Want to Buy Instagram Followers? 6 Reasons Why You Should Never


22 Mar, 2024



“Buy Instagram Followers - 100% Real and Instant - Only $2.89”.

If you are a business brand or an Influencer in your starting phase, who has done a lot and has failed to get traction over their Instagram profile or is too lazy to move and hustle, the above phrase can look very tempting. And in the heat of the moment, you might have thought of considering it or oopsie… must have considered it already. 

So if you ask “Can you buy Instagram Followers?”

Yes, you can, even we can tell you about dozens of websites that do this exchange of followers for money (but the point is, we won’t - as we don’t want to see you squandering your hard-earned money).

So if you ask “Should I buy Instagram Followers?” --- now you asked the real question!

“The answer is big no! (sorry if it is a bit harsh!)”

“But why? Most people do it these days!”

Yes, people do it, but they don’t tell you the consequences of it. All you see is their profiles lit with hundreds or thousands of followers - but hey! Do you see the engagement in their posts? --- “Yes, 1000+ people like such posts” (oh by people you mean their friends and family).

As a consequence, these profiles never get true engagement over posts; no brand interaction, no query for work or collaboration, and even Instagram penalize them somehow.

So if you are thinking of buying followers for your Instagram page, to make you understand the severity of this, here we are listing 6 reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers (not even in your dreams!). And by the end, we would also discuss the things you can do instead, to get an effective follower base organically.

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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers - Drop That Thought!

First, understand what are “Paid Instagram followers”:

  • Automated bots are created to follow your profile (just because you paid them!)
  • Multiple fake accounts were created by normal & inactive humans to follow your profile (just because you paid them!)

Note - If you think maximizing followers (by buying) can help you get traction in your real audience & customer building, you are wrong. 

Buying followers is an old-school tactic and is never acceptable to Instagram guidelines. The real art of building a brand lies not in getting thousands to millions of fake followers, it lies in having real ones that interact and engages with you as your real fans, wellwishers, followers over DMs, stories, post likes & comments, IGTV videos, Reels (New Instagram Feature), and more.

1. Paid Followers are fake - who gives no engagement

Paid followers may make your profile as a business brand or influencer look very fuller. Imagine your Instagram page having doubled its 400 followers to 4000 followers fortnight! (It already feels like you can hit the millions very soon, lol!)

Understand two things:

  • Paid followers are paid just to follow you 
  • Don’t expect them to engage by liking your posts or viewing your story --- Just don’t (they are like bears in hibernation)

So what is the purpose of having 1000 fake followers who can’t give you real engagement? It is like cluttering your profile with people who never had the intention to engage your brand and buy from you - from the very first place.


Paid followers

As a business, you may hoard tons of followers (just for the sake of feeling wondrous), but in the end, don’t get depressed when your post doesn’t get enough visitors or likes. Engagement is the real & required thing:

  • If you want to build a business brand that grows, sells & makes the true audience base.
  • If you are an influencer or content creator who wants to use his/her feed to attract brands to collaborate and sponsor you.

2. Bots will comment on your posts (Buy what they shouldn’t)

On the off chance, you may buy fake followers with bots who actually comment on your posts. But you know these are such comments, which you either won’t understand as in the language difference (Sawubona!) or don’t want your feed to get littered with (obscene ones).

When you are maintaining a professional image on Instagram, be it as a product brand or as an influencer - having questionable comments on your profile can definitely break your real audience’s moment.

The moment the collaborating brands or would-be buying audience see your feed swamped with illogical and inappropriate comments and activities, they would immediately think of not ever following you or if they are already a follower - they would stop being so.

Fake comments

3. Instagram will take down the Fake followers (Instagram hates fake accounts)

The Instagram team ensures that everyone on its platform is having a safe and convenient experience. The platform doesn’t support people paying bots & fake accounts to mushroom their follower list. 

If you think it is easy to fool Instagram - just don’t!

Authentic likes and follows

Instagram is working hard on its practices to find and ban & cease the accounts from existing that are fake and look suspicious from distance.

So if you are paying the accounts to follow you, you might want to stop it, as by doing so, one day you will lose these so-called “paid followers”. And later would regret how you should have injected a full-proof Instagram Marketing Campaign with social media marketing services instead.

4. Instagram will suspend your account too (Nah! Not just your fake followers)

“Phew my profile’s safe, they only took my paid followers - what’s a big deal!”

It’s a big deal! Instagram on seeing your spammy behavior - can suspend your account to IP address as well.

Instagram is not just a photo-sharing media platform, it is a photo-sharing platform with a lot of rules & regulations to be abided by. The platform doesn’t stand and support the unjust practices in continuity. Instagram severely calls out the profiles that pay to increase their follower’s list.

If you do such practices in continuity and in bulk, first the platform will call out your paid followers, then it has every right to discontinue your account as well - by suspending it and giving you a warning.

Error- Learn more

And want to know what severe action the platform can take? The platform can even ban your IP address as well - leading to not being able to create an account ever in your lifetime.

