How Online Reputation Management Builds Brand Trust & Credibility?


29 Apr, 2024



Do you know that there are 8.5 billion searches on Google each day? Yes, that’s true. That’s why organizations from startups to large enterprises are leveraging digital marketing in the best way for online reputation management and to amplify their brand voice!

As per Statista, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with nearly 2.89 billion active users in 2022 followed by YouTube, WhatsApp & Instagram. With such a huge audience base available online and on social media platforms, businesses from startups to established ones must be careful about their online reputation because 85% of customers trust reviews on online platforms like social media as much as personal recommendations.

With a robust reputation management strategy, you can establish your brand credibility and improve it’s reach on such social media platforms to drive more customer engagement and increase sales. Thereby many companies have been implementing online reputation management strategies to build brands and reputations. 

This blog shares the best practices for online reputation management by utilizing the right digital marketing strategy.

Don’t go anywhere, let’s dive in for an insightful experience!

7 Rules For Effective Online Reputation Management

The online shopping market was 4 trillion in 2020. It then increased to 4.9 trillion in 2021 and is expected to reach 6 trillion in 2023. Consumers are relying more on the online reviews of a business before purchasing anything, hence, the need for online reputation management.

As a result, more than 40% of digital marketers keep a track of their company’s brand activities on a daily basis, while others monitor the same on an hourly basis. 

Effective Online Reputation Management

So, we have shared the best digital marketing practices to ensure online reputation management using!

1. Content Connecting Brand with Audience

The best way to make people more aware of your business is to share useful and interesting content. Make sure that your content adds value to your audience.

Rather than asking your audience to buy the products every time they visit, you can ask them to signup for free service or read some more related blogs on your website. Encourage them to share the content. 

  • Research about your competitors.
  • Use a conversational tone.
  • Increase curiosity by creating sensational headlines.
  • Get a buyer’s persona right to solve audience pain points through content.
  • Highlight environmental, social, and cultural initiatives through your content. As per Statista, 86% of respondents want businesses to do more in the direction of environmental and social justice issues.
  • Share customers’ experiences to create a personal connection between the company and prospective customers.
  • Maintain content uniformity and consistency.

Pro Tip: We will like you to check about ROI From Digital Marketing to know digital marketing can transform a business. This is the importance of ORM in digital marketing.

2. Optimize Your Social Media Content for Various Platforms

What is ORM in social media? You will need to use social media to enhance your business’s visibility. Also, you must curate your social media posts as per the needs of various platforms. 

On Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you can submit long posts. But on Twitter, you will have to create an engaging post within just 280 characters. Unlike on Facebook, there is no option to create a social group on Twitter. So, your content strategy will depend accordingly on different platforms.

Some tips to optimize your content for each platform -

  • First, read the guidelines before posting.
  • Accordingly, modify the content.
  • On YouTube or Facebook, you can post videos sharing client or customer stories. 
  • While on Instagram, you may share reels or motivational quotes or some new product launch.
  • Use appropriate hashtags while using different platforms.

3. Turn Negative Feedback into Your Strength

What is ORM in social media? Well, there will be certain instances when a customer might post a negative review or a complaint about products or services. But businesses must take this feedback in their stride and improve the product or service quality. 

In case you miss attending to such feedback, it will harm online reputation management. People may be unhappy with your services temporarily. But, the experience will last long. In a digital age in which everything comes to light. 

So, by being open to constructive criticism, businesses can build an image of transparency in the minds of their audiences. This will avoid a brand from losing its face!

  • Accept gaps (if any) and assure customers of a quick resolution.
  • Identify things where a minor tweak will resolve a problem. 
  • For larger issues that take time, research your competitors and current trends. Look for trends. 
  • This is where powerful learnings happen and businesses are able to resolve a specific problem eventually. 

The end result is an improved product & a happy customer leading to helping a brand in online reputation management. Such steps build brand credibility and one good job can make a huge difference. 

Pro Tip: We also suggest hiring a professional digital marketing company to build a reputation.

4. Use Paid Social Media Services

The earlier steps will need little or no budget at all. You can do it on your own or through your digital marketing expert organically. For paid posts, you will need to spend money to improve your online reach and engage with more prospects. But, paid social media posts are a highly productive method that helps to reach newer prospects and help a brand to expand. 

Tips To Use Paid Social Media Services -

  • First, decide on a budget.
  • Ideate about your target audience.
  • Choose the social platform to publish content. 
  • Ideate about paid ad expenses on different platforms.
  • Design your content wisely so that every penny is worth spending.
  • Don’t forget to include action-driven CTAs.

5. Adopt Influencer Marketing

Through Influencer Marketing, brands these days make people aware of their products & services. This is an effective method that helps in online reputation management for brands as a result the number of influencer marketing-related companies increased by 26% worldwide in 2021.

By partnering with various renowned influencers, you can reach new customers and build authentic relationships with them. Influencers are humans using social media platforms to promote their client’s products. They engage with their followers (who are humans & not bots) to create a desire for the products they endorse. 

This human connection develops trust and builds a reputation for your company. Here are some of the tips to find an influencer for your brand -

  • Be clear with your content goals.
  • Choose a social platform to publish content.
  • Decide budget before searching for influencers. 
  • Shortlist them as per your niche.
  • Check and analyze their engagement stats after shortlisting.
  • Finally, hire “The Influencer” right for your business.

Pro Tip - For video content: You can use YouTube, Periscope, and Tumblr. For both text and video content: You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

6. Track Your Brand Mentions & Manage Reputation

This is the importance of ORM in digital marketing tools. We have shortlisted 7 best online reputation management tools along with their brief details. 

