How To Remarket Like a Pro with LinkedIn Retargeting Ads


20 Mar, 2024



Getting (and keeping) new consumers is usually the most challenging aspect of marketing for business owners. Independent contractors and companies are feeling the same pinch. But What if I told you that you already have access to a way to bypass the noise, as well as a treasure trove of untapped opportunities for expanding your consumer base?

Yes, and it takes the shape of LinkedIn-matched audiences, often known as LinkedIn remarketing or LinkedIn retargeting.

It would be fantastic if all the people you interacted with on LinkedIn visited your website and bought something. Sadly, the vast majority of them don't.

The reality is that only about 6.1% of visitors to your landing page end up making a purchase. The others will disappear forever once they've entered your marketing funnel and are never contacted again.

However, remarketing advertisements on LinkedIn can be useful. Using LinkedIn advertisements for retargeting will help bring back those customers who abandoned your business but still remember its benefits. In other words, you can get those leads that got away by using LinkedIn retargeting ads.

Want to run Remarketing ads on LinkedIn?

  • Reach Target Audience
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive more Traffic and Leads
  • Drive Customer Engagement

Importance of LinkedIn Remarketing

We'll first examine the significance of remarketing in general before diving into how to do LinkedIn remarketing.

Simply said, remarketing is making another attempt to sell something to someone who has already shown interest in your business by visiting your website.

Consider that you've set up a website to offer digital marketing services. An individual goes there to check out the fantastic content you wrote for your blog. While they may have visited your site, they didn't contact you to learn more about your offerings. 

Don't you wish you could place an ad that reaches out to that one potential client that got away? 

Remarketing on Linkedin is an attempt to contact site visitors with similar characteristics. It employs methods inherent to the web to keep tabs on site visitors so you can target them with adverts even after they leave your domain.

remarketed display advertisements

Advertisements for business-to-business products or services can reach their target audience effectively on LinkedIn. It could be beneficial for the following types of businesses:

types of businesses for linkedin ads

LinkedIn users spend around 2 hours every month on the site.

Because of their status as professionals, the consumers you're targeting are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Four out of five LinkedIn users make business decisions, and LinkedIn members have twice the purchasing power of the average website audience. As a result, LinkedIn is the best place to run retargeting advertisements if you want to see a return on investment (ROI).

According to recent research, the following are true of remarketed LinkedIn ads:

  • Contact Targeting increases click-through rates by 37%
  • The overall rate of conversions after a click increases by 32%
  • A 30% uptick in click-through-rate 
  • A 14% drop in post-click cost-per-conversion
  • The post-click cost-per-conversion has decreased by 4.7%
  • Remarketed advertising increased trademark searches by a whopping 1,046%
  • Retargeting can increase ad click-through rates by as much as 400%

            Marketing to Targeted Groups on LinkedIn: Various Retargeting Opportunities

            First, let's get one thing straight. In order to describe all of the features of remarketing LinkedIn, let’s understand the term "Matched Audiences." Matched audiences and remarketing/retargeting are synonymous with each other.

            So, how exactly does ad retargeting on LinkedIn function? There are three potential options:

            • Contact Targeting
            • Account Targeting
            • Website Re-Targeting

            LinkedIn Audience options

            Once you've uploaded or typed your primary source information, you can refine your target demographic based on factors like job title, industry, years of experience, and more for any of the three matching audience categories.

            1. Contact Targeting

            Contact Targeting

            To use LinkedIn's contact targeting feature, simply submit a list of email addresses, and the platform will do the matching for you.

            Contact targeting is useful when you already have a list of persons whose emails you want to send your material to. Such customer-centric marketing is ideal for the following:

            • Remarketing to previous buyers your newest offerings or revised products
            • Sending case studies or testimonials
            • Boosting the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns
            • Calls to action, such as webinar sign-up forms and content updates on company websites

            2. Account Targeting

            The account-targeting feature on LinkedIn allows businesses to upload lists of up to 30,000 firms with which they do business or with which they would like to do business and then compares those lists to its own database of more than eight million company pages. It will target advertisements for people who work for those businesses.

            When you have a narrowed-down list of organizations you want to reach out to with a tailored message, that's when you'd want to employ account targeting.

            3. Website Retargeting

            Website Retargeting

            You remarket visitors on your website with the LinkedIn Insight Tag (often referred to as the LinkedIn retargeting pixel). To better segment your audience and display the most relevant advertisements, you have the opportunity to target those who visit specific sites.

            What Are LinkedIn Retargeting Ads?

