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18 Mar, 2024



When most companies consider social media promotion, they immediately think of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others like them.

However, YouTube is not only the second largest website in the world but also one of the largest and most popular social networks.

As a result, the potential for spreading the word about your company, attracting more customers, and creating more leads is enormous. Here are some statistics that will help you see why YouTube is such a terrific platform for businesses before we get into the why and how.

  • With over 2 billion users on a monthly basis, YouTube is the most visited website in the world, second only to Google, and is used by more than 75% of all American adults.
  • One billion hours of video are seen daily on YouTube.
  • YouTube's mobile viewership exceeds that of every broadcast and cable television network among those aged 18 to 49.

If you want to reach more people and see better results from your YouTube efforts, you need a social media marketing agency.

But how do you even begin?

Why Is YouTube Such A Powerful Promotional Tool?

Not only is YouTube a popular source of entertainment, but it can also be used as an effective promotional avenue for businesses. Promoting a business or product on YouTube can lead to improving brand awareness, new customers, and higher revenues.

Many people use YouTube as a resource for learning and exposure increases the size of a company's potential clientele. A company can improve its Google search rankings by creating and sharing instructional videos, live streaming, guidelines, and lessons. 

Online video-sharing platforms are used by businesses for a variety of reasons, one of which is to promote their products and services through advertising. It's also a lot less expensive than paid social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Now that you know why YouTube is so useful for businesses, you can focus on its advantages.

Looking for YouTube Advertising Services?

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Reach a Wider Audience
  • Attracting Potential Customers

Advantages of YouTube Advertising

  • YouTube has the potential to become a highly efficient advertising medium. Businesses can gain more visibility and attract more customers by optimizing title tags and producing tutorials, commentary, product evaluations, Q&As, and video listicles. 
  • Marketing campaigns have little control on who will see their videos or when. If the title and description of a video have the right keywords, it has a better chance of being seen by those searching for that topic, which increases the likelihood that viewers will subscribe to the channel and ultimately purchase the advertised goods. 
  • Further, branding efforts can be bolstered by having movies watermarked with company logos.
  • Companies can increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience by using video marketing, as these videos might appear in Google's search results. 
  • Viewers of your YouTube channel may be interested in learning more about your wares, so they may go through your website. As long as your videos are appropriate for the platform, they will be accessible to the public.
  • YouTube's global presence makes it an invaluable tool for brands looking to expand into new markets. The website is useful for attracting potential customers from other countries that share a common language with yours.
  • YouTube's primary value is that it can be used to market a business in a highly efficient manner. A company can accomplish this by producing and distributing content on its channel or purchasing pre-roll advertising space on the network.
  • The steps below will help you establish a strategy to rapidly expand your YouTube audience and win their devotion to your channel.

What Kinds Of YouTube Videos Can You Make?

The fact that you need to generate videos and you're not sure what is one of the main obstacles prevents businesses from taking advantage of YouTube. On the other hand, it's not hard at all to make high-quality videos now; in fact, you might not even need a camera. Plus, there is a wide variety of brand and marketing videos that may be made for use at various points in the sales funnel:

Top of the Sales Funnel

Top of the Sales Funnel

Middle of the Sales Funnel

Middle of the Sales Funnel

What is YouTube Marketing?

When someone asks, "What is YouTube marketing?" you have to explain what it is.

Brand, product, and service promotion on YouTube is known as "YouTube marketing." Methods may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Developing Videos for Organic Advertising
  • Cooperation with key opinion leaders
  • Promotional Content for the System

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a multi-national conglomerate, you must give your customers what they want to succeed on YouTube as a marketing platform. It's easy to understand, right? It is if you know what your customers actually want rather than what you assume they want.

In addition, you need to promote your videos so that the relevant viewers can find them. YouTube is a search engine; thus, optimizing your content for the YouTube algorithm is similar to optimizing for Google's search algorithm.

For some brands, YouTube marketing may seem like an overwhelming option. We hope this comprehensive guide helps both seasoned YouTube users and those just starting out. From establishing a channel and optimizing videos for search engine optimization to launching an ad campaign and analyzing results, this article covers every aspect of YouTube marketing.

