7 Big Industries Getting The Maximum ROI From Digital Marketing

 24 Apr, 2019

7 Big Industries Getting The Maximum ROI From Digital Marketing

Industries today are smart enough that they are making complete use of technology; using smartphones not only for making calls and surfing the internet but also onslaught the benefit of the internet with Digital Marketing. Not just millennials, but billions of people make use of A digital Marketing to increase their ROI. Social media is one of those strategies industries take full advantage of and engage their brands will public through digital marketing. That is what will lead to trust and loyalty among the people and ultimately fans turn into customers and brand evangelists.

ROI From Digital Marketing

A digital marketing campaign can help an organization increase brand awareness, build a strong online reputation, encourage traffic and sales conversions. It does more than traditional analog marketing methods. It involves a lot more than placing elementary adverts for your business or brand around social media and many other websites. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 7 industries that are making perfect use of digital marketing to increase their ROI. Let’s get straight over there.

If you’re a bit friendly with digital marketing, then you must know how heavily data-driven can be digital marketing; but still evincing return of investment (ROI) of a digital marketing plan can be a challenging task. According to the report of Hubspot State of Inbound report, 40% of marketers stipulate the ROI as their top challenge in evincing ROI from their marketing activities.

Inbound report

You must be wondering why ROI sometimes hard to prove? The answer to this query is- people, as well as industries, are looking to build relationships via social networking site like Twitter, Facebook; and the professional sites as well, like LinkedIn. Industries too felt to make their presence on a digital latitude.

For this reason, you’ll find many popular brands from all the sectors on social media. According to data gathered from The internet Live Stats, approximately 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day, which equals to 1.2 trillion worldwide. The internet is moving at a faster pace where it is really important to stay at the benchmark to keep your content seen. Find below the top 7 big industries that are getting the most ROI from A digital Marketing.

1). Health 

When your health is disturbed, what is the first step you do? I used to do Google everything. You do the same, right? Due to this, a few websites call Google “Dr. Google.” According to the survey of Pew Research Center’s The internet & Life Project, which was published on searchengineland.com, 77% of people seek online health through search engines. Find the report below:


Obviously, we can never deny the importance of the presence of doctors in the physical world, but most of the people prefer to go online first to check symptoms and other health-related issues. This is because the internet is easily accessible as compared to doctors. You have to book an appointment online, then need to wait for the time slot or even sometimes you have to wait for several days for the doctor consultant date. However, Dr. Google is just one click away. You can access the internet from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even wearables. Due to this reason, many of the doctors have made their presence online. Many of the healthcare industries are making good monetary efforts on digital marketing campaigns. Due to these campaigns, health sectors are making their strong presence on the internet because of a good website which helps them to gain more customer insights and more monetary gains.

For example, you’re getting a headache, and you know this problem is not at all regular, then instead of going to the doctor, you search it on the internet and get the results on search engines. From here, you can apply any of the method given below:-


People Also Ask

Tip: Build a user-friendly and easy navigating website. Make sure; the content is arranged properly so that patients can easily approach through it and find exactly what they are looking for.

A good glide of information can deliver up to 83% ROI for your organization.

2). Food 

Food is the emotional attachment of the people for the items they love. It automatically attracts people to the food companies and the eateries that produce food items. For example, when we talk about chocolate, Cadbury is the brand that comes in our mind at first sight. Food industries use digital marketing campaigns that revolve around mouth-watering images of food that lead to a higher level of customer engagement.

The Food industry is not at all dependent on boring recipe books or words in a book or cooking television shows; rather people now rely more upon the internet food channels or the DIY (Do it Yourself) projects which are more entertaining and easily approachable. Due to this approach, more and more restaurants, hotels and even chefs are making use of digital marketing to boost their businesses.

There is a famous food brand reporting great success with their A digital Marketing ROI is Kraft Foods. They can achieve their digital marketing goals and able to take engagement data from their digital marketing strategies. Their recipes are published on their blog, that a novice foody among us will also look at the recipes. That is what food industries do to make their customers happy, and revenue is flowing. Following is the screenshot-

ROI From Digital Marketing
Tip: Forget the old approach of recipe cards or black n white text in a book. People are no longer interested in that. Today, people believe whatever they see with their eyes. So make your recipe watchable. It keeps the audience connected. Make video trends living in your brand strategy too. Video content goes perfect on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

3). Entertainment 

If I would ask you for the latest movie trailer, what would you do? The answer is- You will go to Youtube or a social media channel related to the movie. The entertainment industry has realized that social media can build their audience and it can help to utilize their upcoming content to showcase and become viral on the internet. You may have experienced; people start giving reviews of the movie without its release worldwide. This is because of social media content become viral like a grapevine. The same thing happens for the songs. Before the release of the movie, songs are launched online on social media. Entertainment industries utilize social media platforms to showcase their launch of a product, upload trailers, teasers, behind the scenes, share photos and videos and other juicy tit-bits upcoming content, record an episode offline, or even mobile channels are available that are played on smartphones only using apps, etc.

Moviegoers are most likely to see the movie based on the recommendation of a peer, or where do most online recommendations go each day. Launch the trailer of the movie or a song online on social media websites, and create a buzz, and see what magic it will do.

ROI From Digital Marketing

On the other hand, many of the organizations launch their products online by creating demographics content for it. ROI for the entertainment industry using digital marketing is higher than conventional media.

Tip: Create online communities of movies and songs lover. You should have an official social media page and a dedicated website. Email campaigns can help you get the desired ROI. You can also promote through emails, Facebook groups, Instagram pages, dedicated forums, Google hangout sessions, etc.