            Do you recall when you browsed a cosmetics website and saw cosmetics advertisements on every website you visited for the next week? That's the power of retargeting LinkedIn or showing ads to those who have shown interest in your brand in the past.

            The same logic applies to LinkedIn retargeting ads. When a person performs an action you're monitoring, such as visiting your website, you can serve that user a retargeting ad on LinkedIn.

            LinkedIn's retargeting capabilities allow users to compile audiences from a wide variety of sources.

            Strategies For Retargeting LinkedIn Ads

            As a LinkedIn marketing company, our experts have curated a list of best practices and strategies that can help you in lead generation. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional business network. Grow your business with our LinkedIn marketing services.

            1. Retarget lost leads

            Ads that remind people who have started but not finished filling out a lead generation form will be displayed to them again.

            People that open your lead generation form probably have some interest in filling it out. Get back on their radar by offering them more opportunities to finish what they've started.

            You can use one of two variations of this tactic. Those who have visited your LinkedIn ad but have not filled out a form and those who have visited your website but have not finished a form are targeted by separate campaigns.

            2. Retargeting shopping cart abandoners

            Send product-focused retargeting ads to individuals who started the checkout process on your site but then left.

            Almost two-thirds of consumers admit to abandoning their shopping carts with unpurchased items still inside. Some of the clients you've lost can be won back with an advertisement that highlights the benefits of the products.

            3. Provide a free download to previously interested blog readers

            People who read an article on your site should be sent retargeting advertisements with a download option.

            The objective here is to convert site visitors into potential customers. An online article is one common type of online content. Everyone who views that article will be shown an advertisement on LinkedIn's lead generation form showcasing the invaluable guide.

            This time, anyone visiting the post's URL will be considered a part of the intended audience. Anyone already in the lead will be excluded from the target demographic. We can do that by uploading your current list of leads to LinkedIn.

            4. Offer upgrades on products to existing clients

            Display retargeting advertising to current customers with a higher level of service or offer.

            A common tactic for warming up cold leads is to offer free trials or low-priced tiers of your product first. However, your current clientele does not require such a service. Customers have a right to know that a more premium service tier exists and what advantages it offers.

            5. Provide a discount to previous video viewers

            People who have seen at least 75% of a video ad will be retargeted with ads offering a discount on the advertised product.

            If potential customers watch your entire video ad, they are probably considering purchasing from you. 

            In fact, a survey found that 84% of respondents had been persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching a promotional video.

            Put a discount offer in a LinkedIn ad, and you could just seal the deal with those highly interested customers. LinkedIn facilitates this sort of specificity to a great extent. 

            Select "People who saw at least 75% of your video ad" when asked who should be included in your Matched Audience when promoting a video. A fresh advertising campaign can then be tailored to this newly formed demographic.

            Provide a discount to previous video viewers

            Top Practices for LinkedIn Remarketing

            When using LinkedIn Retargeting Ads, you want to maximize your return on investment. Apply these guidelines to get the most out of your advertising budget.

            1. Ad copy can be improved with time and experience. Rework your material till you find what your readers respond to if you find that some of it aren't getting much attention. Your ad's visuals and language should be tailored to the people you're aiming to reach through retargeting.
            2. Make use of several ad types to cater to your audience at each point of the buying process. Keep trying out new formats until you find one that effectively advances your goals.
            3. Be adaptable. As you move along, you'll figure out what does and doesn't work. If you find that a certain strategy isn't producing the desired outcomes, switch it up.

            Final Thoughts

            Here are a few stats to consider while retargeting audiences on LinkedIn.

            • LinkedIn is used by 49% of recent college grads.
            • 45.5 percent of people with annual incomes over $75,000 can be found on LinkedIn.
            • Young adults (18–29) make up 34% of LinkedIn users.
            • The percentage of Linkedin users between the ages of 30 and 49 is 31%.
            • Only 21% of people in the 50-64 age range are active on LinkedIn.
            • There are 63 million people in decision-making roles among LinkedIn's 90 million users.
            • Statistics show that more than 70% of Linkedin's user base is located in countries other than the United States.

            Remember that more than 90% of people visiting your website will most likely not take action after arriving there.

            If you don't want to let potential clients slip through the cracks, Linkedin remarketing can help you reach out to them again.

            More consumers will progress through your marketing funnel if you use retargeting advertisements effectively. As a result, you may spend less on marketing and see a greater return on investment from your efforts.

            Engaging with your audience is the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. Make sure you're doing it in the right way with an expert LinkedIn marketing agency. Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss the best plan for your business.

            Looking for Best LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

            • Increase Brand Awareness
            • Drive Customer Engagement
            • Connect with Target Audience Directly

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