What Is The Perfect Time For Me To Send An Email?


 22 Jun, 2019

What Is The Perfect Time For Me To Send An Email?

As a promoter, you would have often asked yourself as to what is the perfect time to send a marketing mail which has a high chance of being read and thereafter being acted upon positively by the prospective customer instead of ending up straight in the spam folder of his email. A small situation would demonstrate the effect of sending emails at the wrong time.

For instance, you have just recently opened your online shopping website and looking to advertise its presence by sending emails to people about it. You send ten thousand emails in the morning at around 7 AM and another ten thousand after 10 AM. However, the first batch of emails sent at 7 AM has the wrong effect as people do not want to see your advertisement as the first thing when they wake up in the morning. Thus you end up losing a substantial amount of people who could have been converted from prospective customer to customer just by sending the email at the wrong time. This situation is a perfect example of how your customer conversion rates can easily plummet and all due to your emails being sent at a wrong hour.

However discussing the second part of the situation, emails sent in the second batch, i.e., 10 AM have been read the most and have become the source of a lot of new customer traffic. This illustrates the fact that when the emails are sent at the right time, it has a host of benefits, which includes a better chance at advertising your new business.

In this blog, we shall cover the aspects which would help us know as to when is the best time to send an email to reap the most benefits.

Research Behind Best Time To Send Email

It would be a perfect world where someone just removes all the guesswork out of the equation and makes everybody aware of the best time to send an email. The good news is that there is literally end number of researches and studies that have been conducted on this issue. The bad news is that the contradictions among these studies concerning their results are also in abundance. Attempting to understand and make sense of every single one of those studies and researches can be very troublesome and baffling, particularly when the parameters utilized by each research is varied and different from each other! Having a look at those researches, you would actually start wondering whether these studies and researches and thesis papers would be able to help you at all.

And this is a blessing in disguise for you should explore different avenues regarding your email sending times to focus on the most appropriate time for sending advertising or promotion emails. For each email is sent to a unique person with unique habits, so it becomes very difficult to predict who will react and how will he or she react to your emails. Thus to sum it up, firstly the best time to send email campaigns might not be the accepted best time for other marketers or your competitions to send the same advertising emails. Hence it is better to do some research before sending such email to people. And secondly, also research on the best time to send an email blast to people in general because such researches might reveal certain useful information that might help you resort to uncanny tactics and take the lead from your peers.

Be that as it may, it is incredibly important to have a starting point, to begin with. Why begin from ground zero when other researchers have done a huge amount of research and tests/ studies before you? Furnished with the correct data, you can get a good lead, and afterward, you can test and change your send times to refine them further even better

Accepted Best Time Of The Day To Send Marketing Emails

There was an article that was written based on studies and researches in the year 2014, which quite frankly and surprisingly is applicable to even today. The said insight was provided by MailChimp in which the mode of data collection was that an algorithm was utilized and thus information came to be gathered and was subsequently utilized to determine the appropriate time for sending emails. This is what they were able to uncover:

Accepted Best Time Of The Day To Send Marketing Emails

Accepted Best Time Of The Day To Send Marketing Emails

Image Source: Mailchimp

As per this diagram, which incorporates all the aggregated information from a billion analyzed email addresses, the best day of the week to send messages is on Thursday, however just barely. There was in reality next to no contrast or difference between any of the other weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Sending on the end of the week was the least ideal day, with Sunday being the most noticeably terrible day to send emails. Furthermore, according to a major study conducted by Experience Marketing Services in the year 2013, a benchmark report was generated, and it was found that Monday had the most astounding transaction exchange rates and income generation rates per email out of the weekdays, and Sunday had the most astounding performance out of the entire week.

In any case, the difference between the open rates between a majority of the other days were just 1.4% all things considered, so the day of the week truly had next to no effect as far as open rates were concerned.

Tips To Sending Email Timed Perfectly

The email advertising network broadly acknowledges these general email sending time tips. They are incredible when you are a beginner in your business industry.

A). Daytime Versus Evening Time

While this one might be self-evident, it’s normally better to convey your email battles during the daytime. You know, when individuals are wakeful. Not sleeping.

B). Frantic Mondays

The general agreement is that you ought to abstain from conveying email on Mondays. Why? Individuals are now mooched out about the weekend’s end. They walk into the workplace and are overflowing with messages they’ve gathered in the course of recent days. What’s the main thing they do? Erase those messages obviously!

C). Ends Of The Week

Truly, the ends of the week are the days when people are out running errands and going on undertakings. Ends of the week will, in general, have low open rates, so most advertisers keep away from them at all costs.

D). Reply As Heads For An Event

While 23% of messages are opened inside an hour in the wake of being sent, there are a few lingerers who may not browse out your email until a day or two later. To be protected, convey occasion related messages 3-5 days preceding to an occasion.

E). Favorite Days

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most ideal and perfect days to send marketing and advertising emails, as email advertisers look to stay away from the Monday tension and Friday’s irritated feet. MailChimp’s studies and research report affirms that Tuesday and Thursday are the two most prominent days to send email bulletins.

The tips and tricks given above for your perusal are viewed as the general best practices and guidance to be followed for sending emails having promotion content. Nonetheless, there are many other outside circumstances which rapidly challenge and change the old style proposals that have been covered above.

1). Best Time To Send Emails: Thursday 8 – 9 Am

Most emails that have promoting articles as their content would guarantee that 8 AM is too soon to send an email pamphlet bearing such a content, yet it works extraordinary for email campaigns and blasts – you can easily get over 25% open rates by sending emails within this time frame.

