Top Online Reputation Management Tools & Major Techniques

 22 Dec, 2021


97% of entrepreneurs believe that reputation management is the primary key to growing their businesses.

In this digital era, if there’s anything that directly affects your business, then it is your online reputation. One bad review about your brand and you are at risk of losing customers. 

With a vast amount of information available online, people can easily find information about you and your business including both positive and negative. That’s why it is vital to maintain a positive brand image on the web and take action to minimize harmful words thrown in wind about you or your business. 

Online Reputation Management is a practice of making strategies to maintain the online positive and credible reputation of a brand, product, service, website, individual, or any company across different platforms. 

Techopedia has defined online reputation management as “it is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual, or other entity on the Internet that helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.” Here the purpose is to highlight positive items about you online, deemphasizing negative sentiment.

Online reputation management is, therefore, very important, and without a doubt, you should invest a share of your time and money in it. This is where the online reputation management tool enters the game. With this solution, you can effortlessly emphasize and showcase your positive part online while minimizing negative ones. So, let's get started by choosing the right ORM tool to meet your monitoring requirements and use them to your biggest advantage. 

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Best Tools for Online Reputation Management - You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Here is the list of 22  paid and free online reputation management tools that can make your efforts easier in maintaining an authentic online image: 

1. Buffer 


Rating- 4.2/5  (According to Google Play Store) 

Plan, execute, and post amazing posts that lead to engagement and growth for your brand with Buffer. One of the leading ORM tool Buffer allows you to manage all your social media networks in one place and this is what makes it one of the best online reputation tools available in the market. 

You can create your content posts, collaborate with the team, and arrange your social media campaign. It also helps you to lead the traffic on online businesses and sales to your shop from your Instagram bio. 

Buffer is a full stack of social media tools that supports new, advanced, and modern brands to boost their brand awareness, website engagement, and ultimately sales. You also get in-depth social media analytics showing how your content is being perceived and you can make improvements wherever required. 

Pricing - Buffer’s pain plan begins at $5/month (Essential)

2. Buzzsumo 

Rating- 4.5/5 (According to G2)

One of the most popular online reputation management tools available in the marketplace, Buzzsumo can search the web for any content that contains your keywords. It finds true influencers and tracks your own relative influence with your audience.

This platform is a complete package of reputation management, letting you track mentions, feedback, issues, and comments. You can also create alerts for the relevant keywords. Besides, it also allows you to download reports and files in CSV, Excel, and  PDF formats to check the nitty-gritty of any content. 

With Buzzsumo, finding the most engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit has become a lot easier. You will be able to know what content is trending right now and what is old news. 

The platform analyzes a huge number of content pieces to make comprehensive big data analytics accessible to all. Check what content is important for you or your clients. 

Pricing: Buzzsumo’s paid plan begins at $99/mo. 

3. Digimind


Rating- 4.6/5  (According to G2)

When it comes to a powerful online reputation management tool with a variety of features, Digimind is probably the first name that comes to mind. 

This tool brings a host of features to help brands to reach the bottom of what’s happening around their online reputation. With this tool, you can track competitor brands and products and also listen to the discussion about your own brand on social sites. The metrics of Digimind are quite impressive. While it provides impressive functionality, it is still intuitive. 

Digimind uses customized pricing, and packages can vary from per seat to volume-based packages. One of its features that deserve a special mention is its proprietary Natural Language Processing that can even process slang.  With all this data at your fingertips,  you can find and anticipate potential issues and create your brand strategy. Overall, this is much more than just managing your online reputation, it is about adding a protection layer and staying one step ahead. 

Pricing: Digimind’s paid plan begins at $499/mo. 

4. GatherUp


 Rating- 4.4/5  (According to G2)

GatherUp helps you create a constant cycle of customer feedback and reviews that you can use to convert more customers. It focuses on capturing customer experience and balancing requests for reviews and reactions to feedback.

It monitors more than 50 sites, from Google to TripAdvisor, this is a strong review reputation management software. It also lets you engage with your customers through email or text and ask for a review. 

GatherUp is also helpful in handling requests, reminders, personalized content, and more to engage your target audience. You can also take advantage of its other features like a Review Widget, Conversion Pop-up, and social features for marketing your best reviews and improving your SEO. 

Pricing: GatherUp’s paid plan begins at $99/mo (One Location). 

5. Google Alerts 

Rating- 4.6/5  (According to Capterra)

Google has many free valuable tools to offer, and one such tool is Google Alerts. This is a free resource that helps you to stay updated about the latest activities on new content or related updates. Besides, it is also great for keeping an eye on your online reputation also.  This is basically a content change detection and notification service. 

It is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is to create alerts for the keywords you can to stay updated. These keywords can be anything from your company name, your products/services, your key competitors, etc. You also get the option to decide the frequency at which you wish to receive these alerts.  After, you will get an email notification every time somebody posts something that references you in any way. 

Pricing: Free

6. Meltwater 


Rating- 3.5/5  (According to G2)

Going beyond press monitoring by adding social media listening with real-time analytics, Meltwater is counted among the best online reputation management tools. It has the largest global media database, allowing you to see all mentions in news media also. 

