40+ Logo Design Examples To Inspire Your Creative Taste Buds


10 Apr, 2024


A logo is much more than an image used to represent a company, institution, or organization. It is a creative portrayal of every brand's history, uniqueness, and aspirations. Well-designed and appealing logos ideas can leave a lasting impression on the minds of customers and foster a stronger affinity for your business through symbolic icons, visuals, words, colors, or any combination of these components.

Because of this, we, as the best logo design services company, take brand logo ideas very seriously.

Your logo design agency knows unique logo designs are essential to creating a visual identity for your business and growing your brand. However, in today's dynamic and increasingly interconnected global market, it is crucial to make sure that your brand logo ideas run across a range of platforms. 

To make sure that your brand is focusing on new interfaces, you need to take a close look at online and mobile app design aspects. 

For example, does your logo match the design aesthetic of your brand's homepage? How about the design of your mobile app? When a company approaches new interfaces, they frequently modernize not only its brand logo ideas but also its entire brand.

One should never forget to glance at the trending logo design examples in the industry and vouch for modern logo examples.

For instance, you can increase 80% of brand recognition with a prominent signature color for your brand logo design. 

In addition, keep in mind that rebranding logos assist you in staying current with the industry.

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Interesting Logo Design Examples

An effective branding strategy to invest in your brand's design is to take the time for rebranding logos. It may sound like an expense but rebranding logo serves as the visual expression of your company, thus it must be distinctive, timely, timeless, and adaptable.

To make your task easier, our logo designing agency has shortlisted a few interesting logo design examples:


Unlike most dating applications, LILA connects individuals by offering real interactions and compatibility information. The issue is that their previous brand strategy didn't account for that.

As a result, their existing logo and design service intervened and enhanced its visual identity, as evidenced by this opulent logo design.

The original logo's cutesy and cartoonish logo design example was eliminated, and modern, sophisticated components were added in their place.

They used the uppercase L from the brand name to make a tactile, three-dimensional figure that was also shaped like a heart for their rebranding logo. 

They improved it by including an inner isometric grid of 60 equilateral triangles. These figurative representations allude to Lila's propensity to offer astrologically-based love advice.


According to logo design services, a gentle, delicate, and subtle typeface serve as the logotype next to it as a tribute to the previous one. However, this time, the single sans serif font seems much more refined and expert.

Halley Stevensons

As the inventor of waxed cotton fabrics, Halley Stevensons has made a reputation for itself. To highlight the company's great logo and brand reputation, LBD Studio developed one of the best modern logo examples that honor the business's century of achievement.

The sleek and contemporary brand sign is the initial thing that draws attention. To reflect the brand's initials, it is made up of interlocking "H" and "S" letters arranged in a never-ending loop to represent the company's innovation and sustainability.


It is accompanied by a sophisticated Halley Stevenson logo design written in a single, straightforward sans-serif typeface. Right underneath the brand name, they added a "since 1864" mark as a fantastic method to maintain the tradition and establish credibility.

White, grey, and black are neutral hues that make the logo adaptable and scalable for other images.

Newton Stores

Newton Stores aimed to solidify its position in the hardware wholesale and retail market as it celebrated its 50th year in business. The answer is a total brand makeover, which includes the awesome rebranding logo created by UBlac Agency.

A looping logomark comprising three elements representing the Newton brand is featured on the new ensemble. These elements are a telescope for invention, a prism for brilliant reflection, and a playback icon for continuity.


It's a wise design decision to have the ideas of the logo written so legibly and next to such an abstract artwork. Though the font tends to have a more industrialized yet futuristic appearance, it doesn't appear overly simple.

These two graphic elements are made to stand out in an ocean of monochrome items by making effective use of colors in website with vivid primary colors. The stunning color combination of blue and red immediately grabs attention and is one of the best logo design examples.

Kirsten Corner

Kirsten Conner, a well-known interior designer, needed to relaunch her products to a bigger economy in the Pacific Northwest. Enter the world of rebranded logos initiative by Two Wolves Creative, which thrust these good logo design examples into the spotlight.

The wordmark and symbol used by the designers to represent this contemporary and urban visual identity accurately depict the company's area of specialty. They combined the letter K from the business name with a boxed figure.


The brand name is presented next to this icon using similar modern logo examples. They distinguished Kirsten Conner from the competition by using simple typography to demonstrate elegance. Refer to what is leading in typography for more information. 

