nowadays, keyword stuffing is one of the largest mistakes you can make. Over the past decade, Google has taken a hard stance against and penalized websites that engage in term stuffing.

Purchase Links: If you buy connections, Google will almost certainly penalize your site. The giant of search engines will show no mercy if you're discovered.

Duplicate Content: As you can imagine, duplicate content is a major problem for Google rankings. In this case, we're talking about two different entities. For starters, it prevents duplicate content from being indexed, and Google can penalize you for this content. 

Cluttered Ads: This is why Google added its Page Layout algorithm to report pages and websites that are excessively overflowing with ads or frustrate site users by making them sift through all these ads to find the information they need. 

User-Specific URLs: Create user-friendly, short URLs to avoid penalties. While exact keywords or phrases are fine, your URL should fit the content and not just be crafted to attract traffic and search engine rankings.


Month after month, Google issues tens of thousands of fines. It would have been better if we could have prevented many of these. The Google penalty can be avoided. Learning the regulations that result in penalties and adhering to them is all that's required. 

Get in touch with the Google penalty prevention specialist at JanBask Digital Design

Looking For a Professional SEO Consultant?

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  • Increase in Organic Website Traffic


1. Are High-Quality Backlinks Good For SEO?

Having other high-authority domains link to your site is particularly helpful since it shows search engines such as Google that your site is credible. These Google backlinks offer your brand additional presence. 

Last but not least, the quality of the surrounding links affects how well your link ranks in search engines. Think of it this way: your page is included in a list that also includes the Library of Congress, Wikipedia, and CNN. you'll get more out of it than you would from a link on a page with some less impressive sites.

2. How Many High-Quality Backlinks Do I Need?

To compete in search engine optimization (SEO), a website needs between 40 and 50 backlinks to its homepage, and between zero and a hundred backlinks to a single web page. The quantity of links required to improve search engine rankings is inversely proportional to their PageRank rating.

3. Which Is The Best Backlink Practice?

SEO services consider building links to your resource page as one of the easiest and most efficient strategies to increase your site's search engine rankings. Web page compilations containing relevant links are known as "resource pages". You may find a wealth of information on just about any subject imaginable.

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