The primary feature of Meltwater includes tracking what media talk about your brand. It can scan 270k news sources on a global level. With this tool, you can check your total number of shares on each platform, the volume of mentions and their potential reach and sentiments, and top publications and influencers who talk about your brand more often. 

Its ever-expanding widget library allows clients to create dashboards to help visualize media coverage on the ROI of their public relations efforts. 

Pricing: Meltwater’s paid plan begins at $4000/Yearly 

7. ReviewTrackers

Rating - 4.6/5 (According to G2)

Another popular online reputation management tool, ReviewTrackers allows users to analyze and gather user reviews from 100+  sites and manage them effectively. 

It comes with a wide assortment of features to collect reviews, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost reviews. Customizable review notifications, insightful dashboards powered by reporting & analytics, centralized real-time review monitoring, & also review generation & management are some of the best features of this tool. 

Online review is one of the most important processes of reputation management. ReviewTrackers covers over 85 review sites, including Facebook reviews, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare.  

Pricing: ReviewTrackers’ plan begins at $69/mo. 

8. SentiOne 


Rating - 4.7/5 (According to G2)

SentiOne is a social listening and client service automation tool that comes up with a three-step solution for excellent client service. All the comments on social media or feedback you receive from your customer, or if any discussions are going around your brand, everything gets covered by SentiOne. It helps you to get access to real-time data as well as historical data. 

This online listening tool allows users to monitor mentions of their brand, relevant keywords, and social profiles. SentiOne also has a sentiment analysis feature to filter results into positive, negative, and neutral. You can respond to all comments from one platform and much more. In addition, SentiOne helps you find relevant influencers for your marketing campaigns. 

You can achieve a competitive advantage and handle your online brand image with SentiOne!

Pricing: SentiOne’s paid plan begins at  $299/mo.

9. SendInBlue 

Rating - 4.6/5 (According to G2)

Sendinblue is among the best online reputation management tools to build your business and take flight with a marketing toolbox and wholesales. It is known as the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses. 

SendInBlue lets you create eye-catchy email campaigns without any technical experience. You can start with one of their templates, do some simple drag-and-drop and your clean and impactful mail template is ready to send, then track the results. 

SendinBlue brings you a platform to be everywhere with your clients through email marketing and other tactics. You can make your content out and reach more and more customers with a smooth email. You can connect with customers and help them in no time when they need any help. 

Pricing: SendinBlue’s paid plan begins at $20/mo. 

10. SocialMention 

Rating - 4.3/5 (According to G2)

If you are looking for a tool that can actually inform you about who is talking about your brand or competitors on social sites, SocialMention is an ideal option. This super-effective tool presents real-time social mentions search and analysis. 

It can monitor more than 80 social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to name a few. To help you better understand your reputation, this online reputation management tool provides you with a score on passion, strengths, sentiment, and reach. With this score, you can measure, monitor, and enhance your brand’s reputation effectively.  

This is a great tool, plus it is free to use. The platform is focused on protecting your reputation by letting you respond to social mentions on the spot and thereby improving your crisis management strategy.  

Pricing: paid plan begins at $99/mo. 

11. Reputology

Rating - 4.7/5 (According to G2)

Reputology is an all-in-one tool that monitors reviews on the top review sites. This single solution is effective in monitoring and managing your online presence and this is what makes it one of the favorite tools for online reputation management.

It keeps eye on every industry-specific review site, be it travel or healthcare, and lets you respond to all these reviews from its app. The unique part about  Reputology is it integrates with Hootsuite. With this integration, you can track all your reviews in the same dashboard where you manage all your social accounts.

Another specialty is that it converts all negative reviews into customer service tickets so that you can monitor them effectively. Additionally, you can send automated notifications of new reviews, 

Pricing - Reputology’s paid plan begins at $29 - $49/month (Single Location) 

12. Mention


Rating - 4.3/5 (According to G2)

Another great tool to monitor websites as well as social media channels, Mention comes with numerous features and a user-friendly, simple interface. It is a robust, and comprehensive online reputation management tool. 

It presents detailed information on target keywords when your brand name or company is mentioned.  The sentiment analysis feature helps in sorting positive comments from negative ones to identify the problem quickly. You also receive a daily update of your mentions online in real-time, when you need them, including social media, forums, blogs, news sites, reviews, and even television with Mention. Besides, it also includes very interesting and powerful analytics. 

Track everything from your brand awareness to the reputation of your brand hassle-free at Mention.

Pricing - Mention’s paid plan begins at $32/month (Solo) 

13. Brand24

Rating - 4.6/5 (According to G2)

Brand24 is complex online reputation management and monitoring software that is able to track thousands of publicly available online sources, including websites, social media sites, online press releases, reviews &  ratings, articles, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters, and allows you to react to them immediately.

It collects and analyses the outcomes and helps you spot positive or negative mentions and react. On  Brand24, you can create projects, and each project tracks the social mentions of an entity. You can create numerous projects, follow more than one brand, or even specific campaigns of one brand.