The use of monochromatic hues like black and grey also emphasized perfect professionalism. It is simpler to have numerous logo iterations when there is only one color scheme.

Alto System

Alto System, founded in 2016, provides housing components such as light industrial housings, ventilated facades, and roofing.

The business already has a solid consumer base. Alto System sought to develop its branding while incorporating current trends to bolster and update its image with brand logo ideas. And Evenflow Studio responded immediately to this call with personal branding logo examples!


The agency designed a logo that represents one of Alto System's products while being faithful to the brand's line of work. They had circular lines drawn in gray and green that resembled the form of an aluminum roof. This is one of the good logo design examples in the housing industry. 

The colors chosen are also deliberate for examples of logo design. The gray color recognizes the brand's products, while the company's former brand logo ideas, developed by the business's first owner, are honored by the green tones.

The brand name is placed beneath the emblem based on a roof. From a distance, the overall brand logo design resembles a house—a subtle allusion to the company's business model.

Finch & Daisy

The Finch & Daisy logo was created by Finn & Gray as part of a comprehensive visual makeover intended to present the business consultancy firm to a contemporary audience.

The distinctive bird graphic in the emblem, which has long been connected to the brand, was altered to achieve unique logo designs.

What was once a greyscale artwork has blossomed into a modern delineated figure painted in the earthy hues of the company.

What's best? Amid the brand name, it serves a dual function. One, to act as the primary icon, and two, to represent the ampersand that unites the brand. One of the most unique logo designs to grab an onlooker's attention.

Finch Daisy

Additionally, the entire ensemble is a lesson in font combination. The brand name was created using an elegant serif font combined with an experimental sans serif typeface to represent the company. Check the font dynamics for rebranding logos!


Developing a strong logo design example for the new effort was the next step after Savannah and Tybee Island's plan to become green was approved.

Alison Chandler, comes on! She viewed the project as an incredible opportunity to make a difference, drawing on her commitment to the environmental problems currently afflicting the world.


This wasn't just another client or business venture. It was crucial to have a proper name, tagline, and brand logo design to appeal to the broader community. Alison desired to push conventions further because environmental initiatives frequently have a uniform appearance.

The end product is a distinctive one-word logo called JOIN. It suggests it's not simply another "green" program but a call to action for everyone to collaborate for a strong local ecology. The bolded "in" practically refers to the entire sentence Join In.

In contrast to other environmental efforts' monochrome green features, the organizers' concept of collaboration and harmony is reflected in the logomark's vibrant design.

Ahava Doula Services

Ahava provides doula services to expectant mothers who require full support throughout their pregnancy, especially throughout the postpartum period that follows childbirth.

The designer of its logo wanted to ensure that it is accurately portrayed in this seductive and incredibly cozy artwork.

Although the sketched icon is straightforward, it depicts a full image of a mother cradling her infant in its unique logo designs. It can also be seen as a creative interpretation of a heart that lends the logo its comforting and loving quality.


It is placed on top of the brand name and is written in a stylish and readable broad sans serif font. Underneath the brand name, they added the phrase "doula services," allowing customers to immediately understand what the business offers.

Let's look at some more logo design examples with practical tips

40 + Logo Design Examples With Practical Tips

1. Build unforgettable logo design

One of the greatest ways to keep your product in a visitor’s mind is to construct something outlandish and the Iron Duck’s logo undeniably does that clearly! The clothing business integrates a duck’s image as a clothes hanger, indicating what they actually sell (clothes) as well as their name (precise- Iron Duck)

Ironduck clothing

2. Employ an Image that Reveals your Brand’s Theme

The words have certain implications or relationships which we assign them apart from their particular meaning. Similarly, portraits or images could also have their implications, specifically in the style they are drawn.

Wondering about these types of implications that can assist you in creating a more efficacious logo? The answer is - the logo of Data Berry! It is a great depiction of it - this simple image is made to invoke organic as well as technology-related concepts at once. 


3. Capture An Image Within an Image

If you’re aiming to make your brand logo stand out slightly more, try designing an image that makes 2 distinct images. For instance, Shoot my Dog’s logo! It's like someone is taking a picture casually but the style and the position makes the person appear like a dog. 

Ensure that your “doubled” picture is similar to your product or your brand’s theme and then start venturing.


4. Highlight the Purpose of Your Product

Giving a shorthand to indicate who you are is an excellent way to make use of a good logo design. It is illustrated accurately by - Movers! Their logo has a shorthand picking up a house, uniquely representing what they do and how they help people move their homes!