Without further ado, please find below a comprehensive, actionable checklist for maximizing your YouTube channel's potential as a marketing tool for your company.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use YouTube For Business Marketing

1. Make a company YouTube channel

Creating a Google account is a prerequisite to signing up for a YouTube channel, as YouTube is a service provided by Google. You may either utilize an existing account or make a new one for business management.

How to begin going is as follows:

  • Get yourself a Google account.

create Google Account

Sign up for a YouTube account

  • Sign up for a YouTube account under your brand's name and start a channel.

start a youtube channel

Instead of using your own Google account to administer your channel, a Brand Account is the recommended method of management. Having a Brand Account means that your business can have numerous personnel with access to YouTube's administrative tools working together to ensure that your channel is always current.

In any case, you now have access to the account. Now comes the fun part: making it look nice.

Make sure to include your:

  • About section
  • A channel's aesthetics (its "header" image and profile photo)
  • Connecting online through social media and websites

Before launching your YouTube marketing for business, it's important to determine who on your team will need access to the account. If you give team members access, they can use their own Google accounts to assist you to administer the channel.

When delegating authority over a Google account, you can choose from three different roles:

Owner: The company's owners can make any changes they choose to any of their Google+ pages. They have the ability to add and remove managers, update company details, reply to customer feedback, and more.

Manager: The manager can make all the same changes to a page that Owners can, with the exception that they can't change who manages the page or take it down entirely. YouTube channels can only have their content edited by channel owners and managers.

Communications Managers: They have limited access to YouTube's video manager, upload functionality, and analytics, among other features.

We may now begin working on how to do YouTube marketing.

2. Find Out Who You\'re Creating Content For

We've reached the meat of the matter. To what end are you writing this piece?

There are two questions you must answer to get an idea of this:

  • To whom do you direct your video productions?
  • What have they been watching on YouTube up until this point?

A fundamental understanding of YouTube's user base is a good place to begin. 

Find out who your intended viewers are already following on YouTube by doing some research. Which video genres do they prefer? 

This can be accomplished in a couple of ways:

You can learn more about your channel's performance by visiting the Analytics page. You may learn a lot about the demographics and interests of your target audience from this. You may view data on how many people have stumbled onto your videos via search, the suggested feed, or other channels.


YouTube search data

3. Learn Who You're Up Against

The quickest approach to expanding your YouTube audience is to mimic what has already been successful for your rivals. To get started, consider the channels of companies you are already familiar with as potential rivals. Investigate the market to see how your competitors stack up against these:

  • Amount of Subscribers
  • Views per video on average
  • Posting Schedule
  • The comprehensiveness of the Video Quality
  • An analysis of the comments section
  • What do they mainly talk about, and then you could ask:
  • Just what are the most watched videos on their channel?
  • What kind of impression are they giving?
  • What is the tone of their brand?
  • How can I set my business apart from the competition?Just what kind of inspiration can I expect to acquire for future posts here?

Prepare a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis using your notes. 

The initial objective is generally to get as many people to sign up for your newsletter or watch your video as quickly as possible. Keep track of how many subscribers and pageviews your rivals have. Compare your monthly advancement against that of theirs once a month.

4. Do SEO on your YouTube videos

Making content that people want to read is essential, but it can't stand on its own. You can make several tweaks to increase your video's visibility on YouTube and in Google searches.

Creating and refining your video's metadata is the first step in mastering YouTube marketing. Video metadata, which comprises the title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles, and closed captions, give viewers context for your work.


Giving YouTube accurate metadata increases the likelihood that your video will be indexed and displayed in relevant user searches. Take care to be brief and clear while filling out your metadata; otherwise, your material may be eliminated if you use irrelevant keywords to boost it.


In the same way you would optimize the title and description of a webpage, you should do the same thing with your videos. Make sure your title is descriptive and interesting so that people will click on it when they see it in a list of videos; this is their first impression of your video, so use it to pique their interest or make it apparent how your video will help them.