2). Most Awful Time To Send Emails: Tuesday And Wednesday 8 – 10 Am

Many would guarantee that Tuesday and Wednesday mornings ought to be incredible occasions to send messages, yet we’ve discovered that Tuesday mornings result in under 5% open rates, while Wednesday mornings have less than 5% chances to be opened by users and thus go unopened. The available information on the internet demonstrates the fact that the status is not generally quo at all.

There are a few reasons why these great old tips don’t mean squat.

A). Beating The Rush.

Since everybody concurs and all the researches show that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the greatest days to convey an email blast and campaigns. This also implies you’re confronting a huge amount of rivalry from your peers by conveying messages by emails on the generally accepted “prescribed” days and times.

If you don’t need your email bulletin to become mixed up in the hustle, swimming upstream might be your most solid option. Even though Mondays and Fridays are commonly not suggested, who is to state they won’t work for you?

B). It Depends On The Device.

Customary “best time to send an email” numbers are being tossed away very casually now that the client propensities change crosswise over the different types of devices being used by the people in general. The standard mid-week, early afternoon bodes well for working clients who are opening messages and emails at work. However, clients using mobile, then again, will, in general, be active and receive your emails and open them even late at night.

It’s important that even though action on cell phones is copious on evenings and ends of the week, a Brafton study demonstrates that 55% of shoppers open messages while at work, while just 25% open messages on their cell phones. Be that as it may, this examination was done in 2013, and with clients becoming increasingly dependent on their cell phones every day, these number could go without much of a stretch change. I likewise presume that as organizations figure out how to create progressively versatile amicable messages, we’ll see more noteworthy email open rates on cell phones.

The Most Effective Way To Discover Best Send Time

Since you comprehend what works for most of the email advertisers over different enterprises, you have a decent starting stage. So first, give “planning your messages to go a shot” toward the beginning of the day on weekdays (at 10 AM on Wednesdays, for instance).

After you’ve accumulated a lot of information, examine your open rates. A decent open rate will differ and is contingent upon your industry, yet the normal open rate over all enterprises is 22.87 %.

Furthermore, do you have some space to improve your open rate? Begin testing your send times. Make sure to dependably test one variable at once, so ensure you are sending precisely the same email with precisely the same title when you A/B test your send times.

How would you choose what times to try different things with? You may definitely learn more than you can utilize to capitalize on the same.

Record everything that you think about your supporters and their association with you. What do they accomplish professionally? What is a day in their life like? Likewise, what is the substance of your messages, and when are your endorsers prone to consider that content? The key is to find when your endorsers are the well on the way to draw in with your image. 

Know And Understand Your Audience

Understanding your socioeconomics is the absolute most significant thing you can accomplish for email promoting achievement. They’re your crowd – you should know their propensities and take into account them.

A few instances of how socioeconomics supersede the sheltered adage of “best time to send” general guidance:

In case you’re focusing on the youthful and a tech-fixated swarm, you could presumably overlook the general tip about not sending messages during the evening. Night messages could work fine and dandy for more youthful spectators.

The much-censured Friday could be an incredible decision in case you’re in media outlets, with people searching for the sake of entertainment activities throughout the end of the week. Ends of the week don’t need to be off-limits either. Imagine a scenario in which you’re keen on achieving technically knowledgeable crowds in chilly climate atmospheres. I wager they invest a lot of energy browsing messages on Saturday and Sunday. Remember to consider your objective socioeconomics’ time zone – you certainly need to redo email send times relying upon where your beneficiaries live.


There is no “best time” at all to send marketing emails. It solely relies upon your group of the target audience. Now you would say that it is such a clichéd answer. However, it’s true. While some days of the week and times are for the most part suggested by the bigger email showcasing networks. We have demonstrated today that it is better to invalidate those cases as they might not be the best for your business if it’s still in the starting stages. The early afternoon, the mid-week maxim is an incredible spot to begin and ought to perform adequately enough.

Be that as it may, if you truly need to change the way of email showcasing and convey your email bulletins at the absolute best time, so it is definitely opened and read, you have to TEST!

If you are not getting the open rates you want, then try not to blame the hour of sending of emails. Terrible open rates aren’t just about your email sending times. If your open rates aren’t looking so great, think about these additional aspects and components also:

A). Do You Have a Standout Subject Line?

Titles are HUGE with regards to email showcasing. You could contend that titles are much progressively significant the email duplicate since it’s the headlines’ business to get individuals opening your message in any case. Ensure you have a saucy, tempting headline and you’re not committing normal title errors. Take a stab at looking at our post on the best email headlines to expand open rates.

B). Is it true that you are Sending Too Many Emails?

Nobody enjoys a windbag. Could your low open rates be the aftereffect of conveying such a large number of messages? Perhaps you’re pestering the hell out of your email endorsers.

C). Is Your Message Mobile-Friendly?

Your messages completely should be versatile neighborly.

The primary concern is this: finding the best time to send messages to your rundown is extremely subject to how well you know your endorsers.

Try not to test indiscriminately. Do test out what’s functioning admirably for others dependent on the investigations we secured previously.

“Stalk” your supporters and become acquainted with their habits and likes/ dislikes online however much as could be expected to figure out their calendar and schedule. A/B test those dynamic occasions, and you’ll be well on your approach to finding the ideal send time for your email list.

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