5. Embrace Your Product Inside Your Text

Just like the above unique logo design example, try to incorporate your product in your logo in engaging ways. For instance - Guitar studio! Has a surprisingly creative logo - where they’ve created an image of a guitar using “i” and “s” alphabets of the “Guitar” and “studio” accordingly. 

You can also experiment with different fonts and see what images you are able to create with them!

Guitar Studio

6. Use Vivid Metaphors

Another way to create an eminent brand logo is to make use of unforgettable and worthwhile visual metaphors, just like Immanuel Lutheran Church does it! They’ve implemented a simple portrayal of a tree, which successfully relates the idea of life with the Christian cross. 

Immanuel Lutheran Church

7. Effectively Using Negative Space

can be used in various fun and creative ways, like Rocket Golf! In their unique logo designs, they’ve placed 2 golf tees close to each other but used the space between them to portray an image of a rocket. 

Larking around with this thought can help you create unique logo designs, but you might not be able to add interesting effects to your logo if the image is simple.

Rocket Golf

8. Make a GIF Version of Your Brand’s Logo

It's a well-known fact that animations mostly grab the attention of people as compared to a static image. Therefore, creating a GIF version of your brand logo works splendidly, but on the condition that you make use of an ample amount of motion to grab the attention, but also not too much to be disturbing. 

For example, Rain Wine! The GIF in their logo consists of a simple rain animation that depicts an image of a wine bottle. It is not just creative but also intuitively fascinates the spectator’s thirst.


Rain Wine

9. Create Multiple Animated Versions of Your Logo

Another amazing alternative to standard logo designs is creating a set of animated logos which could be utilized in multiple contexts. For - Fubiz! They have opted for a number of different animation options together with those on their website, which makes the logo unforgettable and could make things more exciting for the spectators. 


10. Less is Better Than More

You can certainly get a lot of attention from a simple design. For instance, Boundary’s logo! Their logo has just their name and a brighter, simple line meandering through it, but it's highly efficacious, since the line portrays a “boundary” for the alphabet itself. 

As per the designer Stephen Boak, this logo also depicts their business purpose. Boundary is a monitoring company, active in signal processing, which is a big part of what their product does and the word in the logo is created on the basis of a sine wave as a indication of this.


11. Link it to Your Name

At times you don’t require any image which directly links to your product, just your name works well! For instance - Freelancer! Makes use of a picture of a spearman or lancer, which results in creating an unforgettable icon in spite of not linking to their service directly. 


12. Select a Font with Proper Personality

You can increase the compatibility of your logo by designing an image and its text in an identical style. For example Quick Fish logo! - it has a similar extravagant, and straightforward design as in its text.


13. Make Use of Delineation

Delineations or silhouettes are an easy and seamless way to create a logo and they help in keeping things to the minimum, but still they’re able to give a distinct style. Slow Motion, for instance, makes use of a snail and film reel delineation, depicting old-age black and white movies. 


14. Don’t Complicate Things

When designing logos, never complicate things, as simple is always better! Let's have a look at the logo of Unlock, it is just a company’s name, together with a little padlock below the alphabet “n” to indicate unlocking something. 

Even though it's very basic, but still incredible, and effective just because of its simplicity!


15. Make Use Of a Mascot

All of us loves adorable mascots, therefore, using one when creating your brand logo could be a best approach to move forward! One of the great logo examples is -Orbotix! They’ve used a cute mascot in their logo, which depicts both -what they exactly do and what their product is - making fast paced robots - which feels more friendly.

Use Of Mascot


16. Make Use of Our Name in Your Brand Logo

At times, its not mandatory to have an image for your logo, your name itself could be sufficient. Compass, for example, makes the most of this, by creating a “compass” with a simple line in the letter “o.”


17. Match the Logo With Your Product’s Theme

Its important to ensure that your brand logo matches the theme of your product. Shine a Light, for example, is one of the great examples of logo design matching effectively with their product, still the image looks professional, including a few kid-like details such as the starts, which helps represent their centre of attention. 

Shine a Light

18. Make Use of Visual Gag

One of the most tried and tested method to make your work unforgettable is - using “Humor” and a “Visual gag”. One of the best examples of logo designs is Pause - where they’ve used a real paw to indicate their name and build something reviving and unpredicted. 


