What Is Page Authority – Know 10 Ways To Increase It Tremendously!



12 Apr, 2024


What makes Google consider your website credible and influential?

What is page authority and how crucial page authority is for your digital presence?

To have a website for the business is an essential factor, but along with the growth of online users, there are several websites booming every day. In general, every website's key focus is “User Experience”; however apart from fulfilling user expectations, another critical aspect is making it appropriate for search engines.

Along with creating content, site structure, and landing page optimization, many vital factors contribute to website ranking on search engines, creating a robust digital marketing strategy, and one of those is Page Authority. This article will discuss PA- Page Authority meaning and how it affects your website and improves it.

Let's get going and create an authority!

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What Is Page Authority?

page authority

Page Authority is a Moz score that can predict how any specific page will rank on a search engine. The score of any web page for SERP can range up to 100, and a high score can also improve the page rank. Dozens of factors contribute to deciding the page authority of a web page. 

If we talk about domain authority then there is a machine learning model that is used to identify the algorithm that can correlate the page authority of a website across thousands of SERPs. Now what is page authority in SEO? Your page authority is also an excellent way to measure your SEO performance and compare your website and the competitor.

If you want to know how Page Authority is calculated, then the score of a page for authority is calculated on a 100-point logarithmic scale. Anyone can grow this score even from 20 to 80 easily. Moz continuously updates the Page Authority algorithm so that the page score may fluctuate occasionally. Usually, the competitive metric is considered in deciding the page performance rather than a concrete score. So, there is no Good or Bad Page Authority of a page; rather than it is a comparative study. Hope this answers what is Page Authority.

Why Should You Care About Page Authority?

When discussing search engine optimization (SEO), page authority in SEO refers to the numerical value­ assigned by a search engine­ to assess the importance of a website. A higher page authority indicates greater visibility in organic search results. 

Google's consistent message is to prioritize creating pages for users rather than search engines. The spe­cifics of how search engines e­valuate authority are kept se­cret to prevent manipulation, but some­ factors seem to influence­ a webpage's likelihood of appe­aring on the first page of search results.

One of the­ primary factors that affects a webpage's visibility is its Page­ Rank, which reflects the numbe­r of reputable website­s linking to it. Additionally, the domain hosting an article can impact its Page Rank. For instance­, an article published on a well-re­spected news organization's website is more likely to have­ higher page authority compared to the­ same article posted on an abandone­d WordPress blog.

What Is the Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority?

However, both of these terms look alike but are different as, on the one hand, Page Authority is all about page ranking or a predictive scale. At the same time, domain authority measures the strength of the entire domain or its sub-domains. To calculate both the domain authority and Page authority the same methodology is used so many times; the result of both is the same and is considered as similar terms.

Page Authority metrics are also involved in many SEO methods and online marketing. Moreover, there are ready-to-use tools on the internet that can help you identify domain authority and page authority. Link Explorer, MozBar is freely available as a toolbar that can help to measure the domain authority.

To state it simply, page authority measures the ranking strength of a single web page instead of an entire domain. The difference also answers what is domain authority and page authority.

How To Calculate Domain Authority & Page Authority?

Domain authority is calculated for the overall domain and its sub-domains, so the page authority is calculated on the individual page. To identify the page authority of a page the data is taken from the Mozscape web index and can include link counts and MozTrust scores. MozRank and many other small factors are associated with a page. To calculate the page rank, keyword use and content optimization are not considered here.

Moz uses more than 30-40 factors to determine your page authority, but some of the key ones to mention are:

  • Content quality determines not only your website ranking but also your page authority.
  • SEO, site architecture and the user experience are crucial in determining your page authority in SEO.
  • Social sharing is crucial for your website ranking and for MOZ to determine your page authority in SEO.
  • MozTrust determines the quality of your external links. For example, the more .edu and .gov sites link to your webpage, the better will be MozTrust Rating.

Page authority is also calculated using machine learning, just like domain authority. It may also fluctuate since the data fed into machine learning algorithms may change from one time to another. So, the user must take the page authority as a relative metric when they compare it with other pages, and the absolute values must not be considered to check it. This answers how to calculate page authority as well as how to increase page authority.