5. You won’t earn money/profits from paid followers (You didn’t pay them to buy from you)

Fake things never works

  • With paid followers around, you won’t sell any product or service or won’t be able to promote or circulate your brand around.
  • The paid followers are just lifeless accounts whose job was to follow you and look like they do that only.
  • For Instance: If you are a fashion or generic influencer with fake followers, the brands could see how less engagement your feeds & posts are getting. They would simply ban you and won’t collaborate with you for their brand’s endorsements. Brands only follow and work with authentic profiles that have a footfall of huge followers who engage all over such creator’s profile via commenting, liking or so. 
  • As a business page, your fake profiles won’t entrust the audience of your authority and genuineness. Your audience would simply imply that you are a brand that has no real engagement and prior audience - and would simply walk out without buying what you deliver.

In the end, no matter if you are an influencer or business band, in every case with fake followers, you cannot expect the real audience to get attracted and end up making the purchase from you or avail of your service.

6. Your Business Credibility will go in vain (Urgh.. you messed up paid followers)

Looks like while buying the followers you pictured something (flashback cue please!)

“I will buy followers, the new potential audiences on seeing my followership will get tempted to follow and engage with my profile. I would easily increase my followership in less time and faster than others - Phew - I am a genius!”

If you are too thoughtful, why didn’t you think of going for investing in the organic Instagram marketing campaigns - at least this would have gifted you real and engaging followers. 

Fake or paid followers don’t add value to your business propositions, they are just like trophies getting dusted on the shelf with no potential use. If you think, having great followers is what it takes to maximize your brand worth - you’re wrong.

Brands that choose this easy route - get no recognition - they only lose their brand credibility and worth. The people on Instagram only want to follow a page or celebrity who entices them with good and worth engaging content types - not someone who is too busy gearing up its followers’ list (Hello! What about the content or other actions?).

So if you think you had enough of why you shouldn't buy Instagram Followers, here we will share quick tips on how you can increase them organically.

Don’t Buy Instagram Followers - Follow These to Get Real Followers

Stop splurging on fake followers when you can get real ones.

1. Create content that serves value to users

It’s the content that will win your users’ attention. To get the attention of users from feeds, you need to create value-adding content.

Here are a few suggestions on the type of content that you may think of adding to your Instagram:


What to Add

Informational content 

You can share anything that your users might be bewildered or curious to know about - like some local news, fun facts, research, or you can share content from the web as well - all over your feed, IGTV, story, reel.

Inspirational Content

You can share content that inspires your audience and fills them great zeal & confidence. Some inspiring imagery, some moral video or comic stack, opinions, quotes from great leaders, or something you crafted - all over your feed, IGTV, story, reel.

Education Content

If you wish to educate the audience of some niche, you can share the tutorial videos, pictures, guides, reviews - all over your feed, IGTV, story, reel. 

Entertaining Content

If you wish to do nothing but entertain the audience, the sky is your limit, add imagery, videos, polls & quizzes in stories - caution! Don’t put content that’s offending and might hurt the sentiments of viewers.

Create content that catches your user’s attention and appeals to them to tap on it and further engage in it.

2. Tag renowned people and places in your posts

“Nearly 60% of profiles posting on Instagram tag another user.”

Tag renowned people

This is one of the most underrated practices on Instagram that draws big-time engagement. 

Adding a location you can invite users from your geographic boundary, and by tagging people on the post can help to drive other potential users’ attention big time.

If you tag your followers or some celebrity or some celebrated brand, the chances of them commenting on responding on your brand’s feed grows a hundred folds times. 

By this, you can indirectly invite the attention of so many related audiences and have a chance to grow your brand followership in no time.

3. Use buzzword hashtags in your posts

Using buzzwords in your image content captions can stand great to make your brand visibility go further. However, do not use illogical or irrelevant hashtags. 

Make sure the content and hashtags are matching and don’t add too many of them. Adding too many of them makes you sound like a cheap brand who could do anything to gain followers. Just following trending hashtags decently can help you stand in the crowd well.

4. Take the help of Social Media Specialists

JDD Social Media Marketing ServicesApart from creating and maintaining a profile, there goes a lot to popularize a business profile - which only Social media specialists know about. 

From how to get the blue ticks to increase followers to how to add a link to your Instagram story to how to run paid ad campaigns via Instagram tools - all of these no one can know better than social media experts - who breathes with social media tools, algorithms, policies, best practices end-to-end. 

Setting an effective social media strategy and plan with the social media marketing companies can help you drive your business value over Instagram and other potential social media platforms too. 

Summing up on Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers!

We just discussed the 6 great reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers, in a nutshell, we learned having paid followers = fake followers - Who:

  • Shows no engagement
  • Can cause the account to terminate
  • Don’t buy from you
  • Take over your account by posting non-understandable to obscene comment
  • Spoil your brand credibility and worth

All in all, paid followers are of no use. They may seem good to look at (from numbers) but in deep they don’t serve any value. Every business or influencer on Instagram has only two goals - to get recognized and get paid heavily - which, unfortunately, the paid followers cannot contribute to.

As a brand, you should think of investing in real & organic ways to triumph over valuable followers by following great practices such as generating and sharing user’s centric content, using buzzwords as hashtags, tagging people and places, and taking help from social media marketing agency - who knows how social media like Instagram work and function, and would help your business brand with everything - from setting your content strategy to how to add a link to your Instagram story to set up the right Instagram tools & ads - to gain traction with a real audience who stays and pays.

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