19. Make Use of an Ambigram

Ambigram are the words which can be read the same from 2 or more different ways. It could add some delightful and amazing visuals. Turn, for example, makes use if an ambigram to present their name, “turning” the title, in such a way that it could be read backwards as well as neatly. 


20. Add Transition to Your Brand Name

Another fun way to make use of animations is to present your logo first, then make your brand name appear. It helps in placing great attention to your brand logo and also helps in developing a strong connection with your brand. Simplicity, for example, does this well, by beginning with a plain heart, then changing to their brand name next to the heart.


21. Use Elegance

Not everything needs to be apparent straightforward. Adding hidden meanings is an another way to amaze and engage your audience. EDN, for example, almost looks the same like an image at first sight, if take a closer look, their brand name is in fact evident inside the image. 


22. Make Use of Letters to Design Logo

Try utilizing alphabets to design unique and engaging images. For example, Choose, makes use of a toggle on/off bar for their “oo”, which innovatively represents their brand name. 


23. Make Us of an Expression

Creating an analogy or a metaphor could be an excellent way to convey meaning quickly. Slingshot, for example, whose motto is to “deliver more effectively”, makes use of an animated rocket in their brand logo. 

No doubt, not a single item will be delivered ot your doorsill on a rocket, but it makes for a good expression for the UX; indicating it as quicker and faster to communicate with customers regarding the deliverable items. 

Thus you can enhance your brand logo, by considering metaphors and understanding how to apply them. 

Use Of an Expression

24. Merge Image and Words

You must have seen products merged into words, then why not take it to the next level, and make the whole world resemble the product its depicting? For example, Bison, is the one of the great logo examples, as the complete word is made to look like a bison.



25. Add a Border Around the Image

Borders could be an excellent way to make your brand logo look more unique and underline few styles. For example, Take The Volcano, their silent, almost roughly drawn logo, contains a border that makes it look like a patch, leading to something vey distinct feeling. The border type can differ, but do try and check what works best for your brand.

The Volcano

26. Make Use of Simple Transformations

Its not mandatory to design flashy logos, at times, simple, straightforward and subtle logo designs are more impacting. For example, Flip Flop’ logo, they’ve animates just the 3rd letter -“i” and “o”- which flip from side to side, still it creates an incredible effect, because this transition not only represents the name but also depicts their brands meaning. 



27. Enhance the Meaning Using Typography

At times, how you write any word could affect how its looked upon, and its something which is fabulously effective with logo designs. One of the good logo design examples is Edge Link, which makes use of fantastic fonts. 

Similarly you can also make use of particular font styles and font types to help enhance your brand identity.


28. Exhibit Your Name in a Single Image

The aim of designing a logo is to help viewers identify what exactly you do in a brief and concise manner. Designing unique logo designs in such a way that they depict your aim in a quick glance allows spectators to understand and become enticed with your brand quickly.  

Fit Talks, for example, has designed a logo, which looks like a text bubble with a heart line in it, making it one of the great logo examples for their purpose. 

Fit Talks

29. Make it Easier to be Used in Different Circumstances

Since stylish logo is best, but still its necessary to have something effortless to share. For example, PaperClip presents it well- their logo is comparatively small in size and also simple and straightforward, but its help in different contexts. 

May be used in flyer, infographic or letterhead, its simple to apply on all kinds of backgrounds. 


30. Find Innovative Ways to Make Use of Numbers

Remember that, numbers could be utilized just as innovatively  as text or images. For example, Eighteen Parkway, has used no. 18 in their actual word. If you also have numbers inside or associated with your name, find innovative ways to incorporate them in your logo and create some fascinating designs.

31. Envision a Meaning of the Word

Identifying different ways to literally depict a word’s meaning is quite a fascinating way to design a logo in more interesting ways. Illusion, for example, designs word’s “s” by using the negative space, giving a sort of “illusion” effect.

Illusion Effect

32. Merge Different Techniques

Don’t restrict yourself to only one type of technique - instead make use of combinations to design more fascinating logo. For example, Cinema Café, has creatively used negative space, by incorporating an image inside another image, in a black and white color palette to construct a stunning piece of logo. It’ll also help you in improving conversion rate. Or you can also refer to guide on how to improve conversion rate.


33. Make Use of a Precise Font

When designing a unique logo, its essential to consider typography, because a wrong font can convey a message you didn’t want to send. With the help of a font, which depicts your brand correctly, will still maintaining the professionalism, is important. For example, Victory Art, is one of the great logo examples which makes use of an meaningful script font that appropriately communicates its brand’s mission. 