How to Improve Page Authority?

By now, we have discussed what is Page Authority, page authority meaning, its introduction, and the factors that should be taken into account to measure the authority of a page. Still, the critical factor is how to increase page authority of your website.

There are some of the famous and most used ways to increase page authority, and we are going to discuss these:

Improve Page Authority

1) Presence of Fresh Content

What is a Good Page Authority score? It can be assured by meaningful and fresh content. Try to create relevant and high-quality content relevant to your brand, product, or service. The better your content, the more likely it is to be shared by various users and liked, resulting in many other sites being linked to your site or page. 

To make the site popular, try creating high-quality and relevant content for your web page. Following are a few tips for creating high-quality content and answers to what is page authority and how to improve page authority:

  • Create interesting content
  • Update and Post Fresh Content every day
  • Ensure that the content is relevant and useful
  • Make sure that the content is easy to read

One of the biggest mistakes businesses usually make is writing fluff content with no substance. They think they are creating content only for SEO and can write anything, and they have only to fill it with the relevant keywords. But that’s the wrong way! You must create meaningful content that can attract readers and be shared by them. Also, Page Authority in SEO is often inquired, which means on-page SEO is critical for page authority.

2) Choose the Right Domain Name 

A domain name is a very critical factor for increasing your page authority. It is a representation of your brand’s credibility on the digital platform. It is essential in creating brand awareness and recall for your brand. The more your site is visited better the page authority. Check the points below that answer what is page authority and how to increase page authority.

  • Pick a domain name that is relevant to your site.
  • The domain name should be easy to remember for the visitors. 
  • It should be simple and brief.
  • Stay unique.

3) Earn External Links

For many reasons, it is essential to have external links. If you put an external link to another website and they post it on their site, you will get more audience, and your brand will get better exposure. As a result of this, you will get more website traffic. You must create meaningful and quality content to post on other high-authority websites. Following are the tips on what is page authority and how to increase page authority:

4) Use of Images

Believe it or not, images are much more critical and can significantly impact domain authority and page authority. Images that are of original content can provide you with many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Content becomes readable
  • Images can be shared and liked easily
  • Ideas can improve the SEO

      Images can be shared and scanned because reading the content or a huge amount of text may be difficult. You can also even break up your content into visuals. Google also appreciates the use of images on a webpage.

      However, once you use the descriptive ALT tag, Google can only identify the images you use on the web page. Moreover, if you are using the ALT tag, then you should use strong SEO keywords in this ALT tag that Google can easily find, and more traffic can be generated in this way.

      5) Optimize On-Page Content

      SEO is critical for page authority and Google ranking; therefore, all your on-page content should be well-optimized, like title tags, image alt tags, the home page, and search page content. Here’s some tips on how to increase page authority score:

      • Use relevant keywords.
      • Don’t miss long-tail keywords.
      • Look for related keywords.
      • Do competitor analysis before optimizing your content.

      Still wondering what is page authority in SEO? Read this blog

      6) Work On Internal Links

      Internal links are essential for a better user experience. Through internal links, you keep providing more relevant information to the visitors; it creates a better hook and increases engagement.

      • Use relevant internal links.
      • Don’t add links to outdated content.
      • Don’t bombard your content with internal links.
      • Check that the page you are linking is working properly and has no errors. 

      7) Come Up With A Mobile-Friendly Website

      A massive number of users shops seek details through their mobile phones, so it is critical to make a website that looks good and opens up easily on mobile devices. In other words, create a responsive website.

      • Pay attention to images and the call-to-action buttons that should display correctly on a mobile device. They should be a manageable size but appropriate for any screen size.
      • Use the proper theme and remove unnecessary plugins. Try a pre-designed theme.
      • Decide upon the essential elements to be added while making a mobile-friendly website.
      • Working with a digital marketing agency or SEO agency to help you with the best design elements.

      8) Use The Power Of Social Media

      Page authority is very much affected by social sharing. The more your content is liked and shared on social media, the better you will be able to increase page authority.

      • Focus on creating informative videos and infographics.
      • Keep coming up with fresh and regular content.
      • Analyze the social media strategy of your competitors.

