Latest YouTube Trends You Should Experiment In 2022


15 Mar, 2024



YouTube is without a doubt the top platform for sharing videos online. The website has made a name for itself as a social media leader where daily developments in contemporary video culture take place. 

To improve brand awareness and support their video marketing strategy, social media marketing companies have turned to YouTube. Positive outcomes, however, have proved elusive, particularly for a social media agency that is unaware of the most important YouTube trends now.

The website is jam-packed with interesting information, from political propaganda to instructional videos. Numerous false reports and unsubstantiated rumors, including those concerning COVID-19, have been making the rounds. 

Every Day, 62% Of Americans Access The Platform

Thus, it is exceedingly hard to rise above the cacophony. However, you might likely profit from the website's rising popularity and learn more about what’s trending on YouTube in 2022.

3 in 4 adults prefer watching YouTube on their mobile devices at home. YouTube trends now are constantly evolving. What appears to have all the necessary ingredients of a popular video one month may receive very little attention the following.

However, some platform tendencies persist over time. You need to hire a social media marketing agency, keep an eye on these developments, incorporate them into your content strategy, and stay ahead of the curve if you want your channel to be successful.

As a social media agency, we have shared what’s trending on YouTube:

  • YouTube Shorts
  • YouTube Premieres And Live
  • How-To Tutorials 
  • Audience-Specific Content
  • Blending Minimalism And Sustainability
  • Immersive Shopping

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YouTube Shorts

The newcomer to the neighborhood comes next. One of the key YouTube trends 2022 is the introduction of YouTube Shorts, the platform's response to TikTok.

Midway through 2021, shorts were made available everywhere after undergoing testing in a few limited geographic areas. With this function, you may make 15–60 second clips immediately in the mobile app, add text, music, and other effects to them, and post them right away.

Shorts' ability to compete with TikTok is still unknown. However, the statistics and top social media marketing companies imply that Shorts are already very popular for creators, at least on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts

Large creators got on the bandwagon right away, including the richest YouTuber at the moment.

The $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund is another option. For the remainder of 2021 and 2022, YouTube will be giving bonuses to creators of popular or excellent Shorts. A worthwhile shot!

YouTube Premieres And Live

First, audiences are increasingly embracing live programming as per a social media marketing company.

Live streaming allows YouTubers and their followers to communicate in real time. They provide an original, unvarnished account of a riveting tale.

Live stream trends on YouTube provide influencers with a fantastic opportunity to interact with and grow their audience. In addition, several YouTube monetization options, including Stickers and Super Chat, are only available during live streams.

YouTube Premieres, which sit in the middle of live broadcasts and conventional current YouTube trends, are also becoming more and more well-liked.

Youtube live videos

A social media marketing agency recommends if your audience is watching one of your videos, you may use the same monetization tools as for live streams and engage them in conversation. Premieres are a fantastic opportunity, if nothing else, to respond to inquiries from viewers and receive rapid feedback.

How-To Tutorials

Wait for a second, your social media marketing agency already recommended it to you but before saying "well obviously" there. Yes, how-tos and tutorials aren't exactly the latest YouTube trends or a new genre.

However, that doesn't change the fact that they are among the most well-liked and popular YouTube trends on the platform and will remain so through 2022.

It's quite clear why. You can find at least one how-to video on YouTube for whatever type of request you Google, from "how to sew a skirt" to "how to learn Python programming." Do you recall how to make lasagne?

How-to YouTube Videos

This indicates that it would be a good idea for a social media marketing agency to include a few tutorials in their content calendar for 2022.

You don't have to be concerned about sounding dull or uninspired.

How-tos are a steadfast form of material that viewers adore. It pays to know how to create appropriate content and how to optimize content for viewers because you probably won't see such YouTube video trends end in this decade.

Audience-Specific Content

One of the new YouTube trends of video content across all niches is audience-preferred content.

In this case, you give your subscribers some influence over the videos you'll be making.

They'll be giving you feedback on what they want to see you do, whether it's evaluating a new beauty line or making a yoga video for a certain muscle group, through live stream interactions, comments, or polls.

This kind of information offers you two key advantages.

The first benefit is that it relieves some of the load on your creativity. If your audience actively tells you what they want to see, you will need to spend less time brainstorming content ideas.

The second benefit of content chosen by followers is that it already has some predetermined level of popularity. Videos created from suggestions from viewers have received more than 100 million views in only the past year.

Blending Minimalism And Sustainability

No matter what industry you're in, a social media marketing agency can make you aware of the growing significance of sustainability and simplicity.

Even if your YouTube channel doesn't follow your life as an eco-friendly, off-the-grid farmer in the middle of Europe, showing that you care about the environment will win you points with viewers.

Once more, it's not hard to imagine why YouTube users are interested in sustainability.

YouTube Usage Reach

Environmental awareness and living a climate-friendly lifestyle are also very essential to this Millennial/Gen Z population.

This is a fantastic chance for creators to experiment with fresh content concepts. How can you promote a simpler, greener lifestyle among your target audience? What eco-friendly goods do you use? How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices into your daily life?

For instance, there is a pronounced overabundance of movies under the category "zero-waste exchange." Creators of these videos show themselves using goods that provide a more sustainable alternative. The minimalist existence videos category, where producers forgo the metropolitan lifestyle in favor of a nomadic existence like living in a van, is another one that is making waves on YouTube.

Immersive Shopping

YouTube stands alone as the second-largest search engine behind Google. This makes YouTube a great resource for shoppers as well, along with the fact that many people base their purchases on videos.

It gets even better because YouTube enables the sharing of various shopping-related videos. The platform makes it simple to create movies for shoppers in the pre-purchase and post-purchase stages, including "Hauls," "Gift guides," "Shop With Me," and product review videos. Although not all of these online movies are created equal, their main objective is to make shopping easier.

For instance, a "Shop with Me" video provides a tour of the store. The film is documented by the artist to demonstrate to viewers a comprehensive guide for choosing products like a denim dress. 

YouTube Shopping

A potential customer won't have to be concerned about what’s new on YouTube, they’ll be well informed about the price or how they would appear in a denim dress as a result.

YouTube Shopping has been revolutionized by the exploding popularity of immersive shopping video trends on Youtube.

To give an example, the researchers discovered that 80% of online buyers viewed a YouTube video of the product they were considering purchasing. Additionally, the duration of "shop with me" videos has increased tenfold during the past two years.

People consider YouTube video trends to be a valuable resource for purchasing and research. For consumers, watching shopping videos is no longer a passive activity. It is an incredibly engaging experience that results in customers purchasing from brands. It's time you capitalized on the high conversion rate of shopping videos with the assistance of a social media agency. 

Take Away

360-Degree videos, celebrity channels, docuseries, and YouTube Ads are among other trends on YouTube. Businesses must follow YouTube video trends and incorporate them into their content strategies.

While it's best to avoid chasing after passing trends, being informed of long-term trends that will influence YouTube content in the coming year is quite helpful.

You may ensure the success of your YouTube channel in 2022 by utilizing features like live streams, premieres, and Shorts as well as routinely organizing increasingly popular content like user-specific videos, how-to lessons, and sustainability-related films.

Connect with experts at JanBask Digital Design to explore more about YouTube video trends.

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