How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube; 12 Winning Tips 


24 Jan, 2024


Did you know that approximately 1 billion people watch YouTube per day on an hourly basis? That’s identical to 8.4 minutes per day per human! Woah, Huge!

With the widespread popularity of video-sharing channels like Youtube, Facebook, etc, it's difficult for marketers to ignore the video marketing channel as with such high popularity comes high competition.

The channel is overfilled with an endless library of video content, so now the question arises: How can you stand out from the crowd? Also, how to get more subscribers on YouTube?

Living in this technical world, we have all caught ourselves binge-watching hours upon multiple entertaining videos on Digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. And being honest, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Now, the question is, how can you, being a marketer, steal the attention of people over such a gigantic video content platform aka Youtube. What type of social media marketing strategy can you use? And how to get youtube subscribers? 

This thought must be ghosting you. Well, don’t worry, because this article will help you learn about it. If you've invested your time and resources into creating a video, it's only fair to expect a meaningful return on that investment.

Digital Marketing means advertising delivered through various digital channels such as emails, search engines, social media platforms, and much more. It helps you spread awareness about your products and services or Brand worldwide.

Moreover,  “YouTube advertising is considered to be a pay-for-placement system that allows brands to reach YouTube's more than 1 billion users via targeted advertisements.”

In this blog, we will share easy ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Supercharge Your YouTube Growth: Subscribe Today

  • Increased Traffic to Other Platforms
  • Builds a Community
  • Enhanced Engagement

A few YouTube Advertising Statistics To Round Out Our Pitch

If you’re still in the enclosure about the benefits of YouTube advertising, perhaps the below-mentioned YouTube advertising statistics will persuade you that it’s considered to be one of the best ways to market your business online!

Some intriguing stats at a glance

Why Is It Necessary To Have Myriad Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel In 2024?

Let’s share with you the most popular YouTube channels around the globe having a huge number of subscribers as per data by statista in the present year 2023.

most popular YouTube channels around the globe

The number of subscribers in your YouTube channel plays a vital role in the increase of subscribers on YouTube. It is because the more number of subscribers you have in your channel, the higher the chances that viewers will subscribe to your channel. Subscribers tend to spend more time watching your videos as compared to other viewers who haven't subscribed yet. Hence it is crucial to convert viewers into subscribers. This can be done by creating engaging content.

The benefit of subscribing to a channel is that you receive the notification earlier than others as soon as something new is posted on the channel. Since we all know that Google owns Youtube and its partner program uses Google AdSense to display ads of your choice. This grants you permission or freedom to choose what channel you want to subscribe to, What kind of ads or videos you want or do not want to post. By using a strong Youtube Advertising strategy you can increase youtube subscribers. 

The YouTube Partner Program allows you to apply to monetize your YouTube Channel. But once you are accepted, you will be able to initiate converting your potential viewers and subscribers into an income!

Want a better explanation? Read this example for an in-depth understanding. 

Imagine that you are a content creator with a few subscribers. Let's say 3K. Before adding new subscribers, did you think of retaining these 3K subscribers on your channel?

Of course not! So, what actions can you take to retain them and also add new ones? Here are some tips! We will also mention the importance of new subscribers in the life of a content creator. Let's begin right away!

  • With a small subscriber count, your YouTube videos will be less likely to reach new audiences and in recommendations or search results.
  • To monetize your YouTube channel, you'll need to meet the eligibility criteria of a minimum number of subscribers. 
  • With a larger subscriber base, you can encourage others to subscribe to your channel. 
  • Big brands only collaborate with the creators who have a loyal fan base. 
  • If you want the long-term success of your YouTube channel, the only option you'll be left with will be an increasing subscriber base. 

Now, it's time to learn how to get youtube subscribers in no time. Let’s dive in!

12 Effective Ways To Increase YouTube Subscribers

12 Effective ways to increase YouTube Subscribers

To get subscribers on YouTube you need to work strategically. Here are 12 effective tips to get youtube subscribers instantly!

1. Re-evaluate Videos On Your YouTube Channel

Before applying any strategy, it is necessary to clean up some unnecessary content from your YouTube Channel. Re-evaluating your YouTube Channel will help you lead to an increase in your subscribers or visitors.

But how do you reevaluate your channel? 

