The 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Designing Your Landing Page.

 30 Aug, 2018

Landing pages are an integral part of your online marketing campaign and the overall marketing mix. These pages can be sculptured in the most creative ways possible, in order to cater to the visitor’s demands of visual appeal that they expect after visiting the page.

However, it is always a confusing activity to decide on the exact activity to start with while designing a landing page. It has been noted that the inexperienced designers who construct a landing page usually take the following steps:

  • They just guess out the construct
  • They put together a page and then expect miracles out of it.
  • They give the best that they can and then make the necessary tweaks once they have the apt data.
  • They create multiple landing pages and test them one by one.

All these steps are meant to produce the desired results at some point, but only at the cost of a huge number of potential conversions and sales. Hence, it is always advised to create the perfect landing page in the first attempt itself so that you don’t have to take a chance to lose your potential customers.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Designing

To help you achieve this feat, we have consolidated the following list of 10 questions you should be mandatorily asking yourselves before making your landing page live:

  • What are my conversion goals?
  • Which is the market that I’m targeting at?
  • What do I have to offer?
  • Which category does my landing page fall into?
  • How beneficial is my offer to the visitors of my landing page?
  • How unique is my offer?
  • How attractive and catchy is my headline?
  • Are the relevant keywords being used?
  • How responsive is my landing page?
  • What’s the channel through which I’m going to promote my page?

Web designing Questions & Answer1). What Are My Conversion Goals?

Your landing page’s conversion goals should always aim at benefiting your business. But you should always have a clear idea about the main function of your landing page. So, do you want to create it for generating leads or promotion of any product from your product portfolio or do you want to use your landing page to get more blog subscribers? The day you will have a clear answer for your conversion goals is the day when your campaign will benefit the most.

2). Which Is The Market That I’m Targeting At?

You should always narrow down your target customers and build a landing page that would cater to their tastes and needs. You can also take into account the demographic factors such as occupation, age, gender etc in order to market your offer with improved conversion ratios.

3). What Do I Have To Offer?

A landing page without an offer is just like a painting without a subject. Once you have a clear picture of your conversion goals, deciding on the offer that needs to be put up on your landing page becomes much easier. The success of your landing page depends upon the fact that how effectively are you able to communicate your offer to the potential customers.

4). Which Category Does My Landing Page Fall Into?

The landing pages can be categorized into two main types:

  • Lead generation landing pages that feature a CTA or a form, which is built with an intention of collecting contact information form the visitors.
  • Click-through landing pages that are built specifically to promote a product or service with extra details about the same.

Once you have clarity about your offer, you have to decide on the type of landing page that would suit your needs and then proceed further.

5). How Beneficial Is My Offer To The Visitors Of My Landing Page?

The visitors on your landing page will get converted only if they feel that your offer is going to be beneficial for them. No one wants to opt for a product or service that is not going to be of any use to him or her. The more precisely you are able to convey the benefits of your offer, the faster is the visitor’s conversion rate.

6). How Unique Is My Offer?

Uniqueness is what makes you stand out in the competition. The customers are always in search of something that’s innovative, appealing and out of the box. And if your offer is something that can never be compared to what your competition has to offer, you can consider your conversion rates sorted.

7). How Attractive And Catchy Is My Headline?

Research shows that 13 out of 15 visitors on a landing page read just the headlines and only the rest 2 will be reading the left our content. This makes it even more mandatory to include your offer in your headlines along with the prime keywords. You should also ensure to make it sound interesting and catchy enough to grab the visitor’s attention.

8). Are The Relevant Keywords Being Used?

If you are planning on optimizing your landing page for search engines, then it’s compulsory for you to include the right keywords in the right places.

You can always choose to exclude the words that are not relevant to the type of products or services you are promoting in your offer. The best way to select the apt keywords is by making use of Google keyword planner.

9). How Responsive Is My Landing Page?

When we say that a landing page is highly responsive, it means that is compatible in almost all the platforms such as a laptop, desktop, mobile, tablets etc. A recent study conducted on the responsiveness of the websites show that almost 80% of the visitors have opted for the competitor’s website due to the lack of a proper responsiveness of the sample’s site. Therefore you will have to always ensure that your landing page is optimized to be effortlessly used on mobile.

10). What’s The Channel Through Which I’m Going To Promote My Page?

This is the last and final question that you should be asking yourself as to how exactly are you going to promote your landing page. There are various ways to promote your landing page such as promoting through:

  • Emails
  • Fans and followers
  • Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Creating a landing page is not just about designing an attractive page and making it live. It involves a dedicated effort to add all the right ingredients in the right quantity. Overall, it a continuous learning process. Getting a perfect landing page engineered for yourselves is going to make your business get more conversions than any other means of digital marketing.  If you want to invest and get better results, here is a list of the best landing page builders curated by Content Mavericks for you to choose from.

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