34. Use Just a Image

As its said,” a picture is worth a thousand words.” at times just by using a right picture, without any text can help you in clearly communicating your message. For example, Lion Record Label, doesn’t require a text t all, viewers can clearly understand the name just from the image used in the logo. 

Just a Image

35. Try Out Different Styles

Experimenting with various styles could provide different options to you, which you might not have even thought of. Aside from adding an image inside another image, Business Women Association, makes use of very hard bitten style, completely in black and white. 

You can also design your logo with the help of different styles and find out what works best for your brand.

Business Women

36. Make Use of Humor

A witty humor, as presented in the following screenshot, isn’t just the way to bring out some laughs with a logo design. For example, Logotomy’s logo is an entertaining example - where it communicates that a “lobotomy” is being performed on a sole letter from the complete word. 

Find out what you can do more with your words and pictures to generate a humorous but relevant effect.

37. Make a Timeless Logo


Envision how your brand logo will look 10 to 15 years later. Will it still be able to attract more audience? Check out King Land’s logo- it wasn’t necessary when it was designed, but despite that, it uses methods that aren’t limited to specific ages.


38. Use Recurring Elements

Reusing a few elements can provide a number of benefits - it helps in making logo design more comprehensible, reduces time, and also makes it unforgettable. For example, Wine Forest has incorporated it in a very good way. They’ve repeated basic shapes in varying sizes, which results in the formation of “wine bottles” in the trees, making the logo more interesting. 


39. Incorporate Hand-Drawn Images

The conventional, hand-drawn images can be used when designing a logo, which helps in invoking nostalgia and developing a non-commercial and authentic feel, just like Lacalaca’s logo. 

If you’re a business owner or wish to design a creative and welcoming logo, which creates a friendly feel, you can consider using a hand-drawn logo. 

hand-drawn images

40. Make it More Attractive in Black and White

When designing a unique logo, it should not depend on color; your logo must be able to stand out on its own, irrespective of how it’s viewed. For example, BP has created a logo that uses shadows for significant effect and could be recognized in nearly all formats, despite whether the color is there or not. Black and white logo

41. Use Abstract Logo

Abstract logos builds their own genuine symbols using shape language. You can also think of using geometric shapes that are orderly and precise. On the other hand organic shapes helps in designing logos that are fluid and expressive. For example, CASCADIA.


42. Use Vintage Emblem Logo

The vintage style emblem logos are inclined to be enclosed in a precise seal and it's normally more clarifying. Hand drawing and rough textures create an impression as if it's drawn by an actual person and came through flying colors. 

The contemporary approach stays as being popular with the majority of brands such as The NOBLE Society, emphasizes tradition and handcrafted authenticity. 

The Noble Society

43. Use Animal Mascot Logos

These kinds of mascots include cartoon or parody animals and like graphical logos, animals also have metaphors associated with them. Thcuteerefore, it could be tempting to select a certain animal as a representative because it's , but it's also important to do thorough research on cultural associations beforehand.  For example SLOW motion. 

Slow Motion

Final Thoughts

It might be difficult for companies to rebrand logos or personal rebranding logos. Although it can seem like a recent trend from the top logo design company, this branding campaign is desperately needed.

We hope a few of these personal branding logo examples have inspired you somehow. But it's crucial to remember that updating an outdated logo can be challenging, which is why a logo design company like JanBask Digital Design can help you on this journey.

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Which Basic Steps Should You Take To Rebrand Logo For Your Firm?

To successfully implement a rebranding strategy, it's important to understand why you're doing it, identify your core brand team, conduct a competitive analysis, understand who you're for, conduct a brand audit, define your brand heart, make your brand message clear, and create your visual identity. Don't be afraid to ask a web design company for advice on rebranding your logos.

Is Rebranding The Process Of Changing Your Logo?

Rebranding could be as simple as changing the colors, the font, or the logo. It might only take a visual identity modification to modernize an old brand or adapt the emblem to digital media. Changing a company's name and visual identity is a more serious form of rebranding.

When Is The Right Time To Rebrand?

Not only what you did but also the reasons for the rebranding, should be explained. Talk about the issues you were attempting to resolve, the tactical considerations that went into your creative choices, etc. Think about hosting a spectacular unveiling ceremony. People should be taken through the brand story by the creative team from conception to completion. For more information you can get in touch with our best logo design company.

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