  • Identify videos that are not relevant to your channel. For example, if your channel is showing only the latest technologies in the market, remove the other videos showing non-tech content. 
  • Audiences on YouTube often get attracted by the quality of videos. This means, reviewing your older videos, improving their quality, and editing them. 
  • What's the first thing your viewers will see? A thumbnail, right? So, update it and make it more keyword-rich. For instance, showcase the latest models of smartphones if you have a video comparing new phones available in the market. 
  • Organizing your content into a playlist will help your audience cut down their search time. 
  • If you observe the channels of big Youtubers, you'll notice that they often engage with their subscribers in the comment section. So, why not give it a try to promote your channel?

 To simplify the long process for you, we will advise you to choose social media marketing services like Janbask which will be your savior and help you to become a popular content creator. 

2. Focus On Creating Posting Highly Watchable Content

Yes, we understand that this tip might seem palpable to you, but YouTube is full of mess, so it's easy to say that you can get away with posting inferior content. Well, if you think so then you can’t!

The only way to really stand out in the crowd and increase subscribers on YouTube is to create the best of the best content. Moreover, the key to accomplishing more subscribers is to plan during pre-production.

Well, to answer your question, How to increase Youtube Subscribers? Here are a few ways you can follow to pursue this better than your competitors:

  • Do Complete Research - Watch your competitor’s videos and note down the most intriguing parts of them for better outcomes. Try using unique ideas rather than just copying them from your competitors.
    For Example - If you own a shoe business, it would probably be ideal to take a tip or two from multiple YouTube Commercials. So that you can make better decisions for better outcomes.
  • Pen Down Everything - You might think you can wing it on screen, well you can but you shouldn’t. To increase subscribers on YouTube, you need to plan out your script, do a table read, rewrite it, and go through it again and again. This process helps you improve your script to make it take on the story you are trying to make for posting. Businesses often individualize the power of scripting, but mastering this art can increase subscribers on YouTube to an entirely new level.
  • Try to make the first 10 seconds of your video memorable - Do you know that 20-30% of the viewers drop off within the first 10 seconds of your video? This is why you are required to make the most of the first few seconds. It is important to make a strong first impression on your viewers. 
  • Here are some tips you should follow to make your first impression such as:
    • Don’t start your video with a bland introduction. 
    • Rather start it with the most climactic part of your video. This is what a "hook" is. Imagine you have a vlogging channel where you show your traveling experience. You can add adventurous parts of your trip like challenging yourself to reach a mountain peak. 

    3. Implement Top-Notch Channel Trailers

    We all know that YouTube has a feature for marketers that helps them grow their subscription base. It is known as Channel Trailers. Channel Trailers are short trailers that automatically play when any visitor arrives on your YouTube Channel for a binge.

    You can grab this golden opportunity to build your subscription base by creating compelling content for your channel.

    Remember, these trailers require to be short for approx. 30-60 seconds, and most importantly, they require you to serve your visitors a reason to stay longer on your channel. 

    You might be confused, or a question may arise in your head like do the trailers need to be hilarious or emotionally charged? Well, it's totally your choice, but it will definitely help your channel grab more visitors.

    Also, along with this, you should add a strong Call-to-Action that gives your viewer a reason to subscribe to your channel. It can become one of the reasons for YouTube subscribers to increase.

    4. Make Sure Your Videos Are Short (under 5 minutes)

    Is there any way on how to grow subscribers on YouTube with the help of short videos? We know testimonials are great! But long videos and YouTube do not go well together!

    Regardless of how complicated the product/services you are marketing are, your channel videos should not be more than 5 minutes.

    You must be thinking about why we are saying it. A study has proved that online video viewers have a short attention span. So, as mentioned above, you may lose approximately 20-30% of viewers within the initial 10 seconds of your video.

    To retain them, you can trim or edit longer videos to condense the content into a more concise format. Furthermore, it will encourage your viewers to watch multiple videos in a series on your channel. 

    In fact, HubSpot has found that the official length for any video on YouTube is a nice and concise 2-minute video. So, in case you have uploaded any video exceeding this limit, you should instantly remove it from your channel for its better performance. You can also implement A/B testing to analyze the performance.

    5. Try To Convert A Set Of Vdeos Into A Binge-Watching Playlist

    Do you have a set of videos to post together? Perhaps you work on weekly educational series, or you have a set of webinars or conferences around the same theme?

    Whatever your videos belong to, you should arrange that grouping into a YouTube playlist. As it will allow your viewers to continue their binge-watching without having to search further videos manually. This means you should serve your viewers with an autoplay feature so that they don’t require to manually search or click on the next video to watch.