  • Brand24 - Brand24 helps to create various Projects. Each of these Projects tracks the social mentions of your brand. 
  • Google Alerts -  Set up Google Alerts using your name. Google will email you an alert whenever your product or service gets a mention on any online medium. 
  • BrandMentions - This tool offers listening capabilities for all social media platforms. In addition, it can perform listening activities for blogs, news portals, and much more. 
  • - comes with a range of modules related to advertising, audience analytics, engaging, publishing, and benchmarking. The tool offers social listening capabilities that most firms desire.
  • Digimind - Powered by AI, this online reputation management tool delivers impressive usability through a range of features. It can monitor your competitor's brands as well as listen to various product conversations on various social platforms.
  • Buzzsumo - It offers you to search the internet to find any content having your search term. It helps you with engagement statistics for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit.
  • HootSuite - Through Hootsuite, you can create cool social media content and also schedule your posts. Here, you can also manage your team members who are dedicated to your social media tasks. This is the importance of ORM in digital marketing tools.

Pro Tip: We have a complete list of online reputation management tools for you to choose from. 

7. Responding to Customer Feedback Promptly

It is important for brands to continually monitor the activities taking place in their community forums and on social media space about their products and services. This will help to respond to any queries or feedback fast.

Most businesses have a separate social media account or community page for dealing with consumer complaints or feedback regarding the products or services offered by them. 

This helps in online reputation management for the brand as customers are always interested in those businesses that value customer needs by caring for them and finding time to understand and address their issues. One should regularly cater to customer issues and queries effectively. 

Some tips to respond to such feedback are -

  • Reply to comments, and tweets promptly 
  • Adhere to brand guidelines. Your response should match the brands' style
  • Avoid using slang or acronyms when responding to customers
  • In case you are a B2B business use a formal tone while addressing the customer

Still not convinced about the importance of ORM in digital marketing? Here is how digital marketing helps businesses to build credibility.

Looking for Online Reputation Management Company?

  • Strengthen your brand recognition
  • Manage Customer Relations/li>
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Influence Metrics

Why Online Reputation Management is Critical For Businesses?

Here are the 5 reasons why online reputation management using digital marketing helps businesses.

1. Builds a Human Connection with Target Consumers

When you are promoting your brand using your website copy or posting on social media platforms or organizing live sessions with them on any online platform, you actually present yourself before your audience. This gives a human touch to the business-customer relationship. 

Customers will feel that such a brand is more reliable when it reaches out to the audience. Businesses can get live feedback from their customers and customers can raise queries or issues live. This human connection is extremely important for building a brand from scratch. 

2. Increase Brand Awareness & Improves Customer Experience

Obviously, by reaching out to the customers, a business informs people about their products and services more effectively. Live sessions during product launch can help solve any problem raised by a customer instantly. If your customers are not aware of what you do, how can they purchase your product or service? And, brand awareness doesn’t happen only by publishing blogs or copies!

According to studies, 71% of customers with a positive experience with your brand on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are likely to recommend a brand. This is the usefulness of responding to queries pro-actively on the company’s forum or social media platforms. The gap between the brand and the audience gets narrowed due to such engagements. 

Thus, a beautiful customer experience will help in online reputation management by creating brand awareness.

3. Generates Good Business Insights

A robust strategy with respect to ORM in digital marketing can generate smart business insights to offer much more useful products to customers. By treating each review critically, brands can actually - 

  • Improve their business delivery process,
  • Improve customer services
  • Various business operations related to manufacturing, supply chains, etc. 

This helps to deliver experiences to customers and not only products. 

4. Brand Recognition, Credibility & Reputation

Gradually, a brand starts getting recognized and earns credibility among its users. As a result, recommendations & endorsements start flowing from your target audience. They spread the word about your brand which helps you get newer customers later on. 

5. The End Result - Increased Traffic & Sales!

Traffic and sales are what every business aims for at the end of the day. By achieving brand recognition & credibility, a business establishes itself in its market domain firmly. Now, people more or less accept the fact a particular brand will deliver what it preaches. There you get a boost in traffic. More traffic will not guarantee 100% sales. But some of them will definitely purchase a product. 

So, these are all that you may miss if you fail to understand the importance of ORM in digital marketing!

How JanBask Digital Design Can Help?

As a web design company, we create superior and real-world digital experiences that matter!!! 

Your customer’s first impression is their last impression. At our Digital Marketing Agency, we aim to enhance your business reach online and increase conversions. Our cutting-edge digital marketing services for small businesses to established ones for an ever-lasting digital experience for your customer.

So, they keep visiting you again & again!! 

Whether it's a startup or a well-recognized brand, our professional digital marketing services are tailor-made for every industry as we aim to:

  • Boost your brand value and identity.
  • Create a visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
  • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
  • Enable you to get qualified leads that convert.


Leveraging digital marketing for online reputation management helps to increase the reach of a brand among the masses. Even brick-and-mortar businesses must shift online and utilize digital marketing for online reputation management.  

Through proper online reputation management, you will be able to build that trust among your customers. Your customers will then spread positive word of mouth. This will further amplify the brand promotion organically. 

Always remember that consumers recognize a brand that resonates with them. Thus, ORM in digital marketing helps to build brand image and establish a business in its market for increased revenues.

We will suggest businesses do intense research about other brands in the same market before strategizing for online reputation management. Only after that, start implementing the best digital marketing practices for online reputation management. 

We recommend working with an experienced digital marketing company to work with you in building a sound and positive reputation for your brand. 

Else, you can try out the above strategies in real-life situations. Do connect with us to learn more about such tips that no expert will tell you and help you revolutionize your digital experience for your audience! Also, feel free to share any suggestions. Till then, happy reading!

Looking for a Digital Marketing Company for Online Reputation Management?
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  • Upgrade Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Manage Customer Relations
  • Get Better Reach and ROI

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