4). Automobiles 

This is one of the industries that survive on glitzy marketing techniques. Advertisements, long hoardings, popular automobiles related newspaper columns, and advertisements on shiny magazines have been a regular affair. Many of the automobiles industries spend hundreds of dollars on their digital marketing strategy, where they inform the buyers about the latest launch availability of discount and other benefits they offer. With the use of target marketing, the automobile industry is marketing directly to its potential customers. An essential purpose behind the development in automobiles a digital marketing sector is that digital marketing enables automakers to tailor-fit the marketing strategies for target audiences of concerned demographics. By using digital marketing strategies, automakers are conveying the advertising directly to their potential buyers instead of waiting for prospects to come directly to their advertisements.

Tip: Create online automobile communities. You should have an official social media page and a dedicated website. Email campaigns can help you get the desired ROI. Promotion using emails, Facebook groups, Instagram pages, dedicated forums, Google hangout sessions, etc. may also help in getting the desired ROI

5). Education and Training 

Education and Training is one of the most popular industries in terms of the gains of ROI from digital marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram let students, instructors, trainers, institutions and consultants interact with each other in ways that were never conceivable initially. Schools and Universities have aced the proper utilization of digital marketing.

Many of the education and training industries utilize paid and organic publicizing on digital media to reinforce the participation of students in distinctive academic programs. Same schools and colleges and educational institutions use social media platforms for publicizing on-going occasions, new educational modules and many more. After graduation, these industries utilize social media networking of alumni fundraising. The truth is that 57% of the educational institutes utilize a digital marketing campaign and social media networking as a key part of their fundraising events.

Tip: Online communities, guest posts, course-related blogs, forums, email campaigns for the discount offers, student interaction sessions; all this will help education and training industries to achieve the desired ROI from A digital Marketing.

6). The fashion 

Digital marketing channels are amazingly proved assets for the fashion industry. The content of the fashion industry goes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and many other digital platforms. New styles and the fashion trends can be shared to a large community of the fashionistas infraction of settings. The best fashion brands through the internet-based marketing media are the ones that have maestro the task of making visually appealing images that create an emotional connection with customers and reverberate a favorable response from the customers. Social media is an intense research instrument for fashion brands. They utilize it to find out what styles their target audiences are looking, what the fashion trends they appreciate and what they are wearing. While scrolling on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., you’ll find most of the content related to fashion only. This can be related to direct marketing that is; the fashionistas make video tutorials related to the fashion trends including trending hairstyles, nail arts, or revert of beauty products, etc. These days, affiliate marketing is also becoming famous. Fashion brands offer affiliate marketing to people who are interested in fashion trends. They then review their products and make videos of the same. You can see how digital marketing has a great impact on the fashion industry and is earning ROI at a great rate.

Tip: Affiliate marketing business is fruitful in this industry. You can save tons of currency by getting ordinary people to advertise your products to the world for the sake of a commission. Social media is the most effective PR tool for this industry.

7). Fitness and Nutrition 

Awareness in fitness is now on the top among people. People now are concerned about their fitness and nutrition which is increasing fitness and nutrition revenue. This industry generates about $80 billion annually. Australians alone spend approximately $8.5 billion annually in this sector. Most of the fitness businesses and social media influence in this industry use the same platform as of the food industry. That is the reason why the ROI of digital marketing is in such range. The fitness and nutrition leaders create highly actionable and engaging content that their followers and subscribers can always get efficacy from them. The content always comes from a different perspective. For instance, weight loss content will be different, and abs building content will be different. The efficient and important approach of this industry is actually they do not make old text content. Not at all! But they use infographics, demographics, videos, etc. to present their content in front of the customers. It is a great way to drive traffic to your site by advertising the ethics you give to your ideal audience.

Fitness and Nutrition
Tip: People just love before and after pictures. It gives confidence and assurance that they can do it too. Got the idea? Also, encourage your audience to use personal hashtags whenever they create any post related to your services or product. This will increase the market value of your firm.

Closing Remarks

There is a lot more you can learn from health, automobiles, fashion, and other industries that you can apply on your strategic plan and apply to your digital marketing efforts. These industries may be leading ROI as their lead conversions which can be easily analyzed. All or most of the industries have the potential to see high returns on investment from their digital marketing campaigns. If you too wish to create an online presence of your business, it is the time that you have to make positive efforts in digital marketing. Some important facts about digital marketing to be considered are:-

  • Data analysis is important to be done daily to improve digital marketing
  • Figure out the demand of audience that what they look and respond for the most; whether it is social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, mobile advertising or blogging; and ensure that your firm is delivering that or not.
  • Send out weekly or monthly newsletters to your audience to make them updated
  • A user-friendly website is the best solution to get in touch with the audience
  • Choose your marketing tools. This can be Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing or Video Marketing.
  • Be responsive and consistent with responsive social posts; which means, the posts you are pillaring on social media must behave the same on all kinds of devices, from smartphones to the desktop.
  • Use multiple images and videos to get inattention

Keeping some of these factors in mind, and making them work for your industry will help you get a positive return on investment that is getting from Digital Marketing. Remember, do not let the chips fall where they may. Analyze how your business can profit from digital marketing. The ROI of your firm depends on how you create and implement your business strategy. It relates from the planning phase to decision-making; your team can increase sales and spread brand awareness among the audience using digital marketing platforms. You cannot ignore the fact that half of the challenge is generating enough returns from the data that can analyze it. Stay focused on the digital marketing plans!

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