Find out what people are searching for by doing some keyword research. Put the most relevant material first, and make sure to use keywords. Keep titles under 60 characters to avoid having material cut off on search engine results pages.


About 100 characters (the first two to three lines) of your video's description will be displayed on YouTube. In order to continue reading, readers must use the "Show more" button. Write the copy in such a way that it generates views and interaction by placing any relevant links or calls to action at the beginning of the description.

You might also want to expand the description to include the video's transcript. Having a transcript of a video that has a lot of keywords might help your search engine optimization immensely. Include your social media handles, video credits, and video-specific time stamps in your channel's default description. Video names and descriptions can also make use of #hashtags but do so sparingly.


Following that, it's time to draw attention to the most important terms in your tags. By grouping your video with others of a similar nature, which is achieved through the use of tags, you can increase its exposure. Prioritize the most important keywords when tagging videos, and make sure to include a balance of both popular and niche terms.


YouTube's Manage Videos section lets you assign a video to a category after you've uploaded it. Your video will be organized into categories with other works on the platform that share a common theme. Film, animation, automobiles, music, pets, animals, sports, travel, events, video games, personalities and blogs, comedy, entertainment, news and politics, how-to and fashion, education, science and technology, and charities and activism are just some of the categories where your video can be filed on YouTube.


Thumbnails are the first thing people see when searching for videos online, and they may significantly affect how many people choose to click on your video and watch it. However, we advise you to post a personalized thumbnail rather than using one of YouTube's auto-generated options.

YouTube Thumbnail

Utilize Time Stamps

Adding timestamps to your video on YouTube is similar to dividing it into chapters; it lets viewers quickly find the parts they care about and raises the likelihood that they'll stick around for more of your content.

5. Upload And Schedule Your Videos

Finally, you've got everything you need.

Your completed video can be uploaded straight into YouTube Studio, where you can choose between immediate publication and scheduling. Schedule videos with Hootsuite as you schedule other social media posts.

Several things should be remembered when making plans:

  • In what timeframe do you plan to make updates? Choose a frequency and keep to it, whether it's daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, etc.
  • Do some research to find out what day of the week would be best to post to your audience. When do they have the most free time to check out your videos?

6. Examine and Adjust

Like any other form of advertising, you should check your YouTube analytics at least once every month. Make use of YouTube's built-in reports to learn more about your audience's viewing habits, favorite content, referral sources, and more.

Keep tabs on your channel's expansion with the use of analytics. Track your monthly progress for:

YouTube Analytics

Crucial Suggestions For Creating Professional-Level Videos

YouTube Audience Worldwide Data

Now that you've done all the necessary planning and learnt how to promote your business on YouTube, it's time to begin shooting your video. Not able to buy or rent a high-end camera? Please don't fret! Thanks to improvements in smartphone cameras, a high-quality video may now be shot using just a mobile device.

Turn your phone on its side to film in landscape mode. YouTube naturally supports the landscape format, so this will prevent any uncomfortable cropping or frame when the video is uploaded. These suggestions will help your video look polished and keep your audience interested regardless of the equipment you used to shoot it.

1. Set up a tripod

You want people to pay attention to your story, not the camera shake. Make sure you have your camera set up on a tripod or other stable platform for those motionless images.

2. Put your camera into manual mode

Put your camera into manual mode if you can. Allowing you to fine-tune the exposure and focus of your photographs.

3. Switch up your shooting distances and perspectives

Make sure to film each scenario from multiple angles so that you have material to work with in post-production. The camera might be panned 45 degrees to the side instead of being pointed straight at the subject of an interview or video focusing on that person.

To add some diversity, you can try moving the camera closer or further away or zooming in and out. You can often switch camera positions to keep your video aesthetically intriguing and engaging.

4.  Take more footage than you believe you'll need

You can always remove unnecessary clips, but capturing additional material may not always be an option. Shoot many takes of each scenario to ensure you have enough footage. Before the action begins and after the recording is complete, count backward from five to ensure you don't miss a thing.

