Tips to Hire the Best Graphic Designer for Your Instagram Account

 24 May, 2021


Graphic design is all over the place. The slogan, the colors used for the product packaging, as well as the ingredients which make up digital brand essentials are what all makes a company unforgettable. Well, also, in order to take over the social media platforms like Instagram, you need someone who can do magic with graphics. A graphic artist creates visual concepts by hand using various tools. These graphic ideas encourage and connect with an audience while  informing and educating them. If you are looking for attractive visuals for your Instagram, here we are sharing some tips to hire the best graphic designer for your Instagram account for maximum engagement. 

Check for portfolio

The most common practice followed by most people in regards to recruiting someone is to review their resume or portfolio. A detailed profile search and formation of an opinion is a smart strategy because the designer's portfolio reveals a lot about him or his skills. When evaluating the resume, there is a range of minor specifics to remember like the profile, the consistency of the qualifications, accomplishments summary, and the sample work displayed in the portfolio. Find people who have common specialties or interests to know your brand or identity, and try to figure out how you can form long-term relationships with them. Be sure to verify the portfolio's validity, and this will help you create confidence in forming an alliance with them.

Branding Consistency

It's important to maintain continuity across all of the social media platforms, especially Instagram. Take, for instance, this Warner Brothers brand image continuity from Pentagram. You can draw more consumers to your brand by providing a clear presence through your website, marketing materials, social media, and other platforms. Overall, this facilitates brand loyalty. So ensure hiring someone who knows how to visualize a consistent brand identity over Instagram.

Define the type of skills you need

Even if you don't have design experience, you should have a clear understanding of what a graphic designer does before sending out the work ad to a recruiter. Look for someone who specializes in their field. Do you want to improve your branding or brand identity? So search for a designer who specializes in brand building by creating stunning visuals. Hire someone who has a sheer idea of graphics’ best elements, best color combinations, an idea about putting a concept & creativity in every graphics they design for you.


Before you employ a graphic artist, make sure he has the requisite qualifications & experience for the work. Get in touch with his former clients to ask for a testimonial. Get in touch with artists who have a diverse set of skills and experience to show. After reviewing their portfolio, email them to see their sample work and hold a short interview. Search for designers with relevant  work background and goals like you. Project management, time performance, continuity, mission management, and ethical behavior are all factors to consider as well while hiring!

Knack for Creativity

The designer should be able to think creatively and be up to date with current design trends. Every organization or customer has a personality, and every piece of artwork a graphic artist is entrusted with serves a particular function. As a result, the designer should make the most of his or her imagination to produce a final product that is not only pleasing to the eye but also straightforward and detailed. If you blend the creativity of your designer with strategies and you can also buy 50 likes on Instagram, your post will go insane in no time. 

Explain your brand and target audience clearly

While you may be well-versed in what your business regularly does, as well as what sets it apart from the competition, it's easy to overlook that your candidates aren't. This is a challenge because it's virtually impossible for a designer to design something if they don't understand your needs, your brand, as well as the target demographic you're trying to attract. This is why it's always a smart idea to double-check that the final applicants appreciate your brand business and how it interacts with clients.

Thorough Interview

As part of the interview or screening process, set up a spot test. You can use this spot test to question the designer to describe a concept proposal for a specific company style in a specific environment and then determine their skill and imagination levels depending on their answers. Do this since it's not really possible to claim anything of such sort in a portfolio.

Consider a trial project to start

Offering a small sample project which takes just a few hours to complete is a perfect way to easily test the caliber of graphic design applicants. This could include everything from creating a basic logo to finishing up a previous project; it doesn't have to be complicated as long as it helps in demonstrating  each applicant's abilities. You can hand over a task like making an instant post for Instagram concerning the latest trend relevant to your services. 

Make sure you consider all these tips when you start hunting the best graphic designer for your Instagram.

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