    You must be thinking, why are we saying that? Well, it is because it will allow people to be on your channel for a longer time and display them a plethora of quality content that you have. This will help you make your video’s content quality well organized so that your channel does not become a cluttered mess that turns users away. In short, this will help retain your audience

    6. Add Powerful CTA (Call-to-Action) Into Your Videos

    All experienced and good marketers are aware of How to create a powerful Call-to-Action (CTA)? So try to use your skills, knowledge, and experience to build a compelling subscribe-able CTA for your YouTube Channel to grab more viewers on it.

    We understand, Inserting a CTA into your video sounds complicated, and possibly above your technical capabilities. Well, to give you relief, it's not that complicated!

    Now, Youtube has made it easy for marketers to add end screens and cards at the end of their videos. Here is a brief explanation of What EndScreen means and What are YouTube Cards?

    • EndScreens - EndScreen means exactly what it sounds like! A screen where a Call-to-Action will appear at the end of your video. Whether you want to encourage your viewers to subscribe, point them to the next video, or even promote your website or crowdfunding campaign, all of these things with end cards. End Screens allow you to choose from four various elements depending on your goal.
      Moreover, End Cards can appear during the last 5-20 seconds of your video, which must be at least 25 seconds long.

    However, the only thing to remember with cards is that users do require you to press the little “I” icon at the right corner of the video to make the card appear for them.

    Here are some examples of CTAs according to the channel type:

    • Travel Vloggers:
      • Don't forget to give this video a 'Like' if you'd like to see more travel tips. 
      • Join us on our next journey by subscribing to our channel. 
    • News Channels:
      • Get the latest updates daily by clicking 'Subscribe' and ringing the notification bell. 
      • 'Share' this news with your friends. 
    • Educational Channels:
      • If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, tell us in the comments. 
      • To learn more topics like this, make sure to 'Subscribe' and turn on notifications.
    • Cooking Channels:
      • If you enjoyed this recipe, give it a 'Thumbs Up' and 'Subscribe' to our channel. 
      • To get featured on our channel, share photos of your recreated dishes on Instagram using our hashtag.

    7. Post Regularly

    Yes, it could be difficult for you initially as not every marketer can be a full-time videographer to grind out content regularly. However, in case you are following my advice in tip #2 about building an in-house studio, scripting and creating great videos can easily become a part of your weekly workflow. It's the best way to get more subscribers on YouTube.

    Moreover, always remember consistency is the key to get youtube subscribers as you may get less time or no time to update your channel. In case you are into SEO, you may have heard about Moz as it does a great series called Whiteboard Fridays, with a weekly video that breaks down a few SEO concepts on a crisp whiteboard.

    These videos are super engaging and well-produced, but they’re CONSISTENT. They are known as Whiteboard Fridays. If you can nail down a persisting series similarly, you will be golden for providing your subscribers with consistent video content. Hence, it will lead you not only to keep current subscribers but also attract new subscribers and will simultaneously help you enhance your video engagement.

    8. Try To Invest In YouTube Advertising

    Now, the time has come to take your wallets out. Because in this section we will spill the beans on how to get free subscribers on YouTube? 

    We won't be asking you to spend too much cash on an advertisement. But making a budget behind promoting your Youtube Channel is a pretty foolproof way of increasing your subscription base. We all know that the internet is a crowded space and money talks. So, it is necessary to invest some of your marketing budget in your YouTube Channel.

    Youtube makes your advertising customizable by providing a variety of ad formats, such as:

    • Display ads
    • Overlay ads
    • Skippable and non-skippable video ads
    • Bumper ads
    • Sponsored cards

    Similar to various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Youtube also allows for video targeting based on Internet, demographics, and/or in-market audiences.

    Here's a general breakdown of the advertising budget you can follow:

    • You can choose the option of a daily ad budget to spread your spending over time.
    • Use a CPV Cost-Per-View (CPV) model. It means you'll pay only if a viewer interacts with your ad. 
    • Longer the campaign is, the larger the budget will be. However, it will create sustained exposure and growth. 

    In case you are new to the Youtube Advertising World, we are here to help you. You can contact our professionals for YouTube Marketing and other support!

    9. Promote Your Channel To Relevant Communities

    Being a social media marketer, you should be actively involved in all types of popular online communities including Twitter chat, LinkedIn groups, Reddit, or any other popular community. Spread your video content in these groups at relevant times. 

    Let’s say you work for an accounting firm and are engaging in a conversation where people are struggling with their balance sheet. This is the perfect time to share your helpful video to showcase your product/services worldwide that some of the firms may even take you upon.