      9) Build Your Domain Authority

      As you build your domain authority, this will drastically increase page authority as well.

      • Create an optimization strategy at both page and domain levels.
      • Have a clean site architecture.
      • Use proper URL structure.
      • Never go for duplicate content.

      10) Remove All Bad Links To Your Page

      Removing all harmful links to your page as they overshadow the good links may even attract penalties from Google and decrease your ranking.

      • Regularly audit all the links; you may use the Google search console to the rescue.
      • Remove links from irrelevant anchor text.
      • You may use Google Disavow tools to remove such links or contact the web admin.

      These are some of the best ways to increase page authority and, ultimately, your Moz score, affecting your Google ranking. On that note, here’s all that we have spoken about. 

      You can get in touch with an SEO specialist or SEO consultant to get some help and gather more knowledge.


      1. Why should marketers care about Page Authority?

      A high page authority score­ can significantly impact marketers. It provides a re­liable signal to identify which pages are­ more likely to show up in search e­ngine results for their de­sired keywords. This heighte­ned visibility not only increases website traffic but also improves brand recognition and cre­dibility. Consequently, markete­rs can reach a larger audience­, maximize their online presence, and ultimately generate more conve­rsions and business growth.

      2. What are domain authority and page authority and what is the difference between them?

      Domain authority and page authority are rankings to measure a website's trustworthiness and a specific web page's strength, respectively. Domain authority assesses the whole site, while page authority focuses on one page. Higher numbers indicate more credibility and influence in search results.

      3. What is a good page authority score and how can we achieve it?

      A good page authority score is typically above 30, but it can vary by industry. To improve it, focus on quality content, relevant keywords, internal and external links, and mobile-friendliness. Regularly update and promote your page for better rankings.

      4. Is Page Authority the only factor to consider for better search engine rankings?

      No, Page Authority in SEO is just one of several factors that influence search engine rankings. While it's crucial, other factors like content quality, backlinks, on-page SEO, site speed, and mobile-friendliness also play significant roles in achieving better search engine rankings. A holistic SEO approach considers all these elements.

      Once you learn how to increase your page authority score you will know that it is typically above 30, but it can vary by industry. To improve it, focus on quality content, relevant keywords, internal and external links, and mobile-friendliness. Regularly update and promote your page for better rankings.

      5. How long does it typically take to increase Page Authority?

      The timeframe for noticeable improvements in Page Authority can vary. It depends on various factors, including the competitiveness of your industry, the quality of your SEO efforts, and your website's history. In general, you may start seeing improvements in a few months, but substantial changes might take several months or longer. It's important to focus on consistent, high-quality SEO practices for sustained growth.

      6. Where to get help to increase page authority of my web pages?

      You can seek help to increase the Page Authority of your web pages from various sources:

      • SEO Specialist: Hiring an experienced SEO consultant or getting in touch with an SEO agency can provide valuable insights and strategies.
      • Online Resources: There are numerous online guides, courses, and forums dedicated to SEO and tips on how to increase Page Authority.
      • SEO Tools: Utilize tools like Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to analyze and increase Page Authority.
      • Digital Marketing Agencies: Many digital marketing companies offer SEO services to boost your Page Authority.
      • Content Writers: High-quality content is key, so consider hiring skilled content creators.

      Still looking for solutions? We can help. Get in touch with the JanBask Digital Design team and we will help you get started. Visit our website and drop us a query or simply call us. We will help you acquire the best ranking ever for your website. Check out our page for more details. 


      Whatever your website and product, you must increase web traffic to achieve your business goals. Moreover, to know whether your web page will be ranked well by Google, you can check the page authority of your web pages. Also, you can do more research on what is a good page authority and how to increase page authority for better results. Pay attention to how to increase your page authority score as much as possible for better results. Understanding what is page authority is critical, a professional SEO Company or digital marketing company can help work on ways on how to improve page authority and optimize the conversion rate.

      Moreover, there can be many other ways on how to increase page authority, so identify and apply them to increase the score. Domain authority and page authority are two of the most critical factors for SERP.   

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