You can even search for things by either just typing any generic keywords, or by specifying keywords to include and others to exclude, to ensure that you’re not getting in mentions that are not relevant to your brand and company.

Pricing - Brand24’s paid plan begins at $49/month (Plus) 

14. Chatmeter


Rating - 4.5/5 (According to G2)

The first Local Brand Management platform, Chatmeter is a unique online reputation management solution that helps multiple location businesses measure and improve their marketing effectiveness.

It helps you know what people are saying about you on the web. The tool collects and analyses all kinds of customer feedback, which you can then use to make your customer experience better. With the fragmentation of local search marketing today, it has become difficult for agencies and retailers to maintain their brands locally. Chatmeter measures the online presence of each location by analyzing its digital visibility and reputation.

This is the only platform that presents the complete picture of your locations across reviews, social media, listing accuracy, and search rankings. Get complete control of the conversation everywhere people are talking about you and your brand with Chatmeter’s easy-to-use dashboard. 

Pricing - Customized 

15. SimilarWeb

Rating - 4.5/5 (According to Capterra)

SimilarWeb also provides a wealth of insights about your site to help you know how known and reputed your brand is within your industry. 

It gives you a comprehensive analysis of any website or app. It presents a wide range of digital insights and a lot of information about your site as well as about your competitors’ sites. This also provides an easy medium to compare your website with your competitors. All of this is to let you maintain the best website you can, in comparison to your competitors. 

SimilarWeb works more like a market intelligence collection, with which you can keep your eyes on your market share, check your competitor’s traffic, make the right strategic decision, boost your digital performance, and grow in the market.

Pricing - Chatmeter’s paid plan begins at $699/month (Enterprise) 

Some Other Online Reputation Management Tools 



Trial Link

16. RankRanger

$69.00 per month

17. Reputation Defender

$9.95 per month

18. Rize Reviews

Custom Pricing

19. HootSuite

$1260 per month 

20. BrandYourself

$399.00 per month 

21. Reputation

$249 per month 

22. Podium

$99 per month 

Bonus Point: Effective Online Reputation Management Techniques

Effective Online Reputation Management TechniquesHere are a few tips about how you can approach your brand management needs positively and strategically! 

1. Focus on Social Media

Stay Active: Staying active on social will help you manage your online reputation. GWI said, “The purchase decisions of 78% of consumers are influenced by social media posts.” Post valuable content, relevant stories, and posts to engage your followers and increase your influence online to a great extent. 

  • Interact with your audience in the comment: Comments play a major role on social media.  It may seem tempting to ignore negative comments but you must address them to manage your existing customers and gain potential customers. 
  • Work with Influencers/ Bloggers: As per Bigcommerce, 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers. Although this percentage is not so high, it shows how significant influencer marketing has become today.  Connect with relevant influencers and bloggers on influencer sites like Plixxo and take their help in establishing your brand reputation.  

2. Be a Problem Solver  

  • Give quick responses to Complaints and Queries: Become a problem solver, and help your customers. It will encourage more people to purchase your products/services. 
  • Stay connected with your customers: Connection is important to grow any business! Create your network strategies smartly and cover all possible platforms where customers can interact with you including social media, blogs, articles, and websites. 

3. Be Transparent & Trustworthy

  • Ask for Reviews/Ratings: Online reviews and ratings are the first things people notice when searching for your business. As per the BrightLocal Survey, “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”? And, “49% of consumers look for at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business.” Actively ask for a review after the transaction or after a customer has used the service. 
  • Don’t ignore negative comments: It’s okay if any negative comment hurts you. Always, respond to negative comments with the right answer, and never ignore them. 
  • Deliver Your Commitment: As with any relationship, living up to your word is essential to building a great online reputation. 

4. Expand Your Online Presence

  • Focus on SEO:  SEO is something you can never skip in your online presence! Only 5% of people look past the first page of Google. Follow the keyword strategy properly, and post quality content to ensure that your website ranks on the first page of Google.  
  • Regularly post content:  The concept of ORM involves putting new content online that pushes away the unwanted content lower in the search and provides value to the audience. 
  • Referral Programs:  Referral programs are widely used these days to become known among people and create a strong presence among them. It is considered one of the most effective Online Reputation Management Techniques today.

Last Verdict on Online Reputation Management Tools

ORM is a strategy that involves monitoring, finding, and influencing your digital credibility and reputation. Taking care of reputation mainly for reputed brands can be a huge task. But this is also a task that can’t be ignored; anything even said online may affect your sales. Online reputation management or ORM tools are the tools that do that for you. They monitor the discussion about your brand, present what it depends on, help you track and resolve negative comments and encourage positive ones.

With the wide range of online reputation management tools available, you will need to do some research to identify the right tools that fulfill your needs according to the type, size of your business, your budget, and your business goals. Hopefully, this list will help you to get started.  

If you face any problem in finding the right ORM tool, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. 

Tell us which is your favorite tool for online reputation management? Comment below! If we have missed any important tool names, let us know in the comment section.

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