23 Best Ways To Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page Organically


4 Apr, 2024



One of the most promising and influential means of communication for businesses across all trades is social media marketing which keeps demonstrating it's worth it time and again. Businesses need to take advantage of the current social media frenzy if they want to attract the right clients at the right moment. And increasingly, a LinkedIn business page is one of the greatest ways to do that.

Although you may recognize the value of having a robust LinkedIn Business page, it can be difficult to learn the Linkedin best practices for business to expand your page's audience organically.

Most US business professionals (72%) and those expecting to see professional material (77%) agree that LinkedIn is the best platform for sharing and discussing professional interests and ideas.

You should read on if you want to learn how to make a LinkedIn business page, how to grow on Linkedin, and increase your visibility, credibility, and employment opportunities on LinkedIn using these Linkedin business page tips.

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Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page

There is no limit to the advantages of having a fantastic LinkedIn business page with a large and active following. 

Check out how to make a business page on LinkedIn and some advice from our digital marketing agency on how to expand your LinkedIn company page.

1. Build Out Your Company's Profile On LinkedIn

Before attracting more followers, you need to ensure your LinkedIn Business Page is optimized for maximum interaction. As it is one of the most important LinkedIn business page tips.  Views and conversions have increased by 30% for pages that have completed all sections. The more useful information you provide on your Page, the more likely people will want to keep in touch with your company.

So, ensure to include the following things to set up a business LinkedIn page. 

  • Brand Logo
  • Company description
  • Company Type
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Website URL

2. Update Your Profile Image And Banner

You want to make an excellent first impression with your profile picture because that's what people will see first when they visit your profile. Actually, there is a correlation between the presence of a profile image and an increase in traffic to a LinkedIn page for business.

Selecting a picture for your profile is easy. You can use your company logo if you resize it to fit LinkedIn's requirements. There are no strict guidelines for how to use the banner that appears over your company's profile picture. Displaying your Business Profile banner is completely up to you.

3. Put Up New Content Regularly

This is another LinkedIn for business tips, where you should update your content once every week. Keeping your LinkedIn page for business updated with fresh content is as simple as setting up a regular posting schedule.

Did you know that “ Nearly 75% of B2B Marketers Advertise on LinkedIn!”

LinkedIn is one of the most prominent B2B platforms, and three-quarters of marketers have used it to reach out to business administrators using paid LinkedIn advertising. Furthermore, approximately 80% say those LinkedIn ads yield the best results.

4. Video And Other Visual Content Sharing

Include engaging graphics throughout your article. Attractive photos, especially videos, stand out more in feeds, increasing the likelihood that people will click on your link. Don't be afraid to share a sequence of photos from your most recent event; custom photo collages generate insane levels of interaction.

5. Participate In The Community Around You

Your colleagues and staff members are among the most influential groups of people who can aid you in setting up a business's Linkedin page efforts. They can help boost your LinkedIn content's reach and attract attention to your LinkedIn Business Page with appropriate interaction.

You can enter the feeds, react, and remark as your brand by linking up to three hashtags with your Page and reaching a larger, more relevant audience.

6. Leverage Employees\' Network 

There is a good likelihood that employees' posts will be seen by more people than those made on your company's page. Therefore, rather than starting from scratch, it is more natural to increase your LinkedIn followers by tapping into your staff's networks.

Make it a point that everyone on staff is connected to the LinkedIn page for business. It's an easy but sometimes overlooked step in creating your LinkedIn profile.

Request that a few staff members manually welcome their contacts to the Page. Don't waste time sending invitations to strangers when you can tap into the contacts of your own staff. Each day you are limited to sending 100 invitations.

Every employee should include a link to their LinkedIn profile in their email signature. This is a great, unobtrusive spot to leave a link to your company's page, as they likely connect with customers and potential consumers on a regular basis.

jobs posting on LinkedIn

7. Maintain Your Posts Short And Sweet

If you want your followers to click on an update, you just have a few seconds to make an impression. Don't be shy; in as few words as possible, explain precisely why your readers should care about what you have to say. We suggest at most 150 characters. Follow the best practices for writing website content

8. Incorporate Tracking Links

Your LinkedIn profile can be a promotional tool in its own right. You can track the success and engagement of your posts using the built-in analytics tool. Still, you can do more than just examine the response your LinkedIn posts receive.

Add a tracking number to the end of your links. As a result, you'll be able to pinpoint just how much of an increase in site visits can be attributed to which specific change. The traffic that flows to your website through your LinkedIn page could grow significantly over time.

A LinkedIn marketing company like ours can help you track analytics and create key strategies to drive traffic to your page.

9. Highlight Your Products, brands, or initiatives With Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages should be made if a company has a product, service, or division that can provide something special to a subset of its audience. So, let your readers choose which parts of your business they want to follow.

Use Showcase Pages to direct your updates to the people who will find them most interesting. Showcase Pages, like your Linkedin Page, provide analytics and posting choices to help you track and expand your fan bases.

10. React To Comments

It helps significantly to amplify when questions are asked that invite responses. Trust and loyalty can be significantly increased by responding to those comments.

Did you know that  80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn?

By responding to comments, you may prove to your followers that your Page is more than just an unattended bulletin board. You might not be able to reply to every single suggestion. If that's the case, prioritize replies where your input would be helpful to the original poster and any potential readers. Value as entertainment is essential as well.

11. Employees Beyond Your Marketing Department Should Be Involved

Many of the most successful LinkedIn pages for business credit their success to focusing on building a strong team. There is more to the team than just the marketers. The material can be created in part or whole by executives, subject matter experts, and staff from across departments.