5. Activate motion

Consider using a slider or Steadicam to give the impression of movement in your film. Subtle left-to-right or in-and-out movement can greatly enhance the interest in your clips.

6. Get a decent microphone

If you want to include sound in your video, record it with a good microphone. Numerous microphones are available, each of which records sound independently from the video camera. Improve the sound quality of your mobile device's recordings with a microphone.

As a Social Media marketing agency, we provide the best YouTube marketing service for e-commerce companies, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. When you're ready to get more customers, more sales, and reduced customer acquisition costs, we are here to help you.

Looking to Promote Your YouTube Channel?

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Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

Now that you have a video and have made it search engine friendly, we can discuss ways to promote your YouTube channel and videos. Gaining a high position in search engine results and attracting a sizable subscription base is both desirable yet challenging for new businesses.

That's why you should constantly promote your YouTube account and videos elsewhere. Thankfully, video hosting sites like YouTube make it simple to distribute material online. Follow these guidelines to maximize the reach of your YouTube videos on other platforms.

1. The Power of Social Media

Publishing your videos on social media platforms is a simple approach to interacting with your audience and providing them with more context. With YouTube, sharing your video on other platforms is a breeze. To share a video, choose it and then click the "Share" button. Choose where you want to promote the video. YouTube will even provide a shorter URL for your video so you can easily share it.

Think about the best way to promote your YouTube channel and content on your other social media sites. It's possible that posting the film to your timeline or feed won't get many views. Don't forget the video's original purpose. Perhaps you made a how-to video because customers kept emailing you with queries about your product.

Providing a link to your video in response to such inquiries could be the best course of action. Make sure your video is part of the conversation by including key #hashtags where they apply if you made it for a broader campaign or worldwide trend. If you made a film to raise awareness around your business, consider including the link in your profile bios.

2. The Internet and Weblogs

Using your website and blog, promote your YouTube channel and videos. Get your viewers to subscribe to your channel by posting a YouTube follow button on your site or blog. Second, add video embeds to your website or blog entries wherever applicable. Think about posting client testimonials, reviews, and case studies on your website in the form of videos. The promotion of your YouTube channel and videos in this way will also increase website traffic.

3. Email

Don't neglect your current clientele in favor of chasing after prospects and new business. Make sure relevant email lists know about your channel and the videos you've uploaded. Direct your network to a video embedded in a blog post or a playlist you've created to boost views and clicks. One of the best ways to maintain contact with your contacts is to send them a newsletter through email that has both informative text and video.

4. Discussion Forums

Can a problem be fixed or a query answered by watching your videos? If that's the case, marketing your business by participating in popular question-and-answer sites like Quora could be a smart move. Keep an eye on user-submitted queries, and provide relevant video content.

5. Get Together With Others

Is there a connection between your firm and one that already has a sizable following on YouTube? Prompt them to work together by asking them to. A fun method to expand each channel's reach is to work with others. You two should make a video or a playlist. There are many opportunities to work creatively with other businesses; just make sure you share a target market and objectives. Your marketing approach should coincide with the partnership.

6. Communicate With the Audience

Finally, make an effort to interact with your audience. React to and engage with the audience by answering their questions, soliciting their input, and expressing gratitude for their support. It's easy to lose track of checking video interactions and responding to users, so setting aside some focused time is recommended.


YouTube has become more than just a place to watch funny clips. YouTube is a powerful marketing tool since it allows you to showcase your brand's content visually appealing and interestingly.

Promoting your YouTube channel and content requires the use of inbound marketing strategies and YouTube marketing services. Make something that tells a compelling tale and educates your audience at the same time. Publicize it on your company's social media pages, email list, and website. Put calls to action on cards and final screens to improve the readability of your information.

The sheer volume of videos available on YouTube can be intimidating at first, but the site's intuitive interface makes it a breeze to upload, share, and view clips. If you want to get the most out of your YouTube for marketing your business, you need to cater to your audience's desires for information, entertainment, and interaction with your business through video. We are a YouTube marketing company that specializes in helping brands be found on YouTube and grow larger on the platform. Schedule a call with us at JanBask Digital Design today to get started!

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