What is Remarketing? How Does Google Remarketing Work?


 14 Jun, 2018

What is Remarketing? How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Google AdWords Remarketing is a special type of online advertising that allows websites to show targeted ads to visitors even when they had left your website. These ads are the perfect idea of brand promotion viewed by the users every time they browse products online or visiting other sites like news, videos, or any other type of content. In brief, Remarketing is the strategy to keep your brand at the top of mind and enticing users to come back even when they left your site.

The other popular name for Remarketing is Retargeting that had the capability to increase the conversion rate dramatically and optimize the ROI. This is based on the concept that users who have already visited your website must be more interested in your products as compared to the novice users.

What is Remarketing How Does Google Remarketing Work

What are the Remarketing options open to you?

  • Standard Remarketing allows you to show your ads to past visitors as soon as they browse any website on Google Display Network.
  • In case of Dynamic Remarketing, it allows you to show ads to past visitors browsing same products or services on other sites.
  • Remarketing campaigns can be planned for mobile apps or mobile websites too.
  • You can prepare remarketing list for search ads that enable to target past users and customize search options too when users browse any Google partner website.
  • Next option is Video remarketing that allows people to serve ads who had interacted through YouTube channels.
  • And the last choice is Email list remarketing and this option is applicable only if you had a list of email of your customers and the same can be uploaded to the AdWords too.

Now, you know how many remarketing options are available to you to give a new definition to your business and brand. You just need to focus on the right option and try out most adventurous Remarketing campaigns to strengthen your brand.

How does Remarketing Work?

If you are already using Google AdWords, then you just have to add a small piece of code to your site so that visitors can be added to the list of Remarketing audiences with the help of browser cookies. This is possible to customize code as well based on different categories for different web pages.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Take an example of e-marketing websites like Amazon or Flipkart where you currently bought some clothes. The website will show you related products as per your interests every time you browse the internet on some other sites, videos, or news content etc. Also, if you can add some special offer to your products then it would be easy to bring back old customers who are already interested in your products.

With the help of Remarketing, you can show the targeted ads to past visitors while they browse other Google partner website in Google Display Network (GDN). Initially, Google recommends targeting everyone who viewed your homepage.

The overall cost for this project will be higher and waste of efforts only. The best idea is to create a list of Remarketing users based on their behavior and intent for supercharged campaigns. Also, offer some interesting discounts or schemes to attract the previous users to your website.

How to Choose the Membership Duration?

There is some membership duration for every Remarketing campaign that decides on how long a contact will be stored in someone’s browser cookie. Here, we will discuss the strategies for choosing the membership duration for your Remarketing campaign. The maximum time duration could be 540 days.

  • If you are owning some e-commerce website then people generally but only once every three months So, here you should extend your membership to around 90 days or more.
  • Is there is one service website where people had to sign up after every 30 days? If yes, then you can set the membership duration 60 days or renew after every 30 days

Keep in mind that there are chances of annoying people by displaying too many ads in front of them.

What are the benefits of Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing is quite trendy these days and used by all popular websites to stay connected with most potential users all the time even after they left your site. When your brand ads are displayed over other Google partner websites then your site will get exposure and it becomes more recognizable among targeted audiences. Also, it will increase the trust to buy products from you all the time.

Remarketing ads has an attractive CTR (Click Through Rate) when compared to normal display ads. As shown in the diagram below, how Remarketing impact CTR for different domains like Training, Shopping, or Tourism almost twice or thrice.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

As you can see through the diagram, past users click your ads more as compared to the new users. Further, here is a graph to show the effectiveness of Google Remarketing Ads that increases by more impressions and fatigue rate is much lower when compared to other display ads.

The conversion rate can be optimized for Remarketing campaign even better when they are categorized based on demographics or location. You should customize settings based on behavior or intent of targeted users with AdChoice Program.

Remarketing campaign

Does Google Remarketing be affordable?

The overall cost of Google remarketing project depends on the marketing strategy and how the campaign is planned as a whole. Most of the times, Google Remarketing is a cost-effective process and best source for brand promotion to online advertisers. Almost, every industry is getting benefits from technique on the pay-per-click basis.

To optimize the cost of the project, the campaign is generally combined with other cost-saving techniques like frequency capping, conversion filtering, contextual targeting etc. It increases the relevancy of your remarketing project and ads are displayed to most interested users only who are most likely to convert.

How to create the Remarketing banner Ads?

Well, this is an interesting and relevant question too because every remarketing ad should be relevant and focused. For this purpose, you can use animated GIFs, video content, customized banners etc. Make proper research first which type of ads are ruling the internet currently and focus on same parameters to make your campaign successful.

There are a plenty of templates available already that suit according to your business category. Keep in mind that every Remarketing Ad should be readable, interesting, and font or color should be proper. There are special marketing tools available for this purpose where they will scan the website copy or images and prepare powerful banner ads to use in your Remarketing campaign.


There are enough chances that your business will be benefitted from Remarketing. The only condition is that your campaign should be planned in a great way so that best possible results can be achieved all the times. After all, you had a lot of things to do. The Retargeting platform is the best choice lets marketers bring back their lost customers effortlessly across the web.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you know how many remarketing options are available to you to give a new definition to your business and brand. You just need to focus on your business goals and try most adventurous Remarketing campaigns to strengthen your brand.

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