To keep your team interested and involved, you should regularly reshare the most exciting and relevant @mentions and LinkedIn posts they create. Notify staff who might be interested in sharing the post and increase its exposure. Make sure to shout out to your team members and their successes on your Page. As a final step, utilize the "My Company" section to promote internal participation via a safe, members-only space for staff members.

12. Build Your Subscriber Base And Your Page's Reputation With A Newsletter

The use of newsletters has increased as a reliable method of producing thought leadership and maintaining brand awareness. To turn your Page article into a newsletter, use the "Create a Newsletter" button when publishing the article. You can customize many aspects, like the name, description, logo, and rhythm. Once you've written and sent out your first Newsletter, it will appear as an Article in your Page feed, alerting anyone who follows your Page.

The Newsletter can continuously attract and engage a qualified audience through your content if it covers significant themes to your brand's community. You can learn a lot about your audience and how to improve future issues of the Newsletter and your LinkedIn content strategy by looking at the metrics for the most well-received issues or learning how to increase social media engagement.

13. Emphasis On The Top Content On Your Page

To ensure that the content you share on your LinkedIn page for business is seen by more than just your followers, you may boost your posts. Organizations frequently promote blogs on thought leadership in their field, featured customers, and product or event launches.

Simply boost a post that interacts well with your Page's followers. You can utilize LinkedIn's targeting features to broadcast your material to a similar but much larger audience, and you can rest assured that it is capturing the interest of your community based on its early success.

14. Create An Engaging \"About Us\" Page

A prospect can be hooked by carefully chosen imagery, but only words can reel them.

Optimizing the About Us part of your Company Page means condensing all of the information about your business into one concise paragraph (2,000 characters or fewer). Outline your company's objectives in clear, easily digestible language by drawing inspiration from keyword research. Here’s the list of the best keyword research tools

Your About Us section should ultimately describe your company's story and demonstrate the worth of your offerings.

15. Build A Career Page

LinkedIn Career Pages cost money, but they're well worth it because they help you attract top talent by showcasing your company's unique culture. Therefore, you must know how to make a business page on LinkedIn.

16. Create A Product Page

Your Company Page is the central hub for your product and service pages.

By following LinkedIn company page best practices, you can utilize this space to give potential buyers an idea of what they can expect from your product, showcase current customers as examples of your success, and collect evaluations from the public. Because online reviews are important for your brand. 

17. Follow The LinkedIn Formula As It Evolves

When it comes to providing its users with the most exciting and relevant information, LinkedIn is no different from other social media sites in that it continually updates its algorithm. Don't lose out on a chance for a little boost by not knowing its latest secret formula for success.

If you want to get ahead of the curve on LinkedIn, one strategy is to take advantage of the algorithmic boost given to users who try out new features before anybody else.

18. Run A Virtual Event

A live-streamed event is a fantastic method to grow your following and engage your viewers. In addition to creating a native event landing page, quickly sharing virtual events with your followers, and optimizing promotion with prominent call-to-action button examples and banners, LinkedIn's virtual event promotion tools allow you to host a successful online event.

An email confirmation and other relevant alerts are sent to guests in the lead-up to the event. Livestream chat makes it simple to engage with viewers at the moment. After the event, you can use the video tab on your Company Page to show off the best moments from the live stream.

19. Spread Information That Is Useful To Your Field

With LinkedIn's growing marketing presence and highly targeted user base, it is essential for businesses to prioritize LinkedIn's audience to connect with other organizations that may be interested in collaborating with them. 

Because of its intended use as a business platform, it is a natural fit for the marketing strategies of business-to-business organizations. The more frequent visitors and the intended demographic have a reason to visit a brand's page because of the information posted there, the more authority the company will gain in the industry. This is one of the most essential LinkedIn company page best practices. 

20. Participate In LinkedIn Group Discussions

Using LinkedIn as a genuine networking tool and engaging in conversations with other professionals in your field will boost your company's visibility. The best method to keep your business abreast of developments in your field is to become involved in industry-specific organizations. 

By keeping tabs on the activities of rival businesses and establishing connections with like-minded individuals through participation in industry-specific online communities, your company gains a great deal.

21. Motivate People To Share Articles By Making It Fun

The practice of gamifying research and article sharing can be used greatly in cultivating a work culture that places a premium on sharing information with others.

22. You Can Consider Search Engines

Taking search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into account as you create content for your LinkedIn page is crucial if you want to see real, measurable results. Using SEO strategies while creating content is essential for optimizing a company's LinkedIn page and encouraging organic growth. Researching keywords can help businesses find the ones that are most relevant to their operations. 

The page's content should naturally incorporate such keywords. Similarly, companies need to zero in on the LinkedIn users they intend to attract and generate content for them specifically.

23. Every Email You Send Should Promote Your Profile

Putting a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature is a great way to get more people to check out your profile. Your Outlook signature needs to include a link to your company's website.


The best way to reach out to stakeholders who want to know everything there is to know about your brand is through a LinkedIn corporate profile. You can enhance your brand's sales by adopting some of these LinkedIn tips for business into your brand's social media strategy and expanding your user base.

Carefully consider your target demographic as you curate, test out new ideas, and observe as your fan base expands. You'll need to be patient because this process will take time. 

If you are new to the field of making a LinkedIn business page or want to know how to make a business page on LinkedIn, talk to the experts at JanBask Digital Design and get started with our LinkedIn marketing services.

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