    Tips on how to promote your channel and get new subscribers on YouTube

    10. Encourage People To Subscribe To Your Channel

    Nowadays, all the parents are well aware of the power of corruption spreading in the world. In fact, the parents also bribe their children to let the work get completed like “If you finish your veggies, I will let you watch the iPad for 10 minutes before bed”.

    However, the funny thing is, bribery is not something that we grow out of. In fact, it works extremely well on adults as it's human nature to love FREE things. So, yes we would suggest you bribe people to subscribe to your Youtube Channel. We understand, it might sound weird but it's worth it!

     five ways to encourage people to subscribe to your channel

    If you are still confused about what tips to use, connect with our YouTube marketing services company and rank your videos among the top 10 trending positions. 

    11. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

    Last, but not least, ensure your YouTube videos are well-optimized to rank in SERPs and it shows the result within YouTube itself.

    SEO for better YouTube video response can get a bit technically involved, but there are some effortless ways that you can follow to get a better video response. Some of the best practices include:

    • Create unique and catchy titles - Try to include some popular keywords within your video, also ensure to use the targeting keyword in your video title. Being professionals, we would suggest you keep your title around 50 characters maximum.
    • Add a Transcript to Every Video: Video transcripts are a great way to make your videos more accessible to a larger audience, and they also help with SEO! Transcripts essentially act as page copy, giving your video more indexable text so you can rank for more queries.
    • Optimize Your Video Descriptions: Don’t just jam-pack this field with keywords, rather make it an engaging and well-written description of what the video is about, and do use your most critical keywords.
    • Don’t Forget About Meta Tags: Meta tags are another way to get your keywords into your video and make it more searchable. It’s also an important factor in executing SEO audits.  We would recommend searching for popular videos in your space and seeing what meta tags they use. Again, make sure to not overdo it with the keywords here; just focus on the words that are most critical.

    Our social media marketing agency sticks to such smart strategies and promotes your channel till it acts as a "Subscriber Magnet."

    12. Promote Your Channel On Other Channels

    How to grow subscribers on YouTube by promoting your content? You should definitely take the opportunity to promote your content on other social media channels whenever you launch a new video. Also, you should urge people to subscribe or like your video.

    The thought behind this is if someone follows you on the platform, and they like your posts there, then they can also follow you on any other platform as well.


    1. How to get subscribers on YouTube fast and give tips on how to increase them?

    Incorporate these tips if you want to get the first 1000 subscribers in less time. 

    • Create content that viewers can't resist. 
    • Stick to a particular niche. 
    • Promote videos on different social media platforms. 
    • Make high quality videos. 
    • Invest in YouTube analytics. 
    • Know what type of videos turn your existing subscribers into viewers. 

    2. How to grow subscribers on YouTube faster?

      Here's what you can do get subscribers on your YouTube channel:

      • Create engaging YouTube video thumbnails. 
      • Use CTAs to tell your viewers to subscribe. 
      • Release videos regularly. 
      • Introduce your subscribers to a contest or giveaways. 

      3. Which topic is most viewed on YouTube?

        Both new and old music videos are always trending on YouTube. So, you can post them on a daily basis by editing the original content. 

        4. Do hashtags help to get more subscribers on Youtube?

        Why not! Hashtags are keywords that allow viewers to connect with your content on YouTube. 

        5. What is the best time to upload a video on my YouTube channel?

        Based on Boosted's research, the engagement on YouTube happens during Saturdays, Fridays, and Wednesdays. Furthermore, your posting time must be between 5 p.m to 9 p.m. 


        Being professionals, we don’t ignore the potential on YouTube. As we know it is a huge mistake to ignore it. One of the keys to reconcilable success on YouTube is enhancing your subscriber count efficiently. But don’t fall victim to those who buy YouTube subscribers scams for increasing youtube subscribers. And follow our tips on how to gain subscribers on YouTube.

        Instead, work to create exceptional content that will keep your audience coming back for more. Then, make people want to click on your content using brilliant thumbnails and killer headlines that draw them in. When people finally click on your video, then you can ask for a subscription. Once you’ve got those fundamentals down, you’re free to experiment with things like collaborations and YouTube Ads.

        If you put enough effort in, you’ll see those subscriber numbers start climbing — which can lead to website clicks and more. All you need to do is get started!

        What strategies have you discovered to increase subscriber numbers on YouTube? Please share your insights in the comments section!

        And once you have managed to uplift your subscriber base or views count, check out these 11 quick tips to increase views on youtube